What one word can destroy an enticingly romantic interlude?  “Mother.”  As the breathless, eye to eye intensity between Serkan and Eda’s close encounter with the zipper heightens, Eda breaks away, saying that his mother wanted to see her.  She leaves the room in search of Aydan Bolat.

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As Eda admires the garden decorations, Aydan appears and suggests that Eda should get dressed for the party, insinuating that Eda’s appearance is not appropriate for the occasion or the Bolat name.  Deliberately insulting Eda by calling her Sevda, Aydan is showing contempt for the engagement and the person her son has chosen.  Eda, however, is not cowed by Aydan.  She says with a smile that she is very comfortable with herself, she is who she is, and she will not change to fit Aydan’s vision of Serkan’s fiancée.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-31 18.43.49.png

Seeking a quiet place, Eda finds a secluded spot in the garden to reflect on the challenges of maintaining the fake relationship with Serkan.  A man approaches, settles into one of the chairs, and after greetings, suggests that she seems to have a problem.  She says she is questioning whether she can complete a task she accepted because it seems to be more difficult than she expected.  He says she seems to be a strong woman who can fulfill any obligation she has to carry out.  Eda thanks him and returns to the garden party.

After a few encounters with snobby Bolat family friends and partners, Eda and Serkan greet Selin and Firet.  Selin, mirroring Aydan’s dress code, immediately asks Eda why she hasn’t dressed for the party. Eda’s question is, “Why does simplicity bother people so much?”  Serkan answers that he thinks she’s beautiful just the way she is.  She seems unsettled by his remark and leaves to greet her aunt Ayfer and the girlfriends.  She tells them all of the guests seem to ask questions about her family or her appearance.  Melo, Fifi and Ceren say they will defend her while Ayfer complains that Serkan’s mother is rude.  Eda assures them that she can take care of herself.  Melo pulls Fifi away to walk around and meet people, leaving Ceren alone at the bar.  

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Kaan approaches Eda, Serkan and Engin to say that Eda looks beautiful and Serkan is a lucky man. When he leaves, Engin says he hates the man, and Serkan says he wonders how Kaan will react when he realizes that he has lost in his attempt to stall Serkan’s hotel project.  Engin walks over to the bar and meets Ceren.  After a flirtatious conversation closely watched by Piril,  Engin takes Ceren’s business card and they promise to be friends.  Is Piril jealous?

Selin tells Eda she needs to get some personal information about her family, her education and her work experience to give to the media when the engagement is announced.  Eda’s reaction is immediate.  She says just tell them I’m a florist and she walks off.  Serkan finds her on the lakeside dock. He knows she’s upset about the interruption in her education, but he tells her there is nothing wrong with being so passionate about something she wants. She can fulfill her goals at the end of their contract.  Seyfi, at Serkan’s direction, brings a jewelry box containing a diamond necklace with a large yellow diamond drop that perfectly complements her yellow sun dress.  She says it’s beautiful, but it’s not for me.  Serkan does a magic trick which intrigues Eda, after which she lets him put the necklace on her. Both seem once again to be affected by the closeness, but the moment is broken when Serkan says they must return to the party.

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Eda and Serkan meet with the business man Mr. Fikret who tells them the hotel project they’ve created is one of the best he’s ever seen, but unfortunately, the contract with Kaan has been signed, a fact he has just learned.  Mr. Fikret says he will greet some of the guests and he leaves.  Serkan is upset and sends Engin and Piril to join the party.  Eda is quiet until she sees Serkan headed to confront Kaan; she goes to him and suggests that they dance, but he brushes her off.  Selin also sees Serkan walking toward Kaan and she stops him.  All of this is observed by Aydan who is encouraged so see Selin and Kaan talking.  She wants desperately to have Selin as a daughter-in-law.  Engin chastises Serkan for being abrupt with Eda, a reminder for Serkan that Eda is his fiancée, and he has treated her unkindly.  

