Sometimes an apology is the most difficult sentence to utter; for Serkan the best he can do is admit that he has a difficult time trusting anyone.  He admits that Eda was right when she said he should trust her, and now he does.  Eda, however, is not so easily pacified.  She tells him that Kaan is the traitor, and she says trusting her after she has presented evidence of her innocence does not count because he humiliated, punished and hurt her.  She takes the ring from her finger and puts it in his hand, saying she will never come back. With ponytail flouncing, she strides out of the office.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-18 19.57.26.png

Engin entreats Serkan to go after Eda.  He reminds Serkan that he should consider how he has offended his fiancee and offer his sincere apology, but Serkan cannot.  He is unwilling to recognize or admit that he has feelings for Eda.

At the florist shop, Melo bemoans her fate of being deceived.  She’s heartbroken that Kaan used her to betray Eda and hurt Serkan’s business, but when she suggests that Eda might make up with Serkan, Eda is adamant that she will never speak to him again.  Serkan, meanwhile, has studied Kaan’s financial situation and made him a buyout offer.  Although Kaan refused, Serkan is sure he can finish him and his business because Kaan received the ecological hotel project through bribery, and he infringed on the lighting design patent. 

Engin pulls Serkan out of the office to get some air and clear his thinking.  He suggests Serkan get Eda back by expressing his love, but Serkan’s idea for winning Eda back is to give her a job.  Engin doesn’t understand until Serkan says he will take back the ecological hotel project from Kaan because Kaan cannot afford to undertake an expensive project.  Besides, he says, the design for that project was Eda’s in the beginning.  As they walk by shops, Serkan stops to admire a red dress with a flower print.  He goes in to buy it for Eda.

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The next morning Serkan finds Sirius enjoying a few of Eda’s personal items from the bedroom.  He has dragged a sleep mask, her bedroom slippers, a comb, and the handcuffs onto the open deck of Serkan’s house.  Seyfi is sure the dog misses Eda more than Serkan does, and that annoys him.  Serkan leaves and Seyfi goes to Aydan at the breakfast table.  Alptekin dressed in casual fashion is drinking his coffee before leaving for work.  Aydan discovers that his secretary has left her job and she decides to select his new secretary so she can train her to be her eyes and ears.  

When Serkan arrives at Eda’s, he calls Mr. Fikret to tell him that Kaan will not be able to complete his work on the ecological hotel and he will take over the project with Eda as the designer. Mr. Fikret tells him that he will check with the board and get back to him when the board approves a change of company.  After the call, Serkan puts the shopping bag with the dress in the trunk of his car, but he discovers the handcuffs in the bag and removes them.  As he approaches the garden gate, Serkan finds his destroyed photo with a big red X across it hanging on the iron gate.  Ignoring the “Not Welcome” message, Serkan walks to the patio and finds the girls having their morning tea.  They are not receptive to his presence and inform him that Eda is not there and she does not want to see him.  Melo is particularly angry, calling him a “heart breaker” as she walks away.

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Serkan leaves and sees Melo walking down the street.  He follows her and manages to appeal to her romantic spirit to find Eda’s whereabouts – a garden near the lighthouse where she volunteers to tend the plants.  After driving around for a time, Serkan finally locates the garden and finds Eda, but she refuses to talk to him.  When she refuses to let him give her a ride, he takes the handcuffs from the car and puts them on Eda and himself.  He confesses he would never do such a thing, but she used the handcuffs first and this is the only way he can talk to her.

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In the meantime, Selin has prepared a nice breakfast for Ferit by the pool, but Ferit says he only wants coffee before he leaves.  Selin knows there is a problem but Ferit will not say what is bothering him before he leaves.  He is no doubt thinking of the conversation he overheard the night before between Selin and Serkan at the stables, a conversation in which Selin expressed thinly veiled feelings for Serkan.  After Ferit leaves, Selin goes to Aydan to tell her that she and Ferit are having problems and she is not sure if that marriage is what she wants. Aydan is pleased to hear this and insists that Selin look through Serkan’s picture album to remember the times she spent with him while growing up.

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Ayfer and the girls are desperate that they cannot connect with Eda by phone.  Finally, Melo admits that maybe she helped Serkan find Eda, since she still believed in romance. The girls are annoyed and decide to go to Serkan’s house in search of Eda.  They find an empty, locked house, but Seyfi arrives and takes them to see Aydan.  Aydan tells Ayfer that Eda and Serkan are at their mountain home, information she received from the groundskeeper’s call.

Serkan takes Eda to a country house his family owns where the groundskeeper has prepared a lunch for them.  Eda used the handcuffs to her advantage by making Serkan get out of the car on her side and using his knife and fork only when she is not using hers.  She has a bit of a temper tantrum, but Serkan insists that she will stay tied to him until she calms down and listens to what he has to say.  He encourages her to talk about her volunteer work at the orphanage garden and what she teaches the children through the garden flowers.

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Once the lunch is over and the dishes washed, Serkan retrieves a toolbox and opens the handcuffs. Eda questions why he handcuffed her, and Serkan makes her smile when he says, ” Did you really say that?” He gives Eda her phone and says he will cut some wood for the fireplace since the weather has turned cooler.  Eda calls Ceren to let her know where she is; she tells Ceren she is being patient because she thinks Serkan is going to apologize.  Night falls, the fire is roaring in the fireplace, and Serkan sits comfortably next to Eda.  He begins by saying Kaan’s name and Eda is shocked.  Serkan tells her that Kaan hurt both of them and broke Melo’s heart, so the two of them will make him pay.  He tells Eda that he will take the hotel project back from Kaan and she will complete her landscape project.  Eda is insulted that she’s getting a job offer rather than an apology.

