At the end of episode 34, Eda tripped and fell off  Mr. Ates’s yacht after the celebratory dinner for the fashion show.  Selin, who had  been standing on the upper rear deck, noticed that Eda was no longer walking below her and called Serkan for help.  As Serkan, Deniz and the yacht crew searched for Eda, another yacht close by rescued Eda and notified Mr. Ates’s captain that she was safe.  The boats return to the dock and Eda is reunited with Serkan, Deniz and the other guests, and we meet a new character, Mr. Kemal.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.03.56.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.04.54.png

Before Eda’s fall, Serkan was inside the cabin receiving a call that verified a wedding date had been registered for Deniz and Eda on March 24.  Selin was on the rear upper deck looking at pictures of her kissing Deniz that an anonymous person had sent to her with a warning to separate from Serkan.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.03.06.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.03.22.png

On the dock everyone is solicitous of Eda’s condition, but she says she’s fine and wants to go home.  Deniz thanks Mr. Kemal and invites him to their wedding in two days, but he says he will be out of town.  Serkan seems to have an interest in Mr. Kemal, an exchange of glances that portends some sort of connection.  As Eda and Deniz leave the dock, Eda tells him that she lost her necklace that Serkan had given her with the flower design of her “fake” engagement ring.  No one knows that Serkan found the necklace she had dropped on the deck before she fell in the water.

At home that night, Eda bemoans losing the necklace and the fact that nothing she has done has revived Serkan’s memory.  Now with the wedding two days away, she must actually sit at the wedding table with Deniz in hopes of bringing back Serkan’s memory of their love.  Ayfer gives Eda an evil eye ring to wear in hopes that nothing will go wrong, but she is wary of Eda going to the wedding table.  Eda says she has two more days in which to help Serkan remember their relationship.

Serkan and Engin have coffee at a café; Engin reminds Serkan that Ceren told him that the marriage was a “game,” but Serkan says Ceren is wrong.  Deniz and Eda will marry in two days time.  Engin says Serkan must do something to stop Eda because he loves her.  Serkan, however, says that if Eda loved him, she wouldn’t go this far.  He is convinced that Eda wants to marry Deniz and he doesn’t want to interfere.  

Deniz and Selin meet at his shop.  Selin says she doesn’t know what to do anymore.  She can’t keep Serkan from being with Eda.  Deniz says she’s panicked by the photos the anonymous person sent to her, but she needs to be calm and pursue her goal of marrying Serkan.  He is calm because he has arranged an official marriage to Eda, not a fictitious one.  He did this because he overheard Serkan checking with the registrar. Now, he says, he will try to find the person sending the photos.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.42.32.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.11.06.png

The next morning, Serkan and Eda meet at the entrance to the company.  Serkan is solemn but Eda is smiling and upbeat.  When they go into the conference room, Engin and Piril follow to exclaim over the publicity the company has received from the fashion show and Serkan’s appearance on the runway.  Serkan says he’s an architect and this is an architecture company; he views the publicity with disdain, but Engin and Piril say they are being offered projects as well as magazine articles.

At her home, Aydan receives a call from an unknown number.  When she finally answers, she learns that Alex has made a huge donation to a charity in her name.  Shortly after, Ayfer calls her to say that she, too, received a call that Alex had made a donation to another charity in her name.  Aydan is annoyed  but she becomes furious when Seyfi admits that he’s the one who called the police when she and Ayfer were going to leave the city.  Aydan tells Seyfi to leave, he’s fired.  

At the company, fans rush into the building to take pictures of Serkan to Leyla’s dismay.  When they are finally herded out of the office, Selin comes in and asks Serkan what’s going on.  Serkan shows her the magazine and tells her she should manage this, but Selin says she had nothing to do with the fashion show.  Deniz and Eda enter the conference room, and Eda shows Selin her engagement ring since Selin wondered before why she didn’t have one.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.19.26.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.18.20.png

Deniz has come to discuss the renovation project, but Serkan says he needs to talk to Engin and leaves.  Deniz tells Eda that Serkan’s discontent is because of their rings, so they need to keep up the deception and sit at the wedding table.  He does not tell Eda the marriage will be real, not fictitious. Serkan tells Engin he doesn’t want to talk about Eda anymore because the wedding is real, it’s no game.  Engin says maybe the rings are fake, but Serkan doesn’t think so.

