Sunset.  Golden rays creating sparkling diamonds on gentle waters.  A man and woman confronting each other.   The man’s surprising confession. A kiss and the viewers’ collective sigh.  This episode brought to a climax the push and pull of Eda and Serkan’s relationship up to this point and a wonderfully romantic denoument. Suddenly, our “robotic” Serkan is transformed with grins, a sweet gleam in his eyes, and an urgency to extract from Eda an emotional commitment like the one he has made.

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Eda’s response to this new-found Serkan is delicate.  She’s trying to separate the “business” Serkan from the Serkan who has said “I’ve fallen in love with you.”  She is determined to go to Italy and only softens when he says he will go with her if she will wait for two months.  They go for a walk before Serkan takes her back to her home.

At home, the girls are missing Eda already.  Ayfer tells them not to mention the name Serkan Bolat in the house ever again.  She’s glad Eda will be in Italy and she hopes Serkan flies to the moon.  Melo’s faith in romance has been destroyed only momentarily, and Fifi is still unsettled by the idea of Eda agreeing to the fake engagement and signing a contract.  The phony engagement is news to Erdem who finds it incomprehensible that what he observed was not real.

Selin sits in her car, dejected that Serkan never came to the restaurant where she was waiting for him.  She tries to reach him by phone, but he doesn’t answer.  She receives a call from Ferit but realizes she isn’t settled enough to talk with him.  Instead, she calls Piril and arranges to meet her at the office where she’s working late.  Selin is full of disappointment and self-doubt and needs a sounding board. Piril is the perfect friend at this moment because she, too, has problems with Engin’s inability to express his feelings.  Selin declares that she will give up the idea of being with Serkan and concentrate on her relationship with Ferit.  She also tells Piril, who believes Serkan loves Eda, that Serkan’s engagement with Eda was fake.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 21.27.18.png

Honestly, the back and forth conversation between Eda and Serkan as he takes her home is so cute.  He seems so happy, so at ease, so teasing in their conversation while Eda seems quieter, a little distant in a contemplative mood.  When they get to the street, Eda asks him to stop before they get to the apartment because she doesn’t want anyone to see them.  She’s worried about telling Ayfer that she has postponed Italy and she’s back in her relationship with Serkan.  In response to Serkan’s question about her feelings, she gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek.  

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 21.28.56.png

Alptekin makes a call to a man named Kadir who has worked with him the in past.  Apparently, their business relationship was long ago and wasn’t successful.  We learn that Kadir was in charge of a project when an accident occurred that killed two people.  Alptekin requested that Kadir find the child who was orphaned by the accident so that the company could give her compensation, but Kadir said he was unable to locate the child.  Apparently, relatives changed the family name and she disappeared.  Kadir went to prison for negligent homicide, and, having served his time, he is now a free man trying to re-start his life.  Alptekin is annoyed that Kadir has obviously talked to someone recently about the accident, dredging up feelings of guilt that he had repressed. 

Eda surprises Ayfer and the girls when she returns to the apartment.  Melo thinks she’s hallucinating when she sees Eda, but Ayfer is stunned.  Eda begins to tell them what happened but Ayfer interrupts, saying she doesn’t want to hear the name Serkan Bolat.  So, Eda concocts a story that her scholarship was postponed for two months, but she will definitely go when it’s reinstated.  In the meantime, she will complete a project that she didn’t finish.  Ayfer goes to the kitchen and sends a text to her mother, angrily denouncing her for failing to fund the scholarship as promised.  When her mother attempts to call, Ayfer doesn’t answer.  The girls are eager to know what has brought Eda back, but she won’t answer for fear that Ayfer will hear her.  

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 21.29.58.png

Selin arrives home and finds Ferit sitting quietly on the sofa.  When she asks about him, he says he’s tired.  He has sent family and friends home and tidy up after the canceled wedding.  After all, Selin was sitting in a restaurant waiting for Serkan when she was supposed to be sitting at the wedding table with Ferit.  When he asks her where she was, she only says she was so confused, and she doesn’t know how to apologize again.  She says, however, that she will concentrate on him and making him happy.  She declines a call from Aydan Bolat.

