Disasters abound, first in a love relationship, now in a renovation project.  No one has faith in Serkan’s skill as an architect but Eda, who refuses to believe that Serkan could make such a mistake.  The fact that this “error in judgment” mirrors the accident that killed Eda’s parents is not lost on the viewer.  The difference is no one was harmed and Serkan takes full responsibility.  Serkan reacts to the accident with anger at himself; Eda reacts with disbelief and determination to find the cause of the roof damage.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.16.10.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.17.26.png

Seyfi packs up Serkan’s personal belongings to have them moved to Serkan’s new home. Aydan discovers what he is doing and reacts with despair.

Alptekin goes to the office to offer Serkan support, but also to give him advice so that the Holding will not suffer much damage to its reputation and ultimately lose clients.  Serkan rejects his father’s advice, assuming that he’s expected to cover up the responsibility as Alptekin did in the past.  He tells his father that he will not do as Alptekin did.  There is no connection between them except their last name.   

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.19.56.png

When Efe goes to Selin, he learns that the situation with the company is very bad.  She tells him that the damage to the Art and Life Company is so bad that they may lose their international clients.  Efe, faced with correcting the damage he caused, calls Emre Cafescioglu and begs for a chance to talk with him as a friend.  He wants Emre to listen to him before he pursues a lawsuit, and apparently, Emre agrees.

Selin has prepared a statement about the roof collapse for the press; she consults with Serkan, but before she can finish talking with him, Eda comes in and asks Serkan to go over the original blue prints from his computer and the ones printed for the construction crew.  Serkan doesn’t want to bother because he assumes they are the same, but when they compare dimensions, they find an error in the set of prints the construction crew used.  Eda deduces that someone intentionally made changes to “set up” Serkan for failure.  She thinks Selin is guilty and she vows to find the culprit, but Serkan is sure that Efe is the guilty party.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.20.49.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.22.40.png

At the nursery, Fifi greets Esra, the assistant to Ms. Idil, who has agreed to do business with Ayfer.  Fifi assumes that Efe Aksan has recommended the nursery, but the assistant says that it was Serkan Bolat who referred the nursery to Ms. Idil.  Fifi tells the assistant not to mention Serkan’s name, but she’s overheard by Ayfer.  Grinning like a Chessie Cat, Ayfer uses her wily hypnotic technique to extract the name of Serkan from Fifi.  Later, she goes to the company to let Serkan know she’s not happy with his connection, but she will continue to work with Ms. Idil in spite of her reservations.  

Serkan meets with Engin, Piril, and Selin to tell them they discovered a discrepancy between his original drawings and the ones used by the building crew.  He tells them he thinks Efe set them up, but until he can find proof, they need to make plans to clean up the accident site.  Efe comes in and tells them he has talked to Emre and he will postpone the law suit until they have a chance to discuss the accident.  Serkan tells Efe to call Emre right now.  He wants to talk to him. Serkan tells Emre to give him two days to clean up the damage; he will repair the roof and bear all costs of equipment, materials, and working crew. In addition, he will complete the renovation project and bear all expenses.

At the staff meeting, Serkan tells everyone what the next few days of work will entail.  He asks Piril if they have the video of the printer room, but she says they are getting it ready.  Efe wants to know why they are waiting for a video, and Serkan says they want to check for anyone tampering with the computers or the printer.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.26.34.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.29.17.png

Eda asks Engin and Piril if Selin has a background in architecture or engineering, but they both say no.  She also asks if they think Selin has any negative feelings for Serkan, and again, they both say no.  But these questions are very pointed, so Piril asks why Eda wants to know.  Eda is very blasé, saying she just wondered, but Piril is suspicious that Eda and Selin may be feuding. Selin asks Piril why Eda was talking with them so secretly, and when Piril tells her, Selin knows immediately that Eda thinks she changed the blue prints.  Angry, she confronts Eda, who tells Selin she isn’t always loyal to Serkan because just a few days ago she sold her stock to an outsider.  Serkan intervenes, telling Eda to drop it.  Ferit also tells Eda that Selin is not that evil to hurt Serkan or the company, but Eda reminds him that Selin has done sneaky things in the past, such as paying a journalist not to reveal the source of her article about Serkan. 

Serkan asks Eda if she can do drawings and paintings of the gardens and complete them in two days.  Eda says she can but she will need his help.

