Ahhh, yes. . .the kiss. . .the shock. . .the aftermath.  Serkan pulls Eda into the hotel lobby for an explanation, but before he can get an answer, Cenk and Carla pass them saying goodbye.  Eda tells Serkan that Cenk is her ex-boyfriend, and says the kiss was a “spur of the moment” action. Serkan says he has been disgraced in front of his guests, his business partner and his team.  Eda says she’s sorry, but her behavior was his fault because he’s the one who introduced her as his fiancée.  He tells her they must leave, she refuses, and then follows him to the car when photographers approach.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-22 09.10.03.png

Melo, Ceren and Fifi, are confused and search for Eda, but they can’t find her.   Erdem, who is infatuated with Fifi, greets the girls and tells them that their friend left with Serkan.  They agree to go home and wait for Eda to appear.  In the car, Eda is embarrassed but determined to solve the problem she created by going to the florist shop and then home.  She thinks the publicity will blow over if she drops out of sight for a few days, but Serkan has other ideas.  He tells her that she can go home, but she will come to the company at 8:00 pm that evening.  She refuses again until he tells her that he can sue her and ruin her life.  

When Eda arrives home, she tries to hide from her aunt Ayfer, but Melo enters the front door and complicates the situation.  Ayfer wants to know the whereabouts of Eda, but Melo says she doesn’t know but probably at the shop.  When Ayfer leaves, Melo sees Eda and shows her the photo of the kiss which is all over the news and social media.  Ayfer returns and demands an explanation since she cannot find Eda at the shop.  Melo says Eda probably went for a walk since the weather is so nice.  Ayfer decides to call Eda, and Eda, hidden behind the door, drops her phone in Melo’s purse when it rings.   That confuses Ayfer more.   She doesn’t understand why Melo has Eda’s cell phone.  After an incoherent answer from Melo, Ayfer takes the phone and says they will talk about this later.  She knows something is going on.

Serkan’s enemy, Kaan Montenegro, has seen Eda’s photo on the news and he knows about the disrupted news conference.  He calls an associate and tells him to investigate Eda because he suspects that Serkan isn’t in love with this girl.  He thinks Serkan isn’t capable of loving anyone.  We learn that Kaan has bought land adjacent to the acreage where Serkan’s ecological hotel will be constructed, and he directs that the money be sent to the owner of land.  This action will disrupt Serkan’s hotel project.

Serkan’s parents are upset.  His father can’t reach him on the phone, and his mother, staring at the picture of the kiss, is beside herself with annoyance.  She directs Seyfi to discover what is going on while his father heads for the office.

Selin, enduring a barrage of questions from reporters, is unable to speak, but when the business partner in the hotel venture approaches, she apologizes for the ruined press announcement.  The business partner says he trusts Serkan and finds “true love” a rather fascinating affair.  Selin is angry and directs Engin to find out what Serkan is doing while Pelin mocks Engin’s stumbling announcement of the land deal after Serkan left the podium.

The girls have all gathered at the florist shop, and under intense scrutiny and questions from Ayfer, they have to tell her about the kiss and show her the picture.  At the office Selin is still asking Engin to explain who the woman is and what Serkan is doing, but Engin has no answers other than Eda’s name.  At the appointed time, Eda arrives at the office and joins Serkan on the patio where he presents her with a contract.  He lists the conditions of the contract: 1. She will act as his assistant and fiancée for two months or until Selin marries Ferit.  2. She will be available to him day or night to accompany him wherever he goes in the city or out of the city. 3. She will not ask any questions because he doesn’t like to be questioned.  Eda says she will sign but only with certain conditions: 1. She will not work on Saturday mornings. 2. He will not touch her without her permission.  3. He will not tell anyone of their agreement unless she can explain the situation to her friends.  She signs the contract and leaves.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-22 09.20.50.png

At home, Eda joins Ayfer in the kitchen where she’s making a cake.  Eda tells her that she’s engaged to Serkan Bolant and will work as his assistant, so she won’t be able to help in the florist shop.  Ayfer congratulates Eda and tells her to invite him to dinner the next night, but she’s upset that Eda is seeing the man she hates.  This relationship is too strange and much too hasty.   At his home, Serkan receives a packet of information on Eda from Seyfi who has conducted the research for Serkan’s mother.  On her balcony Eda reads her copy of the contract she signed with some doubt and regret.

