Aargh. . .writers, puh-leeze.  We have survived so many contrivances, so many disloyal characters, so much nonsensical dialogue.  Why can’t we have a nice wedding and carry the story into the early months or years of a marriage?  Istanbul Gellin did, and that series was very popular.  But no, our writers have decided to carry on with a common-place plot device for romantic comedies. . .amnesia and betrayal. “When you betray somebody else, you also betray yourself.” – Isaac Bashevis Singer

Eda takes Sirius for a walk in the woods, apparently a responsibility she has taken up in the two months that Serkan has been missing.  Although she and the dog have always been friends, their bonding appears stronger now as she plays with him and pays him with treats.  As he chases the ball, Eda watches a plane soar overhead.  In a similar forest, Serkan wanders alone.  As he slowly walks, then leans weakly against a tree, he observes an airliner passing overhead.  The viewer imagines that Eda and Serkan view the same plane and will soon wander into each other’s sight. . .but no.  The betrothed lovers are actually in different countries and in different states of mind.

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Serkan returns to a remote, quaint little cabin where Selin waits for him.  Eda, dressed in business attire, steps out of Serkan’s Ferrari at the company and enters to applause from the employees for winning an industry award for Serkan’s last project which she completed.  Everyone offers compliments for her dedication and skill even though the mood is tempered by Serkan’s absence.  In the conference room, Eda reminds the group that she will leave the chairmanship when Serkan returns, and she is sure he will return.  Besides, she wants to complete her university degree.  

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Serkan chops wood for a fire to cook the fish and food a man has brought to him; afterward, he and Selin sit before the fire where Selin fills him with distortions of Eda’s character and reinforces her own position in his life as his lover.  Serkan has received a serious blow to the head during the plane crash that renders memory loss of the past year. This retrograde amnesia has erased all memory of Eda, the wedding and his love for her, a welcome situation for Selin who has loved Serkan for many years.  He decides he must return to Istanbul and take up the reins of his company, even though Selin has told him that Eda has 45 % of the company shares gained through manipulation and deceit.

When the meeting is over at the company, Eda leaves to visit an old friend Deniz who has an antique and restoration business.  Deniz has returned from traveling around the world in the past five years to re-open his business; his friendship has contributed to Eda’s return from despair because he has tried to locate Serkan’s whereabouts through his friends in several countries.  Even though he has found nothing so far, he continues his contact with friends in Italy and surrounding Adriatic countries, and he maps their locations. While he continues his search for Eda’s sake, he is not hopeful; Eda, on the other hand, says that hope is the only thing that sustains her.  She “feels” that Serkan is alive and will return to her, and he does, but in the company of Selin with whom he holds hands.

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Aydan walks through Serkan’s house on the Bolat estate, questioning Seyfi about its cleaning.  She wants everything in perfect order and cleaned so that it is ready the minute Serkan returns.  She, too, believes Serkan is alive and will return.  We learn later that Aydan knows he is alive because he has called her, but she does not tell anyone because Serkan has asked her to keep it secret.  We can imagine that his desire for secrecy is because of the lies Selin has told him.

Both Serkan and Eda have dreams and nightmares; Serkan sees vague images of Eda without context, and he feels a heart pain, but Eda sees Serkan so clearly that he seems to touch her and sit beside her.  The falling star they both see presages a reunion the next day.

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While Eda waters the plants she has placed in the conference room, Serkan and Selin exit a car in front of the company.  The pair walk hand in hand into the company lobby, past a shocked Leyla and Erdem.  Their presence is greeted with stunned silence before everyone gathers around Serkan to give him hugs.  Serkan does not recognize Melo, Ceren or Eda when she appears.

Eda is full of emotions as she walks toward Serkan: wonder, joy, overwhelming love, desire to touch, so overcome by all that she faints, but Serkan is cold and removed.  He only knows what Selin has told him, that he and Selin were to be married, but Eda has tricked him, tried to destroy their marriage plans, and made him become someone he is not.  Serkan does not seem to recognize her.  

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When she has recovered, she wants to know what happened and he tells her the plane crashed in the sea.  A fisherman found him floating among some wreckage and took him to his village in Slovenia.  Apparently, Serkan remembered Selin’s cell phone number and called her in Denmark. Later he must have called his mother.  Exactly why he did not call Engin, his closest friend and business partner, at the company is unclear. 

The Slovenian village surely was very sophisticated to have cell phone access and a neurologist who could diagnosis Serkan’s particular amnesia, but let’s not quibble.  Why, if Serkan has returned to his old “robotic” self was he content to stay away from the company for two months?  A man so disciplined and strict who is content to avoid his business is not explained, nor is Selin’s quaint head scarf that makes her look so phony and provincial.  

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Eda cannot comprehend what Serkan tells her, that he does not know her. He only remembers that Selin was his girlfriend, and although Eda shouts and cries and begs and insists, nothing moves Serkan to change his mind.  Honestly, I feel sorry for her but I cannot stand her screaming frustrations and find it difficult to watch this episode.