Alptekin comes home to face Aydan who is bemoaning Serkan’s move to a new home.  Alptekin admits that Serkan rather bluntly rejected his efforts of concern about the building accident and Aydan wasn’t surprised.  She said that both of them had made a huge mistake in the way they treated Serkan after his brother’s death, and in their efforts to hide the past accident.  Now, Aydan says, she loves Eda and must show how much she values her.  Eda must find out the truth so that one day she will forgive Serkan.  She will begin by gaining Eda’s trust and overcoming her fear of the outside world.

Serkan approaches Eda at the company coffee bar and asks to talk, but Eda’s pride is bruised from Serkan’s defense of Selin.  He embarrassed  her, and she really doesn’t want to talk to him.  Serkan says he never loved Selin; in fact, he never valued anyone as much as he values her, but Eda doesn’t believe him.  She says if she’s such a treasure, why did he defend Selin and why did he leave her for work?  Why was he so rude to her?  She asks him if he wants her to leave, and when he doesn’t respond, she walks away.

Efe talks to his mysterious partner, saying things had gotten out of hand; Serkan is suspicious and trying to uncover the person who altered the blue prints.  He says he’s trying to solve the problem.

Piril and Engin tell Serkan they have videos of the printer room, but it will take awhile to go through them because there are so many.  The staff gathers and enjoys  watching Erdem sleeping or trying to sleep on the desks, Engin making out with Piril, Leyla, Selin and Efe making copies, and Erdem and Leyla making some weird copies of hands and face.  No one sees any action that is suspect.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.35.08.png

Ayfer comes to the company to talk to Serkan.  She tells him that she and Ms. Idil get along well and she will continue working with her, but Eda must never find out because she would be upset that Serkan has helped them with the business.  She notices that Serkan still wears his engagement ring, and comments that Eda can’t understand why he ended their relationship.

Engin and Piril leave the office to go to the building site.  Piril is very embarrassed about the video of them that everyone in the office saw.  Engin says that they didn’t do anything wrong; they did what lovers do.  Yes, Piril says, but those lovers got married.  Engin proposes and puts a chain link on her finger to serve as an engagement ring, and they decide to live together.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.37.15.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.37.56.png

Serkan goes home to check on the packing and tell Seyfi to take Sirius to his new home.  He goes to say goodbye to Aydan who is reminiscing about happy family times.  She gives Serkan one of his first drawings that she has kept for many years.  She asks him to come for breakfast the next day, and he says he will try.

Eda goes to her university classes and the girls join her later.  After a brief conversation about boys, Eda leaves them to go to the library.  Later that evening, Serkan finds Eda in the library.  When she goes to the stacks, she sees him on the other side.  She learns that he has moved to a new house.  Serkan follows her, trying to talk, but she argues and tells him not to touch her, stop following her, and stop trying to talk to her.  She gets annoyed and talks so loud that the librarian kicks them out.  Eda thinks that’s funny.  When Serkan suggests they take a walk, she agrees.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.42.09.png

Ferit and Ceren have coffee.  Ceren wants to know why he invited her to join him.  Ferit says he wanted to ask her about the damage Emre Cafescioglu could cause the company if he sued them, but so far he hasn’t lodge a suit.  Besides, he says the tension between Selin and Eda is making the office very uncomfortable and he wanted to get away.  Ceren asks him about his relationship with Selin and Ferit answers that Selin is polite and doesn’t seem to be too uncomfortable.  That doesn’t suit Ceren who says she forgot a meeting and she abruptly leaves.  Only after she’s gone does Ferit realize why she left. He’s not over his feelings for Selin.

Serkan and Eda walk in the rain down a tree lined street where the leaves have fallen, leaving bare tree limbs arcing overhead.  Serkan says the summer is over and everything has changed (perhaps a metaphor for their summer love), but Eda says the bare trees will be even stronger the next year. He wraps his scarf around her neck and gives her a gift for her first day of school. . .an  architect’s pencil. He invites her to work on her garden drawings with him that evening at his new home.  She declines at first, but then curiosity makes her change her mind.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.43.26.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 08.43.42.png

When they arrive at the house, Serkan goes in search of food and Eda pulls a book from the bookcase.  It happens to be the book that Serkan reads and keeps a photo of their engagement for a bookmark.  When he returns, she says she needs to go because she didn’t call Ayfer, but Serkan says they won’t work longer than an hour, then she can go.  She stays and they end the evening by complimenting each other; Eda says she’s amazed how he can make wonderful changes with just a few strokes of the pen; he says she’s the most original person he’s ever known; she says he’s so good at his craft and she’s learned so much from him; he says she’s so talented that Efe recognized her gift right away. They have spent a warm, close, effortless evening together, but Ayfer calls and Eda leaves.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.13.52.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 11.11.17.png

Engin and Piril return to Engin’s apartment from the building site, and Piril sees the chaos of a bachelor’s home: empty food cartons, bowls of chips, dirty plates, dirty glasses, food scattered on the kitchen counters, empty pizza boxes, cut tomatoes.  She doesn’t want to touch anything and insists that they should return to the construction site.  She’s rethinking her agreement to move in with him.