The next morning Eda arranges flowers and thinks about her future.  If she can manage the next two months, she’ll be able to complete her last year of college.  The girls arrive and wait anxiously for Eda’s explanation about the kiss.  She tells them that she’s engaged to Serkan and she will work as his assistant for awhile.  Only Melo believes that Eda can love the man she hates; Ceren and Fifi are skeptical (I love the horse statues in the meadow across the road).  We learn from Fifi that Eda’s  grandmother is very rich and would provide for Eda’s education, so surely she didn’t get engaged for money.  Eda says they had promised never to mention her grandmother; her only answer for the girls is love.  Selin, sitting in a taxi not far away from the florist shop, observes the girls talking at the outside tea table. Before the discussion can go further, Serkan arrives  and whisks Eda away.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-22 09.22.29.png

He takes her to his “cool” house where she sees the stables, charms the dog and also meets his mother.  After answering some personal questions, Eda tells Serkan that her aunt expects them for dinner that  night.  When she says Ayfer will prepare Mardin food, Serkan answers that he doesn’t eat fatty or high cholesterol dishes.  On their walk about the estate, they meet Ayden, Serkan’s mother, who is very rude. She claims the family heritage too fine for the likes of a florist girl.  Irked with this rejection, Eda exclaims that they are not really engaged; it’s a ruse to break up Selin’s engagement.  Serkan adds that his mother is not to tell his father.  As they leave, Eda says she was so annoyed by the insults, she almost had a heart attack, to which Serkan replied that she would get a medical checkup the next week.  He wanted to be sure she was healthy.  Before they can get in the car, Engin calls to tell Serkan there is a problem with the hotel project.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-22 09.25.42.png

At the office, Peril is annoyed that Eda is with Serkan.  She says the girl is making Serkan sluggish, and with the current problem, they need him to be in top executive form.  Serkan, all business, introduces Eda as his fiancée, tells Leyla to show her the office they will share, and then goes to the conference room to learn that the problem is Kaan Montenegro.  He bought the land they were going to use as orchards from a farmers’ collective.  Serkan calls Kaan to meet in the restaurant and we learn that the rancor between the two has to do with their fathers.  Apparently, Serkan’s father destroyed Kaan’s father’s business, so Kaan is in revenge mode to destroy Serkan’s firm, a threat that Serkan does not take seriously. 

Back at the office, Serkan calls Eda in to give her a credit card to buy an engagement ring.  He also tells her she can go home and start work the next morning.  She takes the card but refuses to leave work because she doesn’t want to be indebted to him.  At the jewelry store, she buys the smallest, least expensive ring.  On the way back to the office, she sees the covers of two magazines which feature “the Kiss” at a neighbor’s newsstand.  She buys all of the issues and throws them in the trash.

On the way back to the office, Eda’s jeep develops a problem.  Kaan, passing by, recognizes her and stops to help.  He tightens the spark plug, and advises Eda to take the jeep for service.  She thanks him and he gives her his card.  Thankful for the help, Eda calls her aunt Ayfer and tells her to send flowers to Kaan’s office in her name.  

While Eda is away, Serkan wanders into the office Eda will share with Leyla.  He sees how small and enclosed it is and remembers Eda’s claustrophobia.  He tells Engin to change a wall to glass so the space feels larger and more open.  Fikret Bey, the business man, arrives to learn that the project has been changed.  Not pleased with the change, Fikret says he’s sorry that he can’t agree with the change and says maybe they can do business another time.  As he is leaving, Eda returns and Serkan takes the opportunity of introducing her to Fikret Bey as his fiancée.  He then invites the business man to their engagement party as guest of honor, an affair that hadn’t existed until that very moment, but will hopefully postpone the man’s departure.  Fikret was impressed with the kiss and the idea of romance, so he accepts the invitation.

