I don’t even know what to say about this episode. It starts with the aftermath of a proposal and ends with a proposal.  I was disappointed and bored . The only movement in the plot is with secondary characters: Engin and Piril, Ceren and Ferit, and Chef Alexander and Ayfer.  The main plot is static with our lovers still at loggerheads.  Eda waivers between giving up and trying again to reach Serkan; Serkan is cold and removed one minute and searching for a connection with Eda the next.  Eda’s final desperate move is so selfish and out of character that I had to laugh.    

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The kiss that Eda bestowed on Serkan in hopes of jogging his memory of their love was in vain because he immediately announced to the party guests that he would marry Selin.  His proposal was a final slap in the face for Eda.

The next day in Deniz’s shop Eda announces  to Melo and Ceren that she will forget Serkan just as he has managed to forget her.  Neither of the girls thinks forgetting is that easy, but Eda seems determined. Deniz enters with fresh simit, but Eda refrains, saying that she will go to the office.

At the office, Aydan and Seyfi have brought a “smiling” breakfast omelet for Serkan because Aydan wants to insure her son maintains a healthy regimen and perhaps old memories will restore more recent memories.  Serkan rebuffs his mother’s solicitous gesture, though, assuring her that the omelet will not make him remember the last year. Selin adds that they have already had breakfast of fresh croissants at a local bakery.

Chef Alexander  visits Ayfer’s home and pleads with her to reveal their romance to friends and family, but Ayfer is determined to hide their relationship because of Eda’s unhappiness.  

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Upon arrival at the office, Eda places the flower engagement ring on the table in front of Serkan and says that in light of his performance at the party last night, she doesn’t need to wear it.  He moves the ring off the folder she placed it on and agrees.  She also announces that she will finish a few details on a project and then take several days off.  He questions her leaving with work unfinished and she tells him she is a partner, not an employee, and therefore, she can leave when she wants.  Selin enters, sees the ring on the desk, and watches as Serkan puts the ring in a box on the table.  She tells Serkan they should be planning a wedding, but Serkan says that they don’t need to rush since the interview yesterday with journalists has already created some confusion (his breakup with Eda was announced publicly).

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Ceren remained with Deniz after Eda and Melo went to the office.  She tells Deniz that she’s confused about her relationship with Ferit since Selin’s return.  Deniz says everyone is confused.  Ceren seems drawn to Deniz while Deniz implies that he’s friendship with Eda may be more than anyone realizes.

Eda tells Melo she’s given the engagement ring back to Serkan just as Ceren enters.  When Melo asks if that will help her forget, Eda has to admit that the absence of a ring will not remove her memories.  Eda returns to work in the conference room, sitting at the opposite end of the table from Serkan.  Leyla brings in Mr. Samet the jeweler who has brought a tray of engagement rings.  Serkan says he wants something simple, but Eda, who has listened to the conversation, suggests a large, splashy ring which she thinks Selin would want.  When Serkan disagrees, Eda leaves, and Serkan chooses a medium-sized rectangular diamond solitaire.  Why Serkan thinks he must give Selin a ring now is a mystery.

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Eda tells Melo and Ceren she will go to Serkan’s house and pick up her personal belongings.  Apparently, during the two months that Serkan was “lost,” Eda lived in his house; now that she has given back the ring and he has chosen a ring for Selin, she wants to distance her physical life from his, especially now that he has returned to living at the Bolat estate.  

After Eda leaves, Ceren ponders if Eda can forget Serkan so easily.  After all, affairs of the heart go beyond physical distance.  Melo teases Ceren, questioning if Ceren’s childhood love for Deniz is still a reality given time and distance of the past several years.  When Ferit enters and asks what they are discussing, Melo says they are remembering old school love notes and silly things.  Ceren is very abrupt with Ferit when he asks how she is doing; she immediately brings up Selin’s presence and assumes Ferit is remorseful about losing Selin to Serkan.  Ceren seems to be angry or annoyed with everyone.

Selin, meanwhile, has either overheard Eda say she will go to Serkan’s house or she has guessed that Eda would do this.  She calls her maid and tells her to start packing up Eda’s clothes and other objects to remove them before Eda arrives.

