“There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.”– Martin Luther King, Jr. Waiting.  Eda sits alone in one restaurant, Serkan in another, each wondering if the other has given up hope that an understanding and reconciliation can take place.  The mislaid plan for a dinner together is the handiwork of Selin who is determined to make the lovers as miserable and disconnected as she is from Serkan, the man she has loved for years.

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Eda goes home with the girls, declaring that Serkan doesn’t care, so she will focus on work just as he does.  Serkan goes to Engin, saying he invited her to dinner “to fix” him, to make him what and how she wanted him to be, but she obviously doesn’t want him anymore.  Neither would call the other out of a sense of pride and justification.  The conclusion: Eda will work at Art/Life until Efe leaves for Italy; Serkan will stay as close to her as he can within the guidelines of her contract.

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Ayfer, who has read the letter Eda left for her before the charity event, is waiting for Eda’s return.  She is upset that Eda is connected with the family and the firm that was indirectly responsible for Eda’s parents’ deaths.  When the two women talk, Ayfer recognizes that Serkan and Aydan are not guilty, but she doesn’t want Eda or herself to be associated with them anymore.  She says she wants Eda to only be with people who make her happy.

Efe Akman talks with his mysterious partner; he offers to buy plane tickets, but that offer is declined apparently.  Then he tells the person that it will take time for Eda to become accustomed to him/her.  Patience will be required, but he has a plan.  He will also attempt again to buy Ferit’s shares in the Holding, an obvious effort to control the company.

Engin and Piril are sound asleep when the phone rings.  Apparently their living together has reached smoother, happier, more intimate terms.  The call is from America.  The company has been asked to renovate a kitchen in a hotel to suit the demands of the world famous chef Alexander.  Engin, barely awake, informs Piril that his mother wants to meet her, news that makes Piril question how the woman would know about her.  Engin says he told his mother they live together, and that really doesn’t suit Piril because he’s making plans without her input.

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Eda and Melo arrive at the office the next morning; it will be Melo’s first day as Engin’s assistant and she’s worried about Erdem accepting her.  Serkan arrives as they are talking and informs Eda there will be a meeting in his office about the Golf Resort project and she should be present.  They have a conversation about “waiting,” innuendoes referring to last night’s restaurant disappointment in which neither showed up at a restaurant.  Serkan learns that Eda will leave when Efe goes back to Italy, a departure that will happen either today or tomorrow.  He goes to Engin and tells him to come up with some idea of how he can spend the entire day with Eda if it should be her last.    

Everyone on the Golf Resort project gathers in Serkan’s office and Engin says that Serkan and Eda should review the property together; that’s his answer for Serkan’s request, but Eda says she doesn’t have to go since Ms. Idil has her drawings for the completed project.  Engin then changes and says that Serkan needs to stay in the office, too, to work on a “bridge” project.  

Ayfer, still angry about the Bolat Holding involvement in the death of Eda’s parents, goes to the Bolat estate to confront Alptekin, but when she arrives, she finds Aydan in a catatonic state.  Seyfi explains that Aydan has been that way since she discovered Alptekin was cheating and she attacked the woman in the hotel room.  Aydan ends up going to Ayfer’s house with Seyfi and suitcases in tow.  She’s decided that is how she will get Serkan and Eda together.  Serkan will have to come to Eda’s house to see his mother.  Ayfer is not happy about this arrangement, hoping that after she serves them dinner, they will go back home.

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Selin announces that the charity group wants Serkan and Eda to be their PR representatives and a photographer will arrive soon to take their pictures.  Serkan says no, but Eda agrees to be the image of the scholarship campaign.  The photographer, Jan, is a handsome young man who immediately appreciates Eda because she looks like a model.  Serkan is jealous and determined that Eda will not spend time alone with him.  He tells Leyla to find out the photography schedule and when she can, put the engagement ring in Eda’s pocket.

Ceren comes to the office because Serkan wants to see her.  She snubs Ferit when he tries to apologize and goes to Serkan’s office to learn that Serkan wants her to find out who told the journalists that he and Eda were no longer engaged.  He also wants to know who has written about them because he plans legal action.  Ceren already knows how deceptive Selin is when she bribed the journalist into lying about the source of the engagement “contract.”  

Eda takes all of her projects to Serkan, and he asks her what it would take to make her stay.  He tells her that she once told him to say “Don’t go” if he really wanted her to stay.  He says, “Don’t go,” but Eda says she doesn’t trust him anymore.  She says that she promised Ayfer she wouldn’t see him, and besides, she has broken her own promises to herself every time she’s believed him.