When Eda returns to the office from the jewelry store, she shows the ring to Serkan, but he says that it will not do.  He takes her to an exclusive store and chooses a pink diamond ring in a flower design, very expensive and much bigger than she wants.  Acknowledging that it’s beautiful, Eda promises to return the ring when the engagement is over.  While the jeweler prepares the ring, Serkan calls his mother Ayden and tells her to prepare an engagement party for the next evening.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-21 19.47.08.png

Apparently, it’s lunch time, so Serkan and Eda go to his private table in the building restaurant. He immediately gets on his cell phone as she looks out the huge window at the scenery.  She says he ignores the beautiful view that is always changing, but he assures her that he knows the view quite well.  When the food comes, she eats pasta and he eats protein.  Her next question concerns the privacy; why does he eat at a secluded table rather than among other people.  He says he doesn’t like people, and she says she forgot he’s a robot.  Eda then asks him why he invited the man to the engagement party as a guest; Serkan explains that the ecological hotel depended on the extra plot of land that Kaan Montenegro bought, so he wanted to stall Fikret Bey’s departure to have time to change the design and save the project.

As they are leaving, Selin and her fiancé Firet approach.  Firet insists that Serkan and Eda sit again so they can chat.  The conversation is forced and stilted since Eda decides to elaborate with false stories about their romance and engagement, telling Selin things about Serkan that are obviously not true.  When the conversation turns to the hotel project and Eda says the hotel would be built on agricultural land, Serkan says they have to go.  Grabbing her hand, he pulls her up, but not before she invites the couple to the engagement party the next night.

At the office, the team is desperate to find a solution for the hotel project since the land they expected to use for orchards has been sold to Kaan.  When Serkan and Eda arrive, Serkan tells the team that Eda saved the project with her idea.  They will terrace the land around the hotel to plant orchards and use the rooftop for gardens.  The team is excited to begin new designs.

A few hours later, aunt Ayfer calls to remind Eda that she has prepared a resplendent dinner for the two and expects to meet Eda’s surprise fiancé.  Eda has forgotten about the dinner and begs off because Serkan is so busy with the project, but Ayfer insists.  Serkan also tries to avoid the dinner, but Eda won’t let him.  He is furious that she has pushed him to go in front of his employees and he warns her about that when they leave the office.  He tells Eda that if she ever uses that commanding tone with him again, she cannot set foot in the office.  Pelin, Erdem, and Engin are amazed at Serkan’s agreeable behavior, noting that they have never seen him act so sheepish, especially with a woman.

When they arrive at Eda’s home, Ayfer is waiting to greet them.  After Ayfer leaves to bring food to the table, Eda tells Serkan he should have a more pleasant smile on his face since they are engaged.  They are still standing when Ayfer returns and she insists that Eda sit next to Serkan rather than across from him.  The three girls return and watch from a distance as the pair sit rather awkwardly at the table.  Ayfer questions the two about the surprising speed of their engagement to which Serkan replies that he couldn’t act otherwise after Eda put handcuffs on him.  This is news for Ayfer.  She doesn’t know anything about handcuffs and when she presses Eda on the issue, Eda passes out.  Ayfer explains to Serkan that Eda suffers from some form of narcolepsy that causes her to fall asleep when she gets seriously stressed.  Serkan is alarmed and tries to wake her while Ayfer goes to get lemon water.  Melo thinks the two look so romantic that she decides to take a picture.  The cell phone camera flashes and the girls’ presence is discovered.  They rush to the table to meet Serkan and Eda wakes up.  Ayfer sends Eda to the kitchen with the girls to “put cherries on the cake” so she can have a private conversation with Serkan.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-22 09.31.49.png

Ayfer tells Serkan that Eda’s childhood was affected by a serious trauma, an incident only Eda will explain if she wants, but she has overcome that trauma to build herself a fine, dignified life.  If he harms one hair of her head, he will answer to her because she has helped Eda become a confident, ambitious young woman.  Serkan assures her that he will not harm Eda in any way, and Ayfer says she believes him.  She uncovers the stuffed ribs and insists that Serkan eat.  He says he will take a bite for her.  

