A  drugged Eda has been spirited away by two strange men, and only seconds after she is driven away, Serkan and the fellows arrive to find out why the girls aren’t answering their calls.  When Serkan discovers Eda is missing, he begins the chase to save her.  Exactly how he knew which vehicle to follow remains a secret in the minds of the writers.  Big Tahir who also was overcome by the strangers suggests a “heliopad,” but Serkan ends up chasing the abductors into a parking garage with police help and Eda is rescued.

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The next morning an important document is delivered to the company for Serkan, but Erdem in his inimitable distracted way manages to carelessly misplace the envelope.  Mrs. Semiha calls Prince Saiman and threatens to destroy him for plotting the abduction by using all of her “power.” 

Eda and Aifer meet Serkan and Aydan at the Bolat estate to discuss wedding plans.  There is immediate friction between the two women about wedding details and where the couple will live.  Since Eda and Serkan have decided the wedding will take place in three days, they will need help in arranging some sort of memorable social event to suit Aydan who has hired a wedding coordinator. Aydan wants an elegant affair, but Aifer wants a simple wedding, so Eda and Serkan leave the women to argue with Mira, the wedding planner.

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At the office, Mrs. Semiha tells Eda in a private conversation that she will no longer interfere in her plans to marry Serkan.  The recent abduction attempt brought her to her senses.  Eda is grateful and tells her she would not object if her grandmother wants to attend the wedding.  In the conference room Melo tells Serkan she suspects Balca of involvement in the Henna Night disaster because she didn’t drink the sherbet.  Serkan says he knows Balca faked sleep because of surveillance cameras and he fires her for not trying to stop the men from taking Eda away.

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Later, after Mira the wedding planner has presented ideas for the wedding, Ferit tells Eda and Serkan he thinks a quick wedding is a good idea since it prevents stress and doubt about the marriage, something he knows well as Serkan reminds him.  However, Ferit also reveals that he, Engin and Serkan had made plans to attend a soccer finale in Germany and then bike through Europe afterward for two weeks, a fact that Eda did not know. Later, Engin offends Piril and Ceren when he tells them what he plans as a prank on Serkan at the marriage table.  The girls think Engin’s joke really reflects that men think a wedding is a big sacrifice they make for women.

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Eda wants to talk to Serkan about buying furniture for their house and making a library, but Serkan is busy at his computer with business.  Although he answers her questions, he doesn’t really pay attention to her and she gets annoyed.  She leaves him in a huff.  Misunderstandings abound between the other two couples as Piril is annoyed with Engin for the wedding prank and Ceren is annoyed with Ferit for planning the fifteen day motorcycle tour.  

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Serkan talks with Engin about a business deal and says he wishes they had not jumped into the contract so quickly because apparently there are problems.  Eda overhears this conversation and thinks he’s talking about their quick decision to get married in three days.  Eda speaks with an instructor at the university and asks to delay a project because she doesn’t have time to complete it as she would like, a conversation that Serkan overhears and thinks she is talking about their marriage.  Both are disappointed and have hurt feelings because they believe doubts about the marriage have arisen.  When the wedding planner returns with more choices for them to make, Eda and Serkan are rather cold and aloof, so much so that the planner thinks they might not be ready for marriage.  They delay making choices or suggest that Aydan and Aifer can choose for them.

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Engin informs Serkan that he has arranged a bachelor party for him at a hotel in Sapanca.  Serkan agrees that maybe being away from the office and the wedding details will be good for him, but Eda and Piril are not so pleased.  Eda is sure that Serkan wants to be away from her and Piril thinks that Engin does not appreciate her as his wife.  Neither is Ceren pleased when she learns that the hotel in Sapanca is one of Ferit’s family’s businesses and he has arranged the reservations.  Fifi convinces them that the men are escaping to have a good time with other women they might meet at the hotel. The girls decide to follow the men to Sapanca to see just what they might be up to.

Erdem has invited himself to the bachelor party and proves that he’s as foolish and expendable as he’s always been.  At the hotel the men are bored being away from the girls, but that boredom is short-lived.  The girls have arrived and secretly spy on the men.  When they are discovered, Eda says they thought a vacation would be good for them, too.  The men are happy to see the girls, but soon learn that the girls’ anger is still prevalent. Trying to break the mood, Engin prepares a barbeque in the rain, and suggests a walk through the forest, but Ceren points out that the weather is not conducive to such activities.  They do go for a walk, however, and Erdem gets lost.  Meanwhile, Eda and Serkan talk through their misunderstandings and make up, but Engin and Ferit are still having difficulty getting Piril and Ceren to warm up to their romantic ideas.  Melo and Fifi are happy to see that Eda and Serkan are reconciled.