Efe Akman comes to Eda to tell her he will be leaving tomorrow.  Eda seems a bit disappointed that he’s leaving so soon because that means her time with Serkan is coming to an end.  She tells him she appreciated the opportunity to work with him and wishes him good luck in resolving the problems in Italy.

Jan, the photographer and Eda go to his photography studio where he gives her the camera to take pictures to lessen her tension.  She seems to enjoy snapping pictures, saying that maybe she will develop her skills in photography for professional uses, but Jan says she should consider modeling.  She snaps pictures until Serkan shows up in the view finder.  Jan takes pictures of Eda in different outfits representing different careers that young women might pursue: florists, nurses, airline attendants, etc.  During the session, Serkan receives a call from Seyfi telling him that his mother Aydan is staying with Ayfer.  When the session is over, Jan tells Eda they will go for hamburgers, but Serkan tells him that Eda is HIS girlfriend, the woman of his life, and there will be NO hamburgers.  Eda understands when Jan says he can’t go, and Serkan says he will take her home.

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Aydan casts a critical eye around Ayfer’s home.  She says the look is “retro” and she finds herself moving things to suit her desire for symmetry, style, and balance.  In the kitchen where she has volunteered to help Ayfer prepare dinner, she moves at a snail’s pace, drawing out her tasks to use time until Serkan and Eda appear. To add to the purpose of staying in the house, Aydan and Seyfi have come up with the idea of having Esma, Alptekin’s lover, have a brother who is looking for revenge.  He’s the strange man that Eda and Melo see when they are outside the house.  Now, this element of danger adds to the need for Aydan and Seyfi to stay with Ayfer for a few days.

Efe and Ferit have coffee before Efe leaves.  Once again, Efe offers to buy Ferit’s shares and Ferit says no.  Efe tells him that although he will be in Italy, his partner will come to take his place and everything at the company will change.  The change may not be good for Ferit, even though he has been the most cooperating and friendliest of all the personnel.  As they are about to leave, Ceren enters looking for Selin.  She tells them that she has called Selin all day to no avail and now she can’t find her.  When they ask why, she says Selin knows the journalist who wrote the story about the engagement contract and the story about Serkan and Eda’s breakup. Ceren knows that Selin bribed the journalist not to tell the truth about her source for the first story.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t have proof, but she will eventually.

Erdem and Melo battle for primacy in their roles as assistant to Engin, a good thing Engin has decided since they actually get things done.  Engin informs Piril that his mother wants to meet her the next day, and Piril is shocked. She says they don’t need to hurry; besides, she doesn’t know what to do or what to say to his mother. She says she needs more time, but Engin is not deterred.  He suggests they have a courtship rehearsal with Aydan whom Piril knows and trusts.  They will practice on a visit with Aydan to prepare Piril for the questions that Engin’s mother would ask her.  

Eda and Serkan arrive at Ayfer’s house.  When Ayfer comes to the door, Serkan is prepared to apologize to her not only for the tragedy in the past, but also for the unhappiness he has caused Eda.  Serkan is a changed man, willing to admit mistakes, make apologies, and declare his feelings.  He doesn’t know why Aydan is there, so Ayfer tells him he should talk with his mother.  He goes inside while Eda and Ayfer stay on the patio to give them privacy.

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At Ceren’s office, Ferit tells Ceren the truth about how the engagement contract ended up in the papers.  He said Selin bribed the journalist into keeping quiet to save him since he had just joined the company.  He tells her he took a picture, he sent it to Kaan because he thought it was funny, but Kaan sent it to the journalist to hurt Serkan.  Ceren says Ferit needs to explain the situation to Serkan and clear his conscience.

Efe visits Selin in her office before he leaves and, once again, offers to buy her stock, telling her that things will change when his partner comes to work with them.  With the money he offers, she could live anywhere she wanted in great comfort.  He then goes to the journalist’s office where he bribes her into admitting that Selin paid her not to tell the source and also that Kaan Karadag was the one who sent her the picture.  He asks her to record the truth on his cell phone, a confession that he will use to blackmail Selin into selling her shares in the holding.

Engin has not been able to reach Aydan to arrange a practice session of questions his mother might ask Piril when they meet. Melo hears him and invites them to Ayfer’s since that’s where Aydan is currently located.

Melo comes home, sees the strange man, and Seyfi goes after him.  Seyfi puts threatening messages in the man’s phone to send to him so he can heighten the danger to Aydan and keep her at Ayfer’s house a little longer.  Aydan admits to Serkan that this is a plan to keep him there so that he can improve his relationship with Eda.

