Ahhh, the evil grandmothers do. . .The evening at Prince Saiman’s hotel suite goes well for Grandmother Semiha who is very proud of Eda.  She has forced her granddaughter to breakup with Serkan this very night so that Prince Saiman can pursue his courtship of Eda.  Her rationale is that Eda’s relationship with Serkan should never have begun and the sooner it’s ended, the better life will be for Eda.  In addition to explaining that she only wants to build her relationship as family with Eda, she also dictates that Eda should not come to work the next day.  But Eda is not okay with any of her grandmother’s decisions.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.33.04.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.34.12.png

The next morning Aydan pays Serkan a visit at his home.  She is there to learn more about Alptekin’s arrest in the Bahamas for possessing counterfeit money.  Serkan tells her that he doesn’t know any more about the accusation, which he considers false, except that his father will receive a penalty of 8 months in prison.  Alptekin has a good lawyer and his health is being carefully monitored.  When Aydan asks about Eda and her estrangement, Serkan implores her not to interfere.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.34.58.png

The girls walk to the office, Ceren bemoaning the sudden appearance of Mrs. Semiha, and Melo expressing annoyance that she’s meddling in Eda’s personal life.  As they stop before the office entrance,  the girls ask Eda if she will really separate from Serkan. Eda says absolutely not, but she has to play the game until she can find her grandmother’s mistake or a way to foil her plans.  She will placate Mrs. Semiha by following her rules in hopes of softening her position.  At that moment, Serkan arrives and walks by Eda.  The allure of his morning aftershave unbalances Eda for a moment, but that weakness fades when Prince Saiman arrives with his entourage.  The Prince asks Eda how she is feeling, and he admits that Mrs. Semiha has told him about the breakup.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.36.15.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.38.08.png

Serkan has remained in the lobby talking with Leyla who relays the scene to him between Eda and the Prince outside the building.  When the Prince enters the lobby, he tells Serkan that he has come to see Eda because he’s concerned about her since their separation and wants to support her.  Serkan says she has plenty of support in the office.  Both admit that the project is problematic.

Eda tells her grandmother that she will continue working at the company because she has considered that being together will help them build the family relationship that Mrs. Semiha wants.  Besides, she says, she has broken her relationship with Serkan, so there’s nothing to worry about.  Once again, Semiha warns Eda that if she suspects that Eda is not honest, then Eda must bear the consequences.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.42.31.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.44.07.png

At the meeting Serkan convenes with the partners, he tells the group that he will not accept the building project of Prince Saiman.  Ferit and Engin are upset about this, claiming that it is an important project that will restore confidence in the company.  Neither can see how Serkan’s personal feelings are more important than the company’s reputation, but they reluctantly accept his decision.  Mrs. Semiha seems to threaten Serkan, but Eda follows her out and pleads with her to let Serkan’s decision stand and she will continue working on the landscaping for the Prince’s mansion.  When Mrs. Semiha returns to the table, she agrees that Serkan’s decision will stand;  Serkan is aware that Eda has apparently been responsible for her grandmother’s change of heart.

Aydan and Ayfer are both impressed with Chef Alexander’s sports routine and each decides that she will be present when the Chef starts his daily running program.  On the day they appear to accidentally meet him on the quay, he tells them he will go to his gym for his martial arts class.  He invites them to join him and learn the techniques of this sport, Aikido.  

Leyla continues to flirt with Tahir while Melo gets annoyed with him because he seems to single her out for looks and comments.  Leyla appeals to Melo to help her attract Tahir’s attention, and Tahir appeals to Erdem for ways to attract Melo’s attention. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.50.26.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.51.02.png

Eda overhears Mrs. Semiha speak with someone named Orhan about documents for which she will pay when he brings them to her house.  Eda insists that she will go with her grandmother to the mansion so she can go over the landscaping plans with the Prince when he is called to meet them there.  Mrs. Semiha agrees, thinking that Eda may be influenced by spending time with the Prince.

Engin and Piril leave for lunch, but when they come out of the office, Engin sees a line of black sedans parked in front of the building.  He’s suspicious and wants to investigate, but Piril stops him, probably because she knows they are men who work for her Mafia father.

