Home Sweet Home. Mustafa is in his element now that Asiye has taken him back. He sits at the table complaining of hunger and demanding to know where the rest of his family might be. Asiye is her sassy self ignoring him while Saniye adds her sarcastic comments. Tahir, Nefes and Yigit return from their day of shopping and playing in the park tired and hungry. After dinner, the adults drink tea, but Mustafa complains that tea keeps Saniye awake so that she barges into their bedroom at inopportune moments. When she says she enjoys her tea, Mustafa, eager to go to bed with his wife, makes his mother another cup and puts a sleeping pill in it. Unfortunately, Saniye swaps the cups and he drinks the “sleeping tea” himself. So much for conjugal pleasures.

Nefes wakes Tahir to tell him that she worries that one day he will be bored and tired of her and the children. This thought derives from a story Tahir told her about a couple, Ali and Nina, whose marriage didn’t last, but Tahir assures her that he will never get tired of his family. So much for sleeping with a pregnant woman whose self-confidence is lagging.

Ali is at Osman Hoda’s house but unwilling to tell Esma why he wants to see the cleric. Esma is obviously upset, and when Ali asks her if he’s at fault, she says yes because he seemed to blame her for not making plans for their wedding. Ali leaves without speaking to Osman Hoda. Inside, Osman sees Esma crying, so he says they must talk.

Melek is on her laptop in her bedroom when Nilufer enters to tell her again that Genco tried to smother her. Melek tells her that Genco was not at home at the time, but Nilufer keeps saying “I heard his voice. You must believe me. Your belief, that’s all I have to hang onto in this life.” Annoyed with her mother for taking the pills, Melek rebuffs Nilufer’s attempts to tell the truth, even when she says Genco forced her to take the medicine. Nillufer realizes that Genco’s plan is to make her appear crazy, and since Melek doesn’t believe her, she thinks maybe she is crazy. Nilufer leaves, dejected that her daughter doesn’t want to believe her. When the door closes, Melek opens the laptop and resumes a conversation she’s having in a chat group, all the while ignoring two calls from Hazan.

The next morning Osman Hoda goes to the Kalelis to ask Tahir to talk with Ali about marriage plans, and Nefes volunteers to talk to Esma. No one understands the problem the two are having, but all want them to resolve it so they can have a henna night and a wedding celebration.

Hazan goes to see Melek before school, but Melek is bitter and resentful. When Hazan tries to explain why she didn’t come the day before, Melek turns on her, accusing her of not caring and being too weak and ineffectual to do anything. Hazan says she did try to help them, but Melek denied the accusation in court and went back to Genco’s house. Melek told Hazan she couldn’t protect herself from Tarik, so why did she think she could protect her and her mom; with that denunciation, she stalks off, leaving Hazan devastated.

Nilufer, doing something supremely stupid, goes to Genco’s office to ask him to tell her the truth, that he did try to suffocate her, that she’s not crazy. Of course, this is exactly what he wants. He has planted the seed of insanity and she will make it flower. She falls on her knees begging him, and his response is, “You need to take your medication on time.” After taking Nilufer to her room, he goes to wake up Tarik who says he couldn’t sleep at night so he drove “around.” Genco knows, however, that he probably went to Hazan. He doesn’t understand how Tarik continues to seek Hazan’s company when she treats him “like a dog.” Tarik says maybe she would “pet him like a dog” if he’s around her, and he says he has a habit of loving the people who think he’s a piece of dirt.

Tahir and Nefes visit the estranged couple only to discover that an argument of misunderstandings has taken place. The only solution is by having a family council meeting.

Morning at the Dagdiverens’ house finds Mercan preparing to visit Nilufer, Turkan ironing, and Cemil ready for an argument. When Mercan leaves, Cemil immediately tells Turkan she might as well give up her opposition to Mercan’s marriage to Tarik. He says she’s almost 30 years old and hasn’t had an offer of marriage other than Tarik’s. They were elated when she stopped sitting in the wheelchair, but if she doesn’t accept this engagement, she’ll end up sitting on the couch for the next 30 years. He goes on to say that all of her friends have married and had families, so she doesn’t have an active social life. If she rejects this chance of marriage, he says it will reflect on him and ruin his life. Turkan is silent, for she knows there is some truth in what Cemil says, but she’s a mother who fears for Mercan’s safety. Neither of them see the drastic change in Mercan’s demeanor.

