How life can change in a few short moments!  The celebrants of the New Year’s Eve party wander the halls of a police station waiting for some word about the charges that have been leveled against Serkan.  Eda is particularly upset because she suspects that her grandmother has something to do with this accusation that has jailed Serkan, but Mrs. Semiha is noncommittal.  Serkan has been accused of bribing officials to win a bidding, but he knows that is untrue.  Someone is trying to ruin his reputation.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 09.53.04.png

Ceren says the charges are serious and will not be settled quickly.  Serkan tells her to send everyone home and he will review the documents against him.  Aydan and Seyfi will go home accompanied by Balca, and Eda will go with her grandmother to talk.  

At Mrs. Semiha’s mansion, Eda is shown several news articles about Serkan that have been prepared for publication if Eda does not follow the dictates of her grandmother.  When Eda  says that Serkan is innocent and she knows it, Mrs. Semiha says she will do everything possible to keep Serkan in jail if Eda does not do what she wants.  She wants Eda to end her relationship with Serkan before she will have him released.  If Eda decides to defy her, she should become very afraid of her grandmother.  Eda says she will not bend to her will and stalks out.

At the police station, Ferit and Ceren meet Eda in the hall.  Eda is angry and anxious to see Serkan.  With Ceren’s help and shouting demands, Eda is allowed a few minutes with Serkan who is in a cell.  He professes his love for her, and although the charges are lies, he tells her to be patient.  Eda can barely look at him because she feels guilt for what her grandmother has done.  When she leaves the police station, she goes back to Mrs. Semiha’s mansion where she agrees to submit to her.  She will give up her relationship with Serkan.  When she leaves, Mrs. Semiha tells Tahir to begin the process of retracting the false allegations against Serkan so he can be released.  Eda receives the news that Serkan is free as she leaves the mansion.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 09.55.15.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 10.02.09.png

Eda goes home where she is comforted by Ayfer.  Serkan goes home expecting to find Eda but he sees Balca instead.  Balca uses her fake break-in to plead fear and remain at the Bolat estate.  At home, Eda cradles the bracelet Serkan gave her and falls asleep.  She has a dream that Serkan sends her a message to meet him at a certain address.  He comes to her and professes the strength of his love, their freedom and how she doesn’t have to fear anything as long as they’re together.  He professes that he loves her madly and he asks her to marry him.  She accepts his proposal and then confesses that her grandmother did everything, whereupon he disappears.  Eda wakes up from the dream and realizes that if he learns the truth, Serkan will leave her.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 10.15.49.png

Ayfer meets Chef Alexander sitting on a bench the next morning as she returns from the market.  They have a little conversation in which Ayfer makes herself feel foolish for the things she says to him.

At the Bolat estate, Balca prepares breakfast for Serkan.  When Serkan sees the table of food, he’s surprised.  Seyfi is rather outdone since he has always prepared the meals for Aydan and Serkan.  Balca is left with her breakfast as Serkan leaves to find Eda and Seyfi sees him out.  Balca calls Mrs. Semiha and tells her that Serkan is on his way to find Eda.  Immediately, Mrs. Semiha tells Tahir to follow Eda to see if she meets with Serkan.  She also asks Tahir if he has reviewed Serkan’s dossier, to which he responds that “they have paid for everything.”  She also asks about Alptekin’s case and he assures her that he is staying in touch with that case and will let her know if there are changes.

At breakfast Eda tells the girls what her grandmother has done.  Melo is furious, but Eda warns them all that they can’t say anything about this, especially to Ayfer.  When Ayfer appears with her new fruit salad, a recipe of Chef Alexander’s, she immediately senses the negative atmosphere at the table.  Eda says it’s because Mrs. Semiha’s presence has reminded her of her parents’ death. Ayfer presses the issue and Eda finally says she’s made a decision.  She will leave the company, a decision that Ayfer applauds as the solution to staying away from the Bolat family.  The girls decide to go out together and they are followed by Tahir.

Serkan comes to Ayfer’s house to see Eda, but Ayfer only tells him she’s out with the girls.  She won’t say where, and finally she tells Serkan that although he is a good man, there is a bitter truth between them and he should leave Eda alone. Serkan leaves without commenting, and Ayfer seems sorry but relieved that she has made this confession.

