Serkan and Eda say goodnight at the end of a very special evening when Eda has had a glimpse into Serkan’s past.  Now she knows why he doesn’t come into the office on August 19th.  She has been to the studio and watched him play the guitar in memory of his older brother.  She thanks him for allowing her to see this “chink” in his emotional armor.  She reminds him there are 46 days left in their engagement contract. He seems a bit disappointed that she’s keeping track of the days, so he gives her the guitar pick as a memento of the evening and he’s genuinely pleased that she’s so appreciative of this small gift.

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When she goes to her room, she attaches the pick to the picture of him that she has ruined. Her aunt Ayfer comes in and tells her she has fallen in love with her fiancé, a statement that Eda finds disconcerting.  Before Ayfer leaves, she asks Eda what is going on with Melo.  She says Melo is behaving strangely.  Eda doesn’t know, but she says she will ask Melo.  Later, Eda finds Ceren waiting for her on the patio and she tells Ceren Ayfer thinks she’s falling in love with Serkan.  When Ceren questions her, Eda says she doesn’t know, but she knows she has to be careful.  As she wraps a birthday present for Serkan, Eda reflects on certain moments in their relationship that are both appealing and also disheartening.

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Serkan goes home to learn from Seyfi that his mother Aydan has prepared a little early surprise celebration for his birthday.  She is exuberant but Serkan tells her not to disturb his father.  She says a little excitement won’t bother his father because he follows a strict, rather boring routine.  Serkan suggests that maybe Aydan has become an admirer of Eda’s unconventional, spontaneous lifestyle.  This conversation is overheard by Alptekin. Later, Serkan reflects on things Eda has said about him that indicate he’s as cold and remote as the planetary system he admires.

At breakfast the next morning, all the girls recognize a change in Melo.  She tells them she’s on a new diet and she’s really happy with her new job at the holding, but she warns Eda that Selin is dangerous. At the Bolat estate, Aydan is re-watching the video of herself walking through the gates to the outside world.  Seyfi tells her she should show Alptekin who will be very pleased.  When they find him, they are surprised to see he is dressed in very casual clothes, a distinct change from his usual office attire.  Aydan is so surprised that she forgets to show him the video.

Eda behaves strangely when Serkan comes to get her.  Now aware that her feelings for Serkan have been observed by Ayfer, and not realizing that she is falling for him, she becomes hesitant and self-conscious with him.  He notices her behavior, but doesn’t dwell on the changes he sees.  They go to his house for the staff meeting.  When they arrive, Engin gives Serkan great news. . .his lighting design has been accepted by a major world-wide hotel chain.  Eda learns from Leyla that Serkan wants  the company to do more than architecture.  He wants them to design various décor products that can be sold individually to companies.  His glass chandelier is so unique that it will be used in the lobbies of all the hotels in this well-known international company.  Serkan gives each member of the team a specific job to get the lighting fixture into production. Eda volunteers to handle the design patent and notary affairs because this job will take her away from Serkan’s presence for the day, something she thinks will be good for her if her feelings for him are becoming noticeable.

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Engin can’t understand why Serkan isn’t happy about their success: the golf resort, the award, and now the sale of his lighting design.  Serkan says he’s still uncomfortable about Firet being at the holding. Selin knows how he feels about that, but she insists on Ferit being a part of the company. Eventually, his father will have to choose between him and Ferit.   Eda overhears this conversation and thinks Serkan is still intent on resuming his relationship with Selin.  

Aydan comes to congratulate Serkan on the sale of the chandelier design and suggests that Serkan send a gift to Selin to thank her for her public relations work.  When Eda tells Serkan she’s leaving to get the patent, he asks her to send Selin flowers as a thank you.  Eda calls Fifi and tells her she needs help desperately because she knows nothing about patents and notaries.  Fifi comes to her rescue.  Having completed her job, Eda goes to the flower shop to make the flower bouquet for Selin.  She writes a very personal note for Selin, “You make my life beautiful with your presence.  Serkan” because she thinks Serkan wants to impress Selin.  Ceren comes by and Eda confesses to her that the engagement is a game, and she herself is confused about her feelings for him.  When Ceren leaves, Eda goes home to shower and dress before returning to the group at Serkan’s house.  She leaves the important folder of design documents on a table in the hall before going upstairs.

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Meanwhile, Kaan has called Melo and arranged to have lunch with her.  Melo takes him to Ayfer’s home for lunch because she is on a special diet.  When Melo goes into the kitchen, Kaan spies the Art Life folder on the table and takes pictures of the documents. In effect, he steals the design, and later, he calls a friend and arranges to have the design replicated and production begun using cheaper materials. 

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Eda returns to Serkan’s house and gives him the patent folder.  Before she can ask him about his plans for the evening, Selin, with Melo, appears and thanks Serkan for the flowers with a hug.  Selin tells them she has sent information about the new design contract to the press.  When Serkan asks her if she’s sued the press about the leaked “engagement contract,” she says no, so he tells Engin to contact his lawyer friend Ceren to take the case.  Before leaving, Selin asks Leyla if she will set up a time for her and Serkan to have a private conversation at dinner.  Eda volunteers that she will make a reservation for them that very evening.  Selin is amused by this, asking Eda if that would be a problem for her, but Eda says no, that Serkan wouldn’t like her if she was jealous every time he met a woman for a business dinner.  Eda informs Serkan that she has made the dinner arrangement with Selin, but she can change it if he doesn’t want to go.  Even though he’s surprised and maybe disappointed, he says no, he’s okay with the plan, and she leaves.  Later, he confesses to Engin that he really expected Eda to make a special plan for the two of them, but she didn’t.  Engin says that maybe Eda is trying to prove that she isn’t the jealous type.

