Born on 13th July 1954

Married to Ahmet Utlu

Sezen was born in Denizli, Saraykoy in 1954 13th of July. Her father was a math teacher and her mother was a science teacher. Eventhough she was born in Denizli she spent most of her life in the marvelous city İzmir and even made a song about there which was called “Kalbim Ege’ de kaldi”.

Although her mother and father wanted to be a strict figure Sezen was always a little naughty child so that people used to call her “mini trouble” .

She completed all of her education process in İzmir including univeristy. When she was attending for the Aegean University she released her first song called “Kaybolan Yillar” (Bygone Years). With this song she touched thousands of people’s hearts and the song became a hit. This song was the beginning of her sumptuous music career.

In 1974 she got married with Ali Engin Aksu and the young artist began her first stage work in 1976. Sezen’s first movie was a Atif Yilmaz movie called “Minik Serce”. She made her second marriage in 1981 , it came up she was 4 months pregnant when she was getting married so people began to talk about her private life more then her career. When it was 1982 one of her biggest hit is released “Firuze”, those year’s famous magazine “Hey” chosen her as the female singer of the year. In 1983 her Eurovision adventure began in the same year she divorced with her son’s father Sinan Özer. In 2006 her first poem book was published (Eksik Siir). Starting in 1974 she has been awarded more than 200 prizes and chosen the artist of the year. With more than 500 songs and more than 1500 concerts she is one of the most succesfull singer of Turkey.

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