Ahh, married bliss.  Piril, who is dressed for work and calling for Engin to hurry, walks into the living room to find food scattered on the table and a lone sock lying on the sofa.  Engin, not the least perturbed by the mess, is thankful that he’s located his missing sock.  He explains that he watched a match last night and got very upset with a player who provoked his scattering the snacks in anger.  Piril is calm, but she promises she will make him pay when they return home that night.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 10.37.41.png

At the office, Melo, Erdem and Leyla give Tahir the “discovery” treatment: how long has he worked for Mrs. Semiha, is he married, does he travel with her everywhere, etc.  Tahir admits he has been with her a long time, he travels with her all over the world, and he isn’t married.  Leyla is busy flirting with Tahir, but Tahir seems to have eyes for Melo.

At the morning conference in the office, Mrs. Semiha sits in her throne chair and Serkan sits at the opposite end.  Piril says they have begun working on their newest project, Engin wants to know if Ceren  has found the person who slandered Serkan, and Serkan says he will not rest until he discovers that culprit.  Eda enters the meeting late.  Serkan further says that even if they find the person, he or she will merely be a puppet.  They need to find the person who directed the slander. Mrs. Semiha asks Serkan if he has any ideas and Serkan answers, “You.”

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 10.39.58.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 10.40.42.png

When the meeting is adjourned, Serkan asks Eda to stay, but Mrs. Semiha tells Eda she wants to see her in her office.  Serkan knows something is wrong and he thinks maybe Eda is upset because he went to Balca’s house about the “thief” on New Year’s Eve.  She says she didn’t feel well the day before and that’s why she didn’t answer his calls.  He says they should have lunch together to eat sweets and talk “sweetly.”  She says she will see him later.  Eda goes to her desk and is joined by Balca who brags that she is staying with Aydan because she’s afraid to return to her house, an excuse that Eda doesn’t believe because of Balca’s other ploys to get Serkan’s attention.

Aydan and Seyfi discuss the fact that Eda has not answered Aydan’s calls nor has she seen Serkan.  Aydan is not happy that this fracture in their relationship has occurred and she automatically thinks that Mrs. Semiha and Ayfer have something to do with their breakup.  Always spontaneous and rarely prepared, Aydan decides that they must pay a visit to Ayfer.

Serkan has had a restaurant prepare a selection of desserts which are brought to the conference room.  Eda sits in front of the lovely sweets without touching them.  Her expression is glum and he comments that she doesn’t touch any of her favorite foods.  To entice her, he’s willing to eat strawberries even though he’s allergic to them.  Eda says they should talk, but before anything can be said, Balca comes in to give Serkan a dossier and help herself to the strawberry cheesecake.  She sits at the table and announces that she prepared breakfast for Serkan just so Eda will know that she’s always in his sight.  On the heels of Balca, Engin and Piril come in to tell Serkin that their recent bidding project has been canceled and another project was closed because of the recent accusation and Serkan’s arrest.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 10.46.39.png

Serkan calls for a meeting immediately; Eda goes to her grandmother to remind her that she promised Serkan’s reputation and his work would not be harmed.  Mrs. Semiha says she can’t be blamed for everything, but she reminds Eda that she hasn’t followed through with her promise to break with Serkan.  Eda says she can’t do it abruptly.  She has to break away from him so he doesn’t realize what she’s doing.

At the meeting, Serkan asks the group for suggestions on how to remedy the problem the slander has created.  They’ve lost two good projects because trust in the company has been damaged.  Engin says they need a really good project that will showcase the business and reaffirm their standing.  Balca says they need to find a “big fish.”  Mrs. Semiha volunteers that she thinks she knows just the person and the project, but Serkan says quite honestly that he doesn’t trust her.  She, however, says that if he wants to solve the problem, he might want to rethink the notion of trust.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 10.50.41.png

Chef Alexander appears at the flower shop as Ayfer talks to her plants.  He says he has come to buy flowers and Fifi observes the flirtation with a smile.  The surprise visit is compounded when Aydan and Seyfi appear to ask about Eda, but Aydan immediately becomes taken with seeing the Chef again.  The rivalry is on between the two women for Alex’s attentions.

