Poor Mustafa! He just can’t control his temper. When Aslan approaches the family gathering with a bouquet of flowers, Mustafa immediately assumes the man is courting his wife. With alarming speed, he grabs Aslan by the throat and proceeds to throttle him without yielding to the pulls and pushes of Tahir and Fatih and the shouts of the women. When Aslan, coughing and stumbling, is finally able to speak, he says he only wanted to apologize, but the apology falls on deaf ears. Mustafa is still angry, Tahir is trying to calm him, and the women have gone in the house.

When Aslan is escorted away and calm is restored, Mustafa begins to laugh. He thinks that Osman Hoda and the family have created the family council and issued the decree of “hulle” as a joke. The very idea of Asiye marrying someone else and then divorcing that person to be eligible for marriage again is preposterous, but Tahir assures Mustafa that the family decision is real.

In his precinct office, Ali discusses the DNA results of Zeynep’s child’s hair with a very annoyed Esma. She is sure that Genco has influenced the outcome to prove that Tarik was the father of the boy, and disprove Zeynep’s accusation of rape. Ali understands her anger. He was unable to prove that Tarik and Hazan were at the cabin because Genco’s men had removed all evidence. Their discussion is interrupted when Hazan calls Esma to tell her that Ferhat has taken Tarik captive after their confrontation at the school. Remember: Tarik approaches Ferhat bragging that the DNA results were in, and Ferhat could now be called “uncle” while he, Tarik, could be called “father.”

A scene shift to Zeynep’s grave shows Ferhat pointing a gun at a kneeling Tarik, demanding that he apologize to Zeynep for his lies and for abusing her to cover up his father’s crime. Tarik manages to talk his way out of the situation by saying that 15 years had passed without Zeynep accusing Genco of rape. If it were true, wouldn’t she have made the complaint earlier? He also said that Ferhat’s reputation in Istanbul was that of a “lover.” He wasn’t innocent either.

At the Kaleli mansion, Mustafa still rejects the idea of “hulle”, but Osman Hoda says it is the only solution to the problem. Tahir sends Mustafa to the office after telling him they must find a candidate for Asiye’s second husband. Interestingly, mother Saniye is in full support of Asiye. Tahir and Nefes decide to walk to the school to get the children, and on the way, they are observed by Mercan. Remember that Mercan loved Tahir and thought they would be engaged, but he met Nefes with whom he fell in love. She was abused by Vedat and suffered for many months before regaining her ability to speak and walk. Now her father has promised her to the wicked Tarik, a situation fiercely opposed by her mother Turkan.

Hazan has gone to Fikret to ask for help in finding Ferhat and Tarik. She explains that Tarik told Ferhat about the DNA results which infuriated Ferhat. She’s afraid Ferhat will get in trouble because of his anger; she’s indebted to him for saving her life. Fikret calls Doruk and tells him to find that crazy guy, Ferhat. He tells Hazan that Ferhat is bitter and dangerous because he’s been wounded by traitors. Like a cat, he may seem normal and safe, but if he’s cornered, the claws come out. Then he tells Hazan that he has an idea of where Ferhat might be and invites her to go with him.
At Genco’s mansion, Melek and Nilufer return from Hanife’s house to be greeted by Genco. He says Nilufer told him they were going to buy school supplies but they are empty-handed. Of course, Nilufer won’t tell him the truth. She says they couldn’t find what they wanted, but an annoyed Genco knows she is lying. He says the next time Melek needs supplies to tell him first and his men will get them.

Fikret takes Hazan to the cemetery where they find Ferhat. Fikret asks Hazan to be patient and understanding with Ferhat because he is tortured by many questions about his past. He says she can consider his request as an old man’s idea or a life debt, whatever. Just be on Ferhat’s side and then take him to Fikret. Hazan approaches Ferhat as he sits by Zeynep’s grave, but he isn’t willing to talk to her. She says he mustn’t believe that Tarik told the truth about the DNA test because he and his father are liars. They argue about Zeynep. Hazan says a woman wouldn’t run away from the man she loved and who loved her, certainly not for money; Tarik is lying and Genco is lying. Ferhat says it’s none of her business, he doesn’t want to talk about it. Hazan stalks off, but Ferhat offers her a ride and she accepts.

