Shock!  Maybe double Shock!  For Eda, facing the grandmother she has long detested is almost incomprehensible.  Discovering that this woman is now the new partner in Serkan’s company is beyond reason.  Accepting what she sees as almost impossible, she’s immobilized by her emotions.  Anger soon overwhelms Eda as she recognizes Mrs. Semiha’s determination to become involved in her life.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.06.37.png

When Eda asks her grandmother why she has come to Istanbul and why the partnership in Art/Life, Mrs. Semiha answers that she saw an investment opportunity that would allow her time to spend with her daughter and granddaughter.  Eda is not satisfied with that answer.  She sees her grandmother attempting to control her life as she tried to control the life of her son, Eda’s father.  Serkan tries to calm Eda by taking her into the conference room where he asks if she has ever seen Semiha’s name on any documents in Efe’s possession.  Eda is immediately offended that Serkan would think she had any fore knowledge of her grandmother’s partnership, but Serkan assures her that he isn’t making that accusation.  He had always been suspicious of Efe and now that suspicion has come to fruition.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.07.09.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.08.43.png

Mrs. Semiha demands to be shown Serkan’s office and Leyla takes her to the big conference room.  With her air of superiority and entitlement, the older woman settles into Serkan’s desk chair and requests all of the personnel documents, an order that confuses Leyla.  Once Mrs. Semiha has the files, she goes through and selects Balca’s dossier because she appears to be unattached and can offer a suitable obstacle in Eda’s romance with Serkan. While perusing Balca’s file, Mrs. Semiha receives a call from her assistant Tahir who tells her that he has taken care of Alptekin and everything is in order.

Balca sees Mrs. Semiha’s presence and Eda’s anger as an opportunity for her to get closer to Serkan since there seems to be a disagreement between the lovers.  She calls Suzi, the romance mentor, and tells her a new opportunity as come.  Later, Balca goes to Suzi for advice and she’s told to spend New Year’s Eve with Serkan and her future with him will be settled.

Serkan orders coffee and attempts to calm Eda by addressing her as Eda Bolat, an expression that shows both his trust in her and his affection.  Eda tells him he’s trying to make her angry, and he agrees.  He says he wants her to get the anger out, even against him, if she will become calmer and focus on the problem.  Although, he adds, Eda Bolat does sound very nice.  Doesn’t she agree?  Eda says he doesn’t realize how dangerous her grandmother is, but Serkan says he knows.  She is there to take revenge against him and the company for the death of Eda’s parents and separate them.  But, Serkan continues, he won’t let that happen.  Besides, she can’t separate two people who love each other.

Ceren tells Melo that Mrs. Semiha’s presence is an ill omen, for this woman opposed her own son’s choice of wife and made life miserable for Eda’s parents.  Melo is upset because she knows how much Ayfer and Eda disliked this woman who made their lives so difficult. 

Eda is naïve.  She thinks she can confront her grandmother and solve their problem, but Serkan sees a worthy business opponent that has an advantage with Eda’s fragile emotions.  When Eda insists on speaking with her grandmother, Serkan begs her to remain calm.  Of course, Eda is not calm.  In anger she tells her grandmother she will not let her destroy her life the way she destroyed her parents, but Mrs. Semiha says she will stay at the company until she and Eda have reconciled their differences.  Further, she says she didn’t destroy Eda’s family, the company did that.  Eda then realizes that Mrs. Semiha will do whatever she thinks necessary to rectify her family’s estrangement and punish Serkan’s family.  Mrs. Semiha tells Eda that if she will marry someone with whom she approves, she will back off and leave the Bolat family alone, but if Eda keeps her relationship with Serkan, she will destroy the Holding and the Bolat family.  Further, she tells Eda that she must keep this secret from Ayfer or she will personally destroy Serkan.  Eda, seething with anger, leaves the office.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.17.22.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.18.20.png

Ayfer is enthralled with her correspondence with Chef Alexander.  When she receives an invitation to meet with him, she is embarrassed and uncertain.  Fifi teases her for her shyness and says she should offer to meet him at the foundation since he will be working with the charitable group.  Their meeting will have a purpose and be in an open setting with others.  Ayfer thinks that’s a good idea, but she should talk with Aydan first to see what the group has on schedule.