When Serkan returns to the office, he finds a wedding planner talking with Eda and Deniz.  They discuss the wedding venue, the reception food, and music, all to Serkan’s chagrin.  Eda keeps looking at Serkan and sees his annoyance, so she rubs it in by asking about dancing, particularly the tango, a dance of love and passion she says.  The more she talks, the madder Serkan gets.  Leyla comes in to tell Serkan that Mr. Taryk called about a mistake in measurements for the project.  Eda again sees a chance to tease Serkan about making mistakes, so much so that Serkan leaves the office.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.24.38.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.28.34(2).png

Serkan goes to the upstairs office to work on the error, but his thoughts are on Eda.  He remembers the day he stopped Eda from going to Italy, declared his love for her, and kissed her passionately.  He gets up to change his shirt before Eda comes in.  She has followed him, of course, supposedly to get a project folder, but really she wants to pursue her efforts to make him remember.  She accuses Serkan of not looking her in the eye and asks if that’s because he’s jealous.  He says no, but Eda says he’s not telling the truth because she can hear his heart.  Serkan says it’s strange for her to say that since she’s busy planning her wedding with Deniz, but as Eda buttons Serkan’s shirt, she says he should realize his feelings before it’s too late.

Deniz and Ceren have coffee in the lounge and Deniz tells Ceren she didn’t accomplish anything by telling Serkan that the engagement and wedding is a “game.”  He thinks, perhaps, she hasn’t come clean about everything she’s done.  Did she also tell Eda that he’s in love with her?  Ceren says she hasn’t told anyone else, but has he told Eda about his love for her?  Ceren says Deniz is the one who should come clean or he will be sorry.  

Outside the office, Eda admits to Melo that she’s worried because she done everything she can to make Serkan remember, but he’s like a wall. Melo, of course, tells her to keep it up because she’s sure that Serkan will not let her get married.  WHY does Eda believe anything Melo says?  Ceren joins them and while Eda is skeptical, Melo encourages her to accept Ceren in the conversation.  Ceren apologizes for her behavior, saying that she hasn’t been taking her medicine and she’s going to attend therapy sessions to regain her previous state.  She asks Eda to forgive her for her attitude and they have a group hug.

At Ayfer’s house, Seyfi tells her that Aydan kicked him out after he admitted that he’s the one who called the police to turn them in.  Ayfer is angry but she’s more concerned about Eda’s wedding coming up in two days.  She calls Aydan and tells her to come over so they can plan something.

Back in the conference room, in a desperate attempt to jar Serkan’s memory, Eda sprays her perfume around the conference table.  When Serkan comes in, he coughs and gasps, asking Eda what the smell might be.  She says she broke her perfume bottle but she thinks it smells nice.  Serkan says too much is overkill and unpleasant.  Melo then enters, picks up his coffee cup and pretends to read the coffee dregs.  She says she sees things:  a veil, a big table, food, a woman sitting at the table, Serkan hugs the woman and won’t let her go. . .all references to the coming wedding and reception.  Serkan remembers his summer house, the curtains blowing in the wind and Eda standing among them. When Melo is done with her predictions, Serkan leaves the office, saying nothing, and Eda complains that nothing has worked.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.35.47.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.37.14.png

In the general office Serkan meets Mrs. Sevrim, the designer, who has come with Eda’s wedding gown for her to try on.  Thoroughly disgusted, Serkan goes to Selin’s office to escape Eda and the wedding plans.  Selin wants to know what’s wrong, has he remembered something.  He assures her that he’s fine and asks her to get the Izmir office plans together for him.  

When Serkan, followed by Selin, goes back to the conference room, he sees Mrs. Sevrim, Melo, Ceren and Piril begging Eda to try on the dress so that alterations can be made in time for the wedding.  Mrs. Sevrim  remarks that Serkan will be getting married soon to which Serkan responds yes.  She asks Selin if she has chosen a dress and if not, she would love to design it.  Serkan says that is a good idea and Selin says she will make an appointment with her.  Serkan, annoyed, leaves the office followed by Selin.