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Aydan is annoyed that Selin didn’t answer the call, something she has never done before.  Then she imagines that Selin is with Serkan in some romantic interlude and that satisfies her until she sees Serkan walking to his home.  She and Seyfi walk over where she tries to elicit information on his whereabouts and with whom he was talking on the phone, but Serkan doesn’t tell her.  Eda had called him to say that she couldn’t tell Ayfer why she didn’t leave and he shouldn’t tell his mother, either.  They should wait for an opportune time to reveal their feelings for each other.  Serkan agrees reluctantly, he tells Aydan that Selin can do whatever she wants, and he will take a shower.

Ayfer takes a flower order that evening which Eda eagerly agrees to arrange and deliver.  Of course, that is an excuse to meet with Serkan and they go for a walk before stopping at a coffee shop.  Meanwhile, Selin wants to go shopping before the stores close at 10:00 pm and Ferit goes with her.  As Serkan and Eda sit at a window table and flirt with each other very openly, Selin and Ferit walk by.  Selin sees them and reacts with sadness, although poor Ferit doesn’t realize the truth of her feelings.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 21.33.51.png

Someone mentioned that romantic comedies are often advertising vehicles for popular products.  That is certainly true in this series where Head and Shoulders Shampoo is prominently displayed twice. The first time when Serkan took a shower at the office, and now upon her return from shopping, Selin takes the products from her shopping bag and places them on her dressing table.  When Serkan calls to ask for a face-to-face meeting, she declines, saying she is really tired.  Serkan ends the evening playing his guitar; Eda sits on her patio and contemplates the events of the day as she looks at a miniature rose.

The next morning Ayfer tries her hypnosis technique on Eda in the kitchen to find out where she is going, but Melo in her classic loud style interrupts and breaks the mood.  Eda goes to Serkan’s house for breakfast, but she has to hide when Seyfi and Aydan come for a quick visit.  Seyfi sees that Serkan has prepared a large breakfast and Aydan thinks he is being extravagant for himself.  Seyfi spies Eda hiding behind a tree while Aydan complains about Ayfer paying a visit that was unannounced.  Serkan says that she should also announce when she plans to come to his home because he should have rules for visits just as she expects to have for her home.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 21.40.21.png

When Aydan and Seyfi leave, they go to the dock where she has an explosion of temper about Serkan’s attitude toward Selin.  She speaks loudly about the “contract” with the florist girl, and Alptekin overhears her.  He demands an explanation.  Aydan is hesitant, but she explains and Alptekin is indignant and hurt that she kept the truth from him.

At the company, Leyla is upset that Eda has left them and now her work with Serkan will once again be unpleasant.  Erdem, however, says Eda has not gone to Italy and the engagement between Serkan and Eda was a fake.  This conversation is overheard by one of the workers who spreads the news to everyone else.  

The breakfast that Serkan prepared is enjoyed inside his home for privacy in case Aydan decides to visit him again, and this is a scene that will live in the memories of viewers for a long time.  The conversation between the two is both awkward and intimate.  Eda admits that while the two of them have spent many hours alone, now the circumstances are very different.  With Serkan’s confession of love, she is now shy and unsure of what to say and how to act.  In a nose-to-nose, cheek-to-cheek nuzzle, Serkan again tries to get Eda to make her own feelings known, but she plays the teasing game well with her smiles and her eyes.  After a brief soft kiss on her cheek, he says they have to go to work where she will continue with her project and work with Ms. Idil.  

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 21.42.28.png

Piril informs Engin about the fake engagement contract and she’s upset, apparently because she thinks Serkan has not paid attention to business as he usually does.  Engin finds excuses for Serkan, but Piril accuses him of no emotional growth after he outgrew pulling girl’s hair for attention.  They both laugh at her comment and the scene is so funny because it seems so genuine.