Mrs. Semiha calls for a meeting.  While they are waiting, Tahir comes in with a huge, throne-like chair and places it at the opposite end of the table from Serkan’s chair.  Once in place, Mrs. Semiha begins the meeting by telling them she wants to know everything about Serkan.  She wants them to tell her what he likes, what he wants, what he does, how he works and how he makes decisions.  The group feels uncomfortable and Engin sees immediately that she is determined to harm Serkan.  Knowing the history with Mrs. Semiha’s family, Ferit suggests that she may want to know about Alptekin since Serkan has just recently taken over the company, but Mrs. Semiha says Alptekin is not available and will not be around for quite awhile.  Engin is alarmed by that and asks why, but Mrs. Semiha says that information must wait for later.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.18.38.png

At the Bolat estate, Aydan receives Alptekin’s petition for divorce and she’s shocked that he so quickly wanted to end their marriage in court.  Just at that moment Ayfer enters on her mission to find out more about the foundations plans with Chef Alexander so she can arrange a meeting with him. Instead, she finds that she has to reassure Aydan that she’s a beautiful woman who can have many admirers and even get married again if she chooses.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.19.02.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.19.44.png

Eda knocks on Serkan’s door. They have a little flirting conversation before Eda admits that her grandmother has come for her.  She says Mrs. Semiha believes Serkan has “blinded” her, and Serkan answers that everyone knows that she loves him but she won’t admit it.  Seriously, Eda says she thinks if she leaves the company, her grandmother will give up and go away, but Serkan believes she would be giving up on him.  While Serkan is shaving, Eda comes in to tell him she’s really confused; she doesn’t know whether to fight her grandmother or run away.  Serkan tells her he can face anything if her hand is on his heart.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.21.16.png

While they are having coffee, Serkan tells Eda that Leyla told him that Mrs. Semiha had asked for personnel files, a classic employer’s first move to see who could be trusted.  Then Engin calls to ask when Serkan had last talked with his father because Mrs. Semiha said Alptekin wouldn’t be around for awhile.  Engin seems worried and wants Serkan to call his dad.  Serkan and Eda learn that Ayfer is with Aydan at the Bolat estate, so they decide to meet with there to give them the news of the new partner and the disappearance of Alptekin.

Ayfer remembers why she came to see Aydan and asks about the foundation’s project and if she could meet Chef Alexander there. Aydan says the foundation isn’t open tomorrow, but she would be delighted to come to Ayfer’s to meet with the Chef.  They could invite Eda and Serkan to join them, an opportunity for them to celebrate New Year’s Eve as a family.  Before a decision is made, Eda and Serkan arrive with the news that Mrs. Semiha is the new partner and Alptekin is nowhere to be found.  Ayfer is upset and goes home.  Eda tells Serkan about a nightmare she has based on her grandmother’s effort to take her after her parents died.  She runs away, tumbles down a hill and loses a bracelet that her parents have given her.  That bracelet was the dearest item she owned after their deaths and she has recurring nightmares about running away and losing it.  Serkan tells her to forget the past and remember that New Year’s Eve will be the beginning of a new life for them.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 19.27.02.png

Mrs. Semiha invites Balca for lunch where she encourages Balca to intervene in Eda and Serkan’s relationship.  She says they both want the same thing, for Eda and Serkan to end their affair.  She encourages Balca to fight for her love because Eda will soon meet her husband-to-be, a man whom Semiha has chosen and whom she deems worthy of marrying her granddaughter.

Once Ayfer returns home, she worries about Eda and what her mother’s intentions are.  A doorbell rings and Ayfer meets her mother face to face.  She doesn’t want to let her in, but she must.  After she serves tea, Mrs. Semiha tells her she will leave once she’s satisfied that Eda has no relationship with Serkan.  Ayfer emphasizes that they do not see the Bolats, but the appearance of Aydan and Seyfi belie that statement.  Ayfer introduces Aydan as Aysun and Seyfi as her son.

At the office Serkan calls a meeting to let the group know that Mrs. Semiha has a plan but he doesn’t know what it is (Eda knows but she can’t tell because of her grandmother’s threat of destroying the company and Serkan).  They will have to trust him that he can handle the situation.  Balca comes in with a bowl containing everyone’s name.  They will draw for the person to whom they will give a New Year’s Eve present.  Serkan draws first and has Balca’s name, not a surprise for Eda. Actually, there was only Balca’s name in the bowl, a ploy to insure that she would have a connection with Serkan.  Before the others could draw, she went to her office to dump the papers with her name and put the other names in for them to choose.

