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Episode 19 of SÖZ, from where do I begin. Wow!! What an exciting episode!!! This episode was filled with great scenes including comedic, touching and lots of action. Personally I found episode 19 way more exciting and better than last week’s episode 18. I must admit, episode 19 is one of my favourite episodes.

Last week’s episode ended with the vehicle explosion by Agah. The military vehicle that carried Commander Korhan Pasha and his soldiers. Episode 19 starts with a very intense scene with Yavuz, Ali Haydar, Mücahit, Feyzullah and Aşık devastated and in utter shock as they watch the military vehicle burning. Viewers are able to see the sadness in each of the characters’ eyes. Agah got in his car and drove off, Yavuz without any hesitation got in a car and drove after Agah but unfortunately did not catch him and Agah manages to get away.

A lot of events occurred in this episode. A lot of development to the plot and to the different characters storyline. Erdem informs Yavuz that Ateş will leave soon to work in a different city that he has been re-assigned. Yavuz becomes sad when he hears that. Then Ateş (himself) and the others learn the news of Ateş’s being re-assigned. Since Erdem found out about Ateş and his daughter Nazli and his wife lying to him about it made him upset, he began to behave so cold towards Ateş. Personally I am so disappointed in the way he handled that situation, he always admired Ateş and from the beginning of Season 1 he had always trusted him with his daughter and he always has spoken highly of Ateş. I just found it so bizarre that he does not want Ateş on his team anymore. They did not do anything wrong, they just fell in love. Nazli explains that to Erdem in one of the scenes, Nazli is disappointed in her parents (and I really do not blame her). On top of that, in this episode we saw Erdem and his wife Guler drop of Nazli at the airport as they have enrolled her in a music school in Istanbul. Meanwhile poor Ateş was watching Nazli from a distance. However thankfully, after this scene one of the most touching and beautiful scenes occurred when Nazli and Ateş reunited outside the airport. It was just so beautiful to watch. They just want to spend a little more time with each other before they supposedly head on their different paths. I just cannot believe that in almost every episode in this season Nazli and Ateş were bickering and when they finally got together in last week’s episode now they are forced to separate. However I think something will happen in the next few episodes that will probably make Ateş stay in Karabayir. One can only hope! This series will not be the same without this character or the actor Eren Vurdem. I really think #NazAt journey will be exciting and interesting to watch despite all the obstacles they face.

Yavuz really wants to Mücahit to get his ear healed. Yavuz and Erdem decided to send Mücahit for a short while to Ankara to get his ear treated so that he is able to get back stronger and in better form. I found the scene where Mücahit says goodbye to each of them before he got on the military plane to Ankara so emotional. One of the things that I love about this series is the lovely bond between these characters. The brotherhood bond is so strong and just special. That scene absolutely touched upon that. I have to say the acting of the guys in this scene was really touching.

Meanwhile back in Sancar’s place, Eylem informs Fethi that she does plan on killing Sancar. He tries to convince her not to because he knows that she will die there by Sancar’s men. After Ateş informed them about the location of Sancar’s place. It is operation time!! Yavuz, Erdem and the rest of the team agree that to get to Agah they must catch Sancar first before Eylem kills him. The operation scene in the woods was really good. It started with the parachutes, and the scene in the woods each one being sneaky. At the same time, Eylem’s fight scenes in Sancar’s place was so amazing!! What a joy it was to watch!! I am so amazed at the fight scenes in Season 2. Thankfully, the team was able to rescue Eylem at the right time. Yavuz shoots Sancar to prevent from escaping. Eylem is free from Sancar and his men and Sancar is in custody at the hospital.

The funniest and enjoyable scenes was when Mücahit and his new friend Battal went on an adventure, to help out his friend Feyzullah, Mücahit went to Su’s house and took her to Bahar’s house. He ‘kidnapped’ her in front of her parents (he did not actually kidnap him she went with him to see Feyzullah). The scene at Bahar’s apartment where they all gathered was so funny and a really enjoyable. Each guy was so surprised when they saw Yavuz (even though it is wife’s home). Poor Yavuz, it is like they drove him crazy. Even Ateş brought Nazli to stay at Bahar’s apartment for the night while he and the guys go out for dinner.

What a surprise at the end of the episode, an unexpected person shows up at Ateş’s farewell dinner. All six guys are waiting for Yavuz but get shocked when they saw Çolak. Last time they saw him was when he got shot in the head by Yavuz and later escaped without anyone knowing.

To add to that another surprise is when Yavuz comes face-to-face with Agah. The man he has been after (especially since Yavuz knows that this ‘Agah’ saved his life and also was working with  Büyük bey). Yavuz has no idea that Agah is right there standing beside him in the elevator at the hospital. However Yavuz has the sketch of  ‘Agah’ the one that Sancar described to the officers’ but since he did not open it, he has no idea.

What an episode!! My final thought on Episode 19, I loved it. Absolutely superb!! The trailer for next episode is probably the best trailer I have seen so far this season. Wow!! Looks like a lot will happen. I cannot wait!!

Next episode is the 20th episode of SÖZ on Monday on Star TV.

Wirtten By – Raghad A.K


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