Ahh, well. . .a few moments of amnesia can be beautiful, especially when the one you love is near and dear.  Eda wakes up in an examining room with Serkan sitting by her side.  She smiles at him, calls him “Favorite,” and takes his hand, but she’s puzzled about her surroundings.  Serkan, surprised by her endearment and totally unsure of what to do, tries to explain her behavior to the doctor, but the doctor says her reactions are normal for someone who has suffered shock.  He deems her healthy, but warns Serkan that Eda, having suffered a concussion, must not sleep for 12 hours, and she must avoid excessive movement. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 14.59.23.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 14.59.40.png

Serkan decides that the only way he can monitor Eda’s behavior is to isolate her for the next twelve hours at the summer cottage where earlier they spent a lovely romantic interlude. He expects, however, that once the shock has worn off, Eda will remember that she hates him.  He calls Engin to let the group know that Eda is safe and will be with him for awhile.

On the way to the cottage, Eda questions where they are going.  Serkan says he’s taking her to the summer house because it’s close to the hospital.  Eda is very affectionate, saying she would go anywhere with him.  Serkan wishes she could make that statement with her memory intact, even with full knowledge of the tragic accident, and when she snuggles on his shoulder, he murmurs that he would give anything to stay in this moment forever.  She hears him but she doesn’t understand what he means.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.06.54.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.08.31.png

Eda turns on the radio and a familiar song is playing.  Apparently the lyrics tell a story of a couple who break up because one of them isn’t honest.  The song jolts Eda’s memory and she suddenly realizes that her relationship with Serkan is over.  She demands that he stop the car, but, of course, he doesn’t.  Thus begins the next 20 minutes of the episode displaying their verbal tussle.  When they arrive at the summer house, both glance at the curtained gazebo and remember the romantic moments of their evening together.  Upon entering the house, Eda remembers the “morning after” teasing in the kitchen and at the breakfast table when the beginning of a day seemed perfect.  Serkan offers Eda some clean clothing, and when they enter the bedroom, they see the bed and remember their night together.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.55.52.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.09.09.png

Before Eda puts on Serkan’s clean clothes, she calls Ceren and Fifi and tells them that Serkan said something in the car that confuses her.  When she leaned on his shoulder, he said he wished he could stay in that moment forever.  Why, she asks, would he say that if he wanted them to break up?  Fifi thinks he said that to make her feel comfortable since she was injured, but Eda thinks there’s something more, and she admits she’s obsessed with finding the truth.

Efe Akman calls Eda, and Serkan responds with a jealous remark implying that even though she seems to like him, he won’t be at the Holding very long.  Eda tells Serkan that he has nothing for very long, and with that she eats her sandwich and falls asleep on the sofa.  When Serkan realizes that she’s asleep, he tries to wake her.  She fights off his efforts until he turns up the TV volume.  She admits she’s awake and so they should talk.  She tries to get him to talk about his saddest day, his happiest day, etc., in an effort to find clues about their breakup, but Serkan will not talk about anything personal.  Finally, morning arrives and Serkan takes her home.

Serkan tells Eda she shouldn’t go in to the office, she should rest, but Eda says she wants to work because she has told Efe that she would see him at the office. They are greeted by Ayfer who is annoyed that Serkan has been with Eda.  She says he promised that he wouldn’t hurt her anymore, and while he admits he made the promise, he says he doesn’t want to hurt Eda or himself. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 20.04.28.png

 At home, after he has showered and dressed for work, Serkan sees Aydan who has been worried that her son will leave home and live independently somewhere else.   Aydan has badgered Alptekin to talk with Serkan and resolve their differences, but Alptekin knows that the problem he has with his son cannot be resolved with “a talk.” **  The ill feelings that Serkan harbors go back many years when he was sent away to school despite his pleas to stay at home, and his father’s reluctance to concede to his business decisions, all of which are now compounded by Alptekin’s past company errors.  Now he politely refuses breakfast with his parents because he has a meeting at the office with Piril and Engin.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.05.22.png

Piril, Selin and Engin join Serkan for an important private meeting.  Serkan tells them that he is suspicious of Efe Akman.  He doesn’t understand why he chose to join their architectural firm when there are many others of equal size and importance in the country.  He is also concerned that Efe has asked to buy Ferit’s 5% shares, a move that would give him control of the company.  He tells Selin to try to buy back her shares, and he directs Engin to get a background check on Efe’s life and his business in Italy. 