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Has anyone figured out why Erdem is at the company, what he does, or why he is tolerated?  We must suppose that he, like Melo, is the “comic relief,” but as such, he fails miserably.  Erdem thinks Serkan’s memory lapse is a perfect time to gain some advantages in the office, so he tells Serkan that before the accident, Serkan promised him a new position at the company with a much higher salary.  As opaque as his memory is, even Serkan knows that’s not true.

When his previous conversation with Piril about parenting evolved into comparing a cat with a baby, Engin is at a loss of what to say or do.  He takes his confusion and disappointment to Serkan  for advice on solving his dilemma.  Serkan advises Engin to stop talking about a baby with Piril.  In fact, he tells Engin to remind Piril that a baby would hamper her career and all of the things they want to do as couple.  Using reverse logic should convince Piril that she really wants to have a baby.  Now that Engin has a plan, he asks about Serkan’s plans for the future.  Serkan says he will marry Selin in the summer.  Engin can’t believe he will forget Eda, but Serkan reiterates that he doesn’t remember Eda; marrying Selin will solve the confusion and Eda can move on with her life.  Speaking of moving, Serkan doesn’t remember the house he bought a few months earlier, so Engin gives him the address so he can go there and decide if he wants to keep it.

Eda arrives at Serkan’s house to retrieve her personal items and finds that most have already been packed and boxed for moving by Selin’s maid.   Eda is sure that Serkan is responsible for removing her things, and, thus, is erasing her existence from his life.  Angry, disappointed and disheartened, she lies on his bed and eventually falls into an exhausted sleep.  While she is asleep, Serkan arrives, sees the boxes, and discovers her on the bed.   When Eda wakes up, a huge argument ensues and Eda storms out.

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Deniz has decided that a vacation from Serkan, the office, and Istanbul would be good for Eda.  Being in a new, quieter, more nature-oriented environment would bring some tranquility to her life.  To that end, he makes a reservation for them at a resort in a forested area out of the city.  When Aydan and Seyfi  pay a visit to Deniz’s shop, he tells them he’s taking Eda away for a few days.  Aydan is not happy about this arrangement.  When Deniz leaves the room, Seyfi finds the vacation brochure and Aydan takes it to give to Serkan.  She thinks putting the two together in a different setting may help Serkan remember.  Unfortunately, Deniz invites Ceren and Ferit to go with him and Eda.  Meanwhile, Serkan agrees with his mother that a few days away will be good for him, but he decides that Selin will also go.

Even though her plans for Serkan have gone somewhat astray, Aydan still considers herself a matchmaker.  She tells Seyfi that she will now work on her relationship with Chef Alexander since she considers that they have a chemistry of language, status, and passion.

Erdem moves in with Ayfer and Melo for a week, to be followed by a week at Leyla’s since the girls lost their bet with him about having a date for Serkan’s  “welcome back” party.  After being a complete ass at the breakfast table, he follows Melo to Deniz’s shop where he welcomes a young couple with a baby.   Erdem offers them coffee and while he and Melo prepare it, the couple fall asleep on one of the sofas.  Of course, the presence of the baby is a perfect time for Engin and Piril to show up and reinforce the idea that Piril should be pregnant.  Piril’s condition does seem unwell because she has to frequently leave Engin, Melo and Erdem.  Engin thinks maybe he’s overdoing the “no baby” theme.

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The next morning at the resort,  Ferit, Selin, Eda and Deniz have breakfast at outside tables, enjoying the fresh air and different scenery.  Ceren seems a bit out of humor, an attitude that is further enforced when Serkan and Selin stroll by.  Serkan realizes what his mother has done, and Deniz remembers that the brochure disappeared after he told Aydan he was taking Eda away for a few days.  Ceren says rather sarcastically how nice it is that Serkan’s mother is also concerned about Eda.  Serkan and Selin join the group for breakfast.

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Serkan questions Deniz about his travels, implying that he hasn’t worked in the 3 years that he has been backpacking around the world.  Deniz says that he did odd jobs while traveling and seeing extraordinary sights such as the night sky of the desert and the Northern Lights.  Serkan says he thinks such extensive travel over that length of time indicates that Deniz was running away from someone or something, an accusation that Deniz doesn’t deny but rather rephrases as Serkan’s bias. The pointed exchange becomes uncomfortable, so Eda and Deniz decide to go for a walk.  Ceren is left at the table with Ferit and she seems annoyed.

