If confession is good for the soul, Efe Akman should feel pretty good, but his reluctance in admitting the truth belies any good intentions.  He has been cornered by Serkan and Eda into telling them he sabotaged the renovation project, but he lies, saying the accident happened by error, not intent.  Efe leaves the restaurant and Serkan offers to take Eda home, an offer she refuses.  After all, Serkan has Selin waiting for him at his house, a situation that Eda cannot understand, but if Serkan wants to keep his exes dangling about, she tells him she is about to change her life.  There will be a “new” Eda with new faces in her future.

This threat sends Serkan to Engin for interpretation and advice.  The conclusion is that Eda is free, beautiful and able to meet and date anyone she wants, not the advice Serkan wants to hear.  At home, Eda admits to the girls that while she threatened to change her life, she really has eyes only for Serkan.  Melo comes up with the idea of a fictional boyfriend, a revenge plan that will make Serkan jealous, anxious, and angry, but aunt Ayfer will have to accept the plan if it will succeed.

Selin is waiting for Serkan to come home.  She suggests they watch a movie, but Serkan isn’t in the mood for entertainment.  He spies the book, Madonna in a Fur Coat, that holds his and Eda’s engagement picture, and reads the passage that speaks of new found love and jealousy.  His thoughts are mirrored by Eda as she holds the guitar pick. . .she admits she is totally devoted heart, body and soul to Serkan.  She has no interest in meeting new people.

The next morning Aydan enjoys a massage while making plans with Seyfi. Aydan has overcome her agoraphobia and she’s indebted to Eda for helping her regain her active life outside the home.  She and Seyfi have arranged for Eda to come for breakfast without telling her that Serkan will also be present.  Aydan, who has finally admitted that she loves Eda and sees her as a perfect companion for her son, wants the couple to overcome their difficulties and reunite, even though the past hangs heavy on their lives.  Alptekin pursues his “sports” routine, seemingly blind to Aydan’s change of heart and selfishly ignoring Serkan’s problems in his love life.

Ferit and Efe have breakfast and discuss the London sports complex.  Efe warns Ferit that Serkan is angry with him, but he doesn’t explain why.  When Efe says they need to work on PR for the London job, Ferit says he hasn’t been able to reach Selin to get that started; Efe tells him that Selin is staying with Serkan since her house was flooded, and this news shocks Ferit.  As he sees it, Selin had family, friends or hotel rooms to stay in, but she obviously chose to be close to Serkan.  Ferit receives a call from the Cafescioglu lawyer who mentions the company having an involvement with an accident in the past, and he chastises Efe for having told them about the wall collapse. He tells Efe that Alptekin explained that the company wasn’t to blame and he warns Efe not to mention the accident because Serkan may not know about it.

The breakfast meeting at Aydan’s does not go well.  Serkan and Eda are definitely uncomfortable and after a biting exchange, Eda convinces Aydan that she should leave.  Serkan follows Eda to the stables where he tells Eda about a horse he bought.  He says he loved the horse but the horse didn’t love him, obviously an analogy of their relationship.  Later, when Eda has taken Aydan out for the day, Eda asks Aydan why she developed agoraphobia.  Aydan explains that before her elder son’s death, she was very active in professional and social endeavors; in fact, she rarely stayed home, and when the boy became ill, she was out of the country buying textiles for the business.  When she returned home, her son died 3 days later.  From that point on, she couldn’t leave.  Aydan tells Eda that Serkan loves her, but Eda refutes that by saying that Serkan abandoned her.  Aydan says that’s because a burden of the past has fallen on his shoulders.

At the office, Serkan tells Efe he must make a confession to the entire staff since his actions tarnished not only Serkan’s reputation, but also that of the entire company.  He owes them an explanation and an apology.  After Efe speaks to the workers, Eda talks to him in the front conference room, telling him that he should sell his shares to Serkan and leave.  Efe is surprised at this, saying that he thought Eda would defend him.  

At home, Ayfer has prepared a table of finger food for a person she calls “Aunt Ferita.”   Fifi is surprised but she soon learns that Ferit had been so impressed with her dinner that night that he suggested his aunt use Ayfer’s culinary skills for a reception that she was hosting.   Ayfer is doing this as a favor for Ferit, not for money.  Fifi decides to sign Ayfer into an Instagram account with photos of the food.

Serkan finds Eda sitting on a park bench outside the company.  He tells her they must talk, but when she agrees, he is unable to say anything.  She tells him she is always with him, that she believes deep down he doesn’t want to hurt her, but he never explains anything to her.  When he stays silent, she tells him she’s tired and she leaves.

