This summary will be short because the two hours, eight minutes episode was filled with nonsense, banal dialogue, and no movement of the plot AGAIN.  Serkan still doesn’t remember, Selin still clings to Serkan, Eda still tries to remind Serkan of their relationship, Piril is still pregnant and silly, Aydan and Ayfer are still worried about Alex, and Ceren is still fixated on Deniz.

At the conclusion of episode 32, Selin and Deniz found their partners sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms in the remote cabin.  Selin has a temper tantrum, accusing Serkan of hugging his ex-lover, abandoning her on her birthday, and lacking any appreciation of her feelings.  She also threatens Eda, telling her that she knows her game and promising her that she will lose.  Deniz is not so accusatory, but not happy that Serkan may be remembering  some attachment to Eda.

Back in Istanbul the next morning, Eda and Serkan have a car race to the office.  Eda gloats that she won, arriving at the office well before Serkan (on an almost barren street in Istanbul. . .not possible).  Once inside, they quibble about nothing until Erdem comes in.  Serkan tells him to call Ferit and others for a meeting.

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                                  Selin pays Deniz a visit at his shop.  She’s in a very good mood, accepts his offer of a special cup of coffee and apologizes for her behavior the night before (the spontaneous kiss).  She’s decided to play the victim and make Serkan suffer guilt.  When she goes to the office, she starts packing up her personal items to leave, but Piril tells her not to do that.  Piril has a hormonal crying episode.

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                  Aydan, in a red wig, pays a visit to Ayfer.  She thinks she has disguised herself because she’s afraid she will be caught for murdering Chef Alexander the night before.  Aydan says they both are guilty, but Ayfer maintains that she didn’t kill anybody, she merely helped Aydan hide the body in the restroom.  Aydan says they will both go to prison; Ayfer says she won’t go to prison. . .an eternity of foolish dialogue.

At the board meeting, Serkan tells the group that he is giving 5% of his 50% shares to Selin as a birthday present.  Eda objects, saying he should have discussed it with her and Ferit before he made the announcement.  Ferit agrees with Eda, saying that all the partners should have a say in that decision.  Selin at first tells Serkan that it is not necessary because she is leaving the company, and she won’t accept the gift, but when Eda objects to Serkan’s decision, Selin decides she will  take the shares.  

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Angry, Eda goes to Ceren’s office to ask her why she didn’t tell her about the stock transfer.  Ceren, who has been talking with Melo, tells Eda she didn’t have to tell her.  Serkan was giving the gift from his share and it was legal.  Eda declares that they are friends and as such, Ceren should have told her.  Again, Ceren says she didn’t have to tell Eda and she wasn’t interested in playing games.  Eda, surprised at Ceren’s attitude, tells Melo that if Ceren continued this way, their friendship would end.

Engin waits outside the hairdressers while Piril gets a new, curly hairdo. When she comes out, they have a ridiculous conversation about her hair, men admiring women, and now he doesn’t see “her” anymore. After the new coiffure, Piril and Engin go to a cosmetics shop where Piril buys bags of cosmetics because she doesn’t feel beautiful and she’s gaining too much weight.  Next stop is the playground where Piril exercises in an attempt to lose the extra pounds.  She gets hysterical about her figure and almost gets Engin in trouble with some men who think Engin is harassing her.  Piril saves Engin from the men and they go to a restaurant where Piril complains about gaining weight and then eats the pasta dish Engin ordered.  This whole sequence is absolutely ridiculous.

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At the office, Eda, in an ill mood, calls Serkan a robot as she pushes balls on the pool table.  When Melo comes in, she tells Eda she will make her a cup of tea to calm down.  Eda says she can’t calm down because Serkan seems to get close but then he becomes distant again. When Serkan enters the room, Melo leaves and meets Deniz in the company lobby.  Serkan and Eda argue, Eda telling Serkan that he should have told the partners before he gave Selin shares and he was only doing that out of guilt because Selin found them the night before.  Serkan says what he does isn’t her business, and he reminds her that she owes him a thank you since he rescued her.  As they argue, Deniz comes in, and Serkan leaves. 

