Poor Murat. We have so many questions about his situation. He went to Istanbul to see Nazar but the family told Mother Saniye he went for family business. Somehow he has fallen into a gangster’s trap. He has been beaten and threatened and now faces the threat of losing Nazar and every member of his family.

Evening at the Kaleli mansion is peaceful and quiet, and, most important of all, everyone is happy. Osman Hoda, still a guest so that Ali and Esma can have privacy in the first days of their marriage, talks with Saniye about Murat. Saniye wants Murat and Fatih to get married and have their own families, and Osman says they will if it’s their fate. Tahir and Mustafa tease each other about bowing to their wives’ demands, but rejecting the idea that they are henpecked. Once Mustafa leaves to answer Asiye’s call, Nefes teases Tahir and kisses him (for the first time in 62 episodes). Tahir goes to check on Osman Hoda who sits alone outside. They talk briefly about Murat who has called Tahir recently and said he would be home soon, but both men seem worried.

After having saved Melek from the stranger in the motel, Hazan and Ferhat have brought her to Ali’s office where she gives a statement about the sexual predator she unwittingly contacted in a chat group. Before they have a chance to talk to her, Genco comes to take her home; she goes with him willingly against Hazan’s wishes. When they arrive at the Tamer mansion, Genco tells her she’s grounded and she’d better not do anything to jeopardize him. He locks her in her room before taking Tarik to task about setting a wedding date. Tarik says they will marry in two days. While they are talking, Nilufer comes in shouting at Genco to open Melek’s door. He responds angrily and as she cowers before him, Genco threatens NIlufer, saying he can’t stand much more of her behavior.

Hazan and Ferhat go to Fikret’s house where they tell him about finding Melek in the motel before she’s accosted by the predator. Hazan decides she must go to live at Genco’s house to protect Melek, but Ferhat objects. She leaves despite Ferhat’s protests and Fikret tells Ferhat he should let her go. When Hazan arrives at Hanife’s, she finds her grandmother anxiously awaiting her and demanding answers for her absence the night before.
In a dark Istanbul warehouse, the beaten Murat pulls himself up to a patched window and sees a car driving off, leaving two men sitting and drinking by a makeshift fire. He also sees an empty car. Sneaking out of an unguarded back door, he quietly gets in the car which still has keys in the ignition and drives off. When the gangster discovers Murat missing, he kills the two lax guards and heads for Trabzon to find Murat based on information he’s gotten from a hotel employee who struck up a friendship with Murat.

Fatih finds Murat outside the office the next morning. He is cold and weak from the beating, but he refuses to answer Fatih’s questions and those of Tahir and Mustafa when they arrive. Mustafa is angry with Murat for getting in trouble and refusing to tell what happened, so Tahir tells him and Fatih to leave. Tahir gives Murat tea and then he gently asks Murat to tell him the story. Murat says he found Nazar and followed her for days to see if she was seeing anyone. When he was assured that she was not involved with anyone, he finally approached her and asked her out. She would not explain why she ran away from the wedding no matter how many times he asked her. Miserable and disillusioned, he decided he wanted to leave the country and a guy at the hotel said he could help him for $5000. Murat didn’t have the money, so he agreed to take a bag of “money” to an office building to earn a place in the group being transported out illegally. On the way, he looked in the bag and saw drugs. He threw the bag into the Bosphorus, but he told the gangsters two guys on bikes stole it from him. When Ali heard this, he said Murat, at that time a “drug mule,” was probably followed by a gang member to be sure he delivered the package. The guy saw Murat throw the bag in the water and reported him to the boss. Now, Ali said, the gang knows where he is and he’s in danger; in fact, the whole family is in danger. Tahir takes Murat to a hideout in the mountains and tells the family not to mention that Murat is back in town.