Serkan finds Eda pulling daisy petals for “stay” or “go.”  He asks if she will stay and she says she will stay because that’s the contract, but it is also in the contract that he will not be abusive or unkind to her if he expects people to believe they are in love.  She goes to the bar and sits alone, deep in thought.  The girls see her looking lonely and go to her.  She begins to question if she has any brain at all, even a little one, which allows her to think she would be happy with a man like Serkan, an arrogant, soulless man who behaves like a robot with no emotion.  As she questions his character, he walks up behind her and asks her to dance.  The following dance is another moment of extreme closeness on a smoke-filled stage. 

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The ring ceremony takes place with Eda’s aunt Ayfer refusing to put the rings on the couple, forcing Serkan’s mother Aydan to perform the ceremony.  With the rings on and a reluctant kiss, the evening draws to a close.  Serkan finds his father who criticizes him for his engagement to a “three-day girl” and making risky business decisions without taking advice. Serkan tells his father that Eda is a good person, so he shouldn’t criticize her.  Before she leaves, Selin tells Eda that she’s engaged to a man she doesn’t know very well; she should be careful that he doesn’t break her heart.  Selin also says she will live with Ferit, but Eda will never know Serkan that well, a challenge Eda takes up.  She tells Selin that she will move in with Serkan. 

After the guests have gone, Serkan takes Eda to his house where he sees the hotel project boxed up and sitting on the deck.  He complains that Seyfi has not taken it to the office as directed, but Eda says she will do it tomorrow.  Serkan lets the dog out and Eda asks him if he named the dog “Serious” to reflect his own character.  Serkan explains that he’s named for the Dog Star Sirius and invites her to look at the star through his telescope.  He puts his jacket on her bare shoulders, another romantic gesture he’s done between moments of abruptness, like when he pulled her close in the dance.   He explains how a cold nebula is made up of millions of matter that become warm when pulled together and become a star, something of a metaphor for him and for their relationship. He questions her star tattoo on her hand; she says it’s a private family matter.  She asks him why he lives with his parents; he says his mother never goes out and he lives there to please her.  Eda says goodnight and places the necklace on the table before leaving. The evening ends with both of them still unsure of each other, but both are fascinated with each little discovery.

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The next morning Ayfer tells Eda she is so concerned about the quick engagement and especially Serkan’s mother Aydan.  Both agree that Aydan is a “Medusa”, and Ayfer says she will talk with her about the situation.  When the girls arrive, the topic of Selin comes up, and Melo says Selin was hanging on Serkan’s arm at the party every chance she had.  Eda is concerned that Serkan has not come to pick her up, so she goes to his house.  Seyfi tells her that Serkan left early for the office; Eda says she will see him there.  She spies the boxes still on the deck and says she will take them with her.  At that moment Selin arrives to see Aydan and Serkan’s father.  

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As Selin and Aydan drink morning coffee, they commiserate on the fact that Serkan never proposed to Selin, and Selin tells Aydan that Eda is planning to move in with Serkan.  Eda, following Seyfi, comes by with the boxes on a handcart.  When questioned, she says Serkan wanted the boxes moved and she agreed to do it.  Selin and Aydan think she is removing his personal items to make space for hers.  Eda cheerfully says goodbye as she moves the boxes.

At the office, Serkan rudely questions Eda about being late, and then orders her to bring him the plans for the next project. When Eda goes to her office to get the plans, she finds the room packed up and covered with plastic sheets.  She is at a loss of how to find anything in the confusion.  Serkan has a meeting with Engin, Piril and the financial advisor Ahmet.  He tells them the company will participate in a restoration tender.  They will bid one million for the job even though the restoration would likely costs three million to complete.  Engin and Piril object to the plan to no avail.  This is a ruse to discover who is selling out their projects to Kaan.  Serkan is suspicious of Ahmet, the company financial officer, and he follows him out of the building to see him meet with Kaan’s driver.

Kaan goes to Melo’s workplace, a fragrance store, and flirts with her.  He pretends he’s buying cologne that his wife would like, but after the flirting, he admits he’s single.  Melo is enthralled with this handsome man and ignores warnings from the floor manager.  Aydan calls Ayfer and invites her for coffee and a chat.  Ayfer says Serkan’s family must not misunderstand Eda’s character because of the sudden engagement.  She comes from a Mardin family that has endured for a thousand years, and even though they both agree that the engagement is a mistake, Eda is not the one who has pushed the relationship. Aydan disagrees, saying that she knows for a fact that Eda is planning to move in with Serkan.  Ayfer says Aydan is mistaken but she’s upset with the idea.

