A battle of pride and determination explodes on the scene when a beautiful young woman meets the man whom she believes deprived her of a university education.

Eda, played by Hande Ercel, works with her aunt in a florist shop/nursery while her dreams of landscape architecture fade with each passing year.

Serkan Bolant, played by Kerem Bursin, leads a major corporation that offers scholarships for study abroad to promising high school students.

Serkan is unaware that the financial director of the business has cut scholarship funding in a move to save money for other corporate projects, a decision that rescinded Eda’s scholarship for her university studies. When Eda sees Serkan at a university speaking engagement, nothing will stop her from seeking revenge from him for destroying her future.

Serkan Bolant deplanes from a private jet and calls his secretary Leyla who has failed to remind him of an important meeting with a man who owns property in England that Serkan wants to buy. When he arrives at corporate headquarters, all of the employees hurriedly assume their places and appear busy at work on architectural projects. Leyla is in a quandary about whether or not she should tell her boss that his girlfriend/partner Selin is now engaged to another man. Serkan has accepted a request to speak to the university graduates about architecture in the business world, but before he leaves, Leyla tells him of Selin’s engagement and gives him the invitation to the engagement party.

After a busy morning working at the florist shop, Eda returns to her apartment to find the kitchen in need of a serious cleaning. Her three roommates, Melo, Ceren and Fifi are attempting to sneak out while she’s busy cleaning because they are going to hear guest speaker Serkan Bolant on graduation day at the university. Even though they have been careful and quiet, Eda catches the girls trying to sneak away and learns that they are going to hear the man she holds responsible for destroying her future. She decides she will go with them.

At the university Eda meets one of her teachers who tells her that she can come back to school in September if she pays back the scholarship money she has already used, but Eda says there is no one to help her but her aunt who has borrowed money for her florist business. With this fresh reminder of destroyed dreams, Eda enters the auditorium where Serkan Bolant will speak. When he begins addressing the group of graduates, Eda shouts out a series of accusations, finally telling him that the scholarships he mentioned is a lie since they were cancelled. She leaves the building, sees his Jaguar sports car and proceeds to key it and write on it with lipstick.

Serkan, having called Leyla about the scholarship fund, is sitting in the car and sees what she is doing. When he gets out and threatens to take her to the police station, she reaches into the car and retrieves the handcuffs that were in the engagement invitation. She puts them on herself and Serkan and tells him to take her to the police station where she will tell them why she damaged his car and soon the public will know the truth about him. Leyla calls Serkan back to tell him that the scholarship fund was cut to save money. Realizing that he can’t drive with the handcuffs attached to his left hand and her right hand, he instructs Eda to drive them to a hotel in Taksim Square where he will meet a business man from abroad about an important deal.

Eda, who has never told her name to Serkan, calls Melo to tell her that she is with Serkan and they are going to a hotel. Serkan calls his business manager Engin and tells him to find a locksmith and bring him to the hotel. When they arrive, Serkan heads for the elevators but Eda refuses to get on; claiming claustrophobia, they walk up stairs to the 15th floor where the business man is waiting in the restaurant. Eda suggests that Serkan put his arm around her (to hide the handcuffs) and introduce her as his girlfriend. Evren Bey, the business man, is charmed by Eda and decides to sell his land if Serkan will make him a partner in the venture. Serkan refuses the partnership, but Eda convinces Evren Bey that they will name a building or a marina in honor of him, and the land purchase is made.

The roommates are stunned to realize that Eda is with the man she so dislikes, and they are doubly surprised to hear that she is at a hotel with him. Melo, using a cell phone app that locates other cell phones, finds the hotel and the Jaguar in the hotel parking deck, but they don’t know where Eda is. Melo and Ceren scour the hotel shops and hallways while Fifi looks all around the exterior of the hotel. When the business meeting is over, Serkan and Eda walk down to the garden of the hotel and wait for the locksmith. Engin brings a host of people from the company, including a locksmith who refuses to open the handcuffs. Eda’s friend Fifi sees them in the park, and using a hair pin from her braids, opens the handcuffs.

When Serkan retrieves his car, he finds Eda’s purse and cell phone. At the Art Life Architecture building, Serkan instructs Leyla to get the finance manager to bring a financial report to his office. He hopes to discover the name of the girl who was attached to him for several hours. In the mean time, Eda has realized that her purse and phone were left in Serkan’s car. The four girls go to the office to retrieve Eda’s personal items. The cell phone is especially important since Eda is expecting a call from Cenk, her boyfriend who is returning to Istanbul from his studies in Italy.

