Heaven help us if we have friends like Deniz, and Heaven help me if I ever watch another Turkish rom/com.   Eda is shocked to discover that the Registrar is real and the marriage is legally documented.  Deniz’s excuse is that he really loves Eda, but that’s beside the point.  He agreed to help Eda plan this wedding as a last ditch effort to shock Serkan and restore the memory of his love for Eda.  Now that there is a legitmate marriage, Eda has just 12 hours to negate the civil ceremony by having Deniz and herself sign documents of annulment.

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While Eda and Serkan enjoy their newfound moments of conciliation and expression of love for each other, Deniz is joined by Selin in his shop.  Deniz is forlorn because of what he has done, but Selin is intent upon reprisal for losing Serkan.  Her mantra is “If I’m unhappy, everybody will be unhappy.”  She convinces Deniz not to sign the papers within the remaining 8 hours.  If the couple fails to annul the marriage within that time framework, they will have to divorce and then wait almost a year before they can be married.  Deniz closes the shop, buys a ticket to fly out of Istanbul, and disappears.

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When Deniz cannot be contacted, his shop is locked, and the 8 hours begin to diminish, Eda panics.  Serkan tells Erdem to contact some of his detective friends to pursue Deniz.  Erdem decides to become a detective himself and locates Deniz at the store where he has bought an airline ticket.  While Deniz is inside the store, Erdem puts a homing device on his car so that he can be tracked.  Erdem in a taxi then follows Deniz to a hotel on the outskirts of Istanbul.  He calls Serkan to tell him where he is as he watches Deniz enter the hotel. 

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Eda and Serkan arrive at the hotel, waste time talking to Erdem, Deniz sees them and sneaks out of the hotel and takes off in Serkan’s Ferrari.  Serkan and Eda follow in the car Deniz was driving.  They end up locked in a garage, Serkan’s car is left on the side of a highway, and Deniz returns to his shop.  Meanwhile, Aydan, Ayfer and Seyfi  have joined the hunt and decide that Deniz would return to his shop as a fox would return to its den.  They find Deniz and tie him up, eventually taking him to Ayfer’s house where Serkan and Eda will return with the appropriate annulment documents.  The documents are signed and notarized by Ceren and all seems well for the lovers.

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Before Aydan goes in search of Deniz with Ayfer and Seyfi, she entertains an unexpected house guest, Mr. Kemal.  She is not pleased to see him and the visit is awkward.  Basically, we discover that Aydan and Kemal were lovers while in college, but for some reason, Kemal left Aydan with no explanation, and she is still very bitter.  He is, however, very determined that they renew their relationship now that she is divorced and his financial circumstances are excellent.  We learn that Kemal Atesh is a backer of Mr. Ates’s new building project that will hopefully become an international fashion center to rival Milan and Paris.  Mr. Ates and Mr. Kemal  meet Serkan and Eda at Art/Life to discuss the project, a decision that will not be financially beneficial for Mr. Kemal but will allow him close proximity to Serkan.  Eda likes him because he is a gentleman and the man who saved her when she fell off the boat, but Serkan seems to have questions about him.  Serkan seems uncomfortable in Kemal  Atesh’s presence.

When Mr. Kemal leaves the company, he receives a call from Aydan who asks him to meet with her.  She tells him that she really isn’t interested in a relationship.  She has Seyfi as a companion and her son to worry about.  Imagine her surprise when she sees him later in the evening and shaking hands with Serkan.

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Engin suggests the company have a party that evening to celebrate Serkan and Eda’s reunion.  Serkan wants the evening to be very special because he has special plans.  Melo, always in a position to cause a problem, takes a folder to Selin’s office and answers her telephone when it rings.  The caller is a doctor who is reporting the results of a medical test that Selin has had.  Now we know that medical personnel would NEVER divulge personal information to anyone other than the patient, but this doctor does.  He tells Melo, who said she was Selin’s assistant, that Selin’s pregnancy test is positive.  Selin is hamile.

 Eda invites Mr. Kemal to the evening celebration because she wants to thank him for saving her, even though she knows that Serkan has reservations about the man.  Before she goes upstairs to dress for the party, Eda asks Melo about her mood.  Melo has been brooding about Selin’s condition because she knows this will cause more problems for Eda and Serkan.  Badgered by Eda, Melo tells her that Selin is pregnant.  Eda dresses for the party and leaves the house, forcing Melo and Ayfer to go to the party without her.

Eda goes to Selin’s apartment and confronts her about the pregnancy (Why now, after endless episodes of doubting and suspecting Selin of trickery, she would believe this last minute ploy of Selin’s, I’ll never know.  I guess the writers decided we need another hitch before the end of the series).  Eda demands to know if it’s true.  Selin shows her a confirmation paper of test results and says that she will go abroad.  She plans to raise the child alone and Serkan shouldn’t know.  Eda says if Serkan is the father, he should know because a child should not grow up without parents as she did.  

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So, Eda, assuming that Selin is telling the truth, that Serkan is the father, and she is willing to give up the man she loves (and for which fans have lived through 36 episodes of love problems), goes to the party and finds Serkan waiting for her.  As she approaches him, he bends his knee and pulls a beautiful engagement ring from his jacket.  Eda looks at him with an expression of sadness, anger, and confusion, as Serkan says, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”  Everyone in the room sighs audibly and start clapping with huge smiles and baited breaths.  Eda says simply, “No, I can’t marry you.”

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Oh, well, no Serkan/Eda engagement and marriage for now.  Do you think by episode 40 we will have a wedding?  Honestly, I’ve gotten to the point that I really don’t care.




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