If one had no sympathy for Selin before, this episode would probably evoke a bit of pity for her.  What can be more humiliating than being abandoned at the wedding table?  And while some of us felt a tinge of sympathy for Ferit who appeared to be a nice guy genuinely in love, now we may view him as a cad who chose THE monumental moment to come to his senses.  There is no wedding for Selin when Ferit walks away.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.17.33.png

Eda was perhaps a little disappointed that Serkan followed Selin when she, too, left the wedding table, but when they met a little later, Serkan assured Eda that she shouldn’t be jealous because there were invisible handcuffs between them.  He could not be without her.  She could trust him.  Alptekin observes this conversation and sees the couple link hands as they walk away.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.21.36.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.24.18.png

When Serkan stops the car at Eda’s home, he tells her he really doesn’t like playing a game of secrets from their families and the employees.  She says she will tell the girls that their relationship is real before she tells her aunt Ayfer because Ayfer was so upset about the “contract.”  After Erdem has been dismissed, Eda can finally share her secret with Melo, Fifi and Ceren, and they are elated.  To celebrate, they make cupcakes, an apparent disaster, for Eda says that she is so happy in her love for Serkan that eating a “stone” cake with her friends is still perfect.  The girls agree that Ayfer must accept and respect Eda’s decision to be with Serkan.

Aydan questions Alptekin when he returns home about the wedding “scandal,” but she quickly reassures herself that Serkan is comforting Selin and they will resume their close ties.  Alptekin dispels this picture by telling Aydan that Serkan and Eda are in love, a fact he witnessed himself. 

Selin, who had disappeared after she left the wedding table debacle, arrives unexpectedly at Serkan’s house the next morning.  She says she’s lost everything, but Serkan assures her that she is still a vital part of the company.  This statement is quickly contradicted when Selin tells Serkan that she sold 45% of her company shares to Efe Akman, retaining only 5% for herself.  She admits that she did this reckless act in an attempt to stay away from him after he had rejected her offer to leave Ferit and left her waiting at the restaurant.  Serkan is upset with this truth, but he’s compassionate and tells her she needs to rest.  She can sleep there while he works out in his fitness room.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.26.45.png

Aydan finds her husband by the corral in the morning.  He admits he spent a sleepless night worrying about his son’s love for Eda.  He wishes fervently he had pursued the identity of the orphaned child long ago so that this guilt would not plague him.  Aydan agrees.  She says Eda is either an angel or she is determined to avenge her parents’ death.  Alptekin doesn’t think Eda is inclined to revenge, but he does worry that telling Serkan the truth, a decision he feels he must do, will hurt both Serkan and Eda.  Aydan calls Serkan to tell him his father wants to speak with him.

Eda calls Serkan to wish him a good morning and sees Selin walk behind Serkan.  Serkan tells Eda that Selin came early that morning, but she’s leaving and he will come to Eda shortly.  At the breakfast table, Melo admits that she feels sorry for Selin.  What can be worse than being left at the wedding table?  Erdem sits apart from the girls using his disguised profile on an internet dating site to send texts to Fifi. Melo, acting as matchmaker, is the only one aware of what Erdem is doing.  Erdem joins them at the table, but he leaves when Fifi exclaims that her internet “friend” has stopped writing to her.

Serkan joins Alptekin for the “talk,” but he doesn’t wait for his father to speak.  He immediately begins citing all of the mistakes that Alptekin has made despite Serkan’s warning: he refused Serkan’s admonition that they buy Selin’s shares, he hired Ferit, he has allowed an unknown to become a major stockholder in the company, and he never trusted Serkan’s decisions.  Alptekin tries to tell Serkan about the long ago accident, but the conversation is so stressful that Alptekin has an angina attack and has to be rushed to the hospital.  Aydan is upset that she can’t leave the estate to be with her husband.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.28.50.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.29.31.png

At the company Piril is annoyed that she can’t find Engin.  Erdem has no idea where Engin is, but Leyla comes in with a problem at a construction site and tells them that Engin is in Qatar on urgent business.

