On the verge of explaining the engagement contract with reporters, Eda is rescued by Serkan, and what a rescue! Serkan led her by the hand to the dock, put her in a boat, and rode into the sunset, mirroring the romantic idea that Eda had expressed at dinner with the feuding Birols. Later, on the way to the airport, when she thanked Serkan for saving her from the paparazzi instead of getting his award and the Birol’s signatures, he said he did it for her and the rest was not important.  Serkan remembers the night they watched the meteor shower while Eda remembers the beautiful waterfall pool where they swam.

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In a separate van, Pelin assures Engin the contract was signed, Engin questions how the media had managed to discover the contract, Selin says she controlled the situation, and Ferit sits quietly looking very innocent. Serkan tells Selin she must find out who leaked the contract to the press.

The morning after they returned from Antalya, Eda calls Serkan but she can’t reach him.  Ayfer and Fifi are amused that she seems rather eager to see him, but she expects him to pick her up for work as he said he would.  Avoiding their amused comments, she asks about Melo and is surprised to learn that Melo has started work at the holding.  Trying once again to call Serkan and getting no answer, she drives herself to work.  When she arrives, she sees Engin with a damaged foot and learns that Serkan is not in the office.  She’s told that every August 19, Serkan does not come into the office and none of them know where he is or what he does.  Eda deduces that Selin is probably the only one who knows.

She takes a file into Serkan’s office and discovers he has saved a flower that she had pinned to her shirt one day.  She also sees a package that Leyla explains is a watch Serkan ordered that monitors his heart and his breathing.  As she leaves the office with Leyla, Eda meets Mr. Fikret, their client who is looking for Serkan.  When he learns that Serkan is not in for the day, Fikret decides to tell Eda about his project.

Mr. Fikret is having a very special birthday party for his wife and he’s arranged to have her favorite singer from abroad come for the entertainment.  The singer has sent a list of requirements for her lodgings which includes 120 specific features from wall colors to curtains to temperature to décor.  He also says the project must be completed within 24 hours. When Eda asks Engin and Pelin if they can undertake the job, they say they can’t do that extensive work in such a short time.  Eda at first tells Mr. Fikret they can’t do the work, but when she hears Mr. Fikret’s story, she says they will try to honor his request.

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Melo has started her job as Selin’s assistant at the holding. Her first job is to take a file to Aydan, an excuse to get her out of Selin’s way.  Ferit brings coffee to Selin where he is forced to admit that he told Kaan about the engagement contract and sent him a picture of it.  He maintains, however, that he didn’t imagine that Kaan would leak it to the press.  Selin tries to make Ferit understand that Serkan and Kaan are enemies. Ferit’s friendship with Kaan puts her in a very delicate position.

Everyone is shocked when Serkan comes into the office.  He has seen Mr. Fikret leaving and asks why he has come.  Engin and Pelin tell him that he wanted a job done that they refused because of time constraints, but Eda’s silence makes them realize that she didn’t refuse Fikret’s request.  When Serkan learns that Eda accepted Fikret’s request, he gets angry and tells Eda she must call Fikret to reject the project and apologize to him, something she refuses to do.  He then tells the other employees that they are not allowed to help her.  Engin takes Serkan to task, saying that he’s not concerned for the client so much as teaching Eda a lesson,  and he secretly decides to help Eda.  He gives her the names of the office personnel who can help her secretly with architecture, painting, electricians and décor.  She goes about the office soliciting their support.

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Selin comes to the Serkan’s office for a staff meeting followed by Melo who has returned from giving Aydan the file and annoying her with her pushy, loud behavior. Eda takes the opportunity of asking Selin why there is a “No Serkan Day” on August 19th, but Selin says Serkan only tells special secrets to special people.  

Eda gathers her team from the office workers willing to defy Serkan in support of a project for Mr. Fikret who loves his wife.  They divide the responsibilities and set out to get painters, builders, decorators and electricians. Fifi arrives on a motorcycle and scoops up Erdem to visit the shops.  Eda meets with the guest singer’s manager before going to Aydan to ask for her help.  Serkan tells Leyla to call Eda and when he sees the (handsome) man she’s meeting in the park, he ends the meeting and goes to find her. Before leaving, he puts on the watch that Erdem has set up to calculate his blood pressure, breathing, heart beats, etc.

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Eda goes to Aydan and begs for her help.  She convinces Aydan that this job is important because the Fikrets are family friends and Serkan’s special clients.  Aydan can appreciate Mr. Fikret’s desire to honor his wife with a promise he made if she survived her dangerous illness.  Aydan chooses the fabrics that will be used in the décor of the house. Just as Eda is leaving, Serkan arrives and questions why she isn’t at the house renovation site.  She assures him that the work is underway, and just as she is leaving, Serkan receives a call from Engin saying that they have chaos at the work site, and Fikret and the singer’s manager are on the way to see the house.

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Serkan intercepts Fikret before he can enter the house and see the confused state of renovation.  In a private chat, Serkan explains that he would not have accepted the job if he had been available because he knows the 120 items can’t be accomplished within such a short time period.  Fikret says he knows that but such is love that one tries to accomplish the impossible.  Although the task is capricious, he is thankful that Eda at least has tried to make the project become a reality.  This conversation gives validity to Eda’s character and makes Serkan realize how special she is for him and for his reputation.  He decides to see that she fulfills her promise to Mr. Fikret.  

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The singer’s manager has looked around the house and decided that it will not be ready in time for the birthday concert, so he will cancel the singer’s performance.  Eda realizes that she’s made a big mistake and she sadly dismisses the crews.  Just at that time, Serkan arrives, and after talking with Eda about taking jobs on the basis of emotion rather than rationale and planning, he undertakes to see the project finished. As the work continues into the night, Serkan takes a break and Eda brings them coffee. She asks him once again about “No Serkan Day,” and he tells her he goes to his brother’s studio to play the guitar as he promised before the brother died. 