At the Dagdiveren’s, Mercan tells Turkan they will have a wedding at home in two days. Turkan doesn’t understand how both of her daughters have deprived her of being the proud mother of the bride at such an important event. Mercan says it’s no one’s fault; sometimes all a person can do is stare at events that happen through no fault of their own. Tarik, obeying Genco’s orders, picks up Mercan and takes her to a restaurant for tea. He tells her that Hazan has moved in, but Mercan doesn’t seem to care. Tarik can’t understand that she’s not worried about having a rival in the house, but it’s clear that he is fascinated with Mercan who is not the reserved, quiet girl her father thinks.

Ferhat goes to the Tamer mansion to ask Hazan why she’s going to stay in the same house with crazy Tarik, the man who kidnapped her. Hazan says she needs to protect her sister and mother, and this is the only way she can help them. Tarik arrives and teases Ferhat about his feelings for Hazan, something Ferhat doesn’t like. As he leaves, Ferhat tells Tarik if he bothers Hazan, he will kill him. After Ferhat leaves, Hazan discovers the camera in the bedroom. Alerting Melek and Nilufer, the three women locate the cameras in each room and find the video program on Genco’s computer in his office. Hazan convinces Melek to cooperate with her and Nilufer to appear content and obedient while they plan some way to escape Genco’s clutches. They swap Nilufer’s medicines for harmless pills and tablets and find locations in the house where they can talk without being seen.

Later that evening, Mercan and her parents will come for a family dinner. Genco warns Nilufer to behave at the table so they can present a happy family tableau to their guests. The Dagdiveren family arrives and the dinner proceeds without discord. Only Turkan is deeply unhappy. Before the Dagdiverens leave, Tarik arranges a midnight drive with Mercan. Melek, who was hostile toward Hazan before, has now begun to trust her sister, and Mercan, who has accepted her engagement despite her mother’s dislike, had found that being fearless and provocative is the best way to handle Tarik.

Tahir goes to Fikret’s to talk with him and Ferhat about Murat and the danger now imposed on the family. Fikret makes some calls to his connections in Istanbul but he can’t get any specific information about the drug gang. He tells Doruk to get the men to check around Trabzon for strangers asking about the Kaleli family. Tahir calls Ali to let him know what’s going on.

Mustafa sends Fatih to the mountain house with clothes and food for Murat. Meanwhile, Tarik picks up Mercan for a late night drive through the countryside, and the drug gang boss has located Murat’s home and drives by the Kaleli mansion.

When morning comes, Turkan finds Mercan’s bedroom empty. She and Tarik have slept in the car on a mountainside. Tarik moves to kiss her but finds his gun pointed at him. Mercan says she’ll shoot him if he tries to kiss her. At that moment her phone rings. She tells her mother that she’s in the center waiting for the shops to open and she’ll be home in two hours. Lying has become very easy for Mercan.

Fikret gets a call from a contact in Istanbul and the news is bad. He calls Tahir and tells him to gather the family and stay close to the house. When Ferhat comes out, Fikret says Murat messed with one of the meanest guys in Istanbul. He calls Doruk to get the men together to go to the Kaleli mansion. Ali and his policemen also leave for the Kaleli home at the same time that the gang boss and his men drive up to the house.

There are six gang members with the boss. Three of the men place what appear to be headstones on the garden steps, then they step back, each man pulling out two automatic weapons, and they start shooting at the house. Windows and pots shatter as the bullets pelt the house in a constant barrage of firepower. Mustafa has Eren and Asiye crouched in the bedroom and Tahir has Nefes, Balim and Yigit on the floor at the end of the bed. As the episode ends, Tahir and Mustafa get pistols and go to the front door, waiting for a lull in the shooting.

Will Fikret, Ferhat and the men arrive in time to stop the assault? Will Ali and his policemen be able to arrest the drug boss and his men? Has Murat and the family managed to escape this disaster? Why would Nazar refuse to tell Murat why she ran from the wedding? Will Mercan and Tarik get married? How will Hazar manage to rescue her mother and sister? Where was Saniye during the attack on the house?


 Written By – Susan Watson




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