Mercan arrives at the mansion and is told that Nilufer is sleeping. She is greeted by Genco who gives her a smarmy welcome and a big hug. He tells her that she will be a part of the family, so she should know that Nilufer is a sick woman, but before he can broach the “crazy” topic, he receives a call. He tells her he must go to work, but she should make herself at home while she waits for Tarik to come down. Mercan doesn’t wait. She goes upstairs to see Nilufer who wakes up but isn’t very coherent. Bidding her “get well soon,” Mercan goes to the garden where Tarik is shooting bottles. He pretends that he doesn’t know she has come, and after shooting a few more bottles, he asks her if she’s afraid. When she answers no, he tells her that she, his dad, and her parents can plan the wedding and tell him the time and place. What follows is the best scene in the episode, if not the whole second season: Mercan puts a bottle on her head and tells Tarik to shoot it. He aims but doesn’t fire. She then tells him to put the bottle on his head and she does shoot, shattering the bottle and surprising Tarik. She says, “I’m from the Black Sea. We know about guns,” and then she leaves. Mercan’s character has changed dramatically. Tarik will not be marrying a coy, submissive woman who can’t defend herself, and that may elicit change in him.

Tahir and Nefes pick up the children from school. They learn that Hazan was there for the first lesson but she left and was replaced by a substitute teacher. Hazan, disturbed by Melek’s attitude that morning, has gone to visit Fikret. Actually, she has come to see Ferhat, but Fikret tells her that he’s gone. When she asks where, he tells her Ferhat went to Istanbul. Her disappointment is obvious, but she tries to deny it. Fikret says he sent Ferhat to Istanbul to cut ties so that he can come back to Trabzon and put down roots. Hazan tells Fikret about her run-in with Melek; he says Melek wants help even though she’s angry. When Hazan asks about Ferhat’s mother and father, Fikret questions why she wants to know. She says that Tarik told the story, and she thinks it must have been a true account because Ferhat seemed to reflect the truth of it in his expression. Fikret says she must help Ferhat come to terms with the past, but Hazan doesn’t think she can since she isn’t able to help Melek.

At the Kalelis, the men counsel Ali on his shortcomings outside while the women inside commiserate with Esma’s hurt feelings. Tahir, Osman Hoda, and Mustafa warn Ali to be careful about how he says things to Esma; Nefes, Asiye and Saniye advise Esma to overlook Ali’s errors because he’s just acting like an insensitive man. Once all are gathered at the dining table and peace is made, the wedding is planned for the next day, much to Ali’s surprise, with the Kalelis making all of the arrangements. Fatih comes in late, but the family has already decided he will have duties.

The dinner table at the Tamer mansion is full of veiled tension: Melek has refused dinner because she’s not hungry; Nilufer is fearful but passive; Tarik is resentful and defiant; Genco is annoyed with all three because they ignore his directives. Tarik even dreams of pulling out his pistol and shooting Genco right at the table. Instead, he puts the pistol to his own head as he eats his dinner. After dinner, Genco goes to Melek’s room where she is engaged with someone in a chat site. He knocks until she opens the door and he tells her she should come to the dinner table and otherwise support her mother who needs help right now. If she doesn’t do what he asks, she will be punished as she has been before.

Fikret is outside by his fire when Ferhat appears. He tells Fikret about meeting with Sari Nedim and explaining why he broke Nedim’s nephew’s nose. When the nephew agreed that Ferhat’s story was true, Nedim let him go. Fikret is surprised but delighted and said, “So, you’re from Trabzon now.” Ferhat said he didn’t know, maybe. Fikret tells him that Hazan came and they talked about him. That must have piqued Ferhat’s interest because in the middle of the night, he goes to Hanife’s house.

