“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth” (Arthur Conan Doyle).  Serkan’s heart rejects the idea that an event that happened in the past could impact his present happiness with Eda.  When Alptekin and Aydan insist that he cannot continue his relationship with Eda, he demands to see all of the documentation that supports their contention, and even then, he finds a truth he doesn’t want to believe.

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Eda has started her morning in a sublime happiness that she shares with the girls.  She tells them that Serkan will go to Italy with her, that he has already made arrangements that make his work and being with her possible, and to celebrate these wonderful plans, she wants to go shopping to buy him a gift.  

After speaking on the phone, Serkan goes to the mall and meets her for coffee.  Bubbling with excitement, Eda gives him two gifts: the first is a special tea to be brewed for his father; the second gift is a remote controlled toy robot.  Serkan gives her a gift as well.  He watched her admire a blue dress in a store window and purchased it for her.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 18.53.35.png
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At the Art Life Company, Leyla is using Erdem as a board for messages of incoming problems and calls that must be answered when Serkan comes to work.  Piril and Selin are dealing with other important issues that concern Bolat Holding and its new location at the architectural firm.  Efe Akman and Ferit arrive and offer to help since Serkan is not available.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.00.13.png

Aydan is worried about Alptekin who disappeared after they spoke with Serkan earlier in the morning.  When he appears, he tells Aydan that he drove around the city thinking about the situation, and he has decided that maybe they shouldn’t dwell on the past.  Serkan and Eda are in love; they could have a bright and happy future if nothing more is said about the accident.

When Serkan and Eda arrive at the office, Serkan finds Selin conducting a meeting with Efe Akman and others.  He is annoyed that she has undertaken business without his knowledge and especially with Akman presiding as a major stockholder.  She tries to explain, but he says he will discuss the meeting outcome with his partner Akman.  Selin leaves in a pout, telling Piril she is annoyed with Ferit’s presence.  In the office, Serkan is satisfied with Akman’s explanation of the meeting’s business and admits his decisions are flawless, but Serkan asks why Akman chose his specific firm to join of the many available.  Efe Akman says he admires Serkan’s work and thought the two of them would make a great team.  Akman seems open and honest while Serkan appears a bit hostile and contentious.

Serkan returns to his conference room office to find Eda on the patio.  She’s planting flower seeds.  She explains that her mother told her to plant flowers where she feels the happiest; she’s happy on the office patio because this is where their relationship began.  One day she will give their children seeds to plant where they feel the happiest.  When Serkan asks Eda about forgetting the past, she explains that there will always be longing, pain and anger.  Serkan says, “Anger?”  Eda explains that she’s angry with her grandmother who never accepted her mother because she had chosen another woman for her son to marry.  Eda’s father turned his back on his mother, his family, and their wealth to marry the woman he loved.  After the accident, her grandmother put pressure on her aunt to return her to Mardin, but Ayfer refused, changing Eda’s last name and disappearing into the middle-class neighborhoods of Istanbul.  Eda says her grandmother was indirectly responsible for her parents’ death and she will never forgive her.  This is a sad message for Serkan who foresees Eda never forgiving him, his father and the company.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.03.13.png

Ferit has escaped to a balcony café where he calls Ceren to chat.  She is surprised to hear from him and not pleased when he explains that working in Selin’s presence is more difficult than he thought.  Ceren says she’s not a sounding board for men’s problems and appears offended, but Ferit reminds her that she invited him to call if he felt stressed and needed help.  When Ferit ends the call, he is joined by Efe Akman who seems ready for lunch.

Akman tells Ferit he wants to plan a brunch for the office employees, but he’s unsure how Serkan will accept that idea.  Ferit says Serkan is determined to be in control, so Akman should let him know about his plans.  Further, he says Serkan can be aggressive, but Akman says he can be equally aggressive because he, too, likes to be in control.  While Efe Akman appears friendly and positive, he also appears to have an “agenda” of some sort.  Is this simply competition between two alpha males, or is there something more?

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Engin has returned from Qatar and he has brought a gift for Piril. . .a little teddy bear.  Piril is polite, but not particularly happy that Engin’s idea of romance is rather infantile.  After solving a bit of the work problems, Piril attempts to leave his office, but Engin stops her.  He says he has planned a special evening for just the two of them.  Hoping for the best, Piril says she will be ready.  Later, when Engin and Serkan meet to review business, Engin detects a change in Serkan.  He says he knows Serkan too well not to notice that Serkan has a problem, and Serkan admits he does.  It’s something he can’t discuss at the moment.

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The toy robot provides fun for the office workers for awhile, but when Serkan and Engin appear, the entertainment ends, and Eda goes to Serkan.  She recognizes his pensive mood when he suggests they run away together, but Eda says her aunt and the girls would find them.  What will we do tonight, Serkan asks, and Eda suggests they go to a movie, an experience he has avoided because of crowds.  Eda says she will go home to see Ayfer since Serkan has to work.

