“The reason is powerless in the expression of love.” Rumi   Eda has overheard Aydan tell Serkan that maybe she (Eda) should know the “real reason” for their breakup, but Serkan says it’s too late.  They have parted ways and Eda shouldn’t be at the Bolat estate anymore.  That seems so callous given how much they love each other, but Serkan is determined to hide the truth from Eda as long as he can.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.36.24.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.36.22.png

To relieve stress and anger, Eda goes to the gym with Fifi and Ceren and works out ferociously.  At the same time, Serkan is working out with Engin.  Neither one can forget the other even as they work their bodies to exhaustion.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.37.16.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.37.38.png

Efe tells his silent partner by phone that Serkan is curious about their partnership and wants to meet him.  Efe also says that Serkan behaves as if he still controls all of the shares in the holding, and he doesn’t seem to trust him, but he says he has a plan to teach Serkan a lesson about trust.

Ayfer serves the girls a beautiful breakfast after their gym workout, but Eda becomes nauseated by the smell of the food, a problem she also had at the gym with the shampoo smell in the shower.  Could she be pregnant?  No, no, no, Ayfer exclaims.  There is no way that could be possible.

At the office while Engin is flirting with Piril, Leyla brings a visitor to introduce to them.  She is Miss Gozde, an assistant to new clients, Emre and Asli Cafescioglu, who will be visiting the office to meet Serkan and his staff.  Miss Gozde appears to look at Engin more than Piril would like.  Eda arrives at the office in the Jeep that seems to “die” at the most inconvenient times (I thought Serkan had had it repaired when it died before).  Serkan opens the door for Eda to go in and they are immediately greeted by Efe who tells Eda that his university friend Emre and his wife Asli will be coming soon.  They have inherited a house on the Bosporus that they want renovated and it has a big garden she will like.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.38.44.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.38.59.png

Serkan, a bit annoyed, attempts to leave, but Efe stops him, saying that the couple wants to meet him and learn more about the projects he is working on currently.  Shortly after, the couple arrives with their baby boy whose name is Serkan.  The father Emre is over-protective and goes to check on the baby while the mother Asli tells Serkan that they have an international business and are interested in working with Serkan.  To get some idea of his architectural prowess, they would like him to renovate the house they have inherited, and they would also like Eda to redesign the gardens.  Asli also tells Serkan, Engin and Piril that they plan to have a party for the company to introduce them to the house project.  All of this appears to be a set up by Efe. (When Asli says, “I want to feed Serkan,” Kerem’s expression is priceless.  I laughed until I cried).  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.42.42.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.45.38.png

Serkan tells Eda they will work together on the Cafescioglu project if she agrees.  Eda says she doesn’t get to choose who she works with, but a wave of nausea hits her and she goes to the restroom where she meets Asli, the wife.  Asli is also nauseated, but hers is from a second pregnancy, a fact that doesn’t make her happy.  Meanwhile, Serkan asks Leyla what’s wrong with Eda.  Leyla says Eda is sensitive to smells that make her sick.  Serkan is suspicious, but he tells Leyla to let him know if Eda has any other symptoms.

Later, Eda and Serkan go to the house that the Cafescioglus want renovated.  On the way, Eda asks Serkan to stop at a pharmacy so she can buy medicine for her upset stomach.  He wants her to go to his doctor, but she objects.  While she is in the pharmacy, Serkan calls his doctor and describes Eda’s symptoms.  The doctor apparently suggests pregnancy, but Serkan denies that could be the cause.  Actually, he is suspicious himself, but he hangs up before Eda comes back to the car.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.49.55.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.50.24.png

At the mansion, Eda and Serkan are greeted by Emre and Asli, who are arguing about the baby.  The nurse takes the baby in to the mansion, followed by Emre who is concerned that the child is hungry and cold.  The arguing between parents continues until Serkan and Eda decide they should leave and return at another time.  They go in to bid goodbye and are immediately in the middle of another dilemma between Emre and Asli.  The baby is crying and doesn’t stop until Eda takes the baby and soothes it.

At the office, Celine and Ferit argue over who will take custody of the dog they shared.  