At the hospital, as Serkan waits for news about Alptekin’s condition, he remembers his father sending him away many years ago and the subdued anger he has felt toward his dad.  When Selin arrives, he tells her he is guilty of causing this medical emergency.  Selin behaves in a rather intimate way with Serkan, sitting very close to him, holding his hand and telling him that “Uncle” Alptekin is a strong man who will recover very quickly.  When Serkan calls Eda to explain why he hasn’t come to get her, Selin comes over and speaks so that Eda can hear her.  The doctor explains that Alptekin must take better care of his health, but he will recover nicely.

When Serkan is allowed to speak to his father, Alptekin apologizes for allowing Serkan to believe his brother was more loved and for Serkan’s forced separation from his mother when he was so young.  He tells Serkan that the company is his, and when Efe Akman comes today, Serkan should meet him as the “boss.”    When Serkan leaves his father’s room, he gets a call from Efe Akman who says he’s in Turkey and wants a meeting.  Serkan tells Selin she should be at the meeting since she’s the one who sold her shares to the man.

Eda tells the girls at the breakfast table that the senior Bolat has had a heart attack.  Ayfer is sympathetic for Aydan whose agoraphobia prevents her from being with her husband, and Melo wants all of them to visit Alptekin, an idea that Eda rejects.  Melo goes to work and offers her support for Selin who is cleaning out her office.  When Melo is overheard telling a worker that Selin sold her shares, the gossip spreads and comes back to Leyla who is shocked.  The idea that Selin will leave is associated with Serkan, and the rumor spreads that Serkan is leaving the company and all of the jobs will be forfeited.  

Serkan calls a meeting with Piril, Leyla, Erdem and Eda and quickly dispels the rumors by telling them Alptekin will leave the company to avoid stress, and he will henceforth be in charge.  When the meeting is dismissed, Eda remains with Serkan, but they are soon joined by Selin and then Ferit.  Selin is offended by Ferit’s presence and leaves, but Ferit stays, saying he is a consultant for Efe Akman who has asked him to be at the meeting.  Serkan tells Ferit what he did to Selin was ugly.  Ferit follows Selin to her office and apologizes, saying he really loved her, but he heard her conversation with Serkan and couldn’t marry her if she loved someone else.

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Efe Akman arrives late, after Serkan has declared the scheduled meeting over, but his entrance into the office is immediately welcomed by the staff.  Leyla and Melo are impressed by this handsome man, but Piril is all business and very professional in her greeting.  Serkan, however, is rather taciturn, particularly as Akman addresses the entire pool of architects in the common room, telling them he looks forward to working with them on new projects.

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When the meeting begins, Serkan immediately tells Efe he wants to buy back the shares that Selin sold him, but Efe says to sell them the day he buys them is irresponsible and would not instill confidence in his partnership.  He says to wait at least six months before asking him again.   The papers are signed and Efe says they should celebrate, but Serkan says he’s too busy for a celebration.  When Selin starts to leave, Serkan stops her.  He says she can’t leave the company because between the two of them, they own 50% of the stock.  Together they can work to get Efe’s 45% and Ferit’s 5% back.  Eda overhears this conversation.

When Selin leaves, Eda goes to Serkan.  He says he must restrain himself from giving her a big hug.  She feels the same, but wonders why he isn’t angry with Selin for selling the shares to Akman.  Serkan says he can’t be angry with her now because of the wedding debacle and the long history of family connections.  Eda is a little disappointed, but she agrees, especially after Serkan tells her he can’t breathe without her and they will have lunch together.

Alptekin talks with Aydan from his hospital bed via an ipad that Seyfi holds.  He tells Aydan that they must tell Serkan the truth, but Aydan tells him to wait and let her handle the situation because she doesn’t want him to be stressed again.  Then she privately directs Seyfi to find out everything he can about Eda and her background, particularly anything that indicates Eda is acting in revenge.  Later, Seyfi reports that Serkan canceled Eda’s grant and Eda put handcuffs on Serkan.  The implication is that Eda was exacting revenge for the cancelled scholarship.

