Ahh, Selin!  Let this be a lesson in eavesdropping!  Serkan wasn’t talking about you when he answered Engin’s call.  He was sharing his regrets about Eda’s determination to leave him, and he didn’t know how to stop her.  Selin’s misinterpretation leads her to pose a declaration to Serkan: “If there is a small chance that we will be together in the future, I will break up with Firet today.” She will wait for an answer within two days.  Serkan’s response is to grab Eda’s hand and hold it tightly as he faces Selin, whereupon Eda kisses him on the cheek.

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-24 16.36.52.png

Engin drops by Ceren’s office to apologize for his restaurant blunder. He admits he’s a “donkey,” but he means well and thought a coffee break would be a good way to express his regret.  Ceren, however, is not eager for him to be in the office.  She doesn’t want him to realize that she’s working at her father’s very well-established, lucrative law firm because she’s told him she’s a trainee.

Fifi reviews the accounts for Ayfer and tells her that she’s on the verge of bankruptcy.  She needs big clients such as hotels to keep a steady stream of cash supporting the business.  Ayfer doesn’t know what to do, but she insists that Fifi not tell Eda that the flower shop is failing.

On the trip back to town from the chalet, Eda asks Serkan why he didn’t answer Selin’s question.  He says, “What difference would it make?  You want to leave me anyway.”  At cross purposes as usual, Eda turns on the radio and dedicates the first song to Serkan; without knowing, the lyrics of the song fit their situation of beginning with hate and then falling in love by accident.

Selin is bored with choosing hair styles and wedding reception desserts, so she calls Aydan for an invitation to visit that she knows Aydan will extend.  

Serkan tells Eda he will pick her up after work, but Eda says there’s no need.  She has completed the design for the marina landscape and given it to Ms. Idil, the overseer of the project, and she’s completed the terms of their engagement contract, so there is no reason for her to go to the office.  Serkan replies, “Yes, I will find a reason.”

 In the evening, Selin visits Aydan at the Bolat estate and tells her about the conversation with Serkan.  Aydan tells her what she already knows, that Serkan has a hard time expressing his feelings, but she has done what she could and she’ll have to wait.  Selin says that hearts will be broken (she’s thinking of Ferit and Eda), but Aydan assures her they will get over it. Only Selin is the right partner for Serkan.

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Ceren visits Eda and finds her looking at the apology note with a longing gaze.  She admits to Ceren that sometimes Serkan makes her think he likes her, but then he does something to break the mood.  “What am I doing?” she asks.  “How can a man who makes an engagement contract have true feelings?”  Ceren asks to see the contract, and after a quick perusal, she asks Eda, “Why would a man who saves you from the paparazzi and takes you for a boat ride do that if he doesn’t care?”  She tries to convince Eda that Serkan loves her just as she loves him. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-24 16.41.25.png

 At the same time, in his home, Serkan tells Engin about Selin’s offer to break her engagement to Firit.  Engin tells him to declare his feelings for Eda, but Serkan says he can’t because she hates him and wants to get away.  Serkan says, “ Ahh, Eda, somehow she manages to penetrate the thoughts and feelings of everyone she meets.”  Engin says that’s “love,” my friend, and you will someday tell Eda how you feel.  Engin goes further by saying that if Serkan has no intentions of telling her how he feels, he should leave her alone because she’s completed her work, and she should make her own plans. That night when they are alone and in their beds, Eda holds the guitar pic and Serkan looks at a photo of the two of them.

The next morning, Alptekin meets Mr. Arda, the pottery teacher, and he accepts the situation for what it is. . .Aydan trying to fill her time with crafts.  His only response is that they have enough tableware for the house.  He leaves, and Aydan is convinced that he doesn’t care.

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Eda has dressed in an eye-catching outfit and waits for Serkan to call her.  She fears that he won’t call, but she smiles when her cellphone rings.  The girls are impressed with her dress when she comes downstairs, Fifi declaring that she’s a femme fatale.  Apparently, Serkan thinks the same from his expression and the dinging his “heart rate” watch makes.

Serkan takes Eda to an abandoned mansion that a family friend owns.  The house and the garden are in disrepair and the owner wants Serkan’s company to renovate the property for rental purposes.  Serkan tells Eda there is a story about the house.  It once belonged to a famous Istanbul doctor with a bad heart who fell in love with his next door neighbor, his patient.  The woman loved roses, so the doctor created the garden and a special rose to celebrate his love.  He never expressed his love for the woman, so eventually she gave up and married someone else.  Despondent, the doctor left the property and never returned.  Eda says she understands the doctor, but why is she here.  Serkan says she’s there to inspire him.  They walk through the garden and the house, Eda offering her ideas.

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When Serkan says that she should stay with the company, she says she can’t.  She has applied to the university here and abroad, looking for scholarships or grants.  She rejects his offer of reinstating the grant she lost from his company.  She asks him if he said yes to Selin, but he doesn’t answer. They each follow their own thoughts: Serkan thinks she hates him and wants to get away from him; Eda thinks he’s in love with Selin. Thinking that she will leave him, he gives her a big hug.  The moment is broken when Engin calls him. Serkan pretends Engin is calling about a crisis and asks Eda to go to the office with him.  She says she will just to tell everyone goodbye.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-24 16.47.28.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-24 16.47.11.png

Engin has bought a huge bouquet for Piril to apologize for his mistakes, but she says he doesn’t know her at all.  She calls Leyla into the office to explain to Engin what she likes.  Leyla tells Engin that Piril only likes flowers in pots.