Ferit meets with Alptekin and explains that the attorneys for the Cafescioglu business want to meet with Serkan and the company to discuss the wall collapse that occurred in the past before they agree to release the London sports complex to the Art Life company.  Alptekin says that he wants to be present because Serkan had nothing to do with that incident.  At this point, Serkan is unaware of this arranged meeting.  He goes upstairs to his old office and talks with Engin.  He tells Engin that he can’t bear the idea of Eda being with someone else, and he has to tell her the truth.  Engin agrees, saying that if Eda can hear the truth about her parents’ death and still accept Serkan, then they have a love that can overcome any obstacle.  Serkan decides he will tell her the truth that very day.

When Serkan and Engin come downstairs, they see Leyla with a bouquet of flowers that have arrived for Eda.  The card is simply from an admirer, but Serkan will not have it and directs Leyla to burn the flowers.  He goes to Eda who is working at her desk and tells her they have to talk, but before he can get her to agree, Ferit and Alptekin stop by and tell him they have an important meeting he must attend.  Ceren also arrives, explaining to Eda that the Cafescioglu lawyers had called her to attend the meeting since she is the Art Life Company attorney.  She tells Eda the meeting has something to do with an accident that occurred many years ago, but she doesn’t know any details.  When Serkan sees Ceren, he tells her they will not need to have an attorney present.  Ceren thinks his decision is because he doesn’t trust her, but Ferit says that isn’t the reason.  Selin sees Ferit speaking with Ceren, and shortly after, Serkan tells her that she is not to attend the meeting because it doesn’t concern her.  That piques her curiosity, so Selin goes to Ferit to find out about the meeting, but he won‘t tell her anything. Selin calls Leyla and tells her to make a list of all the projects the company had from 2012 to the present and get it to her as soon as possible.

The lawyers for the Cafescioglu family arrive and Alptekin does all of the talking for the company.  He tells them that his company had worked with the subcontracting company on several other projects, but on the project of the retaining wall collapse, his company was not engaged.  He said the Tasheron Company used their connection with Art Life Company, the name, to win the bidding, but his company was not otherwise involved.  When the lawyers brought up the money offered to the victims, Alptekin denied any involvement.  The attorneys accepted Alptekin’s explanation, the contract was accepted, and the meeting was over.

Serkan walks the attorneys out, leaving Alptekin in the conference room feeling very proud of himself with the way he avoided accepting any responsibility for the accident.  While Serkan is out, Efe goes in to speak to Alptekin.  He takes off his jacket and sits for a few minutes.  When Serkan returns, Efe gets up to leave.  Serkan reminds him to take his jacket, but Efe says he is coming back shortly.  Obviously, he has a recording device in his jacket pocket to record the conversation between father and son.  Serkan is disgusted with Alptekin and accuses his father of lying about the company‘s association with the subcontractor.  This conversation is recorded by Efe’s phone in his coat pocket and Efe hears it after Alptekin and Serkan leave.

Serkan meets with Engin and tells him that Efe must make a statement to the press taking personal responsibility for the roof collapse at the Cafescioglu mansion.  Serkan is determined that his name and that of the company be cleared of any wrongdoing.  Selin calls Serkan to say they must talk.  She wants to know what the meeting was about and why she was excluded.  Serkan tells her it had nothing to do with her, so she should just forget it.  He then calls Eda who has left the company to work at home, but she doesn’t answer his call.

Alptekin goes home and tells Aydan he has resolved the issue about the London sports complex, that they shouldn’t interfere with Serkan and Eda’s  relationship, and he will go to his workout session with his trainer.  Aydan, however, has decided that she will interfere with her son’s love life by first inviting Eda to go with her to her charity club meeting.

When Eda arrives at the flower shop, she learns that Fifi has put Ayfer on Instagram for catering the reception food and she has 50,000 followers. Ayfer is quite taken with the idea that she is more popular than either Eda or Fifi.  Eda gets a call from Serkan which she doesn’t answer, but when Aydan calls, she speaks to her.  Aydan tells Eda that she must go with her to the charity meeting because they have a project to offer funding for young women pursuing an education.  At first, Eda declines but when Aydan mentions women and education, she decides she will take her to the meeting.   Ferit arrives to thank Ayfer for the reception food and offers to pay her, but she says no, she will not be paid.  She did it as a favor.  Ferit says that he will take all of them to dinner as payment, and Ayfer agrees.  He then asks to speak to Ceren about company business.  When they walk away from the group, he says he will take her to dinner to discuss business if she will accept.  She says yes.

Selin arrives at the company totally confused.  She knows nothing about Efe’s press conference, but she has received a message from Serkan telling her what to do.  Engin doesn’t help her because he doesn’t know more than what he had to do; that was convincing Efe that he had to make a public statement owning up to his responsibility in the roof collapse at the mansion.  What he doesn’t know is that Serkan told Selin to have the video sent to the European press so that everyone outside of Turkey would also know about Efe’s treachery.  That, Serkan hoped, would threaten Efe Akman’s reputation and end his association with the company.