Later in the day, Deniz oversees the grilling of kebabs for their outdoor picnic; Ceren remembers the past where they enjoyed Deniz’s grilled food in the garden because Ayfer didn’t want the smell in the house.  With conversations about their common past, Deniz, Eda and Ceren make Ferit feel like an outsider who has no connection with them. Ceren takes exception to his remark and tells him he can join Serkan and Selin if he feels uncomfortable.  She is really rather hateful to Ferit and Eda warns her that she is not helping her relationship with Ferit.  Ceren answers her sharply.  Deniz suggests someone gather firewood, and, of course, Eda says she will.

After she has gathered the firewood, Eda encounters Serkan on a bridge.  They argue through a stupid conversation about work, she turns to leave and twists her leg, rather remarkable since she has high bound hiking boots and seems to have her balance.  Serkan, ever the macho man, picks her up and returns her to the group.  Before Eda reappears, Ceren asks Deniz where he would like to travel next and what he thinks about her being with him, an exchange Deniz takes lightly but one that Ferit overhears.

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In the city, Chef Alexander and Ayfer sit on a bench overlooking the Bosphorus and discuss their relationship.  Alexander is not happy that they can’t spend more time together but Ayfer seems perfectly content.  She is determined not to upset Eda in anyway.   Alexander receives a message from Aydan about a meeting and he responds that he will meet with her.  When an annoyed Ayfer leaves him, Alexander decides he will prepare a romantic dinner for just the two of them.  His intent is to send Ayfer a text message to meet him that evening, but unfortunately, he carelessly sends the message to Aydan as another reply to her message, an error he doesn’t realize at the time.

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At the resort, Serkan and Selin have joined the group for the grilled lunch.  Deniz remembers Eda falling from a tree but not suffering injuries, an event Ceren also remembers. Again, Ferit is left out, and that evening he tries to connect with Ceren.  He says he thought they came on the outing to freshen their relationship, but that’s not happening.  Ceren accuses him of being still in love with Selin and he accuses her of having feelings for Deniz.  She goes into the cabin in a huff.

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In the cozy warmth of the salon fireplace that evening, Eda and Deniz talk about Serkan.  Eda says she doesn’t understand Serkan.  He moves away from her one moment and wants to talk to her the next.  Deniz says her involvement with him is not good for her.  Ceren joins them in an ill mood from her argument with Ferit, and he follows her to join the group.  Ferit is offended by Ceren’s accusations. 

In a separate cabin, Serkan and Selin have a private dinner.  Serkan sees a yellow orchid in a flower arrangement and it reminds him of zipping up Eda’s yellow dress at their fake engagement party.  After their dinner, they join the other couples sitting around the fireplace.  Ferit is really annoyed with Ceren and her sulkiness.  He invites Serkan and Selin to join them because he’s totally outdone with the way Ceren has treated him and wants her to see his detachment from Selin.  Ceren will not give up her taunting of Ferit, and after hard words, she storms out.  Eda follows to comfort her, but Ceren says she doesn’t want to talk, she wants to be alone.

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Chef Alexander’s table is beautiful and he awaits Ayfer’s arrival by puttering around with the settings and the wine.  When Aydan comes in, he is confused and embarrassed.  Only when she tells him that he invited her to a romantic dinner does he realize what he has done.  He tells her they will taste a variety of French cheeses that he’s considering for his restaurant.  

After Ceren’s abruptness, Eda goes back to find the warm empty salon; she selects a familiar book from the shelf, not realizing that Serkan has come into the room. After a few words, Serkan asks her to sit and talk with him calmly. Some of the things Serkan says are confusing.  He reads a passage from the book Madonna, a section that explains how love changes a person. He seems to remember her  when he reads aloud that “ she taught him that he has a soul and he can live a different way”. . .but then, he says he can’t remember her or any of their experiences. He says he wants to know her, to know the love that everyone talks about, and he asks Eda to tell him some of their stories.  She tells him the story she shared with him the evening they watched the falling stars at the Antalya Roman ruins about Apollo falling in love with a mortal.  The lights go out briefly, he touches her and she thinks he remembers, but when she asks him if he remembers, he says nothing.  She leaves and goes to the room she shares with Ceren.  Neither of them realizes that Selin observed them talking quietly and intimately.