The next morning Eda tells Ayfer and Melo that she has to take Aydan out of the estate today but she’s not sure how she’s going to get her to overcome her fear.  Ayfer suggests she makes a Mardin tea with herbs (cannabis?) that will relax her, and Eda thinks that’s a good idea.  Melo says Aydan was born nervous and will need a ladle of herbs to make her calm.  Serkan calls Leyla and tells her he sent blueprints to her that she should print out and personally hand to Emre Cafescioglu.  He also wants the IT people to determine what was printed and what time the printing took place.  Serkan also calls his mother and tells her he can’t come for breakfast but he will come later when he’s solved a problem.

Eda arrives after Aydan’s call from Serkan.  She sees how upset Aydan is and gives a container of herbs to Seyfi with directions to make tea;  he will put 1 teaspoon of herbs in 3 glasses of water to brew the relaxation tea. Seyfi reverses the numbers, putting 3 teaspoons to 1 glass of water.  The potent tea puts Aydan in a hyper relaxed mood where everything and everyone is beautiful.  When Eda suggests they go out, Aydan is excited and eager, revealing that she has a Mustang (?) convertible waiting for an adventure.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.15.21.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.17.07.png

Efe visits Selin in her office.  He tells her everyone is working at the renovation site and he thinks Emre will not sue the company.  Selin says Serkin wants an independent agency to evaluate the construction for safety when the project is complete.  When Efe asks her how she is doing, Selin says Eda thinks she’s the guilty party, an unbelievable accusation, but Serkan knows she wouldn’t sabotage the company.  Efe wants to know why Serkan is pursuing the guilty person; Selin says because someone changed the numbers and tried to ruin the company.  She asks Efe if he is guilty, and he denies it, saying he’s a partner and wouldn’t want to damage the company’s name.  Selin answers a call and learns that a pipe has burst at her house and flooded several rooms.  She dashes out, leaving Efe to ponder what to do when Serkan learns that he’s the culprit.

Aydan is astounded by the changes she sees as Eda drives them through the streets of Istanbul: skyscrapers, tree-lined avenues, dense neighborhoods, gorgeous apartment buildings, and the shores of the Bosphorus.  She is so excited, she tells Eda she wants to go to Serkan’s new home.  When they arrive, Serkan is almost speechless.  Aydan enters happily, and in that happiness, immediately demands a group hug, which pushes Eda and Serkan together nose to nose.  So pleased is Aydan that she wants coffee to celebrate her new-found freedom.  Serkan is mystified by Aydan’s change, but Eda says it’s the result of a special tea that was brewed too strong.  Seyfi rolls his eyes with guilt.  

Just as Seyfi pours the coffee and gives the two cups to Aydan, Selin enters with a small suitcase.  Aydan is surprised to see Selin and hands her the “mood” cup that Eda gave Serkan.  The cup immediately turns red in Selin’s hands, a sign of love.  Eda sees it and says, “Just as I expected.”  Aydan takes the cup from Selin and hands it to Eda where it once again turns red.  Serkan sees this and smiles knowingly.  Selin explains that she had to move out of her house because a pipe burst and she thought this house was empty.  She thought to stay a few days while the pipe problem was resolved.  Serkan says there are some empty rooms and they would work out something.  That disturbs Eda, so she tells Aydan they need to leave.  As they are leaving, Aydan says, “What is Selin doing at Serkan’s house?”

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.18.56.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.19.19.png

Ceren has come to the flower shop to work.  Ferit comes to request a flower arrangement that Ayfer prepares.  She adds the special card Ferit has given her.  Ferit gives the flowers to Ceren and leaves, but not before Ayfer invites him to have a special “Mardin” dinner with them that very night.  Ceren doesn’t understand that the flowers are for her until Ferit says he hasn’t forgotten the bouquet and Ayfer tells her to read the card.

At the office, Efe asks Eda who Serkan suspects of sabotage, and she says she doesn’t know. She asks him if he has any ideas.  Efe says he has a trace, but he’s not sure.  Eda suggests that they have dinner this evening and Efe accepts.  At that moment Serkan and Selin enter.  Selin and Eda shoot eye daggers at each other while Serkan asks Piril if she found out anything about the printer.  Piril says the IT guys explained that the printer memory updates every 24 hours, so the information has been erased with the update.  Serkan tells her that they will have a meeting and she is to say that the IT crew will have the information shortly.  Piril doesn’t want to lie, but she reluctantly agrees.

