Thirteen episodes are wrapped up within seconds.  Eda’s words: “I left all fears and came here, Serkan.  Will you marry me?”  Surprise.  Smiles.  Incredulity.  Rings exchanged.  A soft kiss and a lingering hug.  A confession that Mrs. Semiha planned the breakup.  As clever as Eda is, however, she must reckon with her grandmother’s determination, for just as Serkan and Eda have reunited on the private plane, Mrs. Semiha is telling Tahir that Eda, much like herself, will not give up what she wants, but she cannot outwit her grandmother.  Tahir responds that Mrs. Semiha will always be one step ahead of Eda, and the grandmother responds, “I have to be.”

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Eda wants to know what they will do when they arrive in Paris, and Serkan whispers romantic things in her ear causing blushes and shy looks.  The most important thing he says aloud; they will go to the top of the Eiffel Tower where he will propose and shout his love for her to the world. Although Eda made the marriage proposal first, Serkan says he has to do it, too, so that he can tell their children when they ask how he proposed to their mother. 

The promise of an amazing evening and day in Paris is interrupted when Serkan receives a frantic call from Engin that Piril has disappeared. There is nothing to be done but return to the office to deal with this latest crisis.  In Serkan’s conference room, Engin paces and exclaims that the police have checked the car registration and the outside cameras but have found nothing.  No one knows who abducted Piril or why.  Just as Engin is about to leave to search for her, Piril enters and explains.  Her father abducted her.  He has been involved in “dark affairs” and has been to prison.  Although he’s not Mafia anymore, he still practices that behavior, and Piril’s marriage without his consent made him angry.  Now he wants to talk to Engin, a conversation Engin is more than wlling to have.  With great bravado, Engin says he will talk to Piril’s father saying how much he loves his daughter and all will be well.

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Serkan announces that he and Eda have something to say, but Eda is reluctant.  Nevertheless, Serkan announces that they will get married, and the group, Engin, Piril, Ceren, and Ferit, erupt in applause, hugs and kisses.  When everyone has gone, Serkan says because their trip was interrupted, they will honeymoon in Paris, but Eda reminds him that they must tell their families about their plans first.  She calls her grandmother who joins them in the conference room and who doesn’t seem surprised or happy with the news.  Serkan says he knows she is responsible for having him jailed and that doesn’t scare him.  She can have him put in jail again or take the company, he really doesn’t care because he and Eda have committed to each other.  Mrs. Semiha exits haughtily saying nothing.

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At Aifer’s home, Melo succumbs to Aifer’s hypnosis when she’s presented with fresh made halva. She reveals the secret that Eda has proposed to Serkan and gone to Paris with him.  Aifer is livid and immediately calls Aydan to demand a meeting.  Seyfi and Aydan come to Aifer’s house and an argument ensues about the engagement, neither woman happy about the couple’s plans, Aydan because she doesn’t trust Mrs. Semiha and Aifer because she doesn’t trust the Bolats.  Serkan and Eda walk in at just this moment to announce their re-engagement and coming marriage.  Melo and Seyfi are excited and happy. As Aydan and Aifer continue their rancorous argument, stemming from their jealousy over Chef Alexander’s attentions as well as the lover’s decision, Eda and Serkan slip out the door unnoticed. 

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Serkan takes Eda to a quiet, dim, smoky little dive that appears empty except for a lone pianist.  The lights go out briefly.  When they come on again, Serkan is at the piano playing a ballad after which he proposes to Eda.  He tells Eda he will love her to his dying breath and will always make her happy, a vow Eda repeats to him.

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Mrs. Semiha talks with Prince Saiman as she goes home.  She tells Tahir that the Prince is not happy about Eda’s marriage plans and has decided to return to his country for business reasons.  She also asserts that she is not giving up her plans to end Eda’s association with the Bolat family.  She will be patient but she will not give up her fight.