Kadir, the building overseer, comes to Alptekin as requested.  Alptekin fusses at him for talking to a lawyer for the European architect Efe Akman, but he promises Kadir a reward for locating the orphaned child, a sum that will support him the rest of his life.  Shortly after, Ferit comes to Alptekin with a rewritten contract between the architect and the company with changes to sections that Serkan found unacceptable.  Ferit finds that Alptekin is pleased with the contract now, but he tells Ferit a resounding no to the request that eventually the architect would become a partner in the holding.  Ferit says he doesn’t understand because Alptekin has given him a 5 % share in the business, and Eda has signed a non-participating contract with Serkan.  Alptekin says that everybody knew about the fake engagement but him.  Ferit is shocked because he didn’t realize that their engagement was fake.  He also realized that Serkan was playing some sort of game to interfere with his engagement and marriage to Selin.

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Ayfer comes to the office.  As usual, in most Turkish dizis, a parent, a relative or a “friend” attempts to control the life of one or both of the lovers.  Aydan and Alptekin attempt to control Serkan, and Ayfer attempts to control Eda.  In this case, Ayfer puts so much stress on Eda that her narcolepsy surfaces.  While she is asleep, Ayfer tells Serkan that if Eda is here to work and will go to Italy in two months, she is content, but if Eda is at the office for him, she will take Eda and leave.  Serkan tells her again he will never do anything to hurt Eda.  I don’t like Ayfer. . .she’s almost reptilian with her sickly sweet smile and her efforts to pry into Eda’s life.  After all, she’s the one who recognized that Eda had fallen in love with Serkan, and she didn’t make any objection then.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 21.49.28.png

Later, when Serkan has dismissed Piril and the girls working on the Bodrum project, he calls Eda into the conference room and admits that he is addicted to her and he can’t work.  She admits she feels the same way.  He assures her that he didn’t let Ayfer hypnotize him, but he promised that she would go to Italy to complete her education.  Just as they are discussing their inability to focus on work instead of each other, Selin comes in with the contract for architect Efe Akman.  She says Ferit worked very hard on preparing the changes, getting Akman’s approval, and Alptekin had accepted it.  She also said she wanted to resign as PR for the company.  Serkan asked her not to make a hasty decision because he still wanted her to be the Public Relations person.  He suggested that they meet to discuss her decision and she agreed.

Ceren comes to the office and tells Piril that Engin is in love with her.  Ceren admits that it was her idea to pretend an interest in Engin to make Piril jealous because Engin is totally unable to express his feelings. She apologizes to Engin for not telling him the truth about her wealthy family.  She said she wanted to be successful by working hard, not by being born into a prosperous family law firm.  Engin understands because he, too, has wealthy parents.  Later, Ceren tells Serkan the company that produced the stolen lighting designs will pay them a lot of money; he tells Ceren he wants the money donated to an orphanage but it should be a secret.  Eda shouldn’t know.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 21.57.06.png

Aydan calls Piril and discovers that Eda did not go to Italy.  She is upset that her plans to have Selin as a daughter-in-law have been thwarted by a “florist” girl.

Ferit calls Selin and she lies to him.  He sees her preparing to get in her car at their home, but she tells him she’s at the office and will meet him later at his mother’s home.  He follows her and sees that she goes to meet Serkan.  She and Serkan talk on the balcony of the office and Ferit stands on the street under the balcony.  He hears Selin talk about her love for Serkan, her dreams of being with him, and he becomes physically ill.  Ceren comes by, sees Ferit having an attack of some sort, and stops to help him.  She takes him for coffee so he can calm down.  He apologizes and asks her to keep his panic attack a secret.  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 21.59.16.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.01.45.png

After Ceren came to the office to admit that she tried to help Engin by making Piril jealous, Piril suggested to Engin that they have a nice, quiet dinner.  She was hoping they could have a romantic evening and he would finally declare his feelings for her.  But true to Engin’s reluctance to commit, he prepares a nice sushi meal and special lighting in his office for her.  Try as she might, she can’t get Engin to say anything remotely personal, so she kisses him and leaves.

Eda tells Ayfer, Fifi and Erdem that she has to go to a dinner.  Of course, Ayfer wants to know what kind of dinner and would Serkan Bolat be there.  Eda says yes, it’s a business dinner.  When she leaves, Fifi and Ayfer try to make Erdem tell them about the dinner, but he has been threatened by Serkan and Eda, so he doesn’t tell them anything.  