Eda finds Ayfer going through baby clothing that she has saved from Eda’s childhood.  Interestingly, the photo of the Yilderim family that Kadir gave to Alptekin with other papers of identification showed Eda to be about ten years old with her parents.  The photograph also included Ayfer who appeared to be at least twenty years old.  She had to be old enough to take custody of a child, so she is probably no more than ten years older than Eda.  Why would Ayfer reminiscence about Eda as a very young toddler?  Maybe part of Ayfer’s angst about Eda falling in love is that she had to give up her own “love” to take care of her niece.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.05.35.png

Serkan finally tells Engin about the accident several years ago, and while Engin thinks Serkan is not at fault, he understands Serkan feels conflicted about telling Eda.  Serkan is convinced he doesn’t deserve someone as kind and understanding as Eda, especially when he feels guilty by association if not directly responsible.  Serkan cannot imagine a future with Eda if he doesn’t tell her the truth, and he fears if he tells her, there will be no future.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.07.07.png

Selin tells Ferit she finds it very stressful seeing him at the company on a daily basis.  She wants him to leave.  Ferit says he understands but if they concentrate on work, they shouldn’t be bothered by each other’s presence.  He makes it clear that he isn’t giving up the job to suit her.  After all, if Serkan had chosen her instead of Eda, she wouldn’t be bothered by him.

Engin’s special evening has promised something refined and romantic, so Piril is worried that she hasn’t dressed appropriately for the place he will take her.  She has a valid point when he takes her to a bowling alley, for her short dress and high heels are not the designated attire.  Disappointed that Engin has once again appeared “blind” to a romantic environment, Piril is on the point of leaving him when Engin makes a declaration.  He tells her that his friends who are waiting for them have known for years that he has loved her, and he wants them to meet her.  He wants the two of them to bowl as a team and beat his friends in a competition.  Piril, understanding that this is as close to commitment as Engin may come, accepts the challenge.

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Eda, who is on her way to meet Serkan at the movie theatre, receives a call from Efe Akman.  He tells her he can’t reach Serkan to ask, so he wants her opinion about having a brunch to get to know the employees. Eda thinks it’s a good idea and volunteers to arrange the occasion with Leyla.  Meanwhile, Serkan is pacing in the lobby of the theatre, and when Eda arrives, she discovers he has rented a room just for the two of them to watch the movie alone.  He reminds her that he doesn’t like crowds.  The popcorn is ready, and she must put her head on his shoulder as she suggested earlier.  The movie they watch evokes a variety of moods in Eda, from laughter to fear and on to tears and sadness.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.10.50.png

Aydan is determined to restore Alptekin to health and keep him close.  She has Seyfi devise a list of activities to keep him occupied, settling on planting flowers and eventually cooking.  Since dumplings are a favorite food of his, she helps him make soy mince dumplings which they both enjoy.  Alptekin is impressed when she tells him she needs him; he says he wants to take her out to dinner, a sentiment she appreciates but cannot do.

Engin discovers that Piril is a terrific bowler, and they impress his friends in the friendly competition.  Selin, angry with Ferit’s determination to stay at the company, goes home and destroys all of the photos of the two of them, but when she finds photos of herself and Serkan, she puts them aside.

After the movie, Eda asks Serkan if he enjoyed it and he says he would like to have the machine that erases the past.  They talk about sad events in their lives that they have to live with, and Eda says those things teach them to live with loss, pain and love; it’s fate.  She asks him if he wants to talk, but he says they will talk later.  At home alone, Serkan remembers the moment Alptekin told him that the orphaned child is Eda, the moment Eda said she would never forgive her grandmother, and the moment Engin said that at some point, he would have to tell Eda.  In a moment of anguish, he strikes the cracked coffee table, the glass shatters, and Aydan comes running to tend his cut hand.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.11.54.png

Later that evening, the girls have gathered on the balcony, each telling something about their day.  Eda confesses that Serkan seems preoccupied and wants to tell her something, but he hesitates.  For some reason, she’s sure that he wants to talk about her. Ceren admits that today she liberated herself from being the “best friend” who will listen to men’s problems, and Melo says she’s reconciled to being unemployed. . .again.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.11.56.png
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Morning finds Melo making breakfast and Eda declaring she won’t clean up after her.  Eda’s phone rings and it’s Selin saying Serkan won’t answer his phone so she wants Eda to tell him she won’t be in the office.  Eda detects a sadness in her voice and volunteers to take a dossier to her.  Ferit meets Ceren coming into the office and admits her presence is needed to review some legal aspects of Serkan and Efe Akman’s agreement.  