Rain has started, but that does not deter Eda.  Angry that Serkan blamed her for being careless with the patent folder and not apologizing, Eda walks out into rainy night. Serkan follows her, grabs her arm and pulls her toward him.  The closeness makes Eda weak, but Serkan is the one to pull away.  He says, “I knew you were angry, but I didn’t think you would not want to be with me.  You stay and I’ll leave.”   He gets in the car and drives away.

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Hours later, Serkan returns with the dress he bought for Eda.  When he walks in, she’s frightened and sprays him with pepper spray. She apologizes profusely and insists on putting cold compresses on his eyes.  When that doesn’t seem to help him very much, she realizes that he is “milking” the situation and enjoying her attention.  She tricks him into opening his eyes, he admires the dress he bought which she’s wearing, and together they notice the many leaks in the living room.  He tells her the road is flooded, so they will have to spend the night.  Unfortunately, when he takes her to the guest bedroom, the ceiling is leaking right over the bed.  They go upstairs and share a double bed, with Serkan getting the side that has a leak.  

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In the evening Selin finds Ferit lounging on the patio, but when she asks him if he wants to do something special for the evening, he says he has a meeting with the guys.  He leaves abruptly and Selin is puzzled by his behavior even more.

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The next morning Serkan awakens to find himself staring into Eda’s sleeping face, his hand clasped around her arm.  Eda’s phone rings and she puts it on video so that Ayfer and the girls see Serkan in the bed with her.  Serkan assures Ayfer that he will bring Eda home when she wakes up, but Ayfer is not pleased with the two of them being so intimate.  As they are leaving the house, Eda tells Serkan she accepts the hotel job for one day for Melo’s sake and then she will not see him anymore.  

When Serkan returns home, Aydan tells him that Selin and Ferit are breaking up, so he can contact Selin and renew their relationship.  Serkan says he has to do some things first.  He does not seem terribly interested.  Meanwhile, Ferit has come to see Alptekin to recommend some companies for the holding to invest in.  Trusting Ferit to do the right thing, Alptekin agrees to let Ferit bring the companies into the holding if he makes a detailed report and the board approves, but when Serkan meets with his father, he is not pleased that Alptekin has made that decision.  He invites his father, Ferit and Engin for an evening of billiards.  That same evening the girls go night fishing.  Both groups discuss finding a partner and what love should be in a relationship.  Alptekin says a man should be a leader at work but a sheep at home.

Later that night, when Serkan has returned home, Seyfi shows him the video of Aydan walking outside the gate with Eda’s help.  Serkan is moved by his mother’s effort to overcome her fear; he joins her by the pool and offers to help her do it again, but when she takes one step beyond the gate, she freezes and tells him she can’t.  Serkan tells her they will try again, and at one point, he tells her they should also try to talk about his brother.  He said, “We can’t pretend he doesn’t exist.”  That is a revelation because up to this point, the absence of the brother seemed to be a matter of death.

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Serkan calls Eda and asks if he can pick her up the next morning and she agrees for the one day.  Serkan explains that Kaan can’t do the ecological hotel project because he couldn’t afford using natural products and he would take short cuts by using chemicals.  They go first to the office where everyone greets Eda with a smile, the two exceptions being Piril and Selin.  Engin is positively joyous, wanting all the details of Serkan’s apology, but he soon learns that they are not back together, and Serkan has not apologized.

Aydan helps Alptekin by interviewing the girls applying for his secretary’s position.  With a keen eye for beautiful girls who might be competition, she and Seyfi go through the resumes and tear up several applications.  Later they interview a few girls, dismissing the very young attractive women and finally settling on a woman in her sixties.  At the office, Ferit entertains Alptekin with his experiences in the construction business and accepts Alptekin’s invitation to meet some friends that evening, much to the chagrin of Selin who had hoped to have the evening with Ferit.

Engin invites Piril to dinner at his place because Ceren has offered to help him prepare the meal and set the table.  Ceren sets a beautiful table and as she lights the candles, she manages to stand close to Engin and touch him discreetly. He is very aware of her and having a difficult time pretending to be unaffected.  Finally, he invents an excuse to leave the apartment before Piril arrives.  When Piril does come, she and Ceren end up enjoying the dinner without Engin.

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Engin has skipped the romantic dinner with Piril and gone to Serkan’s house where he complains of having a complicated life.  Serkan is trying to compose an e-mail apology for Eda, but Engin tells him that he should face her and speak the apology, maybe with a gift, a diamond, to smooth the words.  Serkan, however, knows that Eda does not care about jewelry.  She prefers simpler things like flowers, and he has an idea.  The next morning he goes to Ayfer’s nursery and asks for help.  Ayfer suggests that he should make a little terrarium, choosing the small plants and figurines himself because Eda likes them.  She tells Serkan that terrariums are special because they show how different plants can live together. They focus on their similarities rather than their differences.  She also insists that he should complete the gift with a note.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-18 20.35.21.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-18 20.35.55.png

When Eda returns from her boat trip on the Bosphorus, Ayfer gives her the gift.  Eda reads the note, “Fairy girl, can you forgive me?”  With little hesitation, Eda goes to the Art and Life company and tells Serkan she would come back.  He is obviously happy, and although she says the work arrangement is strictly professional, he agrees and puts the ring back on her finger. He stands very close to her, nose to nose, and they have an intimate moment before Selin and Ferit come in to announce they will get married the next week.  Is this Selin’s way of testing Serkan’s relationship with Eda or is it Ferit’s?

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-18 20.37.06.png




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