After breakfast, Ayfer speaks privately to Ceren, asking her if her banking friends could help her with a loan to save her flower shop.  She wants an equity loan using the house as security.  Ceren says surely there is an easier way, her mother, for instance, but Ayfer says no.  She says neither she nor Eda would ever consider asking her for financial help.  In searching for her documents, Ayfer discovers the engagement contract and she is furious. Ceren says Eda entered the agreement with Serkan to restore her educational grant so that she could finish her education.  Learning this, Ayfer makes a decision.  She calls her mother and asks her to provide a grant anonymously for Eda’s education.  Then she goes to the Bolat estate and gives Aydan a lecture on how deceptive her family is and how they use people for their own ends.

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Everyone greets Eda when she and Serkan arrive at the office; Leyla especially wants Eda to stay because her presence makes Serkan bearable.  Leyla had previously asked Serkan if she should cancel the meeting in London scheduled for the next week, and he said no.  Upon learning that there were two tickets reserved for the trip, Eda asked Leyla who would be going.  When Eda guessed Serkan and Selin, Leyla said she didn’t understand why Selin would go since she will have just been married. Eda is convinced that Serkan and Selin have decided to keep their reunion a secret from her, and she’s angry that she trusted Serkan. Serkan tries to stop Eda from leaving, but he can’t.  She tells him that if he doesn’t want her to go, he should tell her why he wants her to stay.

A meeting between Firit and the lawyer representing the European architect  who wants to work in Turkey reinstates the collaboration Firit originally presented to the board.  The architect accepts changes in the terms that Serkan challenged, but he also wants assurances about future projects.  The lawyer gave Firet a dossier on a disaster that occurred in the early days of the firm.  A wall collapsed and killed two people as a result of shoddy work done by a third party hired by the company.  Later, when Firet presents this information, Alptekin is shocked and ashamed.  He tells Firet that he was young, the business was in its early days, and he managed to pay off the parties to keep the news from damaging the company’s reputation. He is repentant and sad as he tells Aydan about the incident. 

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-24 16.56.01.png
C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-24 16.57.09.png

Serkan goes home in a state of complete despair.  He can’t find anything to distract himself from his thoughts of Eda.  He worries himself into an anxiety attack that brings Aydan and Seyfi to his house with soup and tea. He rejects their help, and when they leave, Aydan calls Selin to come.  Secretly, Seyfi calls Eda and tells her she should come to see Serkan since he’s unwell.  Eda comes, brings tea, wipes his sweating brow with cool cloths, and tells his fortune by reading selected pages from The Little Prince. When Serkan’s fever rages and he has chills, Eda lies down with him and falls asleep.  During the night Serkan has a nightmare about being separated from his mother.  His brother has died, and his father forces him to go to school abroad even though he doesn’t want to go.  The next morning while Serkan showers,  Eda says goodbye to Aydan. She tells her that she received a scholarship and will leave that evening for Italy.  Later, Aydan goes to see Serkan and tells him that Eda is leaving that very evening.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-24 16.53.13.png
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Before the evening supper with Ayfer and the girls, Eda goes to see Selin.  She tells Selin that her engagement with Serkan was a game to make her jealous and encourage her to break the engagement with Firet.  She also says that Serkan thinks Selin is the perfect woman for him.  Selin goes home to stare at her wedding dress hanging by the bed.  She is waiting for Serkan to tell her they will have a future so she can cancel the wedding.  Serkan does call her, but he tells her to wait for him.  This make no sense since Selin is in a restaurant, Firet is looking for her desperately, the wedding hour is approaching, and Serkan is on his way to stop the taxi and claim his “future bride.” Poor Firet!  He seems like a nice guy, but Selin’s actions might push him into the realm of Kaan’s unethical behavior.

C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-24 16.58.16.png

After an emotional goodbye with Ayfer and the girls, Eda gets in a taxi and heads for the airport.  Serkan, who has watched the leave-taking from a distance, follows the taxi, and in an open section of highway, he blows the horn to stop the car.  When Eda realizes it’s Serkan, she at first tells the driver to ignore the car, but when Serkan persists, she relents and tells the driver to stop.  Serkan pays the taxi driver and puts her suitcase  in his car, all the while Eda is fussing because he’s interfering and will make her miss her plane.  He faces her and tells her she can’t go, he will not let her leave him.  Eda responds, “Why? Why?  Tell me why, Serkan Bolat.”  Serkan says with a smile, “Because I’ve fallen in love with you like crazy,” and he kisses her, an embrace that Eda returns.  Ahhh, At last!  Serkan has found his voice and his heart instead of his head. Where will the lovers go from here?

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C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Screenshots\Screenshot 2020-09-24 17.01.11.png




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