Eda and Mrs. Semiha go to the mansion where Eda confers with the Prince about his garden.  He wants a  greenhouse and a gazebo added to her design.  While they are talking, Mrs. Semiha gets a cell phone message and excuses herself from their company.  Eda, suspecting that she will meet the person named Orhan, tells the Prince she must make a call and she leaves the room.  From a balcony she sees her grandmother meet a man who gives her an envelope and receives money in exchange.  She watches as her grandmother returns and puts the envelope in a private safe in her home office. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.54.00.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.55.13.png

At the office Balca brings Serkan a salad for his lunch since he has not left the building.  She also adds that she needs to talk to him about the Ad campaign, but Serkan says he’s busy and they should talk at another time.

Eda returns to the office and learns from Leyla that Serkan and Engin have gone to a building site.  Apparently, Serkan tells Engin about Mrs. Semiha’s plot to separate Eda from him and that she has devious plans to ruin the company.  Engin says he should have told them before so they wouldn’t have questioned him.  Engin leaves and Serkan waits.  He seems to know that Eda will come to him.  When she does come, Serkan asks why Mrs. Semiha changed her mind about his dropping the Prince’s project.  Eda says maybe she just wanted to support his decision.  Serkan says it’s strange that he builds housing for people to live in and be happy, but he can’t be happy himself.  Eda can’t find anything to say, but Serkan says they can forget the past and just be friends – just two friends working together.  Eda is upset and decides to leave.  We don’t know why she went there since she didn’t say anything substantive to Serkan.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 11.48.47.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.02.57.png

As they leave the construction site, Serkan complains that something dripped on his clothes and he must go to the clothing store to get a new shirt.  As they get in the car, Serkan asks Eda if she has plans for the evening, and she answers “no” after inquiring if he always asks his “friends” such questions. Apparently, Serkan takes Eda to the office before he goes to get a new shirt. At the clothing store Serkan runs into the Prince who is buying a gift for Eda, a scarf.  Prince Saiman says that Mrs. Semiha has told him that Serkan rejected the mansion project and that Eda is still working at the company.  

At the office, Eda tells Melo about the envelope that her grandmother has put in her safe.  Melo says that she learned from Tahir that Mrs. Semiha will go out to dinner that evening.  Eda decides that she will try to retrieve that envelope and learn what Mrs. Semiha has bought.  Melo insists that she can help Eda.  Of course, Eda allowing Melo to know anything, much less participate, is a big mistake.  Melo is as destructive as she is dumb.  She contributes absolutely nothing to this series, certainly not humor.

That evening Eda and Melo go to Mrs. Semiha’s mansion and wait outside until she leaves with Tahir.  When they go into the house, Melo doesn’t close the door, so when Tahir comes back to get Mrs. Semiha’s cell phone, he sees the open door and suspects thieves. As Tahir enters the hallway, Melo starts screaming “Thief” and swinging her purse.  The noise brings Mrs. Semiha in and an explanation is required; it’s a lame excuse for being in the house, so Mrs. Semiha tells Eda she will come with her to have dinner with the Prince and Melo will go home.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.11.15.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.14.04.png

Mrs. Smiha calls Balca after Eda and Melo go out to the car to see where she will be with Serkan that evening.  She is pleased that Balca has a date with Serkan.  Eda and her grandmother arrive at the restaurant to meet the Prince and discover Serkan and Balca having dinner.  Eda is stunned to see the two seated at a table nearby.  Serkan is likewise surprised to see Eda having dinner with her grandmother and the Prince.  He is especially annoyed when he sees Eda open the gift from the Prince.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.14.45.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.15.26.png

Balca makes small talk and then convinces Serkan to have a non-alcoholic fruit cocktail.  Serkan has agreed because he is so annoyed seeing Eda with the Prince.  He tells the waitress that he’s allergic to strawberries and she says the drink will not have them. Soon after the drinks arrive, Serkan leaves the table to follow Eda into the restroom anteroom.  They have a little jealousy chat, she because he’s with Balca, he because she’s with the Prince.  While Serkan is away, Balca puts some of her strawberry drink into Serkan’s drink.  He has an allergic reaction soon after.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.15.09.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.15.58.png

Piril and Engin have a quiet night at home until Piril’s father calls.  He plans to come by and meet Engin, but Piril is desperate to keep Engin from her father.  She suggests they go for a walk to avoid her father, but Engin says it’s too cold outside; they should stay on the warm sofa and watch a movie.  She pleads with him but to no avail.  She’s upset that her father continues to ruin her happiness.  As she’s thinking about her family, Engin calls her, insisting that she come to him.  She goes into the living room and finds Engin reclining suggestively in his bathrobe.  He’s ready for a “spontaneous” moment, but at that moment Piril is afraid her father will appear.  The doorbell rings.  Engin goes to answer the door with Piril begging him not to open it.  When Engin does open the door, it’s Erdem, not their favorite person.