Serkan is not present during this press conference because he’s searching for Eda.  He has been to the flower shop, but she left before he came to pick up Aydan and go with her to the charity club meeting.  Melo is sure that the flowers she sent to Eda from an unknown admirer has made Serkan jealous.  Fifi calls her friend Mehmet and tells him to go to the house and pretend to be in love with Eda.  When Serkan arrives, he sees Mehmet on his knees spouting words of love to Eda.  Eda is shocked, but Mehmet tells her Fifi made him do this and she pays very well.  At that moment, Eda sees Serkan coming, so she decides to go along with the “mystery admirer” plan.

Melo completes the work Selin has given her and calls her to let her know.  Selin has received the list of company projects in 2012 from Leyla and tells Melo she should write up a description of the projects and send it to her, a task that will probably require Melo to work all night.  Melo also tells Fifi that the ring Erdem pictured on his Facebook page had nothing to do with her.  Now, unbelievable as it is, Erdem is engaged to Leyla.

Aydan drives her convertible to the charity meeting with Eda as her navigator.  When they enter the meeting room, Aydan introduces Eda as her future daughter-in-law, a surprise to Eda herself.  The women are a bit snide and catty, but Eda responds in kind.  Serkan, having exhausted the usual places he might find Eda, has followed his mother and located Eda.  He joins the meeting for a short while, but after recognizing Ayfer’s food and commenting, Eda tells Serkan they need to talk, and they leave the table.  But once upstairs and out of earshot, Eda refuses to have a calm talk with Serkan.  She tells him she has waited all day, but he hasn’t talked about anything serious. She refuses to answer when he asks her if she is seeing anyone else. She believes he just wants to know that she and Selin are always waiting for him, a position she will not allow herself to be in. She and Aydan leave the meeting.

Ferit and Ceren have a nice dinner and, afterward, they have coffee at his house. The evening is quiet and romantic, but a call from Selin ruins the mood, and Ceren goes home.  Later, Ferit calls Ceren and apologizes.  He tells her he was seeing her to make Selin jealous, but he has realized how unfair that is for Ceren, a woman whom he really likes.

Serkan follows Eda home and calls her from his car.  She pretends she’s out and having a nice time at a party, turning up the music and talking with Melo, pretending she can’t hear him clearly.  She doesn’t realize that he’s outside watching her shadow on the window curtains as she moves around the room.  She says she’s going to hang up, so he says, “I love you.  I’m jealous of you.  I miss you.  I‘m sorry for everything.”  He leaves and goes home to find Selin asleep on the sofa. He pours a drink and takes the glass and the bottle upstairs.  

Later, he comes downstairs totally drunk and looking for another bottle.  His stumbling around wakes up Selin who tries to help him, but he refuses.  He says he needs Eda and he tries to call her, but he drops the phone.  Finally, he gets a call through to Eda who understands that he’s drunk.  He says he will come to her, but she says it’s too late in the evening.  She will come to him because he clearly is drunk and needs to talk to her.  Selin, in the meantime, tries to get Serkan to talk to her, but he says he needs Eda.  She prepares coffee for him, but he chooses to continue with his drink.  He tells her she needs to leave because Eda is coming.  Serkan tells Selin that the driver is downstairs and will take her to her home.  She doesn’t seem to understand him until Eda comes.  Then, once again, Serkan tells Selin that the driver is waiting downstairs for her.  In tears, she leaves.

Serkan says many sweet endearments to Eda in his drunken state, so many that she says she should get his signature on them.  He keeps saying they must talk, but she says he should wash his face to sober up first.  She helps him upstairs and puts him in the shower where they share close moments of a slow, searing affection.

Selin goes home to her pristine house that shows no evidence of flooding.  She is angry that her efforts to be included in Serkan’s life have failed.  In a moment of rage she breaks things and flings the folder up, the papers describing the 2012 company projects flying through the air.  She sees a newspaper clipping of a family picture with the caption, The Pain of the Yilderim Family, and she figures out the secret.

The next morning Serkan is sober.  He wakes up Eda who is sleeping on the sofa.  He tries to apologize for calling her so late at night, but she thinks he’s sorry that she came since Selin was there.  In anger, she tells him to go downstairs, and when she comes down, she’s in a huff to leave.  He stops her and says he has to talk, but she’s heard that for the last 24 hours and he’s said nothing.  She rebuffs him, but he says he loves her, only her and he always will.  She asks him why, if he loves her, did he break up with her, and he answers that she would leave him if he told her, so he thought he would leave first.  She throws a glass and a cup in her anger and frustration, cutting her hand.  He tries to help her but she shrugs him off and goes to the kitchen sink to rinse the blood off her hand.  Selin comes bursting in, telling Serkan she knows now what the meeting was about, what he has been hiding.  It was about the death of Eda’s parents.

Eda hears her and stands in shock, her eyes glazed with incomprehension. Selin sees Eda standing in the kitchen, but it’s too late.  Serkan is exasperated and speechless.  What he has agonized over for weeks has finally been spoken. . .what must he do now?




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