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On Monday September 18th, the Season 2 premiere (Episode 13) of SÖZ aired on Star TV. SÖZ continued from where it left off with another exciting and action-filled episode. Season 1 finale left viewers with few questions and those questions were answered in Episode 13. Perfect start to Season 2. I absolutely loved it!!

The beginning of the episode, viewers got a little understanding on what the male characters (soldiers) have been doing after they got dismissed from the military. Some of the them had jobs others unemployed. Their reunion scene at the restaurant and when they went to visit Yavuz, those were beautiful scenes.

The majority of the episode focused on the seven male characters (soldiers) wanting to get back in their uniforms and on the Special Force Team to serve on missions. Their longing for military service. At the same time passing obstacles and overcoming challenges as a team to prove that they deserve it. The episode was enjoyable to watch and definitely worth watching more than once. The scenes in the forest were action packed and quite touching. The power of brotherhood, teamwork and friendship was displayed throughout the scenes with the male characters working together to finish the task that was given to them by Captain Songül Yildiz. There were so many great scenes but that was my most favourite scene. Also all seven of them saved civilians from terror attacks during the parade and they successfully did that without too much damage. The scene when Yavuz drove the truck in the body of water, what a powerful scene. Tolga Saritas with an incredible performance.

Viewers finally learned who ‘Büyük bey’ is. The character which was kept hidden from viewers during Season 1, when his back was only shown. However in Season 2, he will play a major role and he will be one of the main characters. The interesting fact that was confirmed to us is that Bahar is his daughter. How can a sweet young woman like Bahar have a father like Büyük bey Mr. Agha is another new character that was introduced and it looks like he wants to take Büyük bey’s place.

Since it is a new season, SÖZ had a new opening theme, different from the opening theme of Season 1. Moreover the music for the opening theme slightly different from the one in Season 1. Not that much different but one can recognize the slight difference in it. The opening theme music was performed by the Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra. I personally really like the new opening theme and music. I find it just as great as the one from Season 1. SÖZ music composer Atakan Ilgazdag came up with the decision to alter the opening theme music and to compose new tracks for Season 2 but also using some of the same tracks from Season 1. Fans of SÖZ may like Season 1 opening theme music more than the Season 2 opening theme music or vice versa.

The three new SÖZ cast members for Season 2. Actress Ezgi Çelik (character Songül Yildiz). Actors Mehmet Özgür (character Mr. Agha) and Cihan Ünal (character Büyük bey). So far from the few scenes she was in, I like the new female character Captain Songül Yildiz. She seems tough but also good too. She will be a great training officer for the soldiers.

Aybüke Pusat plays the main female character in SÖZ. From the few scenes that she was in, the character of Bahar seemed a bit different but in a good way. I found her more mature, and the conversation that she had with Yavuz she handled it professionally and maturely. Also the new short hairstyle suits Aybüke Pusat a lot. It is Bahar‘s new look for Season 2.

In Turkey, the episode aired on Monday night and uploaded on SÖZ official YouTube channel. Episode 13 reached more than 1 million views in 20 hours after it was uploaded. By Wednesday morning it reached more than 3 million views on YouTube. Phenomenal!!

Episode 13 was the most watched production on Monday night. There were many other shows on Monday night but SÖZ ended up first in all categories (television and in social media). Total ratings for the episode 8.36. What a way to start off Season 2!! The hashtag for the Season 2 premiere (Episode 13) #YeniSezondaSöz was trending in Turkey and worldwide. It was the number 1 trend.

My final thought on Episode 13, it was an excellent episode with great cinematography. It was totally worth the 3 months wait. It was great to finally see the seven male characters back in their uniforms as soldiers on the Special Force Team.

New episodes of SÖZ Mondays on Star TV. The episodes in English subtitles provided here on Turk-Flix. I have a feeling Season 2 will be just as successful and promising as Season 1.

Roll on Episode 14

Wirtten By – Raghad A.K


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