Honestly, there was a time when I thought this series would never end, but thankfully, the writers decided the time had come, and they tied up most of the loose ends nicely. Nefes survived the abuse, found a loving husband and father for her son, offered support to other abused women, and gave birth to Tahir’s daughter; Tahir learned to temper his anger, control his rash behavior, and give up weapons as a solution for problems; Mustafa learned to have patience and that he shouldn’t take his family for granted, particularly his wife Asiye. Perhaps most important of all, every character learned that the bonds of family love and trust provide the strength for the characters’ changes and growth.

As the episode begins, Tahir and Nefes are experiencing the joys of parenthood by sleeping at the kitchen table after a long night with baby Maral. Genco is arguing with Ali about being put in jail. Outside the jail, Ali and Esma tell Hazan, Nilufer, Melek and Ferhat that Genco will be out of their lives for a long, long time. Ferhat says that Fikret did a great job in collecting evidence to keep him imprisoned for years. Fikret, who was with them, has left the group to go to the Kaleli mansion.

Tarik and Mercan are enjoying morning coffee at home even though they know Genco has been arrested. Tarik admits that he is culpable for having lied about Zeynep’s child, but he doesn’t think that he will be severely punished. Mercan seems very pleased with herself that she has survived her marriage and even manipulated the outcome.

At Hanife’s cabin, Nifuler, Melek and Hazan tell their mother/grandmother about Genco’s criminal behavior and abuse, and at the Kaleli’s home, Fikret sits for a short visit with Mustafa, Asiye, Tahir and Nefes. He has brought a copy of his will in which he bequeaths all his property to Yigit, his grandson. When he leaves the Kalelis, he goes to the play center at the mall where he gives Yigit and Balim some money and visits with Saniye. He confesses that he exposed her sin while coming face to face with his own, but Saniye also has a confession. She says she knew Gulendum, the woman Fikret loved and the mother of Vedat. Sakinah told her about Gulendum before she was killed. Saniye gives Fikret a message: Gulendum left her son Vedat with her evil boss, but she told Sakinah that she would wait forever for her lover Fikret.

The twins are at the dock office contemplating their state of bachelorhood. A young woman, Yesim, walks up and both boys jump. Murat quickly takes the lead, introducing himself as Captain and Fatih as his deck hand, and telling Fatih to bring tea. Yesim says she’s a student in marine engineering and she must get information on the sand business. Murat spins some tall tales to impress the young woman, much to Fatih’s chagrin. When Mustafa arrives, Murat pays for his clever subterfuge with “Haydar.”

Ferhat calls Hazan and asks her to meet him that evening. When Fikret returns home, he tells Ferhat that Saniye told him about Gulendum, the woman who has waited for him for 35 years. Ferhat tells him to go find her, but Fikret thinks he’s lost his opportunity for love and all hope of finding her. Ferhat compares Fikret to Abraham who sacrificed his son Ishmael by sending Ishmael and his mother Hagar into the wilderness. Ishmael and Hagar survived and founded a great nation. Fikret should be brave and go to Istanbul to search for Gulendum on Kuleli Street. Fikret leaves to begin his search, and Hazan comes to meet Ferhat.

Yigit is feeling a bit ignored now that Maral is taking up so much time and attention of Tahir and Nefes, but Tahir solves the problem with a “family council.” The three sit on the floor and discuss a problem, Maral’s crying, with Judge Nefes suggesting that Yigit rub Maral’s back when she cries. Yigit give Maral the name Blue Eyed Rain Cloud because she cries so much.
Esma and Ali come to tell Tahir, Nefes and Asiye that Genco is in jail and his pre-trial date is set. Ali is still taken with the idea of fatherhood, talking incessantly, saying 3 children is a good number while Esma tugs at his sleeve to make him hush.

Fikret, encouraged by Ferhat, goes to Istanbul and finds Gulendum waiting for him, Tahir and Nefes settle in for the night with their children, Tarik and Mercan dance outside in a ring of fire, Ferhat and Hazan snuggle by an outdoor fire.

Three months later, Genco’s pre-trial for evidence takes place. Everyone is ready to attend the trial and give his statements. When Tarik goes to court, Mercan visits her parents and tells them that she and Tarik will move to Istanbul. Mercan appears happy even though Turkan is still not sure that Tarik treats her well. When everyone assembles at the courthouse, only Hanife is missing from the group. She is lurking outside, unseen by her family and friends. When the session is over and Genco is escorted out of the building, Hanife appears with her shotgun and takes aim at Genco, but she’s apprehended by two policemen.

Ferhat calls Tahir and Ali to join him for a talk by the outside fire. When the friends arrive, Ferhat is reluctant to talk, but Tahir and Ali know he wants to talk about marriage. The conversation withers after awhile, and when the fellows start to leave, Ferhat invites them in for tea. Esma, remembering Ali’s bachelor party, becomes unsettled with the idea of Ali being with the guys. She calls Hazan and the two of them go to Fikret’s to check up on the men. After Tahir, Ali and Esma leave, Ferhat gathers his nerve and proposes to Hazan.

Tarik receives a call from the prison. Genco is dead by his own hand. Tarik tells Mercan that his tears aren’t for the loss of his father but rather tears because he never knew him. Tarik prepares Genco’s body for burial and when Genco is interred at the cemetery, Tarik dismisses the attendants and shovels dirt into the grave by himself. Afterwards, he and Mercan go to Hanife’s to tell Nilufer that as Genco’s widow, she will inherit two thirds of his property. Tarik also tells her that he and Mercan are leaving. Last of all, Tarik and Mercan bid goodbye to the Dagdiverens. Turkan is upset to lose her daughter but comforted to know that she and Nazar will be closer to each other. She decides that she wants to go to Istanbul herself, and now she has a good reason to go.

Esma tells Ali that she is pregnant and her emotional state had something to do with her behavior at Fikret’s house when she and Hazan dropped in on the fellows. Ali faints from either shock or excitement, but he’s fully recovered later that night when he announces his impending fatherhood at the Kaleli supper table to great fanfare and applause. Two days later Nefes learns that she has been accepted into law school at Istanbul University, and after preparations are made, Tahir, Nefes, Yigit and baby Maral bid a tearful farewell to the family several days later.

The series ends on a happy note. The only loose ends left are the twins and Nazar. Neither naive Murat nor sweet Fatih found soul mates, and we never know why Nazar ran away. We will miss Osman Hoda, that sweet, gentle, wise soul who was the father, the uncle, the brother, the preacher, and the teacher for the characters and the viewers.

Written By – Susan Watson




  1. Sen anlat karadeniz is very nice movie, i have enjoy it very much. Since Covid 19 and the lockdown in the house makes me happy with this movie even though it takes long time to clear the virus still i but i feel amusing, nice music , good filming, nice character of the actor / actress.Congratulations!


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