Miss Piggy says, “Only time can heal your broken heart.  Just as only time can heal HIS  broken arms and legs.”   Well, Eda didn’t get violent as Miss Piggy suggests, but she didn’t refrain from psychological punishment for Serkan.  Accepting Efe’s offer of work in the Art Life office was her way of “slapping” Serkan while defending her own self-esteem.

Serkan explains his decision to break up with Eda to Engin who understands and empathizes.  Eda bemoans her fate with her friends Fifi and Ceren, and finally decides she will confront Serkan and call him a coward. She goes to his house that night and tells him she had a life before him and she will have one after him.

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Efe has not been at the company very long, but he has taken an unusual interest in Eda and her career.  Taking her as a partner in a project even though she is a novice seems to be Efe’s provocation for Serkan, and Eda is eager to comply.  Being in his presence but acting aloof and indifferent only partly satisfies Eda’s desire to hurt Serkan.  

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There is a lot of tension at the office:  Selin, resenting Ferit’s determination to stay at his job, is still upset with him; Engin, having declared his love, wants Piril’s attention but she wants to work; Erdem, feeling Fifi’s rejection, plays a different game of cool indifference; Efe, using his partnership as legal and ethical protection, openly challenges Serkan to a design competition.

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When Efe takes Eda home, he meets Ayfer who feels a compulsion to tell everyone that she’s from Mardin and they must try her Mardin recipes.  Efe seems pleased to announce that he, too, is from Mardin and he loves the pastry of that city.  Hmmm. . .how convenient.

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Alptekin decides to visit Ayfer, apparently to confess his guilt and that of the company, but once he arrives, he can’t find the words and he abruptly leaves.  Aydan expresses kindness to Eda, but she’s glad the relationship is over.  Her only concern, and that of Alptekin’s, is Serkan’s well-being, but they’re late for that.  Serkan still resents his parents sending him away to school, and his father’s lack of trust in his decisions about the business.  He tells his mother he plans to leave the estate and live elsewhere.  Serkan finds an outlet for his stress at home and in the office by working out.  

Eda decides to investigate a financial arrangement at the university.  When she explains how her aid was lost and that she now has a job with Efe Akman, the registrar allows her to enroll. 

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Efe and Serkan head up the competing teams for landscape design of the ecological hotel.  Efe lets Eda lead the project and make the presentation to the clients.  When the day arrives to present the designs, Serkan tells Efe he will drive Eda to the venue.  Eda is surprised and annoyed that Serkan has taken this liberty, especially when he tries to give her advice about making the presentation.  Once the two design offerings are made, the clients choose Eda’s design.  Engin and Piril realize that Serkan purposely gave an inadequate presentation so that Eda’s team would win.

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Efe suggests that they have a party to celebrate the company’s success and continue team-building, but Serkan isn’t enthusiastic.   In fact, he doesn’t want to participate when Efe suggests they go to Sile for an outdoor exercise in team communication and collaboration, but when the day arrives, Serkan shows up.  The game leader divides the group into two teams, each team has a captain.  Of course, Eda is captain of one team, and Serkan is the other captain.  The first game is driving all-terrain vehicles over a muddy, fairly dangerous course to see who finishes first.

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Eda is driver of one vehicle with Serkan as her navigator; Efe is driver of the other vehicle with Selin as navigator.  Eda resents everything Serkan says and spends more time giving him angry glances than paying attention to the road.  She pays no attention to his directions, even being careless and dismissive of his warnings.  When she takes a wrong road deliberately to defy him, they end up on a dead-end cliff overlooking the sea.  She walks away angry, Serkan follows her and apologizes, but that doesn’t assuage her anger and hurt.

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Later, the group takes a break before starting another game.  Serkan notices that Eda isn’t sitting at the table, but no one knows where she might be.  The entire company gets up to search for her, and they all move together instead of fanning out.  All, except Serkan, who goes in the opposite direction, and, of course, he finds Eda.  In broad daylight, she has wandered off and managed to fall in a hole and pass out.  

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Eda is given to foolish behavior when she’s angry as we saw in the beginning of the series.  She openly challenged Serkan and accused him of lying when he spoke at the university, she keyed his car, she wrote names in lipstick on it, she put handcuffs on him, and she kissed him at a public event.  I thought she was beginning to mature, but her behavior in this latest episode indicates that she’s still emotionally fragile and immature.  Serkan’s decision to hide the truth in order to protect her is equally foolish, but he’s sacrificing his love for her and enduring her limitless disdain.  How will the writer resolve this crisis?




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