The stress of three phone calls, each presenting a different problem for Eda, has caused her to lapse into a sleep state and collapse, but Serkan is there to catch her and hold her close before settling her in a chair.  His concern for her is obvious.  The thread that holds this show together is the romantic heart-stirring of two opposite personalities who compete and criticize while secretly admiring and caring for the other.

Serkan describes Eda’s condition to his family doctor via his Smartphone, and it’s a lovely description. . .warm soft hand, shiny eyes looking meaningful, pulse steady. . .while Eda smiles as she looks into his eyes.  He insists she see the doctor, she refuses, and the game is on.  He wants to know what caused her “fainting,” a term she rejects; she remembers Melo’s call, his mother Aydan’s call, and finally Selin’s call, the one that caused her stress.  Selin and Ferit will pay them a visit to see how she has decorated “their” house.  Eda’s lie that she has moved in with Serkan would be discovered.  Serkan says he will call Selin and cancel her visit because at the moment, he wants to see Eda’s test results.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-08-05 17.07.35.png

Selin comes to the firm after Serkan and Eda leave.  She and Piril talk about the changes in Serkan since Eda entered his life.  Selin says that she waited her whole life for Serkan to become a warm, compassionate, romantic man; ironically, now he is becoming the man of her dreams in his relationship with Eda.  Piril suggests that Selin bring Ferit to the office to make Serkan jealous of her.

The girls are waiting for Eda so they can tell her about seeing Serkan and Selin at lunch, but how should they tell her?  Ahh, Fifi says, tell her straight;  Serkan is cheating on you.  At that moment, Eda comes in followed by Serkan.  The girls can’t tell her in his presence, so he goes out on the balcony to call Selin and tell her not to come that evening.  While he’s outside, Melo tells her that he was with Selin at the restaurant, suggesting that he’s playing games with her.  Eda goes to Serkan, demands to know why he’s seeing Selin, and tells him to pretend to make up with her for his indiscretion because the girls are watching.  He hugs her and then says let’s go.  Before they leave, Melo, Ceren and Fifi tell Serkan they want to meet with him to talk about their friend Eda.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-08-05 17.09.08.png

Serkan takes Eda to his house to see Dr. Dilek.  Eda gives her medical tests results to the doctor and says she doesn’t faint, she goes to sleep when stressed, but awakens quickly.  The doctor tells Serkan he suffers from stress, too, but in a different way.  The doctor suggests Eda needs to swim to relieve stress;  Serkan thinks that’s a good idea, but Eda says no.  When Serkan insists, she admits she doesn’t know how to swim; growing up in Mardin didn’t give her the opportunity.  Serkan says she must learn because they will go to Antalya in a few days and Selin and Ferit will be there.  Again, when Eda says no, he reminds her that the contract says she will do whatever he wants.

Eda, having refused to answer several calls from Aydan, goes into the garden to meet her.  She assures Aydan that 1. Serkan is not the kind of man she likes.  2. The “living together” plan is just a part of the game to make Selin break up with Ferit.  3. If Eda doesn’t answer Aydan’s calls, it’s because she’s busy.  Serkan insists that Eda will come to his house the next day for swimming and the visit with Selin and Ferit.  When Eda arrives at her home, she and Ayfer reminisce about Eda’s childhood, her parents, her education and her wealthy grandmother. Later in the evening, Eda calls Serkan and gives him a series of hints on how to relieve stress, including lemon water and looking at the stars.  The funniest line is when Serkan says (as he follows her instructions), “I know you’ll use this against me.”

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-08-05 17.14.07.png

Selin, acting on an idea from Piril, calls Serkan’s father Alptekin Bolat to suggest Ferit as a consultant for the firm. That way, he will be in the office daily, and, hopefully, his presence will make Serkan jealous.  Alptekin agrees because he wants to shake up his son.

Eda meets the girls and they go shopping for swimsuits before she goes to Serkan’s house, and the suit she chooses has a high-cut leg and low, skimpy bodice. Serkan meets Seyfi and asks what Eda and his mother talked about.  Seyfi tells him that Eda assured his mother that she has nothing to worry about because Serkan is not her type of man.  When Eda arrives for the swimming lesson, she’s wearing the very daring suit, so provocative that when she steps into the pool, she immediately draws Serkan’s attention as well as Seyfi’s. Always one step ahead, Serkan has arranged a professional instructor to teach Eda to swim rather than himself, but Eda has other ideas.  She goes into the water and keeps a running dialogue about how nice the water is and how much fun she’s having and how she wants to have swimming lessons every week.  Serkan, annoyed, tells her to get out because they need to leave, and when she steps out, he immediately covers her with a towel.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-08-05 17.16.27.png

As they walked toward the car, Serkan asks Eda what type of man she likes; she tells him physique isn’t so important to her.  She likes a man who smiles, has a positive attitude, a charming voice and beautiful hands.  Hmmm, Serkan prominently displays his hands and she assures him that he has nice hands. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-08-05 17.17.36.png

Kaan calls Melo as she waters flowers at the flower shop and she goes into a trance of imagined romance with this handsome man.  Ayfer is intrigued and says she wants to meet him. 

 At the office, Engin tells Serkan the project that they prepare for submission has changed the rules; now they must submit drawings as well as computerized layouts, and Serkan is the only one who can do the drawings.  He struggles to hide his annoyance since Eda told him that he loses his temper and causes everyone to be afraid of him.  Before Serkan can start working, Eda comes into his office saying they must leave so she can prepare for Selin and Ferit’s visit that evening.  An argument ensues, Serkan receives a call, and he abruptly leaves the office hiding behind Leyla.