After a 5 minute wait in the lobby, Eda storms upstairs and finds Serkan’s office. She is ushered in by Leyla and declares she wants her purse and cell phone. Serkan gives them to her, explains that he didn’t know about the scholarship funding cuts, and offers to reinstate the scholarship for her. She says she wouldn’t accept it unless he apologizes. He says he doesn’t owe her an apology but she owes him one for the damage she did to his car. They argue, she calls him a robot and she walks away.

That night, Eda receives a call from Cenk who has arrived in Istanbul and wants to see her. At the same time Selin, Serkan’s ex-girlfriend , meets with him to ask if he will attend her engagement party. Her fiancé Ferit is a friend of Serkan’s rival Kaan Montenegro. Serkan assures her that although he dislikes celebrations, he will certainly be at her engagement party. When Eda meets Cenk, she is aware of a strange young woman who watches them, and she notices that Cenk behaves in a strange, rather remote way. He tells her that he will see her again the day after tomorrow because he has something very important to tell her. When Eda returns to the apartment, she tells Melo she will do the stewardess job for her tomorrow so that she won’t lose her job clerking at the store.

The next morning, dressed in a black dress and white shirt that looks like a uniform, Eda boards the private jet and prepares to perform duties as a flight attendant. When she takes a bowl of fruit to the lone passenger in the cabin, she sees that it’s Serkan Bolant. Scurrying back to the hostess seat, she draws the curtain, but he follows her and discovers her having a panic attack from claustrophobia. He helps her to the main cabin, gives her water, and asks her if she intends to ruin the plane the way she ruined his car. Jokes aside, they talk amiably until the plane lands in Gokceada, the largest island of Turkey and the seat of Gökçeada District of Çanakkale Province. It is located in the north-northeastern Aegean Sea.

Once the plane has landed, Eda breathes a sigh of relief, but she is not sure what to do while waiting to return to Istanbul. Serkan invites her to go with him to the party where she can relax on the beach while he mingles with Selin’s guests. She accepts the chance to breathe sea air and enjoy the open view. At the party, Selin and Ferit welcome Serkan; Selin apologizes for Kaan Montenegro being present. Kaan and Serkan are rivals with hard feelings, and an argument almost breaks out between the two. Kaan teases Serkan about losing his girlfriend to another man, but Serkan, remembering that Eda said she was his lover when they met with Evren Bey at the restaurant, says he is presently engaged.

He goes to the beach where he finds Eda sleeping in a lounge chair. He gently shakes her awake to leave, but before they can walk away, Selin, Ferit and their friends approach them and demand an introduction. Serkan doesn’t know Eda’s name, so he introduces her as Celik (strawberry), a fruit he is allergic to and very appropriate to describe their relationship. Serkan offers Eda a deal. . .if she will pretend to be his fiancée for two months (Selin’s wedding will happen in two months), he will pay her university fees. He tells her this is a chance to get her life in order and pursue her dreams of an education. Eda doesn’t understand why he has come up with this arrangement. He answers that Selin, having seen her, is now jealous. He apparently wants to make Selin miserable. Eda slaps him and says no.

While the plane is returning to Istanbul, many of the guests at the party have sent pictures of Eda and Serkan to their friends with news that they are engaged. Serkan thinks everyone at the party was drunk or too involved to remember anything, but he is surprised to find a coterie of journalists and photographers waiting for them when they exit the plane. He puts Eda in his car without saying anything and takes her home. On the way he tells her that he will have a press conference at 10:00 am in the morning to announce the Evren Bey deal, she will be standing beside him, and he will introduce her as his business assistant. She agrees that will be the last time they see each other.

The next morning Melo, Ceren and Fifi insist on accompanying Eda to the press conference. Before they can get in the car, Cenk calls Eda and tells her he has to see her. He tells her he will join her at the press conference. The girls think Cenk has heard about the phony “engagement” and will cause a problem for Eda, but he has really come to tell Eda that he has fallen in love with the Italian girl, Carla, who she saw the night they met. Carla has come with him to witness that he breaks his relationship with Eda, and she is present at that moment in the room with them. Eda is outraged. She thinks Cenk has seen the news of her engagement to Serkan and has broken with her in a jealous pique, but he says no, he saw the news but he didn’t believe she would have a chance with the rich, handsome bachelor.

Eda, shocked and outraged at Cenk’s declaration, walks out to the patio where Serkan has begun to speak to the crowd. With no hesitation, she marches right up to the podium and kisses Serkan passionately. Serkan, also shocked, is speechless, as are Eda’s roommates, Selin, and all the people observing this scene. What will happen now that Eda has publicly kissed the man she vowed to never see again?





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