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Ceren sees Deniz talking with Eda and she gets angry.  To express her displeasure, she kicks a trashcan over and scatters the debris.  Ferit takes the blame when Erdem reacts.

Someone with gloved hands puts photos of Selin kissing Deniz at the resort the night before into an envelope and gives it to the receptionist at a lobby desk.  With the envelope is a note to give it to Serkan Bolat.  We never see or hear the person.  The envelope is left with Erdem, a guarantee that it will be misplaced long before it will end up on Serkan’s desk.

Eda finds Selin talking with Deniz in the coffee lounge, they argue, Eda is rude, Selin is cool, and a fight almost breaks out between the two.  Selin leaves and Erdem comes in to remind Eda she has to do flowers for the orphanage.  Deniz offers to help her but she refuses and leaves.  She goes to the office and argues with Serkan when he recognizes her agitation.  Eda says she won’t fight with his girlfriend; Serkan says he wonders how he ever loved a woman so angry and discontented (he has a valid point because Eda is rude and hostile).  For the 3rd time, Eda and Serkan end up “nose to nose” in their stupid arguments.  Eda leaves for the flower shop to prepare the flowers.

Seyfi arrives at Ayfer’s house greatly distressed because he has searched everywhere for Aydan.  He gets hysterical with fear when he considers that they have murdered Chef Alexander.  He thinks they should tell the police what happened and threatens to call them before Ayfer hits his head with a vase.  The three decide to go to Alex’s restaurant for lunch to see what they can discover about his body.  When they are seated at a table, the director greets them and tells them Alexander has not been around for two days, but that is not unusual.  He often just disappears for awhile.

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Serkan asks Erdem where Eda went when she left the office.  Erdem tells him she went to the flower shop to make the floral arrangements for the orphanage.  Engin comes in to give Serkan some documents about renovation projects and notices that Serkan is behaving strangely.  He questions Serkan about his feelings for Eda when he sees the wedding invitation and Serkan admits that he’s confused.  When he sees Eda and smells her scent, he remembers something, but he’s not sure what it means.  The problem is that he can’t get Eda out of his mind.  Engin tells him to make up his mind.  Remember Eda or marry Selin but stop making life difficult for everyone.  

Serkan goes to the shop where he helps Eda make terrariums.  Selin manages to get Erdem to tell her where Serkan has gone and she follows him.  From her car, she watches Serkan and Eda make the terrariums.  They sit quite close at a table and Eda leans in and over Serkan to help him place the plants and little oddities in the glass bowls.  Jealous, Selin calls Serkan, and when he says he’s busy at the moment, she deliberately drives into a light pole.  She tells Serkan she’s had an accident trying to avoid a dog.  In the meantime, Deniz comes to the shop to see Eda.

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Serkan goes to the accident scene, followed by Eda and Deniz.  Selin says she has a headache and she needs to rest.  Serkan takes her to his house where she gets ensconced on the sofa and he serves her coffee.  Later that night, Eda at her home and Serkan at his home remember the time they spent together making the arrangements for the orphanage.

Ceren goes to the hairdressers to have the pink dye removed and her natural blonde hair restored.  She has done this because she overheard Deniz tell Melo that she was more beautiful when her hair was natural.  

The next day, when Deniz goes to his shop, he finds Selin listening to the recording she made when Melo was explaining to Ceren the “love game” Eda was playing with Deniz.  Deniz is angry, takes the phone from Selin, deletes the recording, and tells Selin not to do things behind his back.  He is, after all, on her side in this venture.

In their fear that they have killed Alex, Ayfer drops plates and Aydan has a nightmare that the police have come to arrest her for murder.  In fact, the police do go to their houses to ask about Alex, but of course, both women deny knowing anything about his whereabouts.  Later, Ayfer makes halva which she, Aydan and Seyfi eat to mourn Alex’s passing.  Aydan decides that she and Ayfer must run away.