The call was from Kaan who meets Serkan outside and challenges him to a car race.  Serkan agrees and returns to the office where he sees Fifi talking with Eda.  She has come to visit Eda but she’s given the job of taking some of Eda’s personal clothing and other items to Serkan’s house in preparation for Selin’s visit that evening. Erdem flirts with Fifi who decides she will have him help her with moving some of Eda’s belongings.  Engin agrees to meet Ceren for coffee.

Eda volunteers to do the landscape drawings for the project.  The first one she does is rejected because it doesn’t reflect the “soul” of the landscape, so she does a second drawing and a third.  Serkan tears them up and tells her to do it again, but this time, he leans over her shoulder and guides her hand. . .another up close and personal gesture.  When he approves of the last drawing, saying she’s really talented, Eda joyfully gives him a hug.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-08-05 17.22.20.png

On the way to his house, they stop at the bazaar to buy fruits and vegetables for the evening dinner because  Eda has promised to prepare the food.  She insists that Serkan accompany her and is astounded when he tips 170 TL for a 30 TL bag of assorted fruit.  Obviously, he has never shopped at a bazaar before and he’s 30 years old!  She pokes grapes and cherries in his mouth even though he says their unhygienic and he tries to refuse them.  He complains that she’s wasted two hours of his time and talked constantly.  She says she will cook such a wonderful meal that Selin will be jealous and leave Ferit, and she. . .well, she will wake up to a beautiful life without him.  He assures her that he will look forward to that day, too.

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Melo and Fifi bring boxes of Eda’s personal effects and Aydan disapproves of everything.  She does, however, offer a  bit of advice for Eda.  She says Eda should put some of her personal items in the bedroom, a sure way to make Selin jealous.  Eda makes Serkan help her place her things around the bedroom and her toothbrush in the bathroom.  She also informs Serkan that she gets all the space in the wardrobe and he can have one shelf. . .that’s just the way a relationship works.  Now that’s funny and oh so true.

Sirius, already Eda’s friend, comes to greet her and brings a document in his mouth.  He drops it when she approaches so she can pet him.  Eda sees the paper on the floor; she realizes that it’s the engagement contract, and she puts it on Serkan’s desk in the house.

Eda begins preparing dinner with music and a little dance as she goes about her chores.  The music draws Serkan to the kitchen area where he observes a pan of butter slowly melting.  He says Selin doesn’t eat oily foods nor does he, so he will prepare healthy dishes.  The challenge is on.   Innuendoes flow as they prepare their dishes and taste  them.  Eda says his food is delicious but not filling; Serkan says that’s the idea.  Make the food attractive and unfulfilling so the desire will be for more.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-08-05 17.28.15.png

After cooking, they both take showers, but Eda finds that the box with her clothes is missing.  Serkan offers to give her a shirt, something she refuses.  She calls Melo about the missing clothes and Melo calls Erdem.  Erdem finds the box at the nursery, but Ayfer sees him trying to move it and learns that Eda’s clothes were sent to Serkan’s house.

Kaan meets with Melo and pretends to be ignorant of Eda’s engagement with Serkan.  He tells Melo that Serkan is a childhood friend, but they are no longer close.  If Serkan discovers that Melo talks with him, he will get mad.  He has planted an idea in poor innocent Melo’s head that Serkan is a bad guy.  

Serkan sits at his computer with Eda’s special “mood” coffee mug prominently placed. . .the cup is red, the color for love.  Eda enters dressed in a form-fitting white sun dress (where did that come from?).  Seyfi and a servant have prepared the table and the dishes for serving; all is ready for Selin and Ferit.  Serkan tells Eda that eggplant is his mother’s favorite food, an eerie coincidence according to Eda who asks if she should take Aydan a plate.  He says no because she will nag Eda, criticizing her food and dress, but Eda is not discouraged.  She says Aydan is a fake mother-in-law anyway.

Aydan refuses to taste the eggplant at first, but she offers some jewelry to “enhance” Eda’s dress.  Eda refuses the offer but asks for a vase for flowers from the garden.  As she places the flowers on the table, Serkan’s phone rings.  It’s Engin calling to say some things have changed for the project, and a meeting has been arranged.  He is on his way to the airport to fly out.  Serkan says he will come, too.  As he is leaving with his overnight suitcase, he realizes he left his phone.  Eda has found it and threatens to throw it in the pool because he is attempting to leave her alone with Selin and Ferit.  She throws him the phone and he warns her not to fall in the pool since she can’t swim.  When he turns his back, she jumps in.  He hears the splash and dives in to save her.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-08-05 17.29.35.png

Of course, at that moment Selin and Ferit arrive, followed by Ayfer who has come to question Eda about moving her personal items to Serkan’s house.  Later, the guests are seated at the table and small talk concerns Eda’s very damp white dress, the food, and what Eda should call Aydan after she and Serkan are married.  Selin excuses herself and wanders through the house identifying Eda’s personal items in the bedroom and bath.  When she returns to the table, she tells Serkan that she, her father, and Alptekin approve of Ferit becoming a consultant at the firm and she needs his signature.  Selin goes in search of a pen and sees the engagement contract on his desk.  Eda follows her and tries to take it, but in the tussle, the contract is torn.  Selin, however, has seen the title and recognizes that the engagement is a sham.




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