Later that evening, Eda returns home and hopes to have a conciliatory conversation with Aifer, but that seems impossible.  Aifer thinks Eda is giving up her education and possible happiness.  Aifer seems very selfish and narrow-minded, but most of all, she doesn’t appear very smart.  At the Bolat estate, Serkan has a conversation with Aydan, telling his mother that the breakup was not Eda’s fault, and he doesn’t care about Mrs. Semiha because no one can tear him and Eda apart.  Aydan is also selfish and narrow-minded because she’s worried about herself if something should happen to him.

The next morning Mrs. Semiha pays Aydan a visit to tell her she doesn’t approve of the marriage for she will never forget that the Bolat family is responsible for the death of Eda’s parents.  Even though Serkan was a child at the time of the accident, he is a part of this “dark” family.  Further, she says that if the marriage takes place, she will take everything away from Serkan including his freedom.  Her parting words to Aydan are, “I expect you to do everything you can to thwart this marriage.”  Mrs. Semiha then goes to Aifer and tells her the same, “Do everything you can to stop this marriage.”  

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Eda and Serkan come to the company in the morning hand in hand.  Balca greets Eda on her way to Serkan’s office, and Eda takes the moment to tell her Serkan is getting married as she flashes her engagement ring.  Balca gives Eda half-hearted congratulations before receiving a call from Mrs. Semiha inviting her to lunch.  At lunch, Balca tells Mrs. Semiha that she overheard Serkan when he said that Aydan was against the marriage, but she’s not sure that means the wedding won’t happen.  Mrs. Semiha tells Balca to watch Eda and Serkan carefully and take any opportunity to insert herself between the two.  She says she has plans for Eda and Serkan if the parents fail to stop the marriage.

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Serkan receives a call from Aydan saying she is opposed to the marriage.  Since Aifer is also against them, Serkan tells Eda they have to think of a different way to convince the mothers.  Melo suggests a lunch at Chef Alexander’s restaurant.  Eda will take Aifer and Serkan will take Aydan and they will meet as if accidentally.  They will sit at one table with the Chef’s presence keenly felt by the two impressionable women, and hopefully they can ameliorate the opposition.

Piril is worried about her father, but Engin assures her that he will get along just fine with Mr. Aziz.  He promises that over a good fish lunch, the two men can resolve their problems.  Before he can complete a call to Piril’s father, two men abduct him and take him to a remote forest.  There Mr. Aziz puts Engin through 3 tests: first he hangs him upside down from a tree and listens as Engin calls Piril and tells her he is just fine.  The second test is being abandoned in the forest blindfolded and finding his way to a campfire and a fish sandwich.  The third test is surviving a paintball battle between Ceren and Ferit and Melo and Erdem. Ferit had promised Ceren a surprise as part of a romantic outing since she had complained about their lives being very ordinary compared to Eda’s proposal and Piril’s abduction.

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At Chef Alexander’s restaurant, Aifer and Eda are joined by Serkan and Aydan, the ladies glaring at each other and refusing to be pleasant at the small table.  The antagonism ceases, however, when Chef Alexander makes his appearance to compliment the women and extend his congratulations to Eda and Serkan.  The evening is saved when Aifer and Aydan give their consent and the “Family Asking” is planned for the next evening.

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When Serkan, Aydan, Seyfi, Piril and Ferit arrive at Aifer’s home, the girls are ready for an exciting, romantic evening.  Erdem is left outside to keep company with Tahir after Mrs. Semiha makes her surprise late arrival.  She says she will approve of the marriage with one condition, that Serkan will follow the wedding customs of a traditional Mardin marriage.  Another interruption finds Chef Alexander at the door.  He is welcomed into the group and begins what appears to be his own “asking” when he says, “I have come to woo Aifer.”  Everyone is shocked, especially Aifer, and Aydan is both shocked and jealous.  When he realizes that his intentions were misunderstood, he quickly explains that he’s offering Aifer a job.  He wants her to “woo” her to work with him two nights a week at the restaurant.   