Hazan is awakened by a noise and grabs the shotgun to scare off the intruder. When she goes outside, Ferhat is standing there with a bucket of vitamins for the horse. He tells her that she needs to protect and care for the horse if she expects it to trust her. She says she can’t even protect her sister and earn her trust, so she’ll probably be no more than the horse’s owner. They sit on the little porch, drink tea, and talk. Ferhat says he doesn’t have any specific plans, maybe he’ll open a clinic or go from village to village offering his help in return for whatever people can pay, but as a teacher, her future is planned by the day, month and year. Ferhat receives a call from Tahir who tells him that Ali is getting married the next day and he will be needed to help. Tahir also teases him about his own single status, saying that since two of the three military buddies are married, he needs to join their ranks.

The next morning the Kalelis are ready for the wedding preparations. Everything is a mad dash with the bride and groom who don’t seem to function very well with their nervous excitement. While they begin a frantic day, Hazan and Ferhat meet at the stables in a relaxed mood to feed Hazan’s horse the vitamins. Ferhat asks Hazan if she will be at the wedding and she says yes, pleased that he will be there, too.

At noon the religious wedding takes place on the lawn of Osman Hoda’s home with Tahir and Ferhat acting as witnesses. In the evening, the ladies have their Henna night at a local hotel, and afterwards, they celebrate with a dance, enticing Saniye to join them. When the groom and his party arrive, Mustafa proceeds to give Ali friendly advice since he is a “professional husband”: obey and be happy; watch out for trick questions; if he doesn’t know the answer, ask “Have you lost weight?”

At the Tamer mansion, Genco watches Melek in her bedroom on his security video and becomes irate that she is apparently communicating with someone on the internet. He rushes upstairs and bangs on her door, shouting for her to open it. The noise awakens Nilufer who stumbles into the hallway. When Genco breaks the door and dashes in, he finds the room empty and a window open. At the same time, he hears a dull thud in the hall. When he runs out, he sees Nilufer who has apparently tumbled down the stairs. She is unconscious if not more seriously injured.

The official wedding takes place in the hotel’s ballroom. Esma wears her third bridal outfit of the day and stuns Ali with her beauty when he comes to escort her to the wedding table. When the magistrate conducts the wedding, Ali is so excited that he can’t properly answer the questions and he claps constantly, but the ritual is completed and the new bride and groom greet their guests and receive gifts of money or gold. Ali and Esma are busy with the guests when something unexpected happens.

Tarik and Mercan, who have not been invited, enter the room unobserved. Tarik goes to the stage and takes the microphone to introduce himself and Mercan. After recognizing some of the guests he knew, Tahir, Ferhat, Nefes and Hazan, he offers best wishes to the couple. He pins money on Ali’s lapel, but when he tries to give Esma a gold bracelet, Ali stops him. Overlooking Ali’s refusal, Tarik tucks the bracelet in Ali’s lapel pocket. Finally, Tarik and Mercan leave after inviting the guests to their wedding. When they leave the hotel, Mercan asks Tarik if she can drive. He gives her the keys, saying, “Father said you were the silent type.” Mercan is doing the same thing with the car that she did with the pistol. . .showing Tarik not only that she isn’t afraid but also that she isn’t going to be a passive participant. She has credible expertise and a certain amount of recklessness just as he does.

After the Tarik interruption, the wedding celebration continues with music and dancing. The end of the evening arrives when the bride and groom say their goodbyes and begin the drive to Istanbul for their honeymoon.

Is Nilufer alive after her fall? Will Genco have Nilufer committed to an institution? Who is Melek communicating with in the chat group? Is that person affecting her impatient, bitter behavior toward her mother and Hazan? Will Ferhat finally admit that he is interested in Hazan? What has caused Mercan to adopt such reckless behavior and will Tarik react to her in a positive manner? Will he lose interest in Hazan? When will Murat come home from Istanbul? Will Ali and Esma have a lovely honeymoon in Istanbul?

Written By – Susan Watson




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