This episode seems to be about marriages and relationships rather than a series of disquieting events.  Tahir and Nefes have a happy marriage, Mustafa is reclaiming his happy marriage with Asiye, Genco and Nilufer have a cruel, miserable marriage, Turkan and Cemil have a fractious marriage, Tarik and Mercan are on the verge of an unhappy marriage, Ali and Esma are waiting for marriage, Tulin’s parents are divorced but as miserable as when they were married, Tarik’s obsessive love for Hazan is dangerous and impossible, and Hazan and Ferhat are in an unacknowledged love relationship.

The first few minutes of this episode review the conclusion of episode 58.  In bed at the Kaleli mansion, Tahir and Nefes discuss the engagement of Tarik and Mercan, a development they find difficult to understand since Tarik abducted Hazan because of his overwhelming love for her.  Why, then, does he wish to marry Mercan. Tahir says Tarik is as strange as his father and both work to protect each other. Nefes also mentions that the Mustafa/Asiye estrangement is resolved but unfortunately at the expense of Aslan who suffered a severe beating at the hands of Mustafa.

The scene shifts to the stables where Hazan is still in disbelief that her horse has gone missing.  Ferhat, who has hidden the horse, arrives to teach Hazan a lesson. She once told him that maybe Zeynep ran away from him because she didn’t trust his love.  When Hazan seemed so upset about the missing horse, Ferhat told her maybe the horse didn’t feel her love. She understood his rather pointed message and realized that he had orchestrated the night’s events.  When she declares that he hid the horse and he denies it, the argument somehow descends into a ridiculous commentary on body types. . .he being a brute who works out to develop muscles and she being a woman with broad hips.

Back to the bedtime talk of Tahir and Nefes who discuss Murat’s absence and how to arrange the bedroom when the baby Masal arrives.  Tahir concludes that since the room is so small they should think about getting their own home, but Nefes thinks the children should grow up in the house with all of their family.

Mustafa is still sleeping at the office, but tonight he’s awake and texting Asiye.  Asiye is delighted that he is thinking of her and texts that she is dreaming a “nasty” dream.  She whets his appetite for a salacious rendering of her dream, but when he asks her what she dreamed, she responds that the nasty dream was when he said he divorced her.  That kills Mustafa’s interest, but Asiye remains confident in his interest and her control of his emotions. Mustafa thinks the divorce issue is over, but Asiye’s response means she’s still upset, so he goes home in the middle of the night and wakes Tahir to open the door.  Tahir goes out to speak to his brother but won’t let him in. He says only Asiye can let Mustafa in.

At Genco’s mansion Nilufer is talking with Melek when Hulya enters with her medicine.  Nilufer sends Hulya away before taking the medicine because Melek has convinced her that Genco controls her by making her passive.  The phone rings and it’s Hanife telling them that Hazan’s horse ran away and she’s worried that Hazan is alone at night in the mountains. Hulya overhears the conversation and reports it to Genco.  She also tells him that Nilufer would not take the medicine in her presence.

Genco tells Tarik he must visit with Mercan the next day.  He should take her out and talk with her, get to know her. Tarik isn’t really interested in Mercan and he says he doesn’t know what to say to her.  Genco is annoyed that Tarik doesn’t seem to understand that he’s going to marry the girl. At that moment, Hulya comes in to tell them she overheard the telephone conversation and Hazan is alone in the woods at night.  Tarik immediately leaves despite Genco calling him back.

At the Dagdiveren home, Turkan tries to explain to Cemil why Mercan agreed to the engagement with Tarik, but he is not empathetic.  He says it’s good that she agreed to marry Tarik because loving a man who is married with two children is foolish.

 At the stables, Davut refuses to believe that Ferhat would steal the horse, but Ferhat comes walking up with the horse at that moment.  Ferhat explains to Hazan he wanted her to feel what it was like to suffer from separation with something she loved no matter what the cause of that separation was.  Hazan puts the horse in the stall, and when she returns outside, she finds Ferhat waiting for her. Tarik appears and proceeds to accuse Ferhat, his “brother,” of courting the woman he loves.  He goes on to give Ferhat condolences for the death of his father, a man who hanged his pregnant wife because he believed she was cheating on him. Tarik describes how Ferhat’s mother was 9 months pregnant when she was hanged, and Ferhat was born as his mother was dying.  This is his effort to destroy Ferhat’s reputation in Hazan’s eyes. To further the animosity, Tarik brings up Zeynep’s name. When Hazan reminds him that he was engaged to Mercan only days after he wanted to die with her, he says that proves she’s jealous of him. Tarik tells Ferhat to stay away from Hazan, and if he doesn’t, he will kill him.  Hazan and Ferhat leave Tarik tasting his own blood after Ferhat’s head butt.