Eda and Mrs. Semiha leave the restaurant while Serkan is having an allergic reaction.  Balca takes Serkan to the hospital where he’s given epinephrine to help with his breathing.  While Serkan is being treated at the hospital, Eda is spying on Mrs. Semiha as she opens her safe to put the envelope in.  Eda can’t see the combination because she’s too far away.  A few minutes later, she comes in to visit with her grandmother.  Mrs. Semiha receives a text from Balca that she is at Serkan’s home. Saying that she knows Eda is worried about Serkan, Mrs. Semiha tells Eda she should call him.  Eda says that’s not necessary, but Mrs. Semiha insists that talking with him would calm her anxiety.  Eda retorts that she was forced to breakup with him, and now she’s being forced to call him.  What’s going on?  

Balca has waited downstairs while Serkan has gone upstairs to change his clothes.  Finally, after having a cup of coffee, Balca decides to go upstairs to check on him.  She finds him asleep in his bed.  Taking this opportunity, she takes off her clothes and puts on one of Serkan’s shirts.  Now she’s prepared if Eda comes.  Since Serkan didn’t answer her call, Eda says he didn’t look good, maybe he ate something that has made him sick.  Mrs. Semiha says perhaps she should knock on his door, and Eda agrees that she should go to his house to check on him.  After Eda leaves, Mrs. Semiha calls Balca and tells her Eda is on the way.  She should do something to insure that Eda will understand that Serkan is compromised and they will be separated for good.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.19.33.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.19.58.png

When Eda arrives at Serkan’s house, Balca opens the door wearing Serkan’s shirt.  Eda sees the scenario for what it is, Balca using one of her ploys to convince Eda she has a relationship with Serkan, but Eda knows better.  She tells Balca that the only relationship she has with Serkan is with the bust she gave him on New Year’s Eve.  Not mincing any words, Eda ushers Balca out the door.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.20.48.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.21.07.png

Eda goes upstairs, wakes Serkan, they admit they are each jealous of the other.  Serkan says she belongs to him.  They kiss with passion, reaffirming their pent up feelings; they have a resounding evening of sex with buttons flying and lamps knocked over.  Serkan tells Eda that no one can touch her but him. In early morning when she leaves him, Eda whispers in his ear that no one can touch him but her.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.22.55.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.23.40.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.23.46.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.24.03.png

The next morning Aydan and Seyfi pay a visit to Ayfer at the florist shop.  Aydan has come to find out why Eda and Serkan have broken up.  Ayfer is annoyed that she’s there and tells her that haven’t broken up because they weren’t together.  They start arguing and only stop when Chef Alexander appears. He has come to get a single red rose for a very special lady.  Both women are intrigued, thinking that perhaps one of them might be the special lady who will receive the rose in the afternoon.  Both decide they will dress up and go to the restaurant to see who will get the prize.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.28.01.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.25.14.png

At the office Eda tells Melo and Ceren about kicking Balca out and staying the night with Serkan.  She says she told Mrs. Semiha that he was so sick that she stayed with him, but she assured her grandmother that they were still apart.  With Ceren and Melo, Eda admits that she can’t lose Serkan, but she doesn’t know exactly what to do.  She also tells them that the red notebook that Mrs. Semiha keeps with her always contains the code for the safe.  Melo tells her she will help her get the notebook or at least find the safe combination.