Aydan feels guilty that she may have hurt Eda’s feelings the day before, and Seyfi encourages her to call Eda to see how she’s doing.  At that moment, Eda holding the baby and Serkan have been left alone on the patio while the parents go into the mansion to retrieve blue prints and drawings for the renovation.  Eda can’t answer the phone, so Serkan takes the call from Aydan.  Aydan is speechless when she sees Eda holding a baby, especially a baby called Little Serkan.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.55.14.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.54.32.png

Eda puts the sleeping infant to bed while Serkan goes through the mansion to plan the renovation, and the couple meets with the party planner in preparation for the next evening’s gathering.  When Emre says that maybe they should postpone the party because of the baby, Eda suggests that she and Serkan will take care of the child for a few hours so the couple can take care of their preparations.  Serkan is opposed to that, but Eda has her way.  A wave of nausea forces Eda to give the child to Serkan while she dashes upstairs to the restroom.  The baby throws up on Serkan’s shoulder.  He goes upstairs to wipe the spit-up, hears a conversation between Eda and Asli about babies, and meets Eda coming out of the bathroom.  When he goes in, he sees the pregnancy test box in the trash and his expression is priceless.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.56.41.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 12.57.38.png

Aydan, still in shock about baby Serkan, calls Ayfer to see what she knows about the baby, but her phone dies before she can explain what she knows to Ayfer.  Ayfer goes crazy with the notion of a “baby,” and immediately calls Eda, but Eda doesn’t answer.  She is waiting with Serkan for the Cafescioglus to bring the baby for them to babysit.  

Miss Gozde brings some papers to the office and informs Engin, with Piril by his side, that she is no longer working for the Cafescioglus and is looking for a job.  Erdem has been teasing Leyla that she’s going to be replaced by Gozde.  Engin overhears Erdem’s taunts and threatens that he might be the one facing replacement.  Erdem, desperate to correct his mistake, compliments Engin’s blue shirt and leads Gozde out of the office.  Piril isn’t happy either.  She resents Gozde’s flirting with Engin, and Engin’s apparent acceptance of the flattery.  

Since Serkan is not in the office, Efe tells Engin that he needs to look at the blueprints for the renovation.  Both Selin and Piril explain that Serkan has the design completed and he doesn’t like others overseeing his personal projects.  Efe says that since Emre and Asli are his friends and he brought them to the company, he has a right to see what Serkan plans to do.  He finds copies of Serkan’s plan in the copy room. 

Engin goes to see Serkan at the Bolat estate.  Serkan makes him swear to keep the secret he’s about to divulge, and he tells Engin that, although he is not sure, he thinks Eda is pregnant.  Engin is shocked, delighted, but doesn’t have any idea about what Serkan should do.  Serkan also tells Seyfi that he has found a home and he wants Seyfi to oversee moving his belongings when the movers come.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.01.32.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.01.54.png

Ayfer is beside herself when Eda doesn’t answer her calls.  She decides to go to Aydan to get an explanation for that cryptic call about a baby.  In the conference room, Selin and Efe enjoy a cup of coffee and both complain about suffocating in the office.  Efe says he’s tired of Serkan’s attitude toward him and Selin says that Serkan doesn’t trust him.  But, Efe says he paid a lot of money for almost half the shares in the holding, so he expects Serkan to treat him fairly or he will have to show Serkan that he has half of the control with “dark days of business.”  That statement alarms Selin who wants to know if she should be worried, but Efe assures her she should not.  He just wants Serkan to respect him as a partner.

Serkan works while Eda takes care of the baby, but when Serkan goes over to the crib, baby Serkan wakes up.  Eda makes Serkan take the baby while she prepares the baby’s bottle.  Serkan puts him in the crib and talks to him about Roman architecture.  Eda comes back with the baby bottle and a snack for herself, chips.  Serkan says no, she should eat something healthy, and he brings her fruit and nuts.  When the baby has finished his bottle, Eda tells Serkan to burp him.  Of course, Serkan objects, and just at that moment, Efe appears.  He has brought documents for Serkan.  He comments that they look like a married couple, but he volunteers to burp the baby.  He says he has many nephews in Mardin and knows how to do it.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.05.03.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.05.54.png

Mother and aunt converge on Eda and Serkan, both questioning the baby’s presence and whether or not Eda is pregnant.  Eda says no adamantly to Ayfer, but Serkan tells Aydan he doesn’t know for sure.  For a moment, Ayfer and Aydan are captivated by the idea that Eda and Serkan could be parents.  While this explanation is going on, Efe is busy at Serkan’s computer without being noticed.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.09.23.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.11.39.png

As evening falls and the house is quiet, Eda and Serkan sit on the sofa and look over Eda’s plans for the garden.  Serkan takes the pencil and points out where Eda should make some changes to accommodate the slope in the garden.  They sit very close and speak softly, looking at each other in a very intimate, comfortable way.  Serkan encourages Eda to tell him how she’s feeling because he thinks she’s pregnant, but Eda says there is not enough time for her to explain how she’s feeling, suggesting that her feelings of anger and confusion have to do with their breakup.  At that moment, the Cafescioglus come to get their baby and Asli tells them that she has told Emre about her pregnancy.  That is a moment of truth for Serkan who is relieved.  The couple thanks Eda and Serkan for keeping their baby and reminds them of the party the next evening.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.14.09.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.14.38.png

When they are alone, Eda realizes that Serkan has treated her with concern and consideration all day because he thought she was pregnant.  She is annoyed that he would make that presumption, accusing him of not being very fatherly with the child, not wanting to hold him or care for him.  She leaves in a huff.  On the way to the taxi waiting for her, she sees Aydan standing by the gate.  Eda tells her she will come tomorrow and in the meantime, Aydan should think of all the places she has missed visiting in the years she has been cloistered within the estate.