Fikret is having breakfast on his porch when Ferhat enters.  Ferhat seems trouble and Fikret is ready to listen. When Ferhat tells him about Hazan and hiding the horse to teach her a lesson, Fikret says there is more to the story than that.  He tells Ferhat that he’s compensating for losing Zeynep, that the world he sees and understands is not what it appears to be, no more so than a hand full of sea water appears to be as blue as the sea.  In time he will realize that what he sees will be what his heart knows to be true. Fikret knows that Ferhat is attracted to Hazan but unwilling to acknowledge his interest.

Genco calls Cemil to arrange a meeting with Tarik and Mercan before he directs Tarik to call Mercan.  He then forces Nilufer to take her medicine, saying that from this time on, he will supervise the daily routine of her drug therapy.  Tarik calls Mercan and they meet for an uncomfortable morning tea in the Center. Neither is interested in the other, and when Tarik asks why she will marry him, she says her family thinks it appropriate.  When Mercan asks him the same question, he answers the same way. “Good,” Mercan says, “We have something in common.” She then very bluntly tells him that she has no expectations of the marriage being a happy one because neither loves the other and they won’t pretend.  When she goes home, Turkan asks her about their conversation, and while Mercan tries to make the meeting sound pleasant, Turkan knows she is lying. 

 After shopping for a cradle and arguing about prices, Tahir and Nefes leave the shop empty-handed to have coffee.  Nefes believes everything is overpriced and doesn’t want Tahir to be extravagant. While at the seaside having coffee, a lady from the Women’s Foundation approaches and asks Nefes to come to the office.  When Tahir leaves to meet Mustafa at the mosque for his renewed marriage to Asiye, Nefes goes to meet the women who sponsored her radio interview about spousal abuse. Nefes tells them she recorded Zeynep telling her story of rape and abuse, and it’s decided that this recording could be used to reach a wider audience through the internet.  While Nefes is there, Hazan calls and asks her to come to the school. Hazan has caught a child stealing money.   

The little girl, Tulin, has heard the principal say that theft requires police intervention, but Hazan pleads for the child since she comes from a terrible home environment.  Tulin is afraid that she will go to jail and she faints. At that moment, Ferhat appears at the school and takes the child into the nurse’s room. In the hallway, Hazan thanks Ferhat and asks why he has come to the school.  He doesn’t have a good answer; he says he doesn’t know. She apologizes for the comments she made to him about his relationship with Zeynep. Satisfied, Ferhat accompanies Hazan when she takes little Tulin home from school. The child’s mother, who has obviously been abused, won’t allow Hazan to enter, and Ferhat says she shouldn’t insist.

On his way to the mosque, Ali stops by Osman Hoda’s house.  There he meets Esma but he’s reluctant to tell her that he’s going to be a witness for Mustafa when he renews his marriage.  Part of his reluctance is that he hasn’t discussed marriage plans with Esma. Ali has allowed other people and events to fill his time and interfere with their relationship.  Esma is baffled and hurt when Ali rushes off. Osman Hoda conducts a marriage renewal for Mustafa and Asiye with Tahir and Ali as witnesses. Mustafa is excited and Asiye is coy and flirtatious after the ceremony.

Nefes goes to the school as Hazan requested, but Hazan has left to take the little girl home. Tahir arrives while Nefes is waiting for Hazan.  Shortly after, Hazan and Ferhat drive up. Tahir takes the children home while Nefes stays to hear the story of little Tulin. At Hanife’s house Hazan tells Nefes about the child and her family, but we hear the story as Ferhat tells it to Fikret and Tahir.  He says the child’s parents are divorced but the father keeps coming to the house to beat them. The mother calls the police who come, but they release him and he comes again to beat them. When the father is drunk, he beats the mother less, so the child was stealing the money, 100 TL, to give to her father so he would get drunk.