 Eda leaves the girls to go to her desk, but she bumps into Serkan when she looks down at her phone.  Serkan says he dreamed they were together; Eda says he was in her dreams, too, but it was reality.  He wants to know why she was gone when he woke up; she says she needs time to figure some things out.  He should trust her.  He says he will give her time and trust.  Later, Eda runs into Balca who tries to upset Eda again by stating that Eda should realize that she no longer has a relationship with Serkan.  She brags that Serkan invited her to fly to Paris with him that very night, an admission that delights Balca but shocks Eda.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.25.54.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.30.49.png

Eda immediately goes to Serkan to confront him with this news.  He tells her she can go, too.  Eda says that doesn’t sound like fun, she, Serkan and Balca in Paris.  Serkan says he’s going alone.  Why then does Balca think she’s going?  Serkan answers that he invited her when he was jealous and angry, but he will tell her she cannot go.  Serkan tells Eda that he didn’t like seeing her dance with the Prince at the dinner and he doesn’t trust the man.  Eda responds that she knows what she’s doing and no one can manipulate her, not even the Prince. She just needs for him to trust her and give her some time.  Serkan says he will go to Paris tonight and when he comes back the next day, she should be ready to explain everything.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.29.08.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.29.49.png

Eda meets Melo and Ceren in the hall and asks Melo to help her get the red notebook so she can find the combination for the safe, a job that Melo accepts gladly.  

Meanwhile, Balca goes to Serkan with her revised Ad campaign.  She explains that she borrowed one of his shirts when she spilled coffee on her dress, Eda came and saw her, and now she thinks something naughty might have happened.  Serkan isn’t upset and thanks her for helping him.  Balca says she has an overnight bag ready to accompany him to Paris, but Serkan tells her she can’t go this time.  He has to go alone.

Melo tries to get the Prince who has come to visit and Mrs. Semiha to go downstairs to have coffee or tea, an invitation the Prince accepts gladly and Mrs. Semiha follows.  Just as they reach the door, Mrs. Semiha returns to get the red notebook from the desk and takes it with her. Melo’s plan has failed.  The Prince lingers to talk with Balca and Piril who are fascinated by his tales of playing polo at Oxford.

After entertaining the girls, the Prince pays Serkan a visit in his office.  Serkan tells him that he doesn’t want to see him around Eda or any of the girls he considers his friends and loved ones.  In fact, he tells Prince Saiman he doesn’t want to see him in his life at all.  He is not welcome in the office.  Eda overhears and interrupts Serkan.  The Prince takes his leave and the air is filled with antagonism.  Upstairs in Mrs. Semiha’s office, Balca complains that Eda threw her out last night and Serkan is cold to her today.  Now he has canceled her invitation to go to Paris.  Mrs. Semiha is not empathetic, telling her that if she really wanted Serkan, she would not let Eda or anyone interfere.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.32.39.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.33.04.png

Aydan and Ayfer both show up at the restaurant to see who will get the red rose from Chef Alexander.  They see that he gives it to Sophia, his favorite waitress.

Melo takes coffee to Mrs. Semiha as she sits at her desk in her office.  Clumsy Melo spills a cup on the woman and she rises indignantly and leaves the office to clean her clothes.  While she’s away, Eda sneaks in and photographs the safe combination in the red notebook on the desk.  Eda goes to the mansion and sneaks in the home office where she opens the safe and retrieves the envelope.  When she takes out the contents, she finds another white envelope with “Don’t you dare disobey your grandmother” printed on it.  Just at that moment, Mrs. Semiha appears.  She thinks it funny that Eda thought she could corner her and win their personal war.  She reminds Eda that she controls her, “holds the ropes,” and she must remember the consequences of disobedience.  Eda is angry and she leaves.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.36.10.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.38.27.png

Serkan goes to the airport and boards his private jet.  The stewardess asks if he wants anything and he says he’d like some water.  He settles in and starts reading messages on his cell phone. Eda enters from the curtained part of the cabin with a silver tray.  In the container are her flower engagement ring and his gold band.  She walks toward him quietly and when she stands across from him, she giggles.  He looks up.  In shock he says, “Eda, what are you doing here,” and he smiles.  Eda says she has let go all of her fears, and she asks him to marry her. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.39.10.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.39.32.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.40.08.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.40.11.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.40.20.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-13 12.40.42.png

Why is Serkan going to Paris?  Perhaps he’s continuing an investigation into Mrs. Semiha and the Prince or he may be searching for information about Alptekin’s problem.  Will Serkan accept Eda’s proposal?  What will be Mrs. Semiha’s reaction?




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