Ayfer visits Aydan at the Bolat estate, bringing a cake that she has made especially as an act of sympathy for Alptekin’s illness and Aydan’s inability to be with her husband.  Aydan is impressed that Ayfer thought about her, and reveals that Serkan and Eda are lovers.  Ayfer is distraught to learn the truth of Eda’s failure to go to Italy.  

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.32.34.png

Akman gets a tour of the Art Life Company and decides to work in the common room with Eda as his assistant.  Ferit, too, rejects an office upstairs, saying he will work in the common room near Selin. As Ferit is leaving the building, he bumps into Ceren. Ceren helps him recover his dropped files, and she asks how he’s doing.  They have a short conversation in which he thanks her for her help when he was having an anxiety attack on the sidewalk.  Selin observes their conversation, telling Piril she didn’t know Ferit knew Ceren.  Piril assures her that Ceren understands men and has helped her in her relationship with Engin (she kissed Engin).  Unfortunately, Engin left for Qatar the next day.  She tells Selin not to worry because Ceren is a good person who thinks of men as friends.

Serkan sees Eda working with Akman and decides he will go to lunch, but Leyla comes in with a stack of files and tells him they are getting lots of calls about projects.  If he’s going to lunch, she will direct the calls to Efe Akman.  That changes Serkan’s plans for lunch.  He tells Leyla to direct the calls to him, and he will have lunch in the office.  Also, Leyla should give Akman a list of the restaurants he uses from which to choose at his lunch time.  Serkan appears a little jealous of the close work he sees between Eda and Akman.  Akman detects this and leaves the two.  In the office, Serkan asks Eda what she thinks of “Efe” and Eda responds that he is her idol.  Hmmm. . . Serkan wants an explanation which Eda readily gives by saying Akman is the best landscape architect in Italy, he’s world famous, and working with him is something wonderful.  Eda seems bothered, so Serkan asks her if she has something else to say.  

Eda says it seems that she is not by his side, that when he called her about his father, Selin was with him, and he told her not to come to the hospital.  He agrees with her that they should talk, but before they can begin, Leyla comes to tell him the meeting is ready for him.  He says he can’t keep them waiting, but he makes her promise twice that they will talk.  When he returns from the meeting, he calls Eda into the conference room where she finds a lunch prepared for the two of them.  She’s worried about the other workers seeing them, but Serkan tells her they will know about them sooner or later.  She seems pleased that Serkan has thought about her; she says the lunch is wonderful and immediately forces him to eat two French fries.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.39.56.png

At the Bolat estate, Aydan has rearranged the living area to make it “stress free” for Alptekin’s return from the hospital.  Later in the afternoon, just when Serkan has promised Eda he will take her to a special place for dinner, Aydan calls him asking for him to come home.  At the same time, Ayfer calls Eda and asks her to come home because she has prepared tasty dishes for dinner.  Both Serkan and Eda decide that they would spend time at their own homes in the evening and tell their families about their real relationship.

Selin meets with Piril that evening. Selin wonders how she lost everything in one day. . .her shares in the company and the man who loved her.  Piril wonders how a kiss could drive Engin away without any response to her feelings.  Piril tells Selin that maybe having Efe Akman will be good for the company because Serkan will have competition, and most men have a competitive streak.

At home, Serkan tells his parents that he and Eda love each other and they are dating.  He wants them to understand and appreciate their relationship by giving it respect.  Alptekin says he hopes they don’t  plan anything too quickly, but Serkan says “the sooner the better.”  Aydan says she doesn’t think Eda suits Serkan, but Serkan says he wants them to accept his decision.  Then he calls Eda and says he will pick her up for dinner at a nice restaurant.