At Ayfer’s house, Aydan arrives and she, Seyfi and Ayfer discuss what they can do to restore Serkan’s memory and get him and Eda together.  Ayfer is desperate to stop the Eda’s marriage to Deniz.  Aydan complains that she wanted to do that earlier, but Ayfer turned her down.  Ayfer says she couldn’t then because Eda was upset with Aydan because she knew that Serkan was alive and safe but didn’t tell her. Seyfi says he has an idea of what they can do.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.39.56.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.42.51(2).png

At the office, Eda goes upstairs to try on the wedding dress, and of course, Serkan comes in with the Izmir project in hand.  He sees Eda in the dress and says she’s beautiful, but he has come to work in his office.  She asks him to unbutton the dress (who buttoned it for her?) and then she will leave.  This is another invitation to help him remember her and their love. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.51.24.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.52.32.png

Seyfi takes Aydan and Ayfer to an herbal shop owned by a woman who knows all about the properties of various herbs.  He says all the women of his family bought herbs here, especially his Aunt Hurmet who used a special mixture to turn her strange husband into a “silky” loving man.  Before they go into the shop, Aydan sees the reflection of a man in the window, the man who rescued Eda from the Bosphorus, Mr. Kemal.  She recognizes him and calls his name, but when she turns around, he has disappeared.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.43.33.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.43.50.png

In the shop they buy a variety of herbs that Seyfi says they will put in a “cake of love” and feed it to Serkan and Eda.  He guarantees that the combination of herbs will soothe Eda and restore Serkan’s memory to bring the two together.  Once the herbs are purchased, the three go to Aydan’s house to prepare the cake and a special tea.  The next step is deciding how to bring Eda and Serkan to the Bolat estate.

Deniz goes to the cell phone company to see if he can discover who sent the “kissing” pictures to Selin, but he has no luck.  He calls her and tells her that she needs to monitor the people around her at the office.  While she’s talking to him, Serkan comes in.  Selin pretends she’s talking to someone about the PR budget and Serkan thinks any problems are caused by the billboards he has seen with pictures of him and Eda on the fashion runway.  He is so distracted he can’t remember why he came to her, and he leaves.

In the company coffee lounge, Piril tells Melo she’s going to confront Engin about the text she received saying Engin was cheating, and she wants Melo to be a witness.   Engin joins them and Piril shows him the message.  Engin denies any such thing and says he can’t defend himself for something he didn’t do.  Piril is ashamed that she doubted him and apologizes.  Later, Melo overhears Engin talking to the woman who organized the group therapy session of a few days before.  He tells the woman that he only met with her to discuss the session and bought her a cup of coffee.  He had no intention of making her think otherwise because he loves his wife.  Melo takes the phone from him and threatens the woman.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.44.07.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.46.06.png

In the conference room, Eda talks to Ayfer on the phone as she looks for a file on the top self behind Serkan who is trying to work at his computer.  Obviously, Eda does this on purpose to disturb Serkan.  He gets up and tries to help her get the file down, she leans against him, and her hair tangles on his jacket button. They are face to face struggling when Selin comes in and questions what they are doing.  Engin, Piril and Ferit enter and complicate the confusion as Eda tries to untangle her hair and Selin tries to help.  The end result is Selin pulling Eda’s hair loose and Eda accusing Selin of hurting her on purpose.  She says Selin is jealous and that’s why she hurt her.  Outside, Eda laughs with Melo and Ceren, saying Selin is so jealous.  Serkan comes out and apologizes to Eda for Selin’s behavior.  He treats the fiasco as a joke, but he does apologize.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 20.34.41.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 20.35.59.png

At the Bolat estate, Seyfi, Aydan and Ayfer prepare cake batter with the added herbs.  Aydan complains when Seyfi adds more herbs to the batter, but when he says the attractive woman who sold them was 91 years old, Aydan reaches for more.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.50.12.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.53.03.png

That night, Eda is very contemplative as Melo prepares  dinner. Serkan is at the coffee shop thinking about Eda as he looks at her lost necklace,  Selin is in her office looking at pictures of her and Serkan that she has on her cell phone, and Deniz is looking at his groom’s attire in his shop.  Seyfi  calls Serkan and tells him Aydan has locked herself in a room and he can’t get her to come out.  Then he calls Ayfer and tells her to bring Eda because Eda was successful in getting Aydan over her agoraphobia.  Ayfer convinces Eda that they must go so that Eda can talk with Aydan.