Serkan talks Eda into going with him to buy gifts for the office crew.  When they return, Mrs. Semiha is waiting to have a meeting, an opportunity for her to discuss the survey Balca made earlier.  The results of that survey found that Serkan did what he wanted and didn’t communicate fully with the group.  Mrs. Semiha wants to change that, but for the time that she’s at the company, she wants her office decorated and she wants to meet Serkan’s mother.  Eda follows her when she leaves, and once in the upstairs office, Eda asks her why she is in Istanbul.  Mrs. Semiha says she’s here for Eda, her only grandchild, because everything she has will one day be Eda’s.  She reminds Eda that one-half of the Art/Life Company is hers, but Eda says she doesn’t want it.  Mrs. Semiha says Eda deserves better, so she doesn’t want to see a relationship between Eda and Serkan; if so, she will destroy the company, Serkan and his family.  If Eda doesn’t believe her, she should take note of Alptekin Bolat, if anyone can locate him.

Later that evening at Ayfer’s house, Mrs. Semiha continues to insinuate herself in Ayfer and Eda’s life.  She criticizes the food and suggests they eat out, but Eda comes in to interrupt the conversation.  Eda is shocked to see her grandmother there and she refuses to stay in the house.  She goes to Serkan’s and spends the night.  Balca calls while she’s there and tells Serkan she has a gift for him but it’s too heavy for her to bring to him.  Serkan says he will come to Balca’s house to get the gift.  While he’s away, Eda decides to have a bubble bath and she’s still in the tub when he returns.  When she gets out and goes downstairs, she sees a covered object on the counter.  It’s Balca’s gift, a bust of Serkan.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 20.10.10.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 20.10.46.png

The next morning, after breakfast, Eda gives Serkan his New Year’s gift, a rare edition of The Little Prince with an illustration that she drew herself.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Semiha has discovered that Eda spent the night at Serkan’s and she leaves to get her.  Aydan and Seyfi, who have come to Ayfer’s to prepare a meal for Chef Alexander, join Ayfer in trying to get to Serkan’s before Mrs. Semiha can arrive.  Melo and Ceren arrive first, however, followed by Mrs. Semiha and then Ayfer, Aydan (Aysun) and Seyfi.  Eda and Serkan are surprised and confused.

No one is in the office except Piril who feels she must work.  Engin rushes in to tell her they are going to get married.  The night before Piril explained that she does not have loving parents.  In fact, she says that’s why she has delayed arranging a meeting for Engin with them because he comes from a happy family where everyone is close, but her family is not like that.  That’s why she has spent her time working so hard.  When Engin realizes why she has been so hesitant, he decides to skip the formalities and just the two of them get married.  He has arranged a dress for Piril, a bouquet and an official to perform the ceremony.  Leyla and Erdem are their witnesses.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 20.16.27.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 20.21.24.png

Aydan and Ayfer are in Serkan’s kitchen preparing a meal when the doorbell rings.  It’s Seyfi who has brought Chef Alexander to Serkan’s house when the plans at Ayfer’s were ruined by Mrs. Semiha.  The ladies finish preparing a few things for the Chef to taste, all to his liking.  Then he prepares little dishes for them to taste.  The three are alone in Serkan’s house because everyone has left; Ayfer and Aydan are both smitten by the charming, handsome Chef.

When Serkan learns about the marriage after a call to Engin in the middle of the ceremony, he decides to change the venue for the New Year’s Eve party to the office so they can all celebrate Engin and Piril’s wedding.  He calls Melo and tells her to arrange the party and call everyone.  That evening Balca has her own plans.  She dresses seductively and then plunders destructively through her house to make it appear that a thief has entered looking for valuables.  She calls Serkan and pretends that the robber is still in the house while she is locked in her bedroom.  Serkan tells her to call the police, but she says she’s too afraid.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 20.23.18.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 20.23.27.png

Serkan goes to Balca’s house and sees the damage, but he doesn’t stay as she had planned.  He goes to the office to join the party.  Melo did a fantastic job of decorating and catering for the party.  Tahir shows Mrs. Semiha a photo of Eda and Serkan; Mrs. Semiha speaks to Eda, telling her that she believes Eda has a relationship with Serkan and what happens next will not be her fault.  Eda is defiant, not believing that her grandmother could hurt Serkan.  Engin and Piril enter and announce their marriage and everyone congratulates them.  The celebration begins and Serkan takes Eda to the patio where he gives her a special gift, a replica of the charm bracelet she lost years ago when she was a child.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 20.27.25.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 20.27.35.png

When Mrs. Semiha observes Eda giving Serkan a hug for that special gift, she signals Tahir to begin her plot to ruin Serkan.  Before Serkan can finish speaking with Eda, police arrive and arrest him for a denunciation.  What did Serkan do?  Why would Mrs. Semiha go to such extreme lengths to ruin Serkan’s reputation and hurt the business in which she’s a partner?  How does this effect Eda’s already fractured relationship with her grandmother?

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2021-01-05 20.28.35.png




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