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Later that night, after everyone has left, Serkan finds Eda asleep on a sofa.  He tries to wake her, but she merely leans against him in deep sleep.  He arranges himself on the sofa not to disturb her, but she wraps her arms around him and lies with her head on his chest.  Morning comes and Serkan awakens to stare into Eda’s sleeping face.  He recalls all the moments when they were so physically close to each other and his watch starts beeping as it measures his fast heart rate.  Seyfi arrives with breakfast for the two of them and finds the beeping watch very amusing.  

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At breakfast, Eda calls the manager to tell him the house would be finished by the time the singer arrives, but apparently he tells her he cancelled her performance.  Disappointed, she tells Serkan their efforts have been in vain, but he says he’s taken care of the problem.  In fact, the singer’s plane has probably landed and she would be at the house in an hour.  They leave for home to shower and dress before greeting the singer and Mr. Fikret.  Eda retrieves Bobby the dog from Aydan after she has observed Aydan stopping at the gate, afraid to go beyond the confines of the yard.

Eda goes home to shower and dress, but first she must leave the dog with Ayfer and explain where she slept the night before.  Ayfer, now used to Eda’s strange relationship with Serkan, merely accepts Eda’s explanation with hopes that someday she will understand.  At the renovation site, furniture has been placed and the job is almost complete.  Serkan has arrived and asks Leyla where Eda is.  He sees her outside with the “handsome” manager and his dog Bobby.  He asks Leyla if the engagement ring is big enough to be recognized for what it is, apparently resentful that the manager is so friendly with Eda.  When he joins the two, he hears Eda’s appreciation for cute Bobby, and volunteers with a bit of jealousy that he has a dog, too.  

At that moment the singer arrives and tours the house.  She doesn’t like anything that has been done, from black lampshades and small pillows to the angle of the sun coming through the bedroom windows.  She instructs her manager to cancel the concert.  Eda, infuriated that their work to accomplish her list of requirements was summarily dismissed, goes out to confront her.  In the beginning, Eda says she is indignant that the singer disregards the purpose of her concert, reminding her it is for a woman who suffered a serious disease for many months and found comfort in her music.  After about 20 minutes of conversation, the singer enters the house again and tells Serkan and the group that she will perform.

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Apparently, Mr. Fikret has invited Serkan, Eda and the crew to the birthday celebration that evening.  Eda goes to the estate to accompany Serkan to the party, but he says he won’t go because he has work to do.  Eda says she will visit with his mother while he finishes his work.  The two women stand before a horse named Star that has a leg injury.  Aydan says that horses with leg injuries are usually put down because their body weight is too great for an injured leg, but her compassion for animals will not let her lose the horse.  Eda has already seen this facet of Aydan’s nature when she observed her at the gate begging Bobby to come back because he might be hurt.  

Aydan complains of a headache and Eda volunteers to help her with a head massage.  The massage helps and Aydan is impressed. Using this opportunity, Eda puts an eye covering on Aydan, lets her sniff lavender for relaxation. Noticing that Aydan seems comfortable, Eda suggests they walk through the garden to smell the lavender.  She leads Ayden slowly through the garden to the gate which she opens quietly and lets her walk through.  Seyfi sees this and is overcome with emotion.  For the first time in many years, Aydan has left the grounds of the estate.

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On the way to the party, Eda says she wishes she had bet with Serkan that they could get the house renovated in 24 hours.  She would win and he would have to pay, a situation he allows since they were successful.  He smiles, apparently in a good mood, and says, “Don’t look at me that way.  My eyes are on the road but my mind is on you.”  Eda is impressed until he points out that it is an inscription on the back of a truck in front of them.  Pelin is driving Engin to the party.  Engin remarks that she looks great in her blue dress.  Pelin replies that blue is a confidence-building color, appropriate for Mr. Fikret’s party. When she asks Engin about his leg, he says it hurts and he will have to prevail on her services for a while longer.  Pelin says that Ceren will be available for future excursions, obviously jealous that Engin called Ceren the night before. 

Eda’s team has arrived at the party site, and Melo is eager to get the evening started.  Fifi says they should wait for Eda to arrive, but Melo’s excitement about meeting people is difficult to contain.  Serkan and Eda, Pelin and Engin arrive just before Mr. Fikret comes out to greet them.  He praises Eda and tells Serkan he is a lucky man to have her.  

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At the Bolat estate,  Aydan is enjoying the smell of crushed lavender when Seyfi enters.  He tells her he has something to show her, a message from Eda.  He shows her a video of Eda saying she hopes Aydan will not be angry, but she wants Aydan to see that she has done something she didn’t think she could do.  He plays the surveillance video that has filmed Aydan walking through the gate.

 When the team goes into the party, Serkan and Eda linger outside.  She tells him she knows he doesn’t want to go in because it will be a crowded place; he says he knows she wants to go in because she likes botany, art and music.  She reminds him that she wished she had bet with him on their success at completing the project and he said she could.  She whispers in his ear what she wants. 

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 The next scene shows Serkan playing the guitar at his brother’s studio.  AS they leave the studio, Eda turns to Serkan and gives him a hug, a gesture he returns with feeling.  She recognizes that he has allowed her to enter his past, and she thanks him with the hug.  He has already recognized her empathy for all things hurt or lost, and he returns the hug as a thank you.  As this moment of emotion transpires, Selin sits alone in her car observing the connection Eda has made with a man she has never understood. Every episode ends with a scene of physical closeness between Eda and Serkan, and Serkan’s emotional reaction to her presence.

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