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After Chef Alexander leaves, Mrs. Semiha says it’s time for coffee.  Of course, the girls go through the routine of putting salt in the coffee against Eda’s wishes.  Once the coffee is served and Serkan chokes on the salty brew, Aydan for the 3rd time starts the formal asking, but again, the ritual is interrupted by a guest.  Engin appears in disheveled and dirty from his survival test in the woods and he’s accompanied by Tahir and Erdem.  After the room settles down, Aydan for the 4th time begins the formal asking, Aifer agrees, but Mrs. Semiha interrupts by saying as the eldest relative she has one condition: she expects Serkan to adhere to all of their customs and behave with honor in his “engagement” to Eda.  Further, she says she will be watching him.  After the rings are placed, she cuts the ribbon at Serkan’s suggestion.

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Mrs. Semiha is not done with her efforts to upend the marriage traditions.  Having failed to get Aydan and Aifer to disapprove of the marriage, she manages to complicate the issue by levying outrageous demands for the wedding dowries to be presented before the Henna Night. Promoting a five page list of required dowry from each family, she threatens to refuse to give Eda to Serkan if the completed list is not met.  A frantic search for the components of the lists follows the next day.  Apparently, everything is found except the special sugar meant for the preparation of the sherbet to be served to the guests at the Henna party.  At the last minute, Prince Saiman’s assistant comes to the company with a box of Mardin sugar and gives it to Erdem.  The sugar is then given to Aifer who prepares the sherbet, a fruity sweet drink.

The dowry gifts are exchanged with the families.  Aydan has chosen styles for Aifer and Eda that are the opposite of their personal preferences, just as Aifer has chosen items that do not reflect the style of Aydan.  The funniest line in the episode was Seyfi’s.  When Aydan chose a black sequined dress for Aifer, Seyfi said, “Aydan hanim, you want to turn her (Aifer) into a disco ball.”  While the shopping was happening, Eda was instructed to stay at home and iron clothing.  Her ironing chore is interrupted when Serkan appears.  He apparently wanted to spend an hour or so of quiet intimate time with Eda, but after teasing and kisses, Eda pushes him out the door with a smile.

Henna Night is held in a bigger place that would accommodate dancing.  Eda, dressed in traditional red gown and veil dances with the girls as Mrs. Semiha, Aifer, Aydan, Piril and Balca look on.  After Eda and the girls dance, some professional belly dancers appear.  The evening seems to be going well with the customary circular song and dance ritual around the bride-to-be and the henna and gold coins placed in the palms of Eda’s hands.  More dancing continues and then the sherbet Is served to the guests.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-19 13.37.25.png

Balca, who has begged an invitation to Henna Night from Eda, serves the sherbet but doesn’t drink any herself.  She notices that all the women have fallen into a drugged state.  Eda hears her phone ring and attempts to answer but she can’t get all of her words out before she slumps over.  Balca sees two strange men enter and she fakes sleep.  The men turn off Eda’s phone, pick her up and put her in the backseat of a car.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-19 18.16.28.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-19 18.15.06.png

At the Bolat estate, Serkan, Engin, Ferit, Seyfi and Erdem sit around and talk about how boring their evening is.  Erdem has insisted that Serkan light a fire because he says it’s the groom’s tradition, and then he tries to entertain with a song, but everything he does is ridiculous. He teases Engin when Engin says he took the girl and married her without all the nonsense of traditions.   Finally, Serkan, Ferit, Erdem, and Engin decide to call the girls, but they don’t get any answers.  Serkan tries to call Eda again, and this time she answers, but what he hears is garbled and incomplete.  Concerned that something is amiss, the men leave for the Henna night party.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-19 18.16.39.png

Eda has been abducted and apparently Prince Saiman in league with Mrs. Semiha has decided that disrupting the nuptial customs is the only way he can woo the woman he wants to replace his deceased wife.  Where is the Prince?  How will Serkan find his beloved?  Why is Mrs. Semiha so evil?  What, if anything, can change her black heart?  Why must true love be so difficult?

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