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Outside Ferit tries to understand what has happened between him and Ceren.  As he ponders, Selin walks up, and Ferit questions her about her new life with Serkan.  He asks her if Serkan said he loves her, if he will marry her because he loves her.  He warns her that she may be very unhappy when Serkan’s memory is restored.  Ceren comes out of the cabin and sees the two in conversation and immediately goes back inside with the wrong impression.

When Eda leaves Serkan and returns to the room, she finds Ceren sitting in darkness before the fireplace.  Ceren is angry because she has confessed her feelings to Deniz but he has not responded in kind.  She suspects he loves Eda and that makes her resentful and jealous.  She lashes out at Eda, accusing her of ruining everybody’s life in her selfish obsession with her love for Serkan.  When Eda asks her what she has done to her, Ceren says nothing, that’s the point.  She doesn’t know what’s going on in anyone’s life but her own and that inattention hurts.  Their voices are loud enough to bring Deniz and Ferit into the room, but Ceren orders them out, all of them including Eda.  Eda says they all need to leave the resort.

Selin with her suitcase approaches Serkan alone in the salon.  She tells him she has given her life to restoring him to his memory and his life, and he has responded to her, but this trip was not good for them and they should leave.

The next morning finds everyone back in Istanbul.  Eda tells Melo about Ceren’s meltdown and her conversation with Serkan.  Melo doesn’t understand anything either, but she says she will find out what Ceren’s problem might be.  While they are talking, Melo sees a news article about Serkan.  The article states that once Serkan was found and returned to Istanbul, he broke up with his fiancée Eda Yildez and returned to his first love, Selin.  Eda is sure that Selin directed this story with Serkan’s approval.  She says she won’t go back to the company, but Melo says she must because she’s a partner and she shouldn’t give in to Selin.  At that moment, Deniz comes in with breakfast simit, but the girls leave for the office.

At the office, Serkan  confronts Selin with the published interview.  He says she must have given the journalists the personal information; Selin doesn’t deny it, saying that Serkan gave his approval for the interview and there was no point in keeping their relationship from public knowledge.  Serkan agrees rather unenthusiastically.  He asks if she is ready for the presentation that evening.

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Ceren has gone to Deniz’s shop and confessed her feelings, but Deniz is not sure how to respond.  She tells him to take his time because she just wanted to let him know how she feels about him.  Melo and Eda join them and when Deniz leaves to fix hot chocolate, Ceren apologizes to Eda and they hug.  Eda invites Deniz to the presentation that evening.

Selin and Serkan are sitting in his house when Selin brings up the wedding.  Serkan gives Selin the engagement ring he bought for her.  Happily, she leaves to prepare for the presentation.  Eda, too, is trying to choose an outfit for the presentation.  Melo suggests she wear the yellow sundress she wore at the fake engagement party.  

At the company presentation, Eda wears the yellow sundress and anxiously awaits Serkan’s appearance.  In the meantime, Deniz comes to the company for the presentation looking a little more formal  than usual with combed hair, a collared shirt and a jacket.  Several things happen at the presentation evening:  Ceren admits to Melo that Deniz likes Eda; Eda awaits Serkan’s appearance with her memory  of his words when he left her on their wedding day;  Chef Alexander and Ayfer tell Aydan about their relationship; Piril tells Engin she is pregnant;  Serkan sees Eda in the yellow dress and has heart palpitations; Eda asks Deniz to propose to her; and at the end of the presentation, Eda announces to everyone that Deniz proposed to her and she accepted.  They will get married.  She looks intently at Serkan as she makes that announcement while everyone else in the party stares in shock and disbelief.  Everyone, that is, except Selin who is more than pleased, for now she considers that Eda will be out of Serkan’s life permanently. 

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-02-07 23.35.41.png

Now the questions remain. ..Has Eda gone too far in her quest to make Serkan remember  their love? When Serkan regains his memory, will Eda  punish him for 10 episodes for making her suffer? 




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