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Episode 14 of SÖZ aired on Monday night on Star TV. Another great episode, filled with emotional and touching scenes. Unlike Episode 13, it did not have that much fight or action scenes but it was still a very exciting episode. It seems like with each episode the acting of the main cast just improves and it is really enjoyable to watch.

For viewers who have watched Season 1 of SÖZ, we can all agree that the show touches upon different genres and portrays powerful message. This series focuses on the soldiers, on their brotherhood bond, on their relationships, on the missions but in the midst of all that there are lots of emotion that is shown.  Last week’s episode, Season 2 premiere was filled with lots of action and fight scenes while this week’s episode had that too but less of it and more of those emotional and affectionate scenes between the characters.

The adorable little girl that loves Bahar appeared in a few scenes in this episode with Yavuz and Bahar. Interesting fact about her is that she is the daughter of the director (Yagız Alp Akaydın). Viewers can hope to see her in future episodes.

The mystery behind Fethi was revealed and questions that viewers had during Season 1 about Fethi were answered during a very emotional scene where he opened up to Ali Haydar about his past and how he got his heart broken from his previous love. It is really hard to not feel sorry for Fethi after hearing that. At the same, viewers can notice the chemistry and connection that Fethi has with Eylem. Their scene was set up perfectly, especially with sweet words as Fethi says to Eylem, “I love you too”, scene sealed with a beautiful kiss. If the story progresses in the same direction, Eylem can be the one to fix Fethi’s broken heart. I was relieved to finally understand a bit about Fethi’s past. It was heartbreaking when he talked about his mother taking his brother’s side after what he did. Utter sadness and a heart-rending performance from Burak Sevinc.

Meanwhile, due to Büyük bey’s meddling in his daughter’s life. Bahar got a letter informing her that she has to leave, got transferred. Bahar really wants to stay and help the people that need her. Nazli and Yavuz do not want her to leave, Yavuz proposed to her so that she can stay and continue working and helping people. He proposed to her so that they can be married on paper only, to help her out so that she can be able to stay. I find these two have grown up and matured and seem different but in a way good. Tolga and Bahar’s connection seems to have improved a lot and seems almost natural. Yavuz seems to be feeling something for Bahar, which he did not seem to have felt last season. In Season 1, he told Bahar many times to leave and now it is the opposite, he wants her to stay and proposed to her so she can stay and to help her out. I am looking forward to watching their journey progress. But now that her father knows, it is expected that he might ruin their plans of getting married. He might stop Yavuz one or another.

Mücahit is such a loveable character. He is seen mostly laughing, making jokes but in this episode we saw a different side of him, a caring side. He really wanted to help that woman and her son. The young soldier who was shot right in front of him and the other soldiers. He tried by collecting money for her surgery so she can see again. Even the other soldiers and Erdem helped him out by pitching amounts in, even Yavuz too. These characters have a beautiful brotherhood bond. The scene in the hospital room with the woman, Feyzullah and Mücahit absolutely heartbreaking and full of emotions.

I felt upset watching the scenes between Nazli and Ates. Especially with the way things ended for them at the end of Season 1, it is not a surprise that we see Nazli being stubborn and behaving cold towards Ates. Viewers can notice how different Ates is in this season, he loves Nazli but he is not able to confess to her or to get her to forgive him. I think we will see these two bicker a little more before they smooth things over between them. I think that will be worth the wait. I must admit,  Ilyada’s acting seems to have got better. She was good in Season 1 considering this is her first breakout role. But these two past episodes, I am seeing in improvement in her acting. Nazli should not have lied about that guy being her boyfriend, this hurts Ateş more. We all noticed his jealousy that he even told her father Erdem. What a bold move by Ates!!

Lastly, Colak it seems like he has become more cruel and violent. He wants to get revenge on the death of his son. He does not even realize that the man behind his son’s murder is Agha bey, who is helping him defeat Büyük bey. If viewers thought Colak was ruthless in Season 1, it can be expected that he will be more ruthless this season.

My final thought on Episode 14, an excellent episode. Great on so many levels. I cannot wait to see what will happen in the next episode. Trailer 1 for Episode 15 looks intense, looks like it will be an action-packed episode.

New episodes of SÖZ every Monday on Star TV.

Written By – Raghad A.K


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