Later, at a partners’ meeting, Selin wants to get rid of Ceren because she made some errors in the partnership contract.  She says Ceren is young and inexperienced, but her main reason may be that Ferit seems to like Ceren.  Ferit comes to Ceren’s defense and when a vote is taken, the result is a 2-2 split. Serkan declares that Ceren will continue as company lawyer.  Efe wants to move the Holding out of the Life Art building so that his presence and work with Eda will not cause tension with Serkan, but Serkan says no.  He wants the two entities to stay together.  Efe objects to Serkan’s unilateral decision. Serkan also wants to move the people working for the Bolat Holding to the upper floor, ostensibly so Efe Akman will not be in his eyesight every day, especially since Eda is working with him, but when Piril announces this to the employees, Efe again takes exception.  He says Serkan can’t make that decision alone since they are equal partners.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.14.12.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.13.38.png

Fifi tries to find a way to save Ayfer’s flower shop since borrowing money is not possible at this point.  She suggests that Ayfer rent a spare building to someone who will turn it into a small cafe.  The rental income and added “foot” traffic could enhance flower sales and save her business.  Ayfer embraces the idea. 

Eda goes into the office and is greeted by Efe.  When Serkan sees her, he tells her she should be resting at home, but Eda says she feels fine.  In fact, she reminds Efe that he promised her ice cream.  Serkan shows a bit of jealousy when Eda and Efe spend time together.   Eda, obsessed with discovering the reason for the breakup, questions Piril, and when Piril says Serkan had a reason, Eda remembers Serkan saying that if he used reason, he would choose Selin as his choice for a life partner.  Later, Eda asks Leyla if she knows why Serkan broke up with her, and Leyla says no.  Eda questions whether he might be interested in resuming a relationship with Selin, but Leyla says she doesn’t think so.  She believes Selin is too interested in Ferit at the moment.  She tells Eda that she’s a strong woman and she mustn’t give up her relationship with Serkan because she has brought out the best side of him.

Selin sees Ferit having coffee in the break room and approaches him about his company shares.  Ferit admits that Efe Akman has offered to buy his shares, but he isn’t selling them.  In fact, he says he is amused that his little 5 % of the company has become such an issue for the people who own 45%.  Selin is annoyed that Ferit’s presence in the office is a constant reminder of her being left at the wedding table.

Leyla is the only one at the company that remembers that today is Piril’s birthday.  She presents Piril with a small brownie birthday cake.  Meanwhile, Piril has observed Engin talking with Ferit about plans for the evening and she thinks he has arranged a surprise celebration for her birthday.  She talks with Selin and expresses her hope that Engin has become more aware of his feelings for her.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 20.20.12.png

Alptekin, following Aydan’s suggestion that he mend fences with his son, calls Engin and suggests that he get the guys together for a video game competition that evening.  Engin calls on Ferit, Efe, and Serkan to meet that evening at the Bolat estate, but Serkan says he doesn’t want to join.  

Evening comes and Piril still hasn’t heard from Engin, who is totally unaware that Piril has a birthday.  He, Efe, and Ferit are with Alptekin waiting for Serkan and Seyfi to join them for their competition.  Selin asks Piril if she wants to plan something special; Piril says she would like to go to a karaoke bar with the girls.  She calls Eda and Leyla who accept her invitation to join them in Karaoke.  Eda brings Ceren and Fifi who have been charged by Ayfer to get Eda out of her room and make her stop thinking about Serkan.  Piril also invites Erdem who is presently bunking under one of the pool tables in the recreation room.  He declines the invitation at first, but when Piril tells him that Fifi will be there, he immediately accepts.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.19.54.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.22.24.png

The girls have a great time at the bar which Selin has rented just for Piril’s birthday celebration.  Piril begins with the first song since her suppressed desire has always been to sing.  The guys have a fun evening with their soccer tournament, Engin and Ferit winning the trophy.  Engin takes a selfie of himself and Ferit with their trophy, sends it to Piril, and calls her.  When she answers the video call, he realizes he has made a big mistake in forgetting her birthday.  Serkan calls Leyla to get flowers and candy for Piril, but she tells him it’s too late and she hangs up.  The guys decide they had better join the girls at the karaoke club.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 16.41.41.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 16.45.27.png

Erdem arrives at the club late and immediately takes the stage and sings a song for Fifi.  After Piril blows out the candle on her birthday cake, Engin arrives with flowers, followed by Ferit and Efe.  Piril is cool to him and tells him she accepts the flowers from a colleague, not anyone special in her life.  Eda takes the stage and sings the love song that always plays on the radio when she and Serkan are in the car.  At that moment, Serkan arrives quietly and listens to her sing.  When the song is over, Eda tells Serkan she remembers something he said when he was taking her to the summer house in the car.  He said he would do anything if that moment when her head was on his shoulder would last forever.  Why did he say that?  He says she thought they were lovers, and since she had had a head injury, he didn’t want to confuse her.  Eda says she doesn’t believe him, that there is a reason for breaking up with her and she will find it.  To take her attention from “a reason,” Serkan asks Eda to dance and she can’t refuse.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.24.33.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.24.53.png

Aydan is disappointed when Alptekin tells her that while the guys had a fun evening, Serkan will not forgive him for all of his past mistakes.  Aydan is desperate to keep Serkan at home, but Alptekin tells her that for the first time in his life, Serkan has loved someone who accepted him unconditionally, and he has lost that love because of his father’s errors.  Alptekin says he accepts his fault and the best they can do is support Serkan if he wants to move away.  Even better, he says, Aydan should make an effort to improve her own life by getting over her agoraphobia.  She should try very hard to overcome her fears of leaving the grounds of the estate, and she agrees that she will try.