Eda sets the table for dinner before Serkan takes Aydan home.  She says she would suggest that he eat something but she knows Mardin food does not suit his healthy diet.  He picks up a slice of pie and eats it, telling her he is changing.  Before she can react to his offer to go home, Jan the photographer arrives to take pictures of the house, starting with her bedroom upstairs, not something Serkan is happy about. Aydan is as annoyed by the handsome man as Serkan is, but Serkan tells her she could have found someone less attractive.  Aydan says she didn’t hire him, Selin did. 

The evening wears on with Jan taking pictures of Eda and her friends until Serkan joins them at the table.  He begins talking about their relationship, something Eda wants to avoid, but when she admits she waited for him at the restaurant and he never came, Serkan realizes that she was willing to give him another chance to save their relationship.  She goes to the kitchen to be away from him and the truth she never meant to tell him.  Serkan follows her and between them, they discover that they waited for each other in two separate restaurants.  Eda says she’s confused, she doesn’t know what to think.  Serkan tells her not to think, to feel, a lesson that Eda has been trying to teach him from the beginning of their love.  Serkan says some beautiful things to Eda, including asking her to be with him, to be by his side wherever they go or whatever they do.

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Engin and Piril arrive while Seyfi and Serkan chase the strange man Seyfi hired to be Esma’s brother. Melo and Fifi think Engin and Piril have brought candy and flowers for Serkan so he can ask Ayfer for Eda’s hand in marriage, an idea that makes Ayfer crazy with anger.  Serkan, however, explains to Aydan that Engin has come to ask her for Piril’s hand in marriage because Piril is estranged from her family. He tells Aydan to perform the ritual questions.  Ayfer joins the group and, thinking that Serkan is asking for Eda by proxy, opposes everything that is said.  Finally, the confusion ends when Jan suggests taking a picture of the entire group, giving Serkan a chance to put his arm around Eda.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-12-07 10.28.22.png

Eda walks Serkan to the door to say goodnight while Ayfer and Aydan rest on the sofa.  Serkan tells Eda that chef Alexander wants to grow plants on the hotel terrace and he’d like her to collect the plants.  He tells her he will pick her up in the morning and they can take the plants to the Golf Resort hotel. Ayfer tells Eda to take the famous chef some of her Mardin eggplant.

At the office, Ceren leaves Serkan a cell phone message, telling him that Ferit will speak with him about the first issue with the journalist and Selin.  Ferit comes in and Ceren asks him who else knows the truth.  Reluctantly, Ferit admits that Eda knows but has kept the secret because he asked her not to reveal it.  Selin, who appears to be clearing out her office, overhears the conversation and goes back into the office to write a note addressed to Serkan Bolat which she puts on his desk.  We can guess that she tells Serkan that Eda has known the truth all this time and never told him. Perhaps she also tells him that she sold her shares to Efe.   Selin will take any opportunity to hurt Eda and Serkan, even as she walks out of the door.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-12-07 10.36.56.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-12-07 10.38.23.png

The next morning Serkan picks up Eda and takes her to a grand hotel.  He tells her that since they didn’t have the dinner together, he has arranged for chef Alexander to prepare a meal for them to make up for the misspent evening.  When they go into the lobby, they see that the dining room is on the 25th floor, a very long and arduous walk if they take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Eda, who suffers from claustrophobia, cannot use an elevator, so she tells Serkan that she will take the stairs.  He says he doesn’t want her to suffer, so they should go.  Eda doesn’t want to leave since the chef prepared a special meal for them, so she said she would try to use the elevator. Serkan also doesn’t want to give up this chance to be alone with Eda for the day.  He wants her to be sure, and he reminds her that she survived the plane ride to and from the island several months ago when they didn’t know each other.  Eda says they can’t refuse the meal the chef has prepared and she will try to get on the elevator.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-12-07 10.39.19.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-12-07 10.40.37.png

He leads her into the elevator and says he will press all of the buttons so that if she gets upset, they can get off on any floor.  He tells her to close her eyes and breathe.  When she starts to tremble, he tells her  to  look into his eyes, remember the day on the plane, and remember their time together.   

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-12-07 10.41.17.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-12-07 10.42.04.png

EdEda is calmed by Serkan’s words and the quiet, calm tone of his voice.  He pulls her close and tells her to breathe.  She is seduced by the warmth and closeness, the familiar fragrance and feel of his cheek against hers.  He wraps his arms around her and she is gives in to the longing they both have felt.




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