At Genco’s house, Tarik comes in to tell Genco that the marriage won’t work.  He says Mercan doesn’t love him and doesn’t want the marriage, and neither does he.  Genco says Mercan is not like Hazan. She is innocent and ignorant, and he infers she is pliable.  Tarik can make her love him, and without hearing more, Genco leaves the room. Melek comes home from school and learns from Hulya that Nilufer took her medicines and went to bed.  Melek rushes upstairs to find her mother sound asleep. She sees the bottle of pills and laments that once again Nilufer will not be able to hear her or help her when she is desperate.  Genco watches this scene televised by the bedroom security camera on his computer. He says to himself that Nilufer should be locked away in an asylum because he knows his daughter (MeleK) and daughter-in-law (Mercan) would “take care of him.”  This is a suggestive statement implying sex.

At the Kalelis Mustafa is happily ensconced at the head of the supper table, eating good food to make up for the meals he missed during his estrangement from Asiye.  Tahir and Nefes are not very hungry and leave the table to go outside where they talk about the child Tulin’s home environment. Nefes says the worst part of a husband beating his wife is when children see the brutality.  She knows Yigit is happy now, but she wonders if one day Yigit will remember Vedat’s cruelty. The scene shifts to Tulin’s house where the drunk father beats on the door and clamors to get in as the mother and child cling to each other in fear.  Doruk and another of Fikret’s henchmen appear and take the husband, Kudret, to Fikret’s house. Ferhat and Fikret are enjoying a barbeque outside when Doruk arrives with the errant husband. Ferhat explains that they know what he does to his wife and child and they don’t want to hear of him beating them again.  To reinforce his message, Ferhat burns Kudret’s palm and tells him if he ever thinks about beating them again, just look at his hand and imagine where else he might be burned. 

 Genco and Tarik go to visit Mercan and family.  Genco tells wild lies about Tarik’s opinion of Mercan, but Turkan and Cemil know he’s lying.  In another room, Mercan tells Tarik she knows he loves Hazan and he abducted her because Trabzon is a small town where everybody knows everything about their neighbors.  She’s not afraid of Tarik because she’s already had a terrible experience that left her in a wheelchair unable to speak. Her unhappiness is such that she has courted death before by cutting herself and taking pills.  This candor seems to fascinate and please Tarik.  

Prior to their visit with Mercan’s family, Genco has pre-recorded a message telling Nilufer to die and given instructions for Hulya to play the message over a speaker while the henchman tries to smother her with a pillow.  When Nilufer fights back, the man disappears and she runs downstairs saying Genco tried to kill her. At that moment, Genco and Tarik walk through the front door. Genco tells Hulya to give Nilufer her pills and he takes her upstairs.  This is an attempt to make Nilufer appear crazy. Tarik observes the scene and then leaves. He goes to Hanife’s house, opens the front door, and silently creeps into Hazan’s room where he sits on the bed and hovers over the sleeping woman.

At Osman Hoda’s house, early morning finds Osman preparing breakfast when Esma comes down, but she says she will get a snack at work.  He recognizes that she is unhappy and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that Ali said summer is over and they haven’t managed to get married.  She thinks that Ali may have changed his mind about marriage and she’s sad. Osman tells her not to be sad. They will have an engagement and plan the marriage because he’s sure that Ali hasn’t changed his mind.

In the morning at Hanife’s house, Hazan receives a call from Melek, but she says she has to leave and she will call her back.    Hazan picks up Nefes and they go to Tulin’s home where they talk with Sevrim, the mother. She says Kudret called her and said he wouldn’t bother her again, and although he’s made such promises before and broken them, he sounded different this time.  Nefes said they would try to find her a job, and in the mean time, they will take her to the foundation. When Nefes joins Tahir and Yigit at the playground, she tells Tahir that the president of the foundation offered Sevrim a job, and the husband promised never to bother her again.

Hazan goes to the Tamar mansion to see her mother and Melek, but Melek is angry because Hazan didn’t return her call.  Rather, she took more time to help a student than see about her mother. Hazan thinks Nilufer has stopped taking the pills, so she isn’t aware that a new crisis looms.  The episode ends with Nefes and Tahir happily swinging Yigit between them as Yigit is encouraged to be whatever he wants, even an astronaut. 


Will Genco have Nilufer declared insane? How far will Tarik go in his pursuit of Hazan?  Will Tarik and Mercan marry? Will Ferhat admit that he has feelings for Hazan? Will Esma and Ali plan their marriage?


 Written By – Susan Watson




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