Aydan puts on quite a dramatic show for Serkan when he arrives, refusing to come out of the locked room.  Eda arrives and convinces Aydan to unlock the door.  Since Aydan’s crisis has been resolved, Seyfi and Ayfer insist that they have tea and cake to celebrate.  The herbs have a hallucinatory effect and as Eda looks at a painting on the wall, she thinks she sees herself waiting on some steps.  Serkan looks at the painting and thinks he sees Eda at the flower shop.  Aydan looks at the painting and thinks she sees Alex.  They all start to laugh, and as Eda and Serkan relax, Seyfi, Aydan and Ayfer leave the room.  From a hallway, they watch Eda and Serkan laugh and talk.  Eda accuses Serkan of being a robot like the statue at their house.  Serkan picks up a statue of a horse head and makes a horse neigh, sending both of them into gales of laughter.  He says, “So we lived together.  Tell me.”  Before she can tell him, Serkan says he’s hungry, so they go to the kitchen to make sandwiches.  While they’re eating, Serkan says there should be “love” sandwiches in the world, Eda says she will make them for him, but Serkan says Deniz will eat her “love” sandwiches. She tells him she made them for him before, but he says he doesn’t remember.  She hits him with a pillow several times but he still doesn’t remember.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 18.59.40.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.01.34.png

As they sit closely on the couch, Eda tells Serkan that she knows he’s worried.  She can tell how he refuses to look her in the eyes, and when he tries to stand proudly before her, she can feel his heart beat.  She says she knows he senses how close they were before the accident even if he can’t remember specific things.  She leans over to listen to his heart and he says you will get married tomorrow.  Eda says you will get married, too.  At the moment when they almost kiss, Aydan, Seyfi and Ayfer fall down in the hallway, breaking the spell and ending the evening.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.03.29.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.03.38.png

OMG. . .we have to listen to a 2 minute monologue by Melo, as she explains to Ceren how eager she is to know if Serkan and Eda were together alone.  While many fans think she’s cute and funny, I detest her character and dread hearing that awful, high-pitched, silly dialogue that adds nothing to the plot or the other characters.  Her role is as annoying as that silly suspender guy,  Cey Cey,  in Erkinci Kus.  Deniz pays an unexpected visit and Ceren is very cool, leaving him alone when she goes upstairs.

The next morning Melo, Ayfer and Ceren do a little early morning dance routine for Eda as she sits at the breakfast table. Ceren reminds Eda that today is the wedding, and she must sit at the marriage table even though it’s a fake wedding.  Ayfer confesses that the game she, Aydan and Seyfi played didn’t work. Eda is resigned to going through with the wedding plan, even though Melo is sure Serkan will remember and stop the wedding.  Eda wants Serkan to shout that he loves her because she’s been trying to show him that she loves him for months.  Deniz arrives with Eda’s wedding dress and veil from Mrs. Sevrim.  Ayfer gets upset when she sees the wedding dress; Melo again tells Ayfer it’s a game, to remember that the wedding isn’t real, that this is Eda’s last chance to make Serkan realize that he loves her.  Deniz says nothing until Eda seems overwhelmed with the idea that Serkan won’t declare himself.  Then Deniz pipes up and says they have to go through with the marriage plans because they’ve invited so many people and so many people have been involved in the game.

At home, Serkan looks at the necklace once again and seems to remember the engagement night when he put the band on Eda’s finger and the red ribbon was cut. His thoughts are interrupted by Aydan who asks him what he’s going to do.  Will he not stop the wedding by confessing his love for Eda?  Serkan says he can’t do anything; he doesn’t want to discuss Eda’s wedding anymore. He thinks Eda has made her choice.  Aydan is sad that she couldn’t influence Serkan’s thinking, so she tells Seyfi she won’t go to the wedding, but later she changes her mind.  She will wear black because the occasion will be one of mourning for her.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.06.39.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.08.55.png

