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Another thrilling and exciting episode. Episode 15 aired on Star TV last Monday, it was just breathtaking. On Tuesday, once the ratings got released it was revealed that for this episode SÖZ received its highest and best ratings thus far.  It was number one in all categories and received more than a 10 in two TV categories. Splendid and the success seems to continue.

The action scenes in the beginning of the episode were just exceptional. One of the most-talked about scenes in the episode on social media is the epic scene with Yavuz and the team waiting for the Turkish military to arrive, soldiers arrived by foot and around 30 helicopters flying above them.  The way the scene was carried out, really great cinematography. The soundtrack in the background as Yavuz said ‘NOW’ and all 7 of the soldiers pulled out their weapons at the same time and helicopters above them and Çolak escaping….as usual.

Following those action-packed scenes, viewers got to witness one of the most beautiful and emotional scenes of this series. It was the emotional moment when Ali Haydar saw his baby for the first time. We saw the struggle that he and his wife Fatma had in Season 1, when they lost their baby. This scene in the hospital room when he held the baby in his arms, it was seriously touching. Especially when Yavuz held the baby and gave its blessings to the baby and personally it is one of the most touching scenes I have ever seen. Yavuz named the baby Ahmet Kartal. The fact that he chose to name him after the martyr Ahmet Kartal (Season 1 Kurtdereli). That scene was just heart-warming. Tolga, Aybüke, Mustafa and the rest of the cast that were in the scene, did really well. Their acting was so good that if felt real, their emotions were spot-on.

The casino scenes were enjoyable, Feyzullah and Ateş went on a secret mission to recover valuable information from Sarah (guest-actress Gamze Topuz) the soldiers believe she is linked to Sancar and Büyük bey. Those casino scenes were an absolute entertainment, Feyzullah and Ateş were just amusing. How amazing was it when Feyzullah helped Yavuz and the others while on the phone through video chat? Great scene. It was nice to Feyzullah and Ateş bonding.

The saddest scene in this episode for me and I am sure for other viewers too, is the scene between Mücahit and the doctor. The conversation about the damage to his ear and how he is a risk to his friends if he goes on more missions. That scene was heart-breaking, you cannot help but feel sorry for Mücahit. He loves being a soldier especially on the Special Forces Team (I mean they all love being soldiers) but with Mücahit it is a little different. I really hope this does not change the storyline of Mücahit. I mean he will have to take care of the situation and try to get alternative medical treatment but at the same time I would not want him to leave the Special Forces Team. The actor Görkem Sevindik has impressed me with his performance this season. Especially in last episode and lately in this scene. It was outstanding, the scene was full of emotion and hear-break. Even though he told the doctor to not mention it to anyone, I wonder if he will confide in one of the guys and express his thoughts and feelings about it.

Yavuz and Bahar got married, it was a nice and simple. They had Nazli and Ateş as their witnesses. It was a great favour that Yavuz did for Bahar.

Towards the end of the episode, we saw Yavuz connecting Büyük bey from the photos he received from Ateş to being the father of Bahar……and than BAM!!!! What an end to the episode!!!

The trailers for next episode look intense, and so good!! It seems like so many characters are involved in different situations.

My final thought on Episode 15, just spectacular. I cannot wait for the next episode and looking forward to watching the future episodes.

New episodes of SÖZ every Monday on Star TV.

Roll on Episode 16

Wirtten By – Raghad A.K


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