The meeting ended but Eda remains at the conference table with Serkan.  He wants to know what she wanted to talk about, but she says nothing.  He knows she’s hiding something from him, that she’s troubled and unhappy.  Before the conversation can go any further, Mrs. Semiha comes in to tell Serkan that she’s found the “big fish.”  He’s a prominent business man who owns oil wells in the Arabian Peninsula.  His name is Prince Saiman and he’s an old friend of hers who wants to build a palatial estate on lands he owns on the Bosphorus.  Mrs. Semiha says Serkan should meet him and perhaps take on his project, but Serkan says he wants to think about it.  She seems to question his decision, but doesn’t argue.  

Mrs. Semiha and Tahir pay Ayfer a visit after she has called her mother.  Ayfer wants to know why Eda continues to work at the company where she’s in Serkan’s presence.  Mrs. Semiha says Eda is there because she wants her there so she can watch her.  Ayfer protests that they were doing fine before she came, but her mother tells her that Eda was cheating by continuing her relationship with Serkan and Ayfer didn’t even notice.  Further, she tells Ayfer that she has noticed Chef Alexander and she will deal with that issue later.

At the office, Ferit tells Serkan he examined the complaint and could find only one name, that of a Yusuf Tankut who worked at the company with which they had originally worked for the last bidding.  Serkan wanted to know if he was associated with Mrs. Semiha, but Ferit said he couldn’t find any evidence of that.  Serkan is still suspicious, but he lets it pass.  Ferit asks if they should contact the Prince Saiman person about the project and Serkan says they might as well get acquainted.

The entourage of the Prince arrives, and after general introductions to the partners, Mrs. Semiha makes a point of introducing the Prince to her granddaughter Eda.  The Prince looks at Eda rather intently for a few minutes before saying that he knows Eda has a talent for landscaping.  Obviously, Mrs. Semiha has talked to him before about Eda.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 10.52.48.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 10.53.20.png

In the meeting the Prince says he wants a large home but not a gaudy one.  He speaks Turkish well because his mother was Turkish and spoke to him in that language.  Serkan says they would like to know more about him so they can take his personality and his tastes into account as they design the home.  The Prince said he was an only child, so privacy was important to him, but he believes in love and things that are completed and well-done.  When Eda asked about the garden, he said he enjoyed a garden and wanted the design to reflect eastern and western cultures. Serkan said after he answers a few more questions, they would be able to offer him a design concept the next day.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.06.40.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.07.42.png

Everyone gets busy and by late afternoon/early evening Engin tells Serkan they have a design ready for the Prince to see.  Serkan asks if Eda has finished a garden design and Engin says yes, she gave it to him and left for the day.  Serkan is surprised that she has gone home. Ferit, Ceren, Melo and Erdem have finished their work in the front conference room and Ferit suggests they all go somewhere for supper.  Engin invites them to their house, forgetting how messy he and Piril left it that morning.  Piril is not happy, especially when Engin insists that rather than order take-out for the group, he and Piril will cook.  Piril reminds him that they have no groceries, 

Balca has returned to the Bolat estate where she continues to befriend Aydan.  They discuss the Prince and Aydan says she, too, would like to meet this wealthy, handsome man, but when she learns he is about 30 years old, she loses interest.  Aydan hasn’t lost interest in Eda and her son, however, so she asks Balca if she will help her get the two lovers together.  Balca is now in a delicate position; she has vowed to help Mrs. Semiha separate Eda and Serkan, but Eda wants her to help get the two together.

Eda apparently went to her grandmother’s mansion after she finished her landscape design.  While she is there, the Prince arrives, a visit obviously planned beforehand to coincide with Eda’s presence.  The Prince brags about Mrs. Semiha and how famous she is around the world.  His compliments are returned when her grandmother tells that she met the Prince at an oil refinery summit.  They had different views but the Prince eventually persuaded her to accept his opinion about climate change.  Eda is polite but bored, and when she finally excuses herself to go home, Mrs. Semiha insists that Tahir take her.  Serkan has come to the house looking for her, but sees that her bedroom windows are dark.  He forlornly walks back to his car.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.02.29.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.04.47.png

Finally in her bedroom, Eda holds the bracelet that Serkan gave her and remembers all of the romantic moments they have shared; the first kiss, the ring, the engagement party dress, the dance, the pool, the confession of love, the curtained romantic evening, the walk in the rain, the fashion show, and the ice skating.  

