Someone, puh-leeze tell me why Ferhat and Tahir stand there debating what to do when there are only 4, 3, 2 minutes left on the bomb timers. Why not pick Hazan up and head for the stairs? Just get out! Does it matter if the house blows up?. . .no, it’s Genco’s, after all, and it would be destroyed by his feckless son. This opening scene is silly.

Apparently, Tarik called his dad to pick him up after he escaped Ferhat and Tahir. When the bombs are de-activated and Hazan is rescued, the three leave in their cars but are stopped when they see Ali on the road. Ali tells Hazan she must come to the station to make a statement after Ferhat takes her home. Tahir, of course, heads to the Kaleli mansion where Osman Hoda has been trying to negotiate a conclusion to Mustafa and Asiye’s divorce problem. Osman Hoda leaves the disgruntled pair in the hands of Nefes and Esma and goes his way.

Genco takes Tarik to a warehouse where he ties him up and tortures him, threatening to kill him for his stupidity. He tells Tarik that he has taken precautions to protect himself from his “dumbass son,” and that Tarik will marry Mercan because he will not be allowed to mess up his plans. A flashback scene shows Genco meeting a strange man named Tahsin who is told he will leave the country as Tarik Tamar, he will be beaten up and hospitalized. When Genco calls him on the phone he has been given, he will enter Turkey with Tarik’s ID. The scene shifts back to the warehouse where a beaten bloody Tarik pours water for Genco to wash his hands. Tarik reminds his father that Hanife, Ferhat, Tahir and Hazan all have knowledge of the abduction, but Genco knows how to obstruct their complaints. He says Ferhat is angry because of Tarik’s testimony about Zeynep, Tahir is known to dislike Genco, and Hazan’s accusation of abuse against Melek will make her appear a liar. The only one who is dangerous is the grandmother and she’s old and vulnerable. He tells Tarik to stay where he is and not be seen. Genco will call him to let him know when to appear.

Hazan goes home, Tahir goes home, and Ali goes to the office where he receives a call from Genco. Genco tells Ali that Tarik is in Batumi, that he was beaten up and in the hospital, but he has told his father that he will return that very night. The proof for Ali is the phone call on Tarik’s phone from Batumi (the call is made by the man Tahsin). Ali knows that Genco is lying to protect Tarik, but he has no evidence since the mountain house was cleaned. When Ferhat arrives at the station, Ali tells him that he can’t do anything without proof that a crime was committed. Ferhat is furious and goes to Genco’s home.

In the confrontation, Ferhat accuses Genco of lying to protect his son, and Genco all but admits that the ones involved are the only ones who know the truth. . .there is no evidence to prove it. Genco goes on to say that he protected Ferhat, too, in the years when his own father couldn’t. Ferhat is leaving dejected when Hazan comes driving up and screeching to a stop. She wants to confront Genco because he has told Nilufer the lie and Nilufer believes him. She’s angry that Nilufer is so gullible and Genco is such a liar, but Ferhat tells her that arguing with Genco will do no good. Ferhat and Hazan go to a coffee shop where they are joined by Ali. Hazan says she’s not afraid of Tarik, but she is afraid for Melek who is back in that house with her abuser.

At the Kaleli’s, where Asiye has gone to get baby clothes and Mustafa has followed, Saniye tells Asiye that she’s staying at home and Mustafa can leave and not come back until Asiye says so. Mustafa, in the yard with Tahir, continues his shouting until his jaw locks. Saniye comes out with a bag and gives it to Tahir, telling him to take Mustafa away. Tahir takes Mustafa to the dock office where he insists he will stay. He will not go to the doctor. Meanwhile, Esma is directed to bring the baby back home and she is accompanied by Osman Hoda.

Ferhat goes to Fikret’s house and tells him about the abduction and Genco’s protection of Tarik. He says he should have left for Istanbul because he can’t fight against Genco and his devious plans. Fikret tells him he’s giving up, and no matter where he goes, he will always have that anger in him. Then Fikret tells him he needs to be like a spider who builds his web to catch his prey. No matter how many times the web is destroyed, the spider will re-build the web until he is finally successful.

Nilufer asks Genco if it’s true that Tarik was in Batumi. She doesn’t know who to believe, and she’s confused and hurt because her daughters hate her. Genco proceeds to tell her the truth doesn’t matter because she’s a pitiful woman whose whining is irritating and he’s tired of it. He forces her upstairs to look at herself in a mirror where he says she is weak and disheveled, a woman who cannot command respect from him or her daughters. He said he saved her from cleaning barns and now she’s a wreck. He tells her he is tired of looking at her face everyday. Melek tells Hazan that she gets angry with her mother but she also feels sorry for her. She had a dream about Nilufer in which she kissed her and that dream made her very sad because she didn’t kiss her mother often.