The next morning is rough on all of the party-goers.  Hangovers abound, and Eda realizes that she danced with Serkan; she remembers that he explained what he said in the car about keeping that moment forever was because she had a head injury.  She swears she will never dance with him again.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 16.47.25.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 16.48.14.png

Efe waits for Serkan to come to work outside the building.  He confronts Serkan with the fact that he doesn’t like Eda working with him, and in fact, he doesn’t like Efe at all.  Serkan agrees that he doesn’t like him or seeing Eda with him, but it’s Eda’s decision.  Efe tells him that he shouldn’t object because Eda and her aunt Ayfer are having a difficult time financially with the florist shop.  Efe tells him that Ayfer has rented the spare building to someone who will make it a little café, and Eda’s salary will make the bank loan payments.  When Serkan goes into the building, he calls Idil and tells her he would recommend a flower shop to be their supplier since she has not been happy with the current business.  He said the shop is “Star Flowers” and Leyla would send her all of the information.

While waiting for the girls to join her for breakfast, Ayfer gets a call from Idil about a business arrangement.  She is pleased to announce to Eda, Ceren and Fifi that good luck has finally come; Eda immediately thinks Efe Akman has arranged this business opportunity since he had come to see the black roses and was present when Ayfer was interviewing a man about renting the building for a café.  

At the office, Serkan has a morning private meeting with Engin and Selin.  Engin gives Serkan the information he has gathered about Efe.  Efe was born and raised in Mardin, he was a very talented student at the lyceum, and earned a scholarship to university.  At some point, he came into a lot of money from a silent partner and bought a business in Italy.  Over time, he bought out his partner which was very strange if not suspicious.  

Efe  greets Eda when she arrives at the office and she immediately thanks him for recommending the florist shop for wholesale work with a client.  He says he doesn’t understand, but she says she knows he became aware of their financial problems when he was there to see the black roses.  Before Efe can deny that he did anything, Serkan interrupts and asks Efe to come with him.  In the conference room, Serkan lets Efe know that he has investigated his background and wants to meet his secret partner in the Italian business.  Efe says he will gladly introduce them when his secret partner wants to be known.

Aydan meets with a therapist about her agoraphobia and explains how Eda helped her take a few steps off the grounds of the estate.  The therapist says she has talked more about Eda than her son and her husband, so she must love Eda very much.  Aydan concedes that she does love Eda, but since that relationship is over, she should start anew.  The therapist tells her that all of her mistakes have been covered up, not solved in any way, the retaining wall accident was her husband’s fault, not hers or Serkan’s.  She tells Aydan that she should call Eda and ask her for her help again.  That will make Eda feel special and willing to help her.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 16.50.23.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.32.43.png

Eda discovers that Serkan has changed her design for a garden because a huge old tree will be removed.  Eda complains to Serkan that he has completely changed her design by removing a tree that can’t be easily replaced.  She says he can’t do that because the tree will not live if moved to another location.  Serkan says the tree has to be moved because the client wants to extend the building.  She demands to see the house to understand why a beautiful old tree will have to be moved.  Although he says no, he won’t show her the house, he takes her to the location.  They argue about the tree removal, both stubborn, and when they return to the office, it is clear that Eda won.  She tells Susan she will re-draw the design for the extension so that the tree will not be removed.

Before Eda can begin the new garden design, she receives a call from Aydan who asks her to visit when she has time.  Eda is cool and non-committal at first, saying she will come by when she isn’t busy.  Aydan is pleased that she has made contact with Eda, but she’s surprised and elated when Eda comes to the estate that very day.  Aydan explains that she is working with a therapist and since Eda is the only one to help her walk beyond the gates, she would ask for Eda’s help.  Eda says she will take her hand again but this time, Aydan must have her eyes open, and she promises to come the next day.  As she is leaving, Serkan arrives.

Serkan wants to know what she is doing there and Eda says Aydan invited her.  Serkan asks if Aydan said anything to hurt her; Eda responds, “No, not like her son did.”  When she gets to the car, she realizes that her phone slipped out of her purse when she moved to let Ayden sit by her.  She retraces her steps and overhears Serkan talking to Aydan.  Serkan tells Aydan he doesn’t want to see Eda on the estate.  Aydan replies that if Eda understood why they broke up, everything would be better, but Serkan says it’s too late, they have already ended the relationship.  Eda is puzzled that Aydan would know the reason and saddened that Serkan is so adamant in proclaiming their love for each other is over.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.34.08.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-31 15.34.27.png

**Apron Matron Trope: an imposing mother who tries to control the lives of her adult children, and the 

Awkward Father-Son Bonding Trope: A father tries to bond with his son, who is quite reluctant to do so.





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