At the Prince’s home, workers bring in several items, among them a huge painting covered with a drapery.  His assistant says she thought they would be in Istanbul for only a short while, but apparently they will stay longer.  The Prince answers that they will linger.  The next day, the Prince meets with the company and reviews the home and landscape designs they have prepared for him.  He seems to be pleased with the designs and says the company will have the project.

Ayfer and Aydan receive invitations from Chef Alexander to a dinner the next day, and both women believe the invitation is for a romantic, private evening alone with the charming man.  Later,   Aydan worries Seyfi with helping her choose an outfit for the private dinner while Ayfer relies on Fifi to advise her about a proper dress.  Both women are ridiculous in their efforts to impress the Chef and both plan to take a gift for him as a thank you, but neither has any idea they both will be present until they meet at the entrance to the restaurant, and their gifts are exactly the same, replicas of the Galata Tower.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.08.50.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.09.11.png

After the presentation, Eda tells Serkan she has made some changes to the landscape design; Serkan asks her to go out with him to get some air and talk, but before this can happen, Balca comes in to announce that Serkan is expected for a PR interview and Leyla announces that the Prince wants Eda to go with him to the building site to show him the layout of the garden. 

At the building site, the Prince and Eda walk over the garden area and the Prince explains that this lot was especially dear to his deceased mother who had hoped to live here with her grandchildren.  He is building his home here in her memory.  He suggests a gazebo overlooking the Bosphorus and Eda says she will add that to the design with a path leading to it.  The Prince continues to watch Eda closely as they talk, and finally, he puts his coat around her shoulders when he sees that she is cold.  The Prince has brought a lime seedling which he and Eda plant and water before Mrs. Semiha appears.  She seems to be very pleased to see Eda with the Prince, and when he invites Eda, Serkan and Mrs. Semiha for dinner at the hotel, Mrs. Semiha accepts with a smile and forces Eda to agree.  On the way home, Eda tells her that she will not be controlled, but her grandmother shows her an article about Alptekin being arrested for counterfeit money just to let her know the power she has.  She warns Eda not to be obstinate and reminds her that she has the power to destroy Serkan, his family and his business.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.11.05.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.13.40.png

At the office, Balca pushes more interview time on Serkan who is reluctant to agree because he has other business to attend to, but she’s insistent.  Before he can answer her definitively, Engin comes in with bad news.  Apparently, Alptekin has been arrested in the Bahamas for using counterfeit money.  Ceren and Ferit enter to say that Alptekin has a good lawyer and at least they know he is physically all right.  Engin questions whether Alptekin would ever get involved in an illegal business, and Serkan says of course not.  Serkan wants to fly to the Bahamas, but Ceren, Ferit and Engin say he should remain in Istanbul.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.12.06.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.12.41.png

That evening the Prince entertains his guests for dinner.  Eda is quiet, but Serkan tries to make small talk.  Mrs. Semiha quietly reminds Eda of the power she has and tells Eda to end her association with Serkan.  She then tells the Prince that she wants to discuss one of his paintings and leads him away so that Eda can talk to Serkan.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.16.26.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.16.48.png

 Serkan says she looks bored and they could leave if she’s ready, but Eda says she will stay with her grandmother.  Serkan asks her what’s happened, but she refrains from answering.  She is quiet, stricken with the words she must say when she tells him they can’t succeed, they can’t be together.  He knows her grandmother has interfered but she won’t or can’t do anything about it.  Serkan says they love each other and together they can fight anyone or anything, but Eda says love is not strong enough to overcome memories of the past.  Serkan knows Mrs. Semiha is forcing Eda to separate from him.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.21.37.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.22.23.png

Serkan tells Eda he will make it easy for her.  There is nothing between them, and with that he leaves.  Eda, obviously upset, tells her grandmother they should leave.  Mrs. Semiha has a Cheshire cat smile on her face as she tells the Prince good night.  She’s very pleased with the havoc she’s caused in Eda’s life.  When his guests have gone, the Prince unveils the painting propped in the adjacent room.  It is a portrait of him and a woman who looks exactly like Eda.  She is his deceased wife Esma, and he thinks he can be reunited with her by marrying her Doppelganger.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.23.23.png




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