BORN: October 8th 1963

STATUS: Married

Serif was born in Karsiyaka in the Izmir Province of Turkey. At university he wanted to study Physics but changed his mind after his teacher told him that he would not make it. So he then studied Economics at the Bogazici University.

After his graduation he worked as an editor on stage at the radio station and even prepared and presented his own radio show, Acik Gazete. For a time after this he was a screenwriter for the TV series Bir Istanbul Masali which broadcast on ATV. At the same time he attended Bilsak Theatre Workshop and continued with his theatre studies. In 2012 he worked as an Academic in the Theatre Department of Bilgi Universoty where he gave lessons to students in acting and dictation.

He has written three screen plays as well has having a long career in both films and TV. His first jobs were all in films then he was in the series Seref Meselesi (2014), Kalbim Ege’de Kaldi (2015), HangimizSevmedik ( 2016 ).

Currently he is playing his most poular role, that of Enver in the hit series Kadin. Commencing in 2017 the series has had excellent ratings in Turkey and is very popular with international viewers too. His character is one that everyone loves. Its now going into its third season and Enver will be returning.

Serif has got an Instagram account that he posts in occasionally. He has 27 thousand followers. His images are mostly from his theatre and radio days.

Obviously he is a very talented and accomplished actor whos name Im sure will be talked about more after his part in Kadin comes to an end.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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