The finale, episode 21, of Sen Anlat Karadeniz is two and half hours of action, anger, revenge and heartbreak.  Tahir has saved Yigit but little Ceylan is still in Vedat’s clutches; Nefes and Tahir are married but her safety is still an issue; Nazar is Vedat’s wife but she has been abandoned after the wedding; Mustafa is in jail for murder but he is innocent.

The episode opens with Vedat in a yacht on the open sea talking angrily to his attorney as little Ceylan looks perplexed with his outburst.  He’s angry because Nefes and Tahir have married, his wedding celebration with Nazar was interrupted, his crime has been reported to the police, and now he is a hunted man. Vedat tells his attorney to report Nefes for forging his signature on travel documents.  He says Nefes and Tahir will not have a honeymoon as long as he is a wanted man; if he “burns,” they will “burn” with him. He cannot locate Eysan who usually solves his problems and consoles him, so he begins to make his plans. . .he will become a “new” man by changing his look (he shaves his mustache and beard), then escape to America with Ceylan. When she wonders about Yigit, he promises her they will one day have her brother with them.

The scene changes to a remote cabin in the mountains where Tahir has sent Nefes for her safety after their marriage.  Because she has been reported for forgery, the police are searching for her. Mustafa has been arrested for murder after Vedat had Necip’s bullet-ridden body hidden in his car, but Aisye, Mustafa’s wife, doesn’t want Tahir to know his brother is in jail.  She knows her husband is innocent but Nefes is not, and Nefes needs to escape with Tahir to Russia. Tahir arrives with Yigit after having saved him from the escaping Vedat. Nefes is torn between honoring Tahir’s wishes to escape and saving Mustafa from an unjust accusation and incarceration.   Tahir is disturbed that Ali and Aisye have left Nefes alone in the cabin, but Nefes cannot say that they left her to go to Mustafa. Yigit tells his mother that Tahir tried to save Ceylan, but Vedat escaped with her in the boat. Nefes doesn’t understand why Vedat would want the little girl.

At sea, Vedat learns that the Coast Guard ship approaching the yacht may interfere with his plan to rendezvous with a seaplane.  Vedat pulls a gun and tells the captain to speed up. The Coast Guard cannot overcome the distance to intercept Vedat’s escape.

Ali arrives at the cabin with food.  He tells Tahir that Vedat escaped but they should concentrate on their own escape.  Nefes, still concerned about Mustafa, tells Tahir they shouldn’t leave even though he has made plans for them to escape on the first day of Bayram, a holiday.

At the local police station the family has gathered in support of Mustafa.  Aisye arrives to comfort her husband and daughter and send her “trouble-maker” mother-in-law Saniye home.  Aisye remains at the police station with the Slackers, Murat and Fatih, but Fatih becomes concerned that Berrak was not found when the police raided Vedat’s house.  He tells a policeman to come with him to search for Berrak. In the meantime, Mustafa is questioned about the murder of Necip. He admits that he was wrong in not reporting Vedat to the authorities earlier, but he also cannot tell the entire truth because he was willing to give Nefes and Yigit to Vedat to save his brothers.  Aisye is allowed to see Mustafa in his jail cell. Their meeting is fraught with tears of sadness when Aisye admits that Tahir is leaving the family to take Nefes and Yigit abroad.

In the mountain cabin that night, Nefes tries to sing Yigit to sleep as he cuddles with Tahir, but Yigit is too excited about saving animals in a cruel Russian zoo to sleep. He tells his mother he just wants the three of them to be a normal family.  As he finally falls asleep, he clasps Nefes’s hand lying across his chest with Tahir’s. . .they are his family.

In the dark of night, a speedboat carrying Vedat and Ceylan docks at a pier where one of Vedat’s cohorts, Rustem, waits with a rented car.  Vedat apologizes to Ceylan that they are still at the Black Sea because he has changed his mind. . .they won’t go abroad to America yet because he doesn’t want to leave the area without Nefes and Yigit.  He takes credit cards and a cellphone bought with a fake ID before threatening Rustem if he should get caught.

Firat and the policeman arrive at Vedat’s house to search for Berrak.  Firat finds her tied up and chained in a locked room upstairs. She is distraught when she learns that Vedat has escaped with Ceylan and her father Necip is dead.

Vedat, driving the rental car, discovers that the gas tank is almost empty.  Cursing Rustem, he pulls into a service station to get gas but discovers that his credit cards have been blocked.  When a police van arrives before he can try a third credit card, he tells Ceylan he will take her to the rest room.  Instead, he takes her to the back of the station where they climb over a wall and run into the woods.

At the cabin Ali tells Tahir not to worry about Ceylan because Vedat can’t go very far.  He has no access to money or credit, so he will be caught. When that happens, Ali says he will bring Ceylan to Russia to join them.  Tahir takes water to Nefes and she breaks her promise. .. she tells him that he can’t leave because Mustafa is in jail. Tahir leaves immediately for home to find the family in limbo.  When he says he knows that Vedat killed Necip but he doesn’t understand how he put the body in Mustafa’s car, Murat remembers that Vedat, accompanied by a bearded man, left Nazar at the dress shop trying on her wedding dress. Tahir and detective Mithat leave to find the bearded man.  Meanwhile, Berrak enters the family room from the kitchen where Firat hid her and causes mother Saniye to go into a tirade.

Vedat and Ceylan continue their escape through the woods as Asiye, attorney Esma, Osman Hoca, mother Saniye and the Slackers come to the cabin to talk with Nefes.  Esma tells Nefes that if she turns herself in, she will spend at least 5 years in jail and Yigit will be given to social services. As usual, Mother Saniye puts a guilt trip on Nefes, begging her not to take Tahir away because the family would be left without a leader.