Apparently in the two months that Serkan has been missing, Aifer has become a fixture in Chef Alexander’s kitchen and in his heart.  He wants to acknowledge their romance to friends and family, but Aifer is reluctant because of Eda’s fragile state.  She keeps putting him off when he wants to declare their feelings for each other to their friends and associates.

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In her company office, Piril is perusing an internet site that displays pictures of animals for adoption.  She has found a cat, a pedigreed female, that is due to give birth, and she has decided she wants one of the litter.  She calls the website and places her order, but she says she will confirm after discussing this with her husband.  Engin overhears the conversation and gathers that Piril is pregnant but she hasn’t told him.  He acts foolishly, bringing her foods that he imagines are healthy for pregnant women, behavior that Piril doesn’t understand.

Aydan and Seyfi come to the company to see Serkan.  Aydan is so happy that she insists that he will see her doctor to determine the state of his health and that she will plan a party to celebrate his return for the next evening. 

Selin has resumed her duties of PR manager and informs Serkan that he must have a conference with the press to explain his absence. Just before the reporters come in, Eda puts handcuffs on Serkan in hopes of jogging his memory, but that doesn’t work, not even driving her old jeep or the meeting with Mrs. Pelin who praises work that Eda has done for her before.

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Aydan has enlisted Deniz to design furniture for a foundation project and while he is at her home to show her drawings, Selin and Serkan arrive.  Introductions are made and it is decided that Aydan’s welcome home party for Serkan will take place at Deniz’s shop café.

That evening, Eda determines that she will try something else to revive Serkan’s memory.  She goes to Serkan’s home on the Bolat estate and shows him pictures from their courtship and marriage plans. He looks at them and declares that he still does not remember her.  He knows about the first kiss before the press conference many months before only because Selin has told him about it.  Eda in her desperation screams and begs, but nothing moves Serkan.  She does the same when she goes home, declaring that Serkan is cold and insensitive, the “robot” that he used to be.  Eda’s loud hysteria is almost too much.  

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The next morning at the Bolat estate Aydan and Selin wait for Serkan to appear.  Apparently, Selin has brought her family doctor to consult with Serkan, although Aydan had said that she wanted her doctor to check him for any residual effects of the accident’s trauma.  Eda joins them stating that she, too, wants to know the state of Serkan’s mental and physical health.  The doctor confirms the prior diagnosis of retrograde amnesia with no promise that his memory will be restored.  Eda is angry when she learns that Aydan knew Serkan was alive and returning without telling her.  Aydan tried to explain that she did only what Serkan asked of her, but Eda says it was cruel of Aydan to watch her suffer.

At the company Ferit speaks with Selin.  He tells her that she has finally gotten what she has wanted all along, but she is swimming in dangerous waters.  He only wishes her well despite what happened between them, but when Serkan’s memory returns, she will once again be on the outside.  Selin accuses him of being jealous because she is happy.  

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Piril also talks to Selin, telling her that everyone witnessed the love of Eda and Serkan, but Selin tells her that Serkan has given her another chance and she doesn’t want to lose it.

In the conference room, Serkan can’t get into his computer because he has forgotten his password.  Eda eventually gives him the series of numbers, the coordinates of the star he has given her.  When she tells Serkan what the numbers signify, he is astounded that he would do such a thing because it is such a sentimental gesture.  She quietly leaves him and goes to Melo as he attempts to remember the sequence of numbers Eda has told him.  She says Serkan is in a type of sleep, but in the fairy tale, the sleeping princess is awakened by a kiss.  Maybe if she kisses Serkan with passion, the kiss will stir his memory.  She will try this at the party, and if it does not work, she will give up.

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That night at the party the crowd is subdued.  Serkan stays close to Selin, telling her that he does not know the people who have greeted him.  Piril tries to tell Engin about the kitten, but he still thinks she’s pregnant and wants to know how many months are left.  They speak at cross purposes until Piril tells him she wants to name the kitten Dodo, and Engin thinks that is too strange for a boy’s name.  Only when Deniz brings out the cradle he has made for Engin does the truth come out.  

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Eda arrives late for the party, having decided that she will try one more time to target a memory for Serkan.  When Selin walks away from Serkan, Eda goes to him.  She sees him put his hand on his heart as if he is having a heart spasm and she touches his chest gently.  She believes he recognizes his feelings for her; she looks longingly in his eyes and then gives him a long, passionate kiss. 

The kiss does not have the effect that Eda had so hoped for.  Serkan looks at her with a startled stare that reflects confusion, not recognition.  He leans back as if to assess the situation and then walks to the center of the crowd.  He explains that he can’t remember any people or events that have occurred in the past year because of his head injury, but he does remember his relationship with one person.  He takes Selin’s hand and with only a slight hesitation, Serkan proposes to her.  The shock of the crowd is palpable, but the shock to Eda is heart-rending.  Her expression is one of disbelief, incomprehension, indefinable loss.

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Viewers are left with only questions: WHY has Serkan done this?  Will Eda give up her efforts to make Serkan remember her and their love?  




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