With the way season 2 ended, SÖZ viewers were very curious as to how season 3 would begin. On Monday September 17th season 3 began with episode 51. Season 3 starts with events taking place 6 months later from the events of the season 2 finale.

For 6 months, Yavuz has been living a secret and miserable life, with his new identity as Ömer Günay. He has been working at a car repairshop. We get introduced to his boss a man named Toran, who seems very fond of Yavuz and vice-versa. Yavuz has been acting as a vigilante, like a superhero catching bad guys or preventing them from committing crimes. This particular scene was quite emotional. The pain in Yavuz’s eyes is still very strong. Not only the pain of being away from his team and uniform. But its the pain of losing his wife that he continues to suffer from. The day he lost Bahar, a part of his soul died. Aside from his uniform and the difficulty of being away from the team and his friends, its the nightmares and the pain of his losses that accompany him in his lonely life as Ömer Günay.

Viewers got introduced to prosecutor Derya (played by Deniz Baysal), one of the new characters in season 3 and she is going after a villain named Dragan Ratkoviç. He is another new character in season 3. Dragan Ratkoviç (played by Sarp Akkaya) seems to have returned to Turkey from abroad with his partner/lover Nadya (played by Selin Deveci). A powerful and evil couple. Dragan is so evil that he even murdered his own parents and other Muslims in a village in Turkey when he was a teenager. Now Dragan wants Turkish authorities to surrender Ömer Günay to him, he planted several suicide bombers in several crowded places in Istanbul. Two explosions went off and many innocent civilians died including Derya’s younger brother. Derya was devastated and heartbroken and this made her want to catch Dragan even more. She is determined to catch him without breaking the law. The secene when she found her brother’s body at the subway station was very heartbreaking.

While all that is happening, the soldiers Fethi, Ateş, Feyzullah, Aşık and Mücahit with First Lieutenant Erdem visited the graves of Yavuz and Bahar. They talk abour how much they miss Yavuz and that Feyzullah will be getting married that day and wishes that Yavuz was with them. Erdem then receives a call that he is needed at a meeting with other authority members including Eylem and Derya. The meeting is about the explorations and trying to stop Dragan Ratkoviç. But complications rise when Dragan calls a radio station and confesses that he is responsible for the explosions and he threatens the Turkish people with more explosives and that he wants Ömer Günay to surrender himself and to meet him “at the place where eternal pain begins”. At this moment, Yavuz has been listening and same with his boss Toran. Yavuz is surprised because he does not understand why this man wants him. They all think its a mistaken identity. Because Ömer Günay seems to be a common name. Due to all deaths and tragedy Su and Feyzullah cancelled their wedding because they realize that it is not the appropriate time when so many innocent people have died.

Meanwhile, Erdem tells the truth to the governor and the other officials about Ömer Günay being Yavuz and that Yavuz was a soldier and team commander. The governor tells Erdem to bring in Yavuz as soon as possible before another explosion goes off. Eylem was surprised that Erdem told them about Yavuz. Erdem tries to warn Yavuz no to surrender himself to Dragan because he could potentially kill him but Yavuz did not want to listen to Erdem. Erdem then assigns his team and gives them a new operation which is to find Ömer Günay and he tells them that it is very important and that it is “a matter of life and death”. Ateş and Mücahit are wondering who this man Ömer Günay is. Erdem tells them they will find out once they see him. During their operation, while they’re searching for vehicles Mücahit sees a young woman running away from them and he goea after her to stop her.

Melisa (played by Ece Çeşmioğlu) is another new character in season 3. I really enjoyed her first encounter with Mücahit. It looks like she will be his love interest. Wow! Finally we will see Keşanlı in love. He stopped her and she told her that she is innocent and has not done anything wrong. He wonders why she was running then Fethi came and asked her why she ran and she said that there are people after her, chasing her and she tells him that she has asthma. Mücahit grabs her ID to learn who she is and then she runs off. Mücahit kep keep looking at her and at her ID ‘Melisa Yilmaz’. This was a really nice scene.