In the kitchen, the girls tell Eda she is avoiding them and they know something is not right about her relationship with Serkan, but when she objects, they have a group hug and leave.  Eda takes the cake to the table, finds Serkan and Ayfer in a conversation about Mardin Castle.  She tells Serkan that it’s late, and he really needs to go.  Serkan agrees and after complimenting the meal, he invites Ayfer to the engagement party the next evening.  Ayfer says Eda should show Serkan her apartment before he leaves, so they make a quick tour.  He sees the picture of himself that Eda has shredded in her anger and disappointment.  On the terrace, she thanks him for meeting her aunt and relieving her worry, but he says no need for thanks, it’s just part of the game.  After a few minutes of eye to eye, deep glances, he bids her goodnight. Eda on her terrace and Serkan in his home office watch a shooting star go by, a sign that something significant has happened between the two of them.  

The next morning Engin calls to tell Serkan they couldn’t finish the project, but Serkan says he finished it by working all night in his home office.  He tells Engin to bring the team to his home so they can decide how to present the project to Fikret Bey.  Ayden, Serkan’s mother, is busy arranging the garden for the engagement party, but she takes time to tell Serkan she wants to speak to Eda when she comes, and he must speak with his father who is very upset about the surprise engagement.  Serkan goes to see his father who tells him that he doesn’t want to meet the girl, and Serkan is making a huge mistake, endangering his future at the firm and the holding itself. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-22 09.39.25.png

Serkan says the holding is already in danger, and that his father should talk to Selin and her father about buying their 50% of the business.  He says that Selin’s father is sick, and she is smart enough to run the business by herself if something happened.  His father says he can’t operate based on Serkan’s feelings; Serkan says his dad has no vision of the future.  

At the florist shop, Eda is busy arranging a bouquet and thinking about the evening’s outcome, a formal acknowledgment of her engagement to a man she doesn’t know.  There is a wistful tone in her voice as she wonders about their relationship.  Serkan arrives and wanders about while she finishes the flower arrangement.  As he walks about, he begins to cough, apparently allergic to something in the greenhouse.  Shortly after, Kaan arrives to thank Eda for the flowers.  Serkan is surprised and wants to know how she knows Kaan.  She explains about the car and how Kaan helped her, but that doesn’t suit Serkan.  He asks her why she didn’t call him when she needed help.  Without answering Serkan, Eda asks how the two of them knew each other.  Kaan says they were childhood friends.  Eda invites him to the engagement party if he would like to come.  Kaan says he wouldn’t miss it.

At Serkan’s home, Seyfi says there are problems with deciding which decorations to choose for the garden party, so Eda is given the task of selecting candles, flower placement, napkins, etc.  She makes quick decisions which will certainly be counter to Ayden’s taste, and then goes to help the team sort out the last arrangements of the hotel garden design.  Engin is thrilled when the project is finally completed and arranged for presentation to Fikret Bey later in the evening.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-22 09.38.41.png

After a silly call from the girls about what outfits they should wear, Eda goes in to get dressed for the evening.  Serkan, dressed for the evening in a suit, knocks on Eda’s door to see if she’s ready, but she says no, she has a problem.  She can’t zip up her dress.  Aware that helping her will require touching her, he says he can’t do anything unless she allows.  She allows.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-22 09.42.04.png

Languid movements, slow walk, slow turn, burning looks, hesitant touch, bare shoulders, hand on loose strap, image of two in mirror. . .the attraction is pronounced.  Maybe each episode will end with the two of them in some close, romantic pose. . .a situation antithetical to the purpose of their contract.  How will the opponents of this engagement, Selin, Kaan, Ayden and Serkan’s father behave at the party?

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshot 2020-07-22 09.42.25.png




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