Age: 30
Status: Married to Kenan İmirzalıoğlu

Sinem Kobal was born on August 14th 1987 in Istanbul, Turkey. She has a younger brother named Kerem. Her parents are Mehmet Kobal and Nuray Kobal. Sinem studied ballet for eight years. She graduated from high school as an outstanding student. Sinem studied theatre and performing arts and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Beykent University. Even in university Sinem was a successful student, she also continued playing sports and dancing ballet. She was a volleyball player in school. Even after her acting career began she continued with dance and sports.

In 2001 Sinem’s acting career began when she acted in her first role in the comedy series Dadı (2001-2002). Then she acted briefly in the successful series Muhteşem Yüzyıl (2003) the role of ‘Ayşe’. Her acting career kicked off successfully, she acted in many different series from 2001-2009. Sinem became a well-known actress in 2010 when she played a leading role in the drama series Küçük Sirlar, she acted alongside Birkan Sokullu, Burak Özçivit, Merve Boluğur and Kadir Doğulu. I really liked Sinem in Küçük Sirlar (2010-2011). She and Birkan Sokullu were really good. Sinem gained the affection of viewers quickly with her talent and great personality.

Sinem also acts in films. The first time she acted in a film was in 2014 in the horror film Okul, Sinem played the role of ‘Şebnem’. Sinem became a successful actress when she played the role of ‘Didem’ in two romantic-comedy films Romantik Komedi (2010) and Romantik Komedi 2 Bekarliğa Veda (2013). She was amazing in those two films. She performed the role so well. Sinem had a great connection with her on-screen partner Engin Altan Düzyatan. I enjoyed those two films. Over the last few years Sinem played leading roles in different series such as Gönül İşleri (2014-2015) and Analar ve Anneler (2015). Her most recent project was last year in 2017, she played the main female character ‘Seliha’ in the drama-action series Yüz Yüze. I really liked this series but unfortunately it got canceled due to bad ratings. Sinem acted alongside Birkan Sokullu. They acted together before in 2010 and they have become great friends over the years. Their connection on-screen is very natural.

Sinem is a really good actress and any role fits her, whether it is funny or a serious role. I have seen Sinem in several of her projects. Her acting skills have definitely improved over the years. Sinem has acted in more than eight series and more than four films. Sinem has been nominated for awards throughout her acting career. In 2008 and in 2009 Sinem won the awards for ‘Most Popular Actress’ (Jetix Çocuk Ödülleri). In 2016 Sinem won the award for ‘Actress of the Year’ (Elle Style Ödülleri). Sinem is considered to be one of the most popular Turkish actresses. She also has the determination to keep improving.

Sinem dances, acts, plays sports and even sings. She is a trained ballet dancer. Sinem loves animals, she has a cat and dogs. Sinem has a great sense of style. She is very stylish. Sinem has appeared in several photoshoots.

In 2009 Sinem dated Arda Turan a professional athlete. A soccer player/footballer on the Turkish national team. They got engaged but then separated.Sinem married the successful actor Kenan İmirzalioğlu in May 2016. They are one of Turkey’s power couples. Both are successful and have great acting skills.

Sinem has had a long and great acting career. She is a talented woman. I’m really looking forward to her next project.

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Written By : Raghad A.K


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