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In the office, Eda finds some of her belongings in the packed-up room and brings them into the common room where everyone works.  Serkan walks by and she follows him into his office.  She wants to thank him for thinking of her claustrophobia when he decided to remove the wall, but he’s abrupt and rude to her.  When she questions his behavior toward her, he says he doesn’t want her to get close to him, especially in the office.  She asks him if he’s playing some sort of game and he says “yes,” it’s a game and it has rules.  

Kaan returns to the perfumery, this time to buy a scent for himself.  Melo daydreams of a relationship with him, even marriage and a baby.  When she comes to her senses, he tells her he will buy the fragrance she’s suggested.  While he’s paying, her phone rings with a conference call from Ayfer who wants to know why Eda isn’t answering her phone.  Kaan overhears Ayfer say that she has learned that Eda is planning to move in with Serkan and she wants the girls to tell her what’s going on.  

Melo goes to see Ayfer who is very upset.  Melo assures her that Eda wouldn’t do such a thing, but Eda has refused to answer Ayfer’s calls.  Finally, she calls Eda again and Eda answers.  Unfortunately, Selin is with Eda when Ayfer asks about Eda moving in with Serkan and Eda has to say yes, it’s true.  Eda knows, of course, that it’s Selin who has spread the rumor, and she knows that Selin is going upstairs to tell Serkan that very minute.  Sure enough, when Eda goes upstairs, Serkan invites her into his office to explain.  He doesn’t deny the rumor; he tells Selin they will talk later, dismisses her, and then sends Eda out. 

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That night Eda’s phone rings.  It’s Serkan and he invites Eda to go for a walk. He explains he didn’t want to be rude to her at the office, but he doesn’t like for people to get close to him.  Their relationship will be over in two months when the contract ends.  He says that Selin who has never been jealous of anyone, is jealous of her, and he goes on to say that Selin is a perfect woman.  When Eda asks why a perfect woman would be jealous of her, Serkan says Selin sees so much to be jealous of, but he doesn’t explain what.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-07-31 19.07.48.png

The next morning Melo, who apparently is working for her father in his perfumery, is fired for wasting the fragrance in the tester bottles.  She calls the girls for a celebration, and they agree to meet for lunch. Meanwhile, Selin has called Serkan and asks to meet with him about an important issue.  The girls see Serkan and Selin as they enter the restaurant and they are immediately convinced that Serkan is cheating on Eda.  The important issue Selin wanted to discuss is Selin’s concern for Serkan’s relationship with Eda.  Melo hides behind a screen to overhear their conversation and she hears Serkan say that Selin has nothing to worry about.  The girls are frantic that Eda is a victim of Serkan’s cold, robotic personality.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-07-31 19.10.03.png

Eda sees Serkan and Selin enter the office together, followed a few minutes later by Serkan’s father.  Eda recognizes him as the man she met at the party; Erdem tells her he’s Serkan’s father.  Mr. Bolat has come to the architecture firm to hear the results of the tender he endorsed for Serkan.  He thinks his son will honor his promise that if he loses money, he will close the firm and work at the holding.  Serkan assures him that he will not lose any money; when they hear that Kaan has won the bid, Serkan smiles and fires Ahmet.  Engin wants to know how Serkan was suspicious of Ahmet;  Serkan says he was first aware of something wrong when he examined the financial records to see what happened to Eda’s scholarship.  When they lost the ecological hotel project, he grew suspicious of a spy in the company, so he asked Ahmet to set up their participation in the renovation tender as a trap.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-07-31 19.13.03.png

 Eda comes in to say congratulations and let him know that she’s going home.  Her phone rings.  Melo is calling very upset but she won’t say why.  The phone rings again.  It’s Aydan calling to tell her how angry she is about Eda moving in with Serkan. Eda hangs up and the phone rings again.  It’s Selin. Eda faints and the episode ends with Serkan holding her in his arms.  What did Selin say?

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