Ahh, Fikret. . .one of my favorite characters : wise, mysterious, generous, responsible, and, above all, patient. The introduction to this penultimate episode brings Fikret into the story as a major player. He stands at the foot of Vedat’s grave and relates a brief history of his past to Hazan and Ferhat. His last comment is that one man has interfered with his life and deprived him of the family he might have had. Now was the time to even the score.

At the Kaleli mansion the gunfire has stopped. The boss calls out the names of the family and concludes by saying, “You are dead.” The men get in their cars and drive away just as Tahir and Mustafa come out of the front door with guns ready to fire. Seeing the cars leaving, they turn toward the house and see the headstones with their names inscribed: Mustafa, Tahir, Asiye, Nefes, Saniye, and Fatih.

Ferhat arrives, followed by Ali and Fikret. All of them warn Mustafa and Tahir not to get involved with the drug lord and his gang, but Mustafa is not so inclined. He and Tahir are both incensed that complete strangers have threatened their family and riddled their home with bullets. When their friends have gone, they decide they will take care of business, but Asiye and Nefes come out and ask where they are going. Both women see the mock gravestones and tell the men to come in and say goodbye to their children since they may never see them again. That stops Mustafa and Tahir in their tracks.

Tarik has taken Mercan to town to do some last minute wedding shopping. On the street Mercan meets Saniye who has been shopping. Saniye asks Mercan when she is getting married to Genco’s son and Mercan says that very night. Saniye seems worried for Mercan’s well-being.

At Fikret’s house, the men have gathered on the porch before a table full of guns. Fikret tells Doruk and his men that the gang would not stay in a hotel, so they must find them and be ready to attack first. At that moment, Saniye returns home from shopping in time to see Tahir and Mustafa removing the headstones, but she sees the one with her name on it and she’s stunned. Osman Hoda and Esma are also approaching the house in time to see the headstones. Apparently they have heard about the shooting from Ali and have come to see if the family is all right.

The scene shifts to Genco’s house where Hulya is preparing the dining room table as a wedding table. Just as Genco asks Hulya about Tarik, the errant son enters. He says he spent the evening with his bride-to-be who is not the calm introverted girl Cemil thinks she is. Good, Genco says, maybe she will keep you in line. As Tarik goes upstairs he meets Hazan, Nilufer and Melek on their way to Hanife’s house. Hazan tells Tarik he needs some psychiatric help, but Tarik smiles. Genco, however, is not so happy about the women leaving. He reminds Nilufer that she must be present at the wedding, but she doesn’t think she will be there. Surprisingly, Genco ignores her response.

Saniye, who was out of the house at the time, is upset about the shooting, and she demands to know why it happened. Before he thinks, Mustafa says because of Murat. Saniye wants to know where he is and once she’s told, she demands that he be brought home. She says if they must die, they should all die together. Ali and his men are scouring the city and country side, but they have found nothing. Ferhat and Fikret are also looking everywhere; at last Fikret phones Ferhat and says his men have found the gang. They drive into woods where the drug gang is hiding. Ferhat builds two fires and drops shotgun shells in the fire before he approaches the seven men. Ferhat asks them to surrender but the boss wants to know who they are. Before Ferhat can answer, the shells in the fires explode, and the boss and his men pull their guns and start firing. Fikret and his men who are hiding behind trees fire back. After a serious gun battle, the gang is captured and turned over to Ali, but in the shooting, Ferhat is wounded.

After Ali claims the gangsters, Fikret and Ferhat return to Fikret’s house and a doctor is called to treat Ferhat’s wound. Fikret also calls Hazan to let her know about Ferhat because he recognizes that she is smitten and Ferhat is too stubborn to admit he’s in love with her.

Fatih brings Murat home to face the ire of Mustafa. Tahir sends Murat upstairs to avoid a scene with his brother. Ali arrives to tell the family that the bad guys are in jail.

Tarik picks up Mercan for the wedding and she is wearing a bright red gown. He says he thought she would wear white, but she says actually she wanted to wear black, but she thought that would be too obvious. Turkan is so unhappy, but Cemil just wants to get the ceremony over. When Turkan asks about Nilufer, Genco says she went to her mother’s house because the old woman was sick.

Tarik and Mercan wait on the porch for the Magistrate to arrive for the wedding. He again tells her not to expect anything from him in this marriage, and she replies that she long ago gave up expectations. The bride and groom sit at the dining room table with the Magistrate and the wedding is completed. Only Hulya the servant and the official are present as witnesses.

At Hanife’s, Hazan talks her grandmother into supporting Nilufer who has stopped taking the real medicine. Hanife is doubtful but willing to give her daughter a chance. Nilufer and Melek are preparing a meal when Hazan receives a call from Fikret telling her that Ferhat is wounded. Hazan goes to Fikret’s house where she and Ferhat argue, even though she wants to console him for his wound. Tahir arrives and agrees that Ferhat is difficult and can be an ass even at the best of times.

The Tamer mansion is empty, and after Hulya serves their meal, Mercan and Tarik are left alone for their wedding night. Tarik decides to test Mercan; when she asks for salt, he throws the shaker on the floor. When he asks for lemon, she pours the juice on the floor. She leaves the table and he follows to physically accost her. She slaps him and a fight breaks out between the two. She will not be cowed and he is determined to tame her. The fight ends on the stairs. After awhile, Tarik says he’s hungry and suggests they cook macaroni. Mercan agrees and the two enjoy plates of the pasta as they sit outside in a swing. The newlyweds have made up and the evening ends with the two in bed.