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 At the office, Ferit brings Ceren coffee and compliments her blonde hair.  The coffee cup has a shoe design on it, a reminder of the complimentary ticket he gave her for the shoe design seminar.   In Serkan’s office, Serkan calls Selin but gets no answer.  He gets annoyed and tries again.  Eda tells him not to worry, that nothing happens to “bad” people.  At that moment, Selin walks in, says she took the car for repairs and gives Serkan candy.  She also gives candy to Eda who accepts the little gift with sharp words: “Every time I take a bite, I’ll think of you.”  

Eda leaves and joins Ceren and Melo in the employee office, complaining about Selin’s attitude.  Melo tells Eda not to fret because Selin is a snake.  She thinks Selin is guilty of destroying Eda’s Keremburgaz project.    When Eda returns to Serkan’s office, she answers Deniz’s call and makes a big deal about planning their honeymoon.  She asks Serkan if he has a date for his wedding.  He says he will marry before she does, so there will be no conflict.  Eda tells Deniz he can plan where and for whatever length of time he wants.  She embellishes the conversation until Serkan, annoyed, takes the phone and tells Deniz they are at work.  He ends the call.  He tells Eda she should leave the office if she wants to talk with her lover.  She accuses him of jealousy and they quibble before she leaves.

Serkan calls Melo and Ceren to his office.  He tells them to secretly arrange a dinner for him and Eda at a very upscale restaurant.  They must make the arrangements for that very evening without anyone knowing.  Eda is not to know, but somehow she must be there, and, of course, Melo says she can arrange it.

Melo tells Eda that she’s been depressed lately and needs to do something extravagant and different.  Eda sympathizes and volunteers to help her.  Melo says they should dress up and go to a really nice restaurant for dinner, someplace they’ve never been before, and Eda agrees.  When they get home later, they find Ayfer also depressed.  Eda insists that Ayfer come with them for the special evening, but Melo discourages that notion, explaining Serkan’s plan when Eda leaves the room, and Ayfer refuses Eda’s insistent invitation.

With Serkan’s plan for the evening with Eda underway, Ceren is happy that Deniz may soon be free of the “love game” with Eda.  When she leaves the office, she goes to Deniz who has been pondering the likelihood of a marriage and honeymoon with Eda as he looks at their wedding invitation.  Ceren confesses her love to Deniz but he objects, saying that they had discussed this before and it isn’t possible.  She begs him to give her a chance, but he finally explodes, saying that he can’t because he loves Eda.  Ceren leaves angry and hurt.  She wanders along the Bosphorus until she decides a plan of action.

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At his house, Serkan has dressed for the secret evening dinner with Eda and is about to leave when Selin pays a surprise visit, telling Serkan they should go out for dinner.  He says that he can’t because he has something to do.  Selin quizzes him on his plans for the evening, but he doesn’t give her any information.  She leaves, disappointed and suspicious.  She plans to follow him wherever he goes.  After Selin leaves, Ceren comes.  Selin tells Serkan they must talk.  We don’t see or hear the conversation, but we know that Ceren tells Serkan about the “love game” Eda is playing with Deniz and why she’s doing it.  Ceren wants Serkan to claim Eda so Deniz’s hopes for being with Eda will be destroyed.  When she leaves Serkan’s house, she sits on a street bench where Ferit sees her and stops.  Ferit gets out of his car and approaches her because she’s obviously upset.  She goes to him and hugs him in a strong embrace.

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Aydan and Ayfer have decided to leave town.  Seyfi, left alone at the Bolat estate, is upset that he may never see Aydan again.  He decides to call the police and report them for absconding while suspects in Alexander’s disappearance.  Aydan picks up Ayfer and before their journey can begin, they are stopped by police.  Meanwhile, Alexander is entertaining and flirting with another woman at a restaurant.

Melo and Eda have been at the restaurant for an hour and haven’t ordered any food or drinks.  Eda is impatient, wondering why they are there if they aren’t going to have dinner.  Melo is anxious that Serkan is late, but she agrees they should order drinks and enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant for a while longer.  Finally, Melo makes an excuse to leave Eda at the table alone.  Serkan walks up to Eda and without saying anything, looks at her intently, and then kisses her.  Selin has followed Serkan, and she has seen him go into the restaurant.  What will she do?

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