Ayfer is waiting for Eda when she arrives, eager to hear what Eda has to say about Serkan.  She is afraid that this love relationship is wrong for Eda: 1) how can she trust a man who made her sign a contract  2) the contract was to keep Selin from marrying Ferit  3) Selin didn’t marry Ferit  4) a woman shouldn’t give up her dreams for a man.  Eda, however, is equally determined to defend herself.  She says she loves Serkan, he loves her, and she expects Ayfer to accept this relationship.

Aydan and Ayfer talk later and decide they will speak with Eda and Serkan.  Ayfer will talk with Serkan and Aydan will speak with Eda.  When Serkan comes for Eda that evening, Ayfer insists that Serkan will come in for a talk.  She sends Eda to the kitchen and tells Serkan several things: 1) Eda will go to Italy   2) once a week he will come for dinner 3) he will spend time with Melo, Fifi and Ceren  4) he will spend time with her, just the two of them.  She also tells him that he will come for a Mardin dinner and she expects him to eat the food, not just taste it, knowing full well that Serkan doesn’t eat the rich foods of that city.  She then separates them by standing to watch Serkan leave, not allowing them to be together.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.42.00.png

The next morning Eda takes flowers for Alptekin and Aydan speaks with Eda about what she must do for her love of Serkan: 1) she must do everything Aydan tells her to do 2) she has to go to a foundation meeting for Aydan  3) she has to go to a beauty contest for dogs  4) she will wait until after her graduation to marry, if Serkan will wait that long  5) she will start working with Aydan the next day.

Melo sets up a meeting between Fifi and Erdem through Erdem’s fake profile on the dating site, but Fifi’s date with the “mysterious man” is doomed when she spies Erdem sitting at a table   Ferit feeds information to Efe Akman about the holding, the relationships, and Eda’s place in the Art Life Company.  Efe Akman tells Eda they need to work together on a project, but Piril tells her she doesn’t need to work at the company if she will be there for only two months.  Serkan asks Leyla her impression of Efe Akman and gets a big hug when Leyla reminds him that he paid for her surgery when she was sick and also paid for her sister’s education.  

Eda overhears Serkan telling Selin how much he needs her at the office to help him with all aspects of the company that seem to overwhelm him at the moment.  Eda is dejected, and barely responds when Akman tells her he brought her coffee and wants to see her sketches for the golf resort.  He is very complimentary of Eda’s design and tells her she can visit his offices in Rome at any time.  Serkan overhears Akman’s compliments for Eda and he is dejected.  When Eda comes in to talk with Serkan, he says he doesn’t have time.  They have a sharp exchange about her plans for Italy and Serkan walks out.  Eda follows him when he doesn’t stop when she calls out to him.  Leyla gives her the address of a house that Serkan owns.

Eda arrives at a house in the country where a gazebo with piles of cushions, soft lights and billowy curtains create a romantic environment for the lovers to meet.  The next morning Serkan tells Eda that he has made arrangements for Italy.  He has bought a house, rented an office, and started screening architect CV’s. He can work in Italy and fly back to Istanbul for weekly meetings. However, there is a problem.  He can’t live without her and how will he manage this back and forth lifestyle.  She is so excited that she jumps up and encircles his neck and kisses him enthusiastically.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.49.34.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.49.44.png

After Serkan takes Eda home from their romantic interlude, he goes home to find Alptekin waiting for him.  He insists that Serkan sit and listen to what he has to say.  He tells Serkan about the accident several years ago and the little girl who was orphaned when her parents died.  Serkan recalls the story that Eda told him about her parents and he realizes the import of this story.  His beloved Eda is the victim indirectly of his company’s malfeasance.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.50.32.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-13 17.52.49.png

How will this information affect Eda and Serkan?  Why did Engin leave for Qatar?  What is Efe Akman’s real intention?  Why does Ferit remain at the Holding?  Will Selin take advantage of Serkan’s need for her involvement in the company?





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