At the Kalelis, Murat apologizes to the family for the fear and the damage he’s caused. Mustafa tells him that he must replace all of the broken windows himself and pay for them. Peace has come to the family at last.

Fikret and Ferhat sit outside and Fikret fusses at Ferhat for his treatment of Hazan. He says he told her about Ferhat’s wound and she came to see him, but Ferhat wasn’t very nice to her. Fikret says,”I told you that a woman will heal you and turn you into a man and a father and a human. A woman can heal the deepest wound. A woman can hear your thoughts before you say them.” Ferhat is being stubborn and pretending ignorance of the issue, but Fikret doesn’t want to give up. He says we’ll invite Hazan over tomorrow and settle affairs. He leaves Ferhat sulking by the fire and goes in to take papers out of a notebook and throw them into the fireplace.

The next day the Kaleli men are busy replacing windows and outside lights. Murat and Fatih measure the glass and Mustafa cuts it, although he’s breaking corners when he cuts. The mood is happy even though there is much work to be done.

At Fikret’s, once again Hazan and Ferhat stand by Vedat’s grave as Fikret tells them the truth: 1) Hazan’s father didn’t die from a fall. Genco killed him because he wanted Nilufer. 2) Nilufer married Genco because she had two small daughters and no way to support them. 3) Ferhat’s mother was hanged by Genco, but Genco spread rumors that her husband killed her because she was running around with men and the baby probably wasn’t his. 4) Genco had something to do with Fikret’s beloved’s death. Now, he said, it’s time to get even. Genco will pay for all the evil he has done. When Hazan asks him how he knows this, Fikret tells her that some of his guys work with Genco’s men. The men talk among themselves, and his men bring him the information they have learned.

Later, Esma comes to Fikret’s with a briefcase of files, and after a discussion, Esma, Hazan and Ferhat go to Ali’s office to discuss their business with him. Apparently, these files contain evidence of Genco’s many crimes for which he has never been convicted.

Tarik and Mercan are now simpatico in their marriage, and this understanding gives Tarik the courage to face his father as a man. Nefes, Tahir and Yigit go to the school to check the list of student scores on the high school graduation test. She passed and earned a diploma. Ferhat and Hazan happily prepare food in Fikret’s kitchen and he is pleased. He has worked hard to bring these two together.

Three months later, Nefes awakens in the middle of the night and the race to the hospital begins. Tahir finds the main road closed because of a wreck, so he takes the old side road and blows out a tire. Meanwhile Nefes has started having contractions. Tahir calls Fatih and Murat and tells them where he is and to come quickly, but nature doesn’t wait. Nefes gives birth to her daughter Masal in the backseat of the truck. Dawn finds the Kaleli men waiting by the roadside as Asiye brings the newborn to Tahir.

Everyone gathers at the Kalelis to celebrate the birth of Tahir and Nefes’s daughter. The exception is Tarik and Mercan. Tarik is dressed and primping at the mirror when Mercan comes out of the bathroom after her bath. She drops her robe, points a gun at Tarik and says, “I’ll shoot you if you don’t kiss me.” Tarik says he’ll do anything she wants. Ahhh, love is in the air. Later, sitting on the porch, Tarik suggests they go to Istanbul, and Mercan thinks that’s a good idea since her sister Nazar is there. Neither one cares what Genco will say.

The baby has put parenthood in Ali’s mind. He wants to take Esma home. Fikret leaves Hazan and Ferhat alone in his house, but before he goes, he asks if everything is ready for tomorrow. Since Ali and Esma know about the files Esma had, the assumption is a court action against Genco will proceed the next day. Alone in the room, Ferhat struggles to say something but his awkwardness makes everything sound argumentative. Hazan gives up and goes to get water, but Ferhat stops her. They finally kiss and their commitment to each other is made. Later, a man, probably a lawyer, visits Fikret and gives him documents to sign.

Genco comes in for breakfast to find only Tarik and Mercan at the table. He asks about Nilufer and is told that she and the girls left early in the morning. Genco says she’s been going out a lot lately and he will have to do something about that. He doesn’t know it, but Nilufer, Hazan and Melek are with Esma at Fikret’s house. Fikret gets a call from Ali that he and his men are on their way to Genco’s mansion to pick him up.

Genco is arrested at his breakfast table, handcuffed and taken to the precinct where he finds Fikret, Ferhat, Nilufer, Hazan and Melek waiting for him. An angry Fikret tells Genco he has pushed his buttons too many times and now he has to pay. When Esma is asked how long he could stay in prison, she says even if he was not convicted of some of the many crimes, he would still probably get 30 or 40 years. Ferhat asks Hazan if the two of them have any plans for the next 30 or 40 years. Hazan says no and they both smile.

Love has conquered evil. Tahir and Nefes are now parents of two; Mustafa and Asiye have secured their marriage; Ali and Esma are happy newlyweds; Ferhat and Hazan have finally connected; Mercan and Tarik are bonding within their marriage. Will Murat and Nazar resolve their differences? Will Fatih meet his soul mate? How many years will Genco have to serve in prison?


 Written By – Susan Watson




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