Ali and Esma join Tahir and Nefes for tea at the seaside café. The Mustafa/Asiye problem is discussed, and both Ali and Esma are shocked that Osman Hoda has suggested “hulle” as the solution. Ali says that’s terrible for the man, but Nefes and Esma are quick to correct him. It’s terrible for the woman.

When Mercan observed Nefes and Tahir walking, she was actually on her way to Genco’s mansion. She is greeted by Genco himself who tells her Tarik has been so excited to meet her. He invites her to sit on the veranda and wait for Tarik to return, but she says no, that she will see him when they come to ask for her hand that night. She says she came today because she wants the marriage as soon as possible; she hands Genco her ID card so that he can get the marriage documents prepared, but she asks him not to mention this at the evening visit. Genco is delighted.

Mustafa is in a stupor at the office, and refuses to respond to Fatih. In his mind, he sees himself as a lonely beggar living on the streets while people pity him for losing his lovely wife, his children and his home. Along comes the Captain, Cemal, who thinks he can help Mustafa straighten up by telling him about his mother-in-law.

She and her husband fought constantly. The family decided the old folks should do a religious divorce and then the “hulle.” They found an 80 year old man to be the second husband with the intent of having them divorce the day after the wedding. The bride and groom spent the night together, and everyone expected the mother-in-law to be ready for her second divorce. When she emerged from the bridal suite, however, she was smiling in high spirits, and the old man did 20 pushups. They ran away together.
The story doesn’t help Mustafa, nor does Tahir’s efforts to reason with him.

When the children get home from school, Yigit asks Nefes if she and Tahir will get a divorce because Balim said her parents were divorced. Nefes tells Yigit no, not to worry, and she goes up to speak to Balim, telling her the family is playing a joke on her dad. Asiye has been thinking about the problem, and she has decided who her groom will be. . .Aslan. When Mustafa hears that, he goes berserk and runs away, followed by Fatih. Tahir takes the news of Mustafa’s reaction to the family. Osman Hoda said things had gotten out of hand, that his suggestion wasn’t serious, but Asiye is adamant. She reminds Nefes that she advocated for abused women on the radio, they stood with Melek and Zeynep in their troubles, and she expected everyone to stand by her in this situation. No one is to tell Mustafa it’s a joke because her pride has been hurt.

Fikret has called Ferhat to come to his house. There he tells Ferhat that he shouldn’t be disrespectful to Hazan who only wanted to help him. He tells Ferhat a story; in fact, it is Fikret’s own story about love, betrayal, and death. Fikret says the truth about Zeynep may never be known, but he should leave her in the grave where there is peace. When Ferhat says he should have gone back to Istanbul, Fikret said he would only take his doubts and anger with him. When he leaves Fikret’s, Ferhat goes to Hanife’s to speak to Hazan. He tells her that she wasn’t the reason he was upset, but Hazan says his problem is that he believed Tarik’s lie about Zeynep. A sixteen year old girl would not leave home for money, as stated in the “Dear John” letter; she would leave home for love. If Ferhat had really loved Zeynep, she would not have left him. If Zeynep had loved Tarik, she wouldn’t have written that letter. Ferhat is annoyed and he leaves.

Mustafa outran Fatih, and when he turns a corner, he sees Aslan in his car. He tells Aslan to get out and begins beating him in the street. Two men pull them apart and they are taken to the police station where Aslan makes a complaint against Mustafa. Mustafa expects Ali to understand the situation, but he discovers that Ali will put him in jail.

Tarik is on his bed reminiscing about walking in the woods and dancing with Hazan. When Genco comes in, he tells his father that he didn’t get a shave because Ferhat took him to the cemetery. He boasts that he had convinced Ferhat that the DNA results were real because Zeynep had never brought up the rape accusation in the past 15 years. Genco said he shouldn’t be so proud of himself because it was he, Genco, who had kept him out of jail. He told Tarik to get shaved and dressed for their visit to the Dagdivern’s home to ask for Mercan. When Genco leaves, Tarik lies on the bed again, gazing at Hazan’s picture.