When Serkan leaves, he goes to a bar and orders a drink.  A young man comes in and bumps Serkan as he moves past him.  The fellow tells Serkan to get out of the way.  Serkan lets that pass as he waits for Engin to join him.  Engin apparently came before Serkan arrived and waited for him at a table.  He sees Serkan and joins him at the bar where Serkan tells him he’s confused and tired because everyone wants him to remember Eda, he doesn’t remember, but he has feelings for her and he doesn’t know what to do.  Engin tells him that it’s okay to be confused.  He just has to meet his problems face to face, but before he can speak further, the young man comes back and tells Serkan to get out of the way.  A fight ensues where Serkan is hit several times in the head, and between punches, Serkan yells to Engin, that he remembers.  He remembers everything.  He has flashes of Eda at different times in their life together and especially on the day he told her he loved her and the day he left her in her bridal gown.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.10.43.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.10.52.png

When the fight is over,  Serkan and Engin go out of the bar and Serkan exclaims that his memory came back too late.  Engin says the wedding isn’t over, that he can explain everything to Eda before it’s too late, but Serkan thinks that Eda wouldn’t understand and forgive him.  Besides, he’s ashamed and doesn’t want to embarrass her.   Before Engin leaves for the wedding, he tells Serkan that Eda did an awful lot for their relationship and she deserves to know that he remembers. Serkan leaves to drive aimlessly in the city. Thinking of Eda, he stops the car near the curb of the highway; he pulls the necklace from his pocket and remembers the time she stayed with him when he was sick.  He says, “She never left me.  I won’t leave her either.”  He turns the car around and heads for the wedding venue.

Interestingly, Serkan’s movements when he left home and went to the bar have been observed by the mysterious Mr. Kemal who rescued Eda when she fell off the yacht.  At present, Mr. Kemal is following Serkan as he drives to the wedding.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.12.39.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.15.29.png

At the wedding venue, Leyla and Erdem greet guests as they arrive.  Selin comes first dressed in black, and she’s soon followed by Aydan and Seyfi, both of whom have dressed in black.  Aydan says it’s a day of mourning for her.  Ayfer arrives and joins them, anxiously looking about for Serkan.  Aydan goes upstairs to speak to Eda.  She tells Eda that she will always be her daughter even though she won’t be with Serkan.

Upstairs, Eda, dressed in her wedding gown, nervously eats nuts while Deniz paces about. Finally, Deniz tells Eda to calm down, but Eda says she can’t be calm.  She played this game to make Serkan remember and he hasn’t even come.  In fact, she says he won’t come.  Ceren tells her not to be negative, that things will work out.  He will come.  Melo enters at that moment and has to admit that Serkan has not arrived, but he will surely come.  A man comes upstairs to tell Deniz the Registrar has arrived.  Eda asks Deniz if the Registrar is an actor, a fake, as he’s supposed to be, and Deniz replies that she should trust him.  He cannot answer her question because he has arranged a real Registrar and a real marriage ceremony.  

The hour has come for the bride and  groom to enter.  Eda and Deniz come down the stairs to applause started by Melo and Ceren.  When she reaches the bottom, Eda asks about Serkan and Melo has to tell her that he still hasn’t arrived.  Deniz takes Eda’s hand, and tells her they have to look real.  They go to the wedding table and take their places with the Registrar.  Melo and Ferit act as witnesses. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.16.39.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.17.16.png

Observed by Mr. Kemal in his black van, Serkan has arrived at the venue but the street is packed with parked cars. Serkan can’t drive up to the building.  Exasperated, he jumps out of the car and races down the street and into the entrance.  He bounds downstairs to the reception room shouting “Eda”. He walks up to Selin and apologizes to her, saying, “I’m sorry.  I remember everything.  I have to do this.”  Serkan  then  goes to Eda at the wedding table and tells her he remembers everything and he loves her very much.  He tells her she can’t get married to Deniz.  Eda is delighted.  She tells him she’s not married to Deniz, that this is a fake wedding and she arranged it to make him remember.  She hugs him joyfully as Deniz stands rigid at the table.  The guests erupt with smiles and applause.   

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.19.21.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.19.24.png

The happiness is short lived, however.  The Registrar interrupts the applause saying , “There must be some misunderstanding. . . This is a real wedding. . .they were officiously married.”  Eda is dumbfounded.  Hmmm, what will happen to Deniz now that his perfidy is exposed?

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.20.50.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.21.02.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.21.48.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-03-15 19.22.18.png




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