The new drama project of Kanal D named ‘’Sana Kalbimi Verdim’’ has changed it’s name as ‘’Siyah Beyaz Aşk’’, last few days it was announced that İbrahim Çelikkol and Birce Akalay would share the lead roles of it. It is said that at least in October, it’ll be shared with audience. It’ll be directed by Yasin Uslu – who has also directed Sevda Kuşun Kanadında- , beside the lead roles , Arzu Gamze Kılı., Muhammed Uzuner, Nur Fettahoğlu, Cahit Gök and Kadriye Kenter is playing. Siyah Beyaz Aşk will be aired on October, which is written by Eylem Canpolat and Sema Ergenekon.

If we talk about the summary of it, I can definetly say it focuses on the hard exam of a young man who doesn’t believe in love and lives in hard and tough conditions, the test will be so hard and enduring and it will be tough on the woman. This is the main topic of a brave man who has forgotten how to love and a doctor who has devoted her life to healing people. Ferhat needs a doctor so that the man he follows would be alive. That is why he bumped into the doctor Aslı, who has devoted her life to healing people. But they’re not for each other, just like white and black. Aslı sees something she wasn’t supposed to while trying to heal the man in the farm she was kept in. She wittnesses that Ferhat’s uncle is actually a murderer, whom she taught to be helping. Living of Aslı is a miracle then. Because Namık wants her to die. But the time Namık would kill Aslı, Ferhat avoids this and gives her a chance by one condition. This chance will change the lives of both Aslı and Ferhat.

The players: İbrahim Çelikkol (Ferhat), Birce Akalay (Aslı), Arzu Gamze Kılınç, Kıvanç Kasabalı, Ece Dizdar, Muhammet Uzuner, Nur Fettahoğlu, Cahit Gök, Kadriye Kenter.


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