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In Istanbul, Aydan has convinced Aifer that they should do something together to relax.  She invites Aifer to go with her to a spa where they enjoy massages and beauty treatments to make them more attractive for the wedding festivities.  With difficulty, Aydan convinces Aifer to have some injections to plump her lips.  When they return to the Bolat estate, Aydan further insists they try on formal dresses for the wedding.  Aydan’s tastes run toward the fancy styles while Aifer prefers simplicity.  They don’t agree on anything.

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Back at Sapanca, the girls decide to have a pajama party in their common room.  While they discuss forgiving the men, the guys play table football.  The hotel manager enters to invite them to judge a beauty contest because the original judges have been delayed by bad weather.  Engin thinks it’s a good idea since they can’t be with the girls.  

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Melo goes down to check on the men and finds them judging girls walking by in skimpy bathing suits.  She rushes upstairs to tell Eda, Piril and Ceren to come down immediately to see what their beloveds are doing.  When the girls confront the guys, they are angry.  They decide that Engin, Serkan and Ferit must walk the runway and model like contestants while they judge them, all to humiliate them with 0’s instead of 10’s.  All the couples resolve their differences with hugs afterward.  Erdem appears wet and annoyed that no one came to find him.  He seems so dejected that Eda insists Serkan apologize.  After Serkan renders an apology, Erdem admits that the sugar he supplied for the Henna Night came from Prince Saiman’s assistant.  Serkan is furious, but Erdem doesn’t want to spoil his love fest with the group, so he quickly turns the mood by insisting on dancing.

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The evening ends with Eda replacing the masseuse who is giving Serkan a massage, after which the two end up in a bubble bath and finally a shower, all very sensual and romantic.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-26 19.58.42.png

At the same time, at the Bolat estate, Aydan has a nightmare that Serkan has turned over all his shares to Eda so that he no longer has any involvement in the holding; now the business will be controlled by Eda and Mrs. Semiha.  She wakes up and realizes that she fears that possibility.

The next morning all have returned to Istanbul where the girls try on dresses and Serkan chooses his groom’s suit.  Melo is silly and Fifi is somewhat cynical about the excitement.  All of the girls try on wedding dresses, Fifi choosing black instead of white like everyone else.  Later, the girls go to the hamam to enjoy the traditions of bathing, relaxing and dancing to music.  There, Aydan expresses her love for Eda and hopes that someday Eda will call her Mom.  That night Serkan and Aydan have a mother/son talk with Serkan dismissing his father by saying Alptekin made his choice.  Although he and his father were never close, he was upset about the false charges against his father, and I find it strange that he has completely forgotten Alptekin.  At her home, Eda talks with Aifer about how important her aunt has been in helping her grow up without parents.

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Erdem finds the envelope he carelessly misplaced and gives it to Engin who tosses it aside.  Saying that Serkan has been too busy and still is too involved in his marriage to worry about company business, he thinks Serkan can deal with the letter later.

The next morning, the wedding day, the girls arrive at the wedding venue in a joyful mood, dancing and discovering the colorful, decorated rooms for the bridal party.  At the office, Engin allows Ferit to open the mishandled envelope addressed to Serkin because he’s busy.  Ferit discovers that an Italian construction company has not received funding they need desperately and today is the last day.  The problem was caused because of lack of a signature from Alptekin to transfer the funding.  Serkan understands that this business is so vital for the company that he must immediately fly to Italy to sign the papers.  All of this happens within hours of the wedding ceremony.

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Serkan, already dressed in his wedding finery, goes to the venue and talks to Eda.  He assures her that he can fly to Italy, sign the papers, and return in time to sit at the wedding table with her.  He tells her he loves her, that if he were born a hundred times, he would love her a hundred times. He explains the problem: no one else can take his place in Italy but he will return in 7 hours.  After he leaves, the girls continue with their fun until early evening when the time for the ceremony approaches.  

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-26 20.08.14.png

With girlish fanfare, Eda comes out in her wedding gown and veil with a beautiful bouquet in hand.  Aifer presents her with a simple necklace of her mother’s, and Aydan gives her a family heirloom ring.  Seyfi enters with a letter from Mrs. Semiha explaining that she has given all 45 of her company shares to Eda, so now Eda and Serkan own 95 per cent of the company. In the midst of the laughter and fun of writing the unmarried girls’ names on the bottom of Eda’s shoes, Ceren receives a call from Ferit.  The news is so bad that she can’t speak.  She tells Seyfi to turn on the TV in the adjacent room.  They rush in to hear the announcer say that Serkan’s plane lost radio contact and now, after two hours of silence, authorities believe the plane has crashed.  Eda, in a twilight zone, remembers every word and every expression of Serkan’s when he came to tell her he must go, but the shock, the fear and dread, finally overcame her consciousness.  As Aydan struggles to comprehend the accident and welfare of her only son, Eda faints and drops to the floor.

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What has happened to Serkan?  Who will run the company in his absence?  If he has survived, what will be his condition?  Will Serkan and Eda get married?  




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