That evening, Serkan waits for Selin at a table on the restaurant balcony overlooking the Bosphorus.  He recalls Eda asking why he didn’t look at the view, and he said he knew it by heart, a fact she disputes by telling him the clouds change, the light changes, the ships change. When Selin arrives, she gives him the antique book his father bought for him and her gift of a watch.  She also tells him that his father wants to leave the company to them, but he’s worried about their relationships with Eda and Ferit.  Serkan tells her that he doesn’t trust Ferit and he will eventually buy out her shares. Selin says that Eda is not the right person for him; he says maybe, but he thinks he’s not the right person for her.  Melo calls and lets Serkan know that Eda is eating alone at the soup restaurant.   He leaves Selin and surprises Eda as she eats her dinner alone.  He orders the same soup, a dish that doesn’t fit in his regular dietary habits.  When she assures him the restaurant is very clean, he says he doesn’t worry because he broke all the hygiene rules at the open grocery market that day when she poked fruit in his mouth.

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As they leave the restaurant, he says Melo told him that Eda had a gift for him.  He sits hesitantly on the open steps as she retrieves the gift from her car.  She gives him the gift and a grocery store cupcake with a candle in it.  After telling him the cupcake doesn’t matter because he doesn’t like desserts anyway, she lights the candle and tells him to make an exciting wish, something very different from his business life. He blows out the candle and opens his gift.  Eda says it’s very difficult to give a gift to a man who has everything, and he says, “So you give him the world.”  He looks at the little globe and then leans over and kisses her on the cheek, a lingering kiss that leaves him rather speechless.  He asks her if she has had the car repaired and she says no, she doesn’t like to change things.  Then he asks her if she still works at the flower shop and she says yes, that she will continue to work there after their contract ends. He tells her he will pick her up in the morning to go to Sile to see the golf resort area and meet with the woman who will oversee her landscaping design.

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Later, at their homes, Eda eats some of the chocolate Serkan gave her from the client gifts he received, and Serkan puts his little globe into its setting, each of them thinking about the other.  The next morning the girls are having breakfast when their phones ring.  Eda tells Serkan that she will take Melo to work, then meet him at the worksite; Melo tells Kaan that Eda will take her to work, each refusing to have the men pick them up, but when the calls are finished, Melo runs away because she doesn’t want to answer questions about who is calling her.  On the way to the worksite, Eda’s car breaks down and Serkan has to turn around and go back to pick her up.  They argue because she doesn’t get the car repaired and she’s careless about her health.  He tells her that as long as she’s his fiancée, he will take charge of keeping her safe and healthy.  He calls a repair service to fix the car.

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At the office, Piril is jealous that Ceren has brought Engin to work.  She interrupts Ceren and Engin’s discussion about the lawsuit with a folder of signed documents which she asks Engin to go over again.  She later overhears Ceren say that she will talk to the newspaper editor whose paper published the contract; Piril is miffed.  She tells Ceren that Selin does the PR for the company and it’s her job to talk to the media. Piril is determined to upset any plans that Ceren has with Engin and with the company.

 Kaan has spotted Melo walking to work.  He joins her and questions her about her work at the holding. Melo is so enthralled with this handsome man that she doesn’t recognize how he insinuates business questions into their conversations.  When Melo goes home, Ayfer is waiting to discover who she is meeting.  Using Melo to mix cake batter as a means of slowing her hyperactivity, Ayfer lulls Melo into telling her that she is seeing Serkan’s arch enemy, Kaan Karadag, and she hasn’t found the time to tell Eda.  Ayfer tells Melo to invite Kaan for dinner so that she can meet him. 

When Eda and Serkan arrive at the worksite, Eda is hesitant and Serkan asks her what is wrong.  She says this project will take longer than the two months left on their contract, she doesn’t have a degree, and she doesn’t think she can do the job.  He tells her he has hired a famous landscape architect to help her complete the design and finish the project after the contract ends.  She says he doesn’t trust her.  He says he’s trying to help her with the project and he does trust her.  When the meeting with the professional landscape designer is over, Eda asks him how she performed.  He said she was like a “rookie,” but she was intelligent, confident, and passionate.  He then offers to show her where he will build the marina, a spot where he, Engin and Kaan used to swim when they were children.  Afterward, he invites her for coffee at his house, but she says she’d rather go home.  Serkan calls Engin and says he wants to go over all of the production notes, so he wants the group to meet at his house.  Engin tells him to enjoy being with Eda, but Serkan says they will all meet.  Eda realizes she won’t be going home early, and Serkan smiles like a crafty fox.

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At his house, Serkan sees Eda walking away from him, and he calls her to him.  He asks her why she’s running away from him.  She says she isn’t running away, she’s confused. He’s perplexed and she’s not saying any more.  They sit at the table to go over the production notes when Engin’s phone rings. It’s Kaan.  He says congratulations, he read the news about their new lighting design, but they have copied a design that already existed at Sishane, and they should be more careful.  Kaan sends photos of Serkan’s chandelier that he has had quickly made with cheap materials to Engin’s cell phone.

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Serkan is furious.  He accuses Eda of giving the file to Kaan since there was only one copy and she had it.  In fact, he says that’s why Eda has been so distant all day.  She has avoided him as much as possible because she gave his design away and she feels guilty.  Eda says if he really feels that she could do such a thing, she will go and he will never see her face again.  He says, “Go.”  This is the first episode that ends with Eda and Serkan physically and emotionally separated.

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