At the Dagdiveren’s, Cemil is ready for Genco and Tarik to arrive, but Turkan is not. She is opposed to this engagement and argues with Cemil. When Mercan enters dressed for company, Turkan pulls her into the bedroom and demands to know what she’s thinking. Mercan tells her that she saw Nefes and Tahir walking and dreamed that she was in Nefes’s place, that the blood she gave to Nefes was in their baby, and that she dreamed that when they rescued her, Tahir said “I love you” and held her in his arms. Everyone in Trabzon knew that she loved Tahir but he loved Nefes. Now she has a chance to forget him by marrying a man who came from far away. Maybe she will have children and in the day to day trivia of life, she will forget the burning in her heart.

After making his complaint against Mustafa, Aslan has come to the Kaleli mansion to find out about being the “Hulle” groom. The family understands his badly beaten face when Aslan describes the incident with Mustafa. Osman Hoda tells Aslan that he, Osman, is responsible for all that has happened, and they would forget the “Hulle” groom offer if he would withdraw his complaint against Mustafa. Aslan does not give them an answer before he leaves. Meanwhile, in jail, Mustafa dreams that Aslan comes to brag that he will marry Asiye, and he will not divorce her in 3 months or 5 months or even a year. Mustafa awakens in a panic. Later, Mustafa is released when Aslan withdraws the complaint. He walks home, goes in to tell Asiye he doesn’t know who he is any longer, he has lost himself in losing her and his children. He takes off his wedding ring and leaves the house, but he’s stopped by Asiye. They reconcile. The next morning, the Kalelis return to their breakfast routine, everyone happy that Mustafa is back and life has returned to normal.

Genco, Nilufer and Tarik go to the Dagdiveren’s for the engagement of Tarik and Mercan. As Mercan serves the coffee, she looks at Tarik but she sees Tahir. As Tarik accepts the coffee, he looks at Mercan but sees Hazan. The next morning, Genco, Nilufer and Melek wait at the breakfast table for Tarik, but he’s still in bed, unresponsive to the maid’s call. When Genco goes to get him, Tarik refuses breakfast. He says he has done everything his father has asked of him, but no matter what he does, Genco is never satisfied. He’s never pleased with his son. Genco pulls him off the bed and pushes him into the shower. He turns the water on and soaks Tarik before pushing him on the floor with the order to get cleaned up and come down to breakfast. After Tarik sits for breakfast, Genco leaves with the directive that Tarik will take Mercan shopping, but Tarik assigns that duty to Nilufer. Nilufer asks him if he took Hazan away and if Genco helped him plan the abduction. Tarik answer “yes,” smiles, and offers Nilufer some of the $200 aged cheddar cheese, but she already has some.

Ferhat remembers Hazan’s saying that if Zeynep ran away from him, it was because she couldn’t trust his love, and he says he will make her swallow her words. He arranges for Davut, the stable hand, to call Hazan and tell her that her horse is missing. When Hazan gets the call, she rushes out to the stable. She questions Davut but he has no answer for how the horse could get out of the stall. Headlights appear in the night and Ferhat arrives. When Davut explains that Hazan’s horse has run away, Ferhat says horses are very sensitive. Maybe the horse ran away because it didn’t trust the love of its owner, a pointed remark aimed at Hazan in retaliation. She understands the jab and knows that Ferhat hid her horse. She grabs his collar and demands to know where he hid the horse. They stand nose to nose for the moment, both stubbornly refusing to yield. . .Ahh, romance. . .ain’t it grand.

Will Mercan and Tarik marry or will Turkan interfere? Will wedding plans begin for Ali and Esma? Will Ferhat recognize his interest in Hazan? Will Mustafa keep his temper in check? Will Ali discover any evidence to prove the DNA results were wrong or that Tarik abducted Hazan? What is Genco’s next evil move?

 Written By – Susan Watson




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