Selin has piled Ferit’s clothes on the floor and her wedding dress on top.  She has a huge pair of scissors in hand to begin destroying clothes when she answers the doorbell and finds Eda standing there.  Eda says she brought the dossier from Melo and wanted to see if Selin was all right.  She helps Selin destroy the wedding dress, and tells her she should come to the brunch.  Eda says she shouldn’t be cowed by Ferit’s presence in the company because she’s too strong to give in.  Selin agrees and promises to join the group when Eda has to leave.  On the way out, Eda sees the photographs of Selin and Serkan that Selin did not destroy.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.17.44.png

Everyone shows up at a nice restaurant that morning for the brunch that Efe Akman arranged.  Melo is present because she hovers between Selin’s previous assistant and now possible assistant to Akman, and Ceren is present because she’s doing legal work for the agreement.  When Eda sees Serkan’s bandaged hand, she worriedly asks what happened; he says they will talk later, a response that Eda tells him never seems to happen.  The last person to arrive is Selin who has been seated directly across from Ferit. 

Efe Akman has prepared individual plates for each person based on what they prefer.  For Eda he has prepared pancakes and for Serkan a low sugar breakfast.  He tells the group he is trying to get to know them better, their styles and preferences.  Serkan interjects that he knows them all well: Leyla likes to hear her name called because she’s subject to panic attacks, Piril is the smartest, hardest, most professional partner who harbors a secret desire to sing, Engin is his best friend who manages four separate work sites, Selin is the best PR person anyone could have, and Erdem. . .well, Erdem is Engin’s assistant.  Akman asks Serkan to tell about Eda, but Serkan says that will have to wait.  Earlier, Akman said he wanted to join Serkan’s firm because he admired his talent and his “magic hands” that created remarkable architectural designs, and Eda quietly agreed that Serkan did have magic hands.  The innuendo was obvious, but Eda was thinking about the magic trick that Serkan pulled with the necklace the night of the “engagement” party.  To reinforce her compliment, Serkan produced a little flower bud from behind her ear.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.19.31.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.20.25.png

Eda and Ceren leave the table for the ladies’ room where Eda asks how it is that Ceren knows Ferit.  She doesn’t get a clear answer because Melo comes in with her jealousy in full force.  She cannot tolerate anyone being close to Eda unless she’s present.  When the girls leave, Selin comes out of a stall.  She has heard Melo’s defense of her, that she’s a very nice person.  When everyone rejoins the table, Efe Akman says he is willing to help with the ecological hotel project, but Serkan says that it’s Eda’s project.  Piril and Engin think it’s a good idea, Ferit agrees, but Selin does not.  Finally, Serkan asks Eda’s opinion and she says she would like to work with Akman since she’s studied his work and admires his designs.  Serkan is annoyed, and after Akman describes his ideas for the landscaping, Serkan says the “meeting” is over and he abruptly leaves the table.

Aydan has commanded Seyfi to visit with Ayfer to get information about Eda’s past.  She’s desperate to know if Eda knows about the company involvement in her parents’ deaths and if she has any intentions of revenge.  Seyfi volunteers to make tea while Ayfer continues her work, using the opportunity to go through the house in search of some evidence.  When he finds the picture of Serkan with a heart on it and the paper for Eda’s star, he calls Aydan and tells her the two are in love.

Eda follows Serkan out of the restaurant, bewildered by his rudeness and recalcitrance to Akman’s  suggestions.  When she asks him why he is acting so callously, he asks her why she’s so kind, polite, understanding to everyone.  Why does she care about his mother?  Why does she bring tea for his father?  Why is she always concerned for other people?  He is genuinely unable to comprehend such goodness in Eda’s personality, and that places even more guilt on his shoulders.

Serkan sits alone in the darkened conference room at the company and thinks about the evolution of his feelings for Eda.  When Engin comes in and accuses him of being unfair to the goodness in Eda, he admits he has mistreated her and vows to tell her the truth.

That evening he arrives at Eda’s apartment and overhears Eda telling Ceren that she planted flower seeds that her mother had given her on the company patio, and she told Serkan about her parents and her grandmother.  Ceren asks her if she will ever forgive her grandmother; Eda says she will never forget or forgive the person who caused her to grow up without her parents.  When Serkan hears this, he knows the outcome when he tells Eda the truth about her parents. . .she will never forget or forgive the company, his father or him for the pain they have caused.  He leaves without seeing her.  He sends a driver to pick her up and bring her to the “place where it all began.”

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.26.32.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.26.54.png

She finds Serkan on the company terrace where they signed the engagement contract a few months before.  He tells her he wants to end the relationship where it began, and Eda is incredulous.  She can’t comprehend what he is saying.  He tells her if he continues with her, he will lose everything he has worked for. . .his work, his career, himself.  When she tells him that he has changed, he denies it, saying he has always been this way, unwilling to allow his emotions to get in the way of his logic.  Eda demands that he look her in the eye and tell her that their relationship is over.  When he does, she says the words she said to him the day they met. . .”I hate you, Serkan Bolat.”

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-15 19.33.21.png




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