At the meeting, Serkan says the renovation has been completed, Emre Cafescioglu is satisfied, and he has the drawings.  Efe says Emre will not sue.  Piril says that although the printer memory has been erased, the IT guys say they may be able to save it.  Serkan says that they will soon discover who was printing the same material that Leyla was printing that day.  Serkan asks Eda to stay when the others leave.  She gives him the drawings for the garden.  If he trusts her, he will give the drawings to Emre without looking at them.  Serkan squirms a bit and then asks her if she noticed that he put Efe in a difficult position.  He plans to invite Efe for dinner and make him confess.  Eda says he’s too late because she’s having dinner with Efe.  She has promised to find the guilty person and she will.  Serkan says he will agree only if she will leave her phone on so he can hear the conversation.  She agrees and says he mustn’t be surprised about the things he will hear.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.19.55.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.20.41.png

Fifi has come to the office because Erdem called her.  He invites her for dinner, expecting her to refuse, but instead, she invites him to Ayfer’s for dinner.  Engin is excited about going home because now Piril will live with him and she has promised a surprise.  Ceren is expecting Ferit to come to dinner at Ayfer’s, and Eda is having dinner with Efe.  Now Selin has invited herself to have dinner with Serkan who has planned to go to the same restaurant as Eda and Efe.

Engin’s surprise is certainly not what he expected.  He finds the house pristine clean and the television moved to the bedroom.  On the floor in the living room are yoga mats, Piril’s surprise, and the snacks he brought for watching a game seem unnecessary.  Engin tells her they will have to adapt to each other slowly.  She can do yoga and he will watch a game while eating his snacks.

At the restaurant, Serkan listens to Eda and Efe’s conversation and hears Efe give many compliments to Eda.  When Efe asks who Serkan suspects, Eda says maybe him, but she doesn’t really know.  Anyway, she says, all will be known tomorrow when the memory of the computer is restored.  Efe decides to call Serkan, but the line is busy.  Eda turns off her phone so Efe’s call can go through, but it’s too late.  Efe gets a busy signal, so he says that he will talk with Serkan tomorrow.  Serkan sends a hand signal to Eda to come to the restroom area where he meets her and asks her to turn on the phone again.  She says she won’t because Efe will talk with him tomorrow

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.21.26.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 11.03.03.png

Selin is annoyed that Serkan has called Eda for the little private talk.  She can’t understand why Serkan is so intent on speaking with Eda confidentially if they have broken up.  Serkan says he won’t eat, so they can go.  He will put her in a taxi to go home, but she asks why since they are going to the same place.  Serkan says he has some things to do.  After he sends Selin away, Serkan goes back into the restaurant and meets Eda and Efe as they are leaving.  He says he has come for Eda, and Efe says he called Serkan but the line was busy.  He wants to talk with him.  Serkan says he can talk now, and Efe admits that he changed the numbers on the blue prints, but really didn’t think it was a problem.  Why now does he confess, Serkan asks, and Efe says now that the problem has been fixed, he thought it was a better time to tell the truth.  He says he also told Emre that he was the one to cause the error.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.20.40.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.26.45.png

Serkan doesn’t believe Efe’s confession.  He believes that Efe deliberately tried to ruin his reputation, but Efe apologizes and says he has sent a letter to both Emre and Serkan explaining the incident and apologizing.  After Efe leaves them, Serkan says he will take Eda home, but she refuses.  She is angry that he brought Selin to the restaurant and that she will be staying in the house with Serkan.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.26.40.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.26.37.png

At Ayfer’s home that evening, the table is full of Mardin food for Ferit and Ceren and Erdem and Fifi. Melo is rude to Ferit and leaves the table while Ayfer questions Ferit.  When the evening is over, Ayfer tells Ceren she doesn’t believe that Ferit is over his love for Selin.  Ceren shouldn’t expect to have a promising relationship with him.  Melo thinks the chair Ferit sat is brings out the worst in people and it should be replaced with another chair from the basement.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.24.50.png

At the restaurant, Serkan tries to calm Eda who speaks louder the angrier she gets.  He says he doesn’t see anything wrong with letting Selin stay at the house for a few days, but Eda accuses him of keeping his ex-girlfriends around to feed his ego.  She says he follows her because he’s jealous of her. He tries to calm her by insisting that isn’t true, but she says if he can live the way he wants, so can she.  She is defiant.  If there is a new Serkan, there will be a new Eda. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-17 09.28.41.png




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