Meanwhile Yavuz heads to the place where Bahar got shot (the place where eternal pain begins) the exact words that Dragan has told him to. Yavuz willing to give himself in so that he can prevent the other explosions from occurring. As he walks through the grass and sees the cabin it brings back the painful memories of Bahar when she got shot several times by Derman. This scene was heartbreaking and the song that played in the background with the flashback was emotional. Yavuz gets stopped by one of Dragan’s men. Yavuz speaks with Dragan on the man’s phone and they come to an agreement. Yavuz wants all the suicide bombers to pull back so that no other explosions happens leading to more people dying and Yavuz willingly turned himself in. The man blindfolded Yavuz and tied his hands, Yavuz was then dropped off at this building under construction. At this time, the team with Ateş’s lead from Erdem’s orders head to the building to get Ömer Günay. They received good intell. The team had no idea that Ömer Günay is Yavuz Karasu their team commander who they supposedly buried 6 months before.

Erdem and Eylem realize that Yavuz surrendered himself to Dragan. Eylem called Agah to inform him that Yavuz is in trouble. Agah tells her that he is coming to them. The scene when the team rescued Yavuz Karasu/Ömer Günay was a really great and exciting scene. Great cinematography, nice music and beautiful visuals. They all wonder who this man is who has saved so many people’s lives. Mücahit took off the blindfold and their reaction when they see Yavuz. A dead man who is actually alive. All had different face expressions and reactions but all were so happy to see him alive. Yavuz tells them that he did not want them to find out this way and that he missed them just like they missed him. He tells Fethi that the day Bahar died, he died that day too.

Meanwhile, on his way to Istanbul Agah gets in a car accident which is a deliberate act from Dragan. It seems like Dragan wanted Agah all along and not Yavuz. It was a trap. As soon as Yavuz found out, he realized that all of this wanting Ömer Günay was a trap set up by Dragan to get to his father. Yavuz becomes furious and he and the team go after Dragan. They receive intell and they head down there. Dragan wants important valuable top-secret information from Agah. Of course, Agah refused to give it to him and he paid the price with his life. Dragan gets a usb drive from Agah, tortures him and then kills him. This was very sad, Agah was a great character. The scene when Yavuz found his father bleeding was heartbreaking, losing his beloveds one-by-one. Then Yavuz, Erdem and the other guys have a funeral and Yavuz buried his father, 6 months after he buried his wife Bahar. How much can he endure? This was pretty much the last straw for him.

During a meeting between Erdem, Eylem, Derya, Yavuz, Head of Intelligence, Chief Prosecutor and Commander of Special Forces. They spoke about the danger of Dragan Ratkoviç and his allies. Eylem introduces Yavuz to Prosecutor Derya. The Chief Prosecutor tells them that they want to form a special team which has the parts; 1) law side, 2) intelligence, and 3) the soldiers. That all are part of the team and that Yavuz would be the team commander. Yavuz surprisingly declines and tells them that he does not deserve to wear the uniform and that he could not protect his loved ones while he was wearing it. They question him but Yavuz has made his final decision. The guys really wanted him to their team commander but he tells them that he cannot lose another one of them. This was an emotional scene of Yavuz and the guys, their brotherhood bond is so beautiful and touching.

Towards the end of the episode, a surprising scene occurs when Yavuz finds Toran’s secret place in the autoshop. A room like an undercover/intelligence room. Yavuz gets surprised and Toran shows him a video recording of his father Agah. This was an emotional and powerful scene. In the recording, Agah tells Yavuz that Toran is his oldest and closest friend. That he entrusted Yavuz to Toran so that Toran would guide Yavuz in the next stage of his life and to help him. Agah advices Yavuz not to give up and to ‘always be on duty’ and no matter what happens ‘never lose hope’.

Overall this was a great episode. A strong start to season 3. Will Yavuz return to the army? Will he be a team commander again? How will the guys cope in working on an operation without Yavuz after finding out that he is alive? What will Dragan plan to do next? We will find in next episode.

New episodes air on Mondays on Star TV.



Written By – Raghad A.K


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