Eda arrives at Serkan’s home, on tiptoe she says, because she doesn’t want to disturb Aydan, Seyfi and Sirius.   They make a salad together and after a light supper, they snuggle on the sofa in Serkan’s house.  Eda says she wants to remember this moment when they are so close, so comfortable with each other, and so quiet.  Serkan tells her she may fall asleep next if she’s not careful, so maybe she needs to work out with him.  He tells her she can do whatever she wants, boxing, riding horses or something else.  She agrees.  She says she doesn’t want to forget this night, and when Serkan asks why, she says because he is the most romantic robot.  He says now is the time for her to confess her feelings for him, and when she asks why, he says because he’s already told her he’s deeply in love with her.  Her answer is . .”Me, too, Serkan Bolat.” 

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.07.33.png

When she asks what star they will look at tonight, he says he has a surprise for her.  He gives her a scrolled document that declares a star with her name. After showing her with the telescope, there are lots of hugs and kisses and the rain comes.  Rain is often used as a device to enhance a romantic moment. 

Selin comes home to an empty house.  She went to Ferit’s mother’s house after her meeting with Serkan but Ferit wasn’t there.  Now she calls him again, worried that something has happened to him.  Ferit is in his car trying to decide what he is going to do.  Selin’s conversation with Serkan has undermined his confidence in his relationship with Selin.  He’s undecided and depressed, so after he receives her voice mail, he texts that something came up and he won’t come home that evening.

The next morning, Selin prepares for her wedding with makeup artists.  Melo and Eda leave for the wedding venue, although Ayfer thinks Eda should not go.  Serkan, Aydan and Alptekin are dressed to attend, but Alptekin has a visitor he must meet. . .Kadir, the former construction overseer.  He gives Alptekin an envelope with all the information he has found on the orphaned child who by now is an adult. Alptekin writes a check for him with a warning look that says he must never speak of this event again.

Alptekin learns that Eda is the orphaned child and he is upset.  When Aydan comes in to see if he’s all right, he shows her the information.  Neither one can absorb the irony and the tragedy of this truth.  Aydan first poses the question of revenge.  Does Eda know and has she deliberately become a part of Serkan’s life?  Alptekin says Serkan must be told, but Aydan says no, they shouldn’t tell him.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.12.27.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.12.45.png

Ayfer receives a call from her mother and immediately accuses her of betraying Eda by postponing the scholarship.  Apparently, the mother tells Ayfer that the scholarship is available, so now Ayfer knows that Eda has not told her the truth. . .that Serkan Bolat is the reason she didn’t go to Italy.

Selin, dressed in her wedding gown, signs documents selling her company shares to Efe Akman.  When Ferit comes downstairs, he’s dressed in sportswear, saying he just didn’t feel like getting dressed, but when Selin tells him she’s not going to work with Serkan again, and she will devote her time to making him happy, they hug and he goes to don his tuxedo. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.16.40.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.19.45.png

The wedding venue is beautiful, the guests have arrived, and the time has come to sit at the wedding table.   The magistrate asks Selin if she accepts Ferit as her husband and she says yes, but when the official asks Ferit if he accepts Selin, he hesitates.  Memories of all the things he has heard Selin say about Serkan and her relationship with his family give him pause.  Finally, after the question is posed again, Ferit tells Selin he can’t marry her.  He can’t live with a woman who loves someone else.  She tells him she’s sure now, but he can’t believe her.  All he can say is, “I cannot.  I should have done this before. I’m sorry, but I cannot,” and he bolts from the table.    Selin is left alone for a few minutes before she, too, leaves the table. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.22.23.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.22.54.png

Serkan follows Selin out, and Eda is left with a huge question, “What has happened and why did Serkan leave?”  

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.23.02.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-10-04 22.23.09.png

Dear Viewer, you should know that the failure of Firet and Selin’s marriage, the discovery of Eda as the child orphaned by the Bolat company accident, Alptekin’s decision to tell Serkan this secret, Aydan’s determination to have Selin in the family, and Ayfer’s equal determination to see Eda far from Serkan will create a bumpy road for our lovers.  After all, Shakespeare said it in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; “The course of true love never did run smooth.”




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