After picking up the children from school, Tahir and Nefes make a plan; they will take Asiye to a business dinner. Tahir will also get Mustafa to attend, hoping that they can resolve their differences by being in public together. The plan goes awry, however, when Dr. Aslan, Asiye’s school friend, attends as a guest and is seated at the Kaleli table. Mustafa comes in just in time to see Aslan retrieve Asiye’s scarf and his fighting posture takes shape. Tahir and Nefes recognize Mustafa’s anger, and after trying to calm him and soothe Asiye’s taunting, they decide to leave. Nefes, however, doesn’t want to leave Mustafa for fear that he will do something, so they return to the table.

The men decide to join a dance competition, the Horon, to see who will win a mirror, brush and comb set for his wife. Aslan joins even though he’s single, saying he will win and give the gift to Mustafa to give to Asiye. That doesn’t sit well with Mustafa nor does Asiye’s enthusiasm for Tahir’s winning. The crowd gets bored with the two brothers trying to outdo each other and start to leave. When only Tahir and Mustafa are left on the dance floor, holding each other up, the assembly hall is empty.

That night Tarik is speeding up and down the quay side in reckless frustration. As he drives, he reminisces about the abduction and apparently decides he must apologize to once again see Hazan. He thinks flowers are necessary, so he calls the shop owner to open his flower shop by telling him the store is on fire. Ferhat has gone to Hanife’s cabin to check on Hazan. When she comes out, she is startled to see him there, but she offers him tea and they sit on the front stoop. The store owner arrives to find his store is safe, but Tarik brandishes his gun and tells him to open up so he can buy roses. With the rose bouquet, he drives to Hanife’s house; there, hiding behind Ferhat’s car, he overhears Ferhat and Hazan talking.

The next morning, Fatih takes Yigit and Balim to school: Asiye remains upset with everyone: Tahir sleeps in: Genco calls Cemil Dagdiveren and tells him the rumors about the kidnapping are not true and he will come that night to explain the story to him: Nilufer and Melek have breakfast with Hanife: Hazan finds Ferhat’s wallet on the porch stoop and calls him: Ferhat finds Fikret on his porch drinking coffee and tells him he was late because he checked on Hazan: Asiye and Saniye go to the bazaar: Osman Hoda comes to the Kalelis with an idea for re-uniting Mustafa and Asiye: Tarik joins Genco at breakfast where he learns that the DNA report shows him as the father of Zeynep’s child.

Ferhat goes to the school to pick up his wallet. As he and Hazan speak outside the building, Tarik drives up. When he sees Hazan talking to Ferhat, Tarik is eager to announce that the DNA shows him to be the father, so Ferhat can consider himself an uncle. Those are fighting words for Ferhat who grabs Tarik by the throat.

Tahir calls Mustafa and tells him to come home. Mustafa is jubilant because he thinks he’s been forgiven, but when he arrives, he sees the family is gathered as a council in front of the house. Osman Hoda tells Mustafa that saying “Talaq, Talaq, Talaq” three times to divorce is necessary because saying it only one time should make a man stop and think to curb his angry spirit. Saying the words three times in succession makes the decision final.

Now, the only way to undo what he has done and find repentance, according to Islamic law, is to abide by “Hulle.” That means that a divorced woman must marry someone else for one day, be divorced by that husband, then she will be single again and eligible to re-marry the first husband. What the family needs to do is find a suitable husband for Asiye to marry. Just at that moment, up comes Aslan with a bunch of flowers for Asiye. Guess who the one-day husband for Asiye will be!

What do we look forward to in the next episode? Well, we will probably see Asiye marry Aslan and an angry Mustafa fuss and fume. We certainly will see Genco and Tarik visit the Dagdiverens and spread their lies, which Cemil will accept. No doubt we will see Hazan and Ferhat become closer to the dismay and fury of Tarik. What we don’t know is how Turkan can circumvent the engagement of Tarik and Mercan nor what Genco will do to see that his plans succeed. We don’t know what Tarik will do about Ferhat’s interest in Hazan nor what Fikret may do to help Ferhat. We don’t know if Nilufer can actually straighten up and stand against Genco to help her daughters, especially Melek, and we don’t know if Hanife will remain safe in her mountain home.

Written By – Susan Watson




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