Alone, Serkan reviews his drawings for the attic of the mansion and sends them to Leyla.  He calls her and tells her to print them out and give them to the crew in the morning.  He also reads an excerpt from a book that relates to enduring love. The next morning Efe comes to the office, overhears Leyla tell Erdem that she has to send the plans to the construction crew, and he goes into the copy room to look at the drawings. . .and perhaps make changes in them.

Fifi, Ceren and Eda rest on the bed in Eda’s room.  Ceren tells the girls how mean Selin has been to her.  She also tells them that Ferit overheard Selin making a confession to Serkan about how much she loved him the day before the wedding, and Eda remembers seeing the photographs of Selin and Serkan that were on the table as she left Selin’s house.

The next morning, accompanied by Ayfer, Eda goes to Aydan’s house with a surprise.  Annoying Ayfer has to go, too, because it’s her busybody way of controlling Eda.  Her presence is particularly superfluous.  Eda has brought virtual glasses for Aydan so that she can enjoy scenes of London as though she was walking the streets.  Seyfi takes Ayfer for a walk in the garden while Eda and Aydan enjoy their virtual trip. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.18.42.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.19.45.png

Serkan goes to the office and finds that Efe is having a meeting with Piril, Engin, Ferit and Selin.  Efe tells them about an influential architect that will also be at the party that evening.  When Serkan comes in, he is annoyed that Efe is using his office for a meeting he knows nothing about.  He tells Efe the next time he wants to meet with the partners, he should use the conference room near the entrance, but Efe says basically that Serkan needs to get used to him doing what he wants.

Ceren takes Ferit to the dog pound to choose a dog for himself rather than fight with Selin about the pet they had when they were together.  Ferit appraises Ceren’s idea and agrees that her perception of his problems with Selin is worth consideration.  He seems to admire Ceren more.

At the Cafescioglu party that evening, Serkan approaches Emre about designing the sports complex that his company will build in London.  Emre says he was thinking of offering the job to another architect, but Serkan says his company would do the best job.  Emre agrees to give him the job, and when Engin hears the news, he is jubilant.  Gozde flirts with Engin and Piril gets mad.  Eda comes to the party wearing the blue dress that Serkan bought for her.  As Serkan and Engin discuss the London job and Serkan’s distrust of Efe, an explosion occurs and dust fills the stairwell.  Apparently, a part of the roof has collapsed.  Serkan can’t understand what has happened. Efe dashes into a bathroom and calls someone, saying he did “it” but he didn’t expect the damage to be so big.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.22.13.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.28.56.png

Outside, Serkan tells Engin to call the crew for a meeting in the morning and get copies of the blueprints they used for the demolition.  Piril said they have to deal with PR, but unfortunately, Selin is out of town for a few days.  Eda asks Serkan if there is anything she can do, but he says no.  He wants to be alone, so she leaves.

The next morning the collapse of the roof is on the news.  Fifi and Ayfer hear it while they are having coffee.  Seyfi brings the ipad to Aydan so she can see the news.  Serkan searches through the plans while Engin goes through the drawings in detail.  Finally, Engin comes to Serkan and tells him there was an error in the drawing, but Serkan says he wouldn’t make such an error.  Engin suggests that maybe he was distracted by the possibility of Eda being pregnant and didn’t think through the drawing as carefully as he normally does, but Serkan disagrees.  He knows how carefully he drew the designs.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.32.46.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.34.23.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-11-08 13.36.34.png

Emre and Asli come to the office to tell Serkan they can’t do business with him after this catastrophe, and they will be filing a suit against the company.  Efe says he can explain everything, but they are insistent about the suit.  Serkan says he understands and they must do whatever they think is right.  Efe seems a bit surprised that Serkan capitulated so easily, and he quickly follows Emre and Asli out of the office.  Serkan is angry with himself and throws a few things before Eda rushes to him.  He tells her to get out but she doesn’t.  She says she knows he wouldn’t make such a mistake, he’s too good, too careful with his work.  He tells her he wants to be alone, but she won’t go.  When he yells again for her to leave and turns away, she grabs his arm and pulls him to her.  She holds his face between her hands and looks through his eyes into his tortured soul.  She sees the misery and ache of his wounded pride.

The reason is powerless in the expression of love.” Rumi




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