Sun, sand, sea. . .a  beautiful resort in the coastal town of Antalya. . .what better place to continue the romantic conflict between a handsome workaholic and a beautiful free spirit, but there is a caveat.  The engagement contract was discovered, and although torn, the part Selin has read indicates there are pre-determined conditions for this romance.  Selin’s fiancé Ferit, now a staff member of Borat Holding without Serkan’s prior knowledge and approval, is fascinated by such an unusual document, comparing it to a pre-nuptial agreement, and he has taken a picture of the torn contract.

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After Selin’s announcement about Firit and her discovery of the engagement contract, the evening is ruined, and Serkan takes Eda home.  He tells her to pack her bag because the next morning they will leave for Antalya.  They aren’t going for a vacation; rather, he will accept an award and make contact with people who are part of a future golf resort project.  Eda is not surprised that Serkan views a trip to a beautiful seaside locale as a business venture instead of an opportunity to relax and have fun.

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Eda packs her bag with casual beach wear, bathing suits, flip flops and earphones. . .her idea of clothing and activity for a few days by the seaside.  Selin carefully folds more elegant choices for her wardrobe to wear for business meetings.  When the couples arrive at the upscale hotel, Eda is the most casual in short shorts, t-shirt and sneakers, acknowledging that she doesn’t understand the company’s dress code.  Serkan tells Engin, Piril and Selin they will have a meeting before going to their rooms, leaving a chagrinned Ferit with time to answer a call from Kaan.  Ferit, who is jealous of Selin’s attention to Serkan, tells Kaan that he really likes Eda and he’s glad she came on the trip.  He also tells Kaan about the engagement contract and sends him the picture he took with his phone.

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Engin and Piril have adjacent rooms, a fact that Engin finds encouraging in his relationship with Piril, but she considers the arrangement simply a consequence of their positions in the company.  Piril is not a romantic, seemingly oblivious to Engin’s interest in her.  Eda discovers that she and Serkan will share a  room with a terrace, a situation she accepts only because there is a sofa available for her.  When Serkan asks about her other suitcase, Eda informs him that she has only one filled with casual beach attire.  He tells her that she can’t attend the award ceremony and meetings with the clients in such dress.  When Eda takes a shower, Serkan, waiting on the terrace, calls his father.  As he views Ferit below talking on his phone, Serkan tells his dad that he has made a mistake hiring Ferit since he’s a close friend with Kaan.  His father doesn’t understand the danger that Kaan poses as a competitor.

After her shower, Eda, dressed in a shorts outfit, is ready to go, but Serkan has other ideas.  Apparently, while Eda was showering, Serkan ordered a rack of more formal clothing and accessories from the hotel boutique.  Eda appears delighted to model some of the clothing because she declares she’s already bored.  Meanwhile, Ferit confronts Selin about her behavior.  He tells her it’s obvious to any viewer that she is jealous of Eda and would rather spend time with Serkan than with him.  He says that she only wanted him in the Holding to try to make Serkan jealous.  Of course, Selin denies his accusation, but we see that Ferit is not convinced.

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Serkan has a meeting with Engin and Piril about the presentation of the project to Mr. Birol and his wife, the clients he will be meeting at the resort.  Selin arrives, followed by Eda dressed in a very fashionable jumpsuit that draws the attention of the group.  Serkan announces that he and Eda will leave and the group will continue the meeting.  Eda says she promised Engin they would go for a swim, but Serkan has other plans.

Meanwhile in Istanbul, Kaan meets with a journalist and promises her a scoop if she will report it as he dictates.  She’s interested because the press is eager for anything about the Bolat family who keep themselves aloof from gossip tabloids.  He promises her a picture of the engagement contract, but the timing of the “news” is crucial and must be reported at the time he chooses.  He plans to destroy the family from the “inside” and that means Eda and her friends.  He calls Melo and arranges a meeting. 

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Kaan seduces Melo with hand kisses, flattery, perfume, and a job reference.  He says he feels guilty that she lost her job because of him and he has arranged an interview for her.  He also tells her that he wants to keep seeing her but there is a problem. . .her best friend’s fiancé, Serkan Bolat, doesn’t like him.  Melo decides that she will not tell Eda that she’s seeing Kaan; this, of course, is just what Kaan has planned.

Selin finds Piril sitting alone in the beach gazebo.  She complains to Piril that in trying to sort out Serkan’s affairs in the company, she has only created problems.  Selin says that now Serkan is angry because Ferit is in the firm, and Ferit is angry because she is always working with Serkan. Piril empathizes with Selin for working for Serkan with little reward while Eda seems to be in control of Serkan’s actions.  In fact, she says she doesn’t know about Serkan’s meeting with Mr. Birol, she only knows that Serkan and Eda went for a swim in the sea.

Serkan and Eda emerge from the waves, and Serkan calls Mr. Birol about the meeting, but Mr. Birol says they can’t meet today.  He and his wife Servil, who is a co-signer, are getting a divorce, and today Servil is in a very bad mood.  Selin calls Mr. Birol and learns that he and his wife will fly to Antalya the next day.  With the rest of the afternoon free, Eda suggests that the group play volley ball, and idea that excites Engin who wants to have some fun. After the game, the teams go for a swim and a boat ride before turning in for the night.

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On the bedroom terrace, Eda asks Serkan if he’s aware that Ferit loves Selin very much.  She thinks Ferit is very sweet, a description that amuses Serkan.  He asks her if he is sweet, and she says no, he’s charismatic.  Serkan adds that Ferit and Selin are having issues, so Eda says she will take care of the problem.  She says goodnight and Serkan tells her she can sleep without worry. . .he will sleep on the terrace. 

At the Bolat estate, Serkan’s father Alptekin is concerned that Eda’s presence at this important meeting with clients could be a problem.  He tells Aydan to invite Eda’s aunt for dinner so he can learn something about Eda’s family. 

