Episode 52 starts off with Dragan meeting with one of his men, he tells him that there is a new target to eliminate a powerful person. In exchange, Dragan gives this man 3 names of Turkish intelligence who are undercover and spying on them. Dragan tells this man that there 50 names of Turkish intelligence who are spying and that if he accomplished the task he will give him the password for the other names. So this man is obviously angry to find out that 3 of his men are actually undercover Turkish agents. He and the other men gather the 3 Turkish agents in disguise and begin to torture them to find out the names of the other undercover agents. But the 3 Turkish agents held it together and did not reveal any valuable information.

Yavuz feeling hopeless took in everything that he heard from the video-recording that his father Agah wanted him to hear and that he entrusted Yavuz and Toran to each other. Yavuz sets on a new path to follow in his father’s footsteps being undercover, catching bad guys and etc. This will probably be for a few more episodes until we see Yavuz return to the team as team commander and soldier. Toran gives him more info on what Dragan and the others want which is the ‘National Security Protocol’ and it will be horrible if any of the bad guys get it. This was a powerful and meaningful scene, especially relating it to the history of Turkey. Toran gives Yavuz some encouragement and tells him not to feel hopeless and not to give up.

The soldiers when they trained, this scene with Colonel Erdem pushing the soldiers to their limits was very enjoyable and humorous. Since they have been away from Colonel Erdem he realized that they have been out of shape. After they finished training, the guys visited Yavuz and wanted to pursue him to return to the team and to be their team commander again. But unfortunately, the conversation with Yavuz did not go as they had hoped. Yavuz was stubborn and made it clear that he has given up and will not return. They tell him that they can’t do it alone and that it should be like the old days. Fethi tells him, ‘wouldn’t you regret if one of us became a martyr?’ But Yavuz was determined in his choice, he tells them; ‘I’m out’ and that he doesn’t really exist. He tells them that he misses them and his uniform but he is too tired and worn out. The guys were heartbroken especially Mücahit he couldn’t believe that those words came out of Yavuz’s mouth. This scene was intense and heartbreaking.

Back at headquarters, the guys inform Colonel Erdem about their conversation with Yavuz and that Yavuz is still stubborn. Erdem tells them to give Yavuz some time. In the meantime they have to assign a new team commander according to the rank Erdem tells Ateş that he is the new team commander, Ateş politely refuses and tells them that because he is also intelligence that his mind will be all over that, next in rank is Fethi and Fethi accepts and becomes the team commander in paper. But they all know that there is only one team commander and that its Yavuz. Derya tells Erdem that she will also try to convince Yavuz to return. She called Yavuz and met up with him and tells him that they all need him on the need but he also tells her no. As they left the cafe there were shots fired at them. Yavuz caught one of the men.

Meanwhile, the girls are putting together the last minute preparations for Feyzullah and Su’s wedding. There was a moment when they remember Yavuz and Bahar. Su wishes that they were still with them to attend her wedding. At this point Su and Nazlı have no idea that Yavuz is actually alive. The scene which Erdem surprises the girls by bringing Yavuz with him was such an emotional and beautiful scene. The reactions of the girls especially Nazlı was priceless because for 6 months they thought he died. Such a great scene! It was tough for Yavuz too. Erdem tells Yavuz that the guys all suffered and missed him so much and Yavuz should allow them to help them out. He tells Yavuz to come to Feyzullah and Su’s wedding but Yavuz says that if he goes the risk of someone getting hurt will be on him and that he does not want someone else close to him to get hurt or die.

I really like the scene of Nazlı and Ateş when she visited him. It seems like they are ready to get engaged however since Ateş is an orphan, he tells her about his problem about who will come with him to ask for her hand from her father Erdem. He tells her he will try to figure something out. She then touched his emotional spot when she asked him if he ever wondered about his real parents. This upset and made Ateş a little angry he tells not to bring this up again or she will ruin their relationship. It’s obvious he loves Nazlı and wants to marry her but in a way, he feels he is not worthy especially since he has no family or does not who they are.

The rescue operation went quite well. The soldiers were able to rescue the undercover Turkish agents successfully. Meanwhile, Yavuz interrogates the man that was responsible for the shooting that happened earlier outside the cafe. This scene was tremendous. Tolga Sarıtaş’s performance was phenomenal. He used special tactics and after many hours the man revealed special information which led Yavuz to figure out that he was not the target but the real target is Prosecutor Derya.

Next day, Mücahit went to Melisa’s workplace to return her ID. The boys have already begun to tease him. The way Mücahit looked at Melisa while she was singing was so beautiful. She had a great voice. This scene was so amusing. He ended up fighting with her rude manager, he got her fired. But he was finally able to return her ID to her. He apologizes to her and tells her that she deserves to sing in a better place than that and that she had a beautiful voice. Just then, Melisa notices a black van with men inside she runs away and Mücahit wonders who those men are and run after her but he lost her. He could not stop thinking about her and those men got him worried about her all of that made him a little late to the wedding.

This was the first official wedding that we saw in SÖZ. It was beautiful, despite the wedding-crasher. Since no one was able to get the target. Nadya told Dragan that she will handle it. At the wedding, Nadya was disguised as one of the waiters. Looking for an opportunity to kill Prosecutor Derya. Feyzullah and Su they were finally able to get married in front of their families and friends. The soldiers as a traditional theme gave the bride Su a flag and a copy of the Holy Book (Qur’an). Mücahit gave a beautiful speech which was emotional as he remembered those got martyred; Kurtdereli, Hafız and Bahar.

I absolutely loved the Zeybek dance performance. Feyzullah, Mücahit, Fethi and Aşık performed the traditional Turkish folk dance (the Zeybek) which is the dance that occurs at all Turkish weddings. It was very nice. It was slow with great body and hand movements. That is when we see Yavuz as he arrived at the wedding, of course, no one was expecting him to show up even though they all invited and asked him to come. He showed up because he knew that there will be an attack and that someone will get hurt. Well, he was right.

While the guys continued to dance, Yavuz was trying to spot the shooter he sees Nadya and as soon as she fired her gun! Loud bang and they all begin to scream. In that one second, Yavuz jumped in front and he got shot instead of Derya or anyone on that table.
Definitely not a typical wedding that is shown in any other series. This will be a wedding that none of those characters will forget especially not Feyzullah and not Su.
It was another great action-packed episode.

Stay tuned for the summary of the next episode. New episodes air on Mondays on Star TV.

Written By – Raghad A.K



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