Tahir and detective Mithat confront the bearded man, Orhan, who accompanied Vedat.  He tells them that he and Vedat went to the bridal salon, the jewelry store for the wedding ring, and then went home.  Tahir goes to the jewelry store to check Orhan’s story and finds it confirmed by the salesmen, but he knows Vedat left secretly to kill Necip and hide his body, he just doesn’t know how or who helped him.  He drives to a remote hunting shelter in the mountains to retrieve grenades hidden there before going to Vedat’s house to confront his men. He threatens them with the grenades, exploding two, before one of the men tells him that Rustem is the man he seeks.  While Tahir is trying to locate Vedat’s accomplice, the judge decides to keep Mustafa in jail several more weeks until another hearing. Tahir returns to the mountain cabin to tell Nefes he hasn’t been able to locate Rustem, that it may take weeks or months to find him and save Mustafa, and she and Yigit must travel to Russia without him.  He has made arrangements with a gunrunner to transport them across the Black Sea to Russia.

After the police raid Vedat and Nazar’s wedding celebration to arrest Vedat, Cemil Dagdeviren takes his newly married daughter Nazar, his paralyzed daughter Mercan and his wife to their home.  Later that night, when he pays the gunrunner for a shipment of illegal weapons, Cemil discovers Tahir’s escape plans. The gunrunner tells Cemil he will take his “friend” Tahir, his wife and two children to Russia.  This puzzles Cemil because he doesn’t understand why there would be two children with Tahir and Nefes.

While devouring tomatoes they found in a garden, Vedat tells Ceylan that Nefes is her mother, Yigit is her brother and he is her father.  He tells her they will find Nefes and Yigit and then they will never be separated. Vedat is annoyed that he still can’t get in touch with Eysan, but Eysan is dead. . .her body has been discovered near the shore.  Carrying Ceylan, Vedat walks down a road where he meets a truck that gives him a ride to town. The truck takes him to the Dagdeviren home. Nazar is in shock after learning her new husband Vedat is a killer, her sister Mercan is mute and paralyzed after the hanging, and both girls are jolted to see Vedat. Nazar threatens to call the police but Vedat tries to soothe her. He is surprised to see that Mercan is alive and blames her condition and his situation on his having loved Nefes.  Cemil comes in and confronts Vedat. Upon seeing Ceylan, he tells Vedat that now he understands why Tahir is planning to escape to Russia with two children, but he refuses to tell Vedat when and where Tahir’s escape will happen. Vedat and Ceylan are forced to leave the house when Cemil says he won’t report them but Vedat must never come close to his family again or he will kill him.

At the mountain cabin, Tahir and Nefes have a romantic moment on the eve of their separation.  Nefes tells Tahir that she wants to remember his smell, she wants to be his “real” wife before she must leave.  Tahir tells her she is his real wife because she’s the one he loves. They spend a quiet night together.

The next day finds the men in the mosque to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the first day of Bayram. . .fasting is over.   After their prayer, Tahir and the Slackers return home to greet Asiye, her daughter, and mother Saniye before taking them to see Mustafa. Later the family gathers at the cabin to celebrate a holiday meal together. . .it will be the last meal that Nefes and Yigit will share with the family before their escape to Russia.  The final goodbyes are painful.

The last four minutes of this episode are replete with dramatic action and strong emotion: relief that Nefes and Yigit will be safe, sadness in the coming separation, and fear that Vedat is roaming free and aware of the escape plan.  Everything that Tahir has planned seems to be working, but the possibility of a successful escape is tempered by the knowledge that something unexpected might happen.

Tahir and Ali take Nefes and Yigit to the dock where one of the Kaleli ships is waiting.  They set sail to meet a Russian ship at sea captained by the gunrunner Yeogor. Ali pilots the ship while Tahir spends a few minutes with Nefes and Yigit on deck.   When Ali hears a strange noise below deck, he goes down to investigate. He is shocked to see Ceylan and as he moves toward her, Vedat attacks him from behind and knocks him out.  Then he sends Ceylan with a gas can on deck, telling her that it’s a game. She dribbles the gas as she approaches Tahir, Nefes and Yigit. When Yigit sees her, he calls her name and she rushes to them.  Vedat appears on deck with a lighter as Tahir draws his gun. He tells Tahir to drop the gun or the entire ship will burn since he has doused gasoline below and above deck. Vedat tells Nefes that Ceylan is her child and gives her a choice: come back to him so they can be a “happy” family or refuse and they will all die.  When Nefes refuses his offer and calls him a psychopath, he angrily tells her they will all die if she doesn’t do what he says. He tells her to tie Tahir’s hands, and after he tells Tahir to stand on the prow of the ship, he tells Nefes to tie his feet. Then he hands Nefes a lead belt to tie around Tahir’s waist and tells her to push him into the sea.  She can’t do it, so Tahir jumps.

Surely our hero cannot die, but how can he survive? Can he loosen the ropes around his hands and feet within two minutes?  Can he free himself from the lead belt which hastens his descent? If Tahir does survive the depths of the sea, how can he be rescued?  Will Ali awaken and be able to help? What will happen to Nefes, Yigit and Ceylan now that Vedat has them in his control? Will Rustem be found to prove Mustafa’s innocence?  Will Mercan’s voice be restored so that she can accuse Vedat and how will Nazar deal with her mistake? The first episode of the second season is eagerly awaited to answer some of these questions.


Written By – Susan Watson


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