The next morning the two teams are set up to deal with the clients: Selin and Serkan will speak with Mr. Birol and get his signature; Piril and Engin will work with Mrs. Servil to get her signature.  When Mrs. Servil arrives, she says she will not sign the contract with the man she is divorcing, and Mr. Birol says he can’t sign if the woman he’s been married to for 25 years won’t sign.  It’s imperative that the contract be signed before the clients return to London the next day, so Serkan says he will arrange an evening dinner with them.

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Piril, who is on her fourth cocktail for the day, is relaxed and ready to party.  When Engin appears, she is definitely ready to “play.”  She suggests that she and Engin do a video, and Engin agrees because he enjoys seeing Piril so relaxed and vulnerable.  Eda joins Serkan who is working on his laptop as he sits on the deck of a restaurant.  He tells her she talks too much and gives her the job of translating a document into English.  Mr.Birol joins Serkan at his table, and Mrs. Servil joins Eda at the bar.  In the ladies’ conversation, we learn that Mr. Birol is a workaholic who never has fun and rarely pays attention to his wife.  Eda can empathize with her since her “fiancé” is a cute robot.  At the men’s’ table, Mr. Birol complains that his wife is impulsive, acting without considering consequences, and he doesn’t know how he’s put up with it all these years, a situation that Serkan can readily appreciate as he looks at Eda.

Kaan calls Ferit to find out when the prestigious architectural award will be presented to Serkan; Ferit tells him “tomorrow night at 5:00 pm.”  Of course, Kaan is planning on dropping a bombshell announcement of the engagement contract in the media at the same time.

Engin and Piril bond over drinks with Piril telling Engin they should meet outside of work because she wants him to see her as someone who likes to have fun. . .that piques Engin’s interest even more.

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At the dinner that evening, Ms. Servil tells Eda that she met Mr. Birol 25 years ago at that same resort when he was trying to make up with his ex-girlfriend.  Eda looks at Serkan and laughs. The conversation about the client’s relationships mirrors that of Eda and Serkan, a fact that annoys Serkan but delights Eda.  The dinner ends abruptly, but a few minutes later, the married couple appears to have made up their differences, and Servil says they will sign the contract tomorrow. 

Later that night, Serkan, after being annoyed with Eda’s pacing while he works, decides to go out.  Eda begs to go with him because she’s bored. At first refusing her, he later relents and takes her to the ruins of the Greek Temple of Apollo where they watch a meteorite shower.  At sunrise, Serkan takes Eda to a remote waterfall and pool where Eda begs him to go swimming.

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Morning at the hotel finds the group bemoaning the fact that they can’t locate Serkan.  Piril has called him, Selin has called, but they haven’t a clue where he might be.  Engin says he has arranged a boat for a celebration after the signing at Serkan’s request, but he hasn’t been able to confirm it with Serkan.  Finally, Eda and Serkan appear at the hotel, a bit bedraggled for the long night and early morning adventure.  Eda remarks that it’s their last day, and Serkan says yes, they have much to do: the award ceremony, the contract signing, and his “alone” time with Selin.  He tells Eda that she must keep Ferit busy for at least 5 minutes so he can talk with Selin alone, but Eda thinks that will be difficult since Ferit loves Selin and wants to be with her every minute possible.

In  Istanbul Melo practices for her arranged interview before Ayfer and Fifi.  Seyfi comes to invite Ayfer to the Bolant estate for dinner.  He explains that Aydan has agoraphobia and that’s why she can’t accept Ayfer’s invitation to have dinner at her home.  Aydan never leaves the estate.  Seyfi takes all three women to the estate for a dinner by the pool.  

Before the dinner can begin, Erdem arrives to have Alptekin sign a paper.  Because he’s enchanted by her, Erdem takes the empty chair by Fifi and tries to make conversation with her, but Fifi is not impressed.  In fact, she is rude, but Erdem doesn’t care.  Melo gets a call that her interview will happen in a few minutes by teleconference. She is nervous, of course, and inclined to say ridiculous things.  Although everyone tries to give her confidence, she is too unsure of herself.  She is turned down because she doesn’t have experience and her CV lists too many jobs in a short time period; she doesn’t appear to be reliable.  

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She is despondent and leaves the table, followed by Alptekin who assures her she will be successful one day. He tells her there is an assistant position in the Holding if she is interested.  Why would he offer a job to a woman he’s just met and especially after she has behaved so stupidly?  Ah, well, it is romantic comedy, and logic doesn’t work here.   I find Melo, Ayfer, Fifi and Ceren ridiculous characters who are not the least bit entertaining or necessary for the plot.  Melo, in particular, is both annoying and pathetic.

The evening hour has arrived and the contract has been signed.  Just before the ceremony begins, Serkan tells Selin he needs to speak with her alone about her life choices.  She says they will talk after the award ceremony and his speech. Serkan accepts his award, and as he begins his “thank you” speech, Selin’s phone rings.  It’s Kaan telling her that she should find paparazzi waiting to interview Serkan about his engagement contract that has been posted on social media, especially the scandalous part that says, “If he breaks the engagement, she wants a million dollars.” Another claim that Kaan has added is Eda’s demand for jewelry.  Frantic with the seriousness of these accusations, Eda is trying to tell them the truth, but Selin is insistent that she must tell the press the truth.  

Eda doesn’t want to talk to reporters because she knows Serkan would object.  Even Piril and Engin tell her she shouldn’t talk to the reporters, but Selin’s insistence and the idea that she could correct the errors motivate her to walk toward the waiting press members.  Before she can approach them, Serkan grabs her hand and walks her away toward the dock where a boat is waiting.  He picks her up and puts her in the boat and they sail away.

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