Oh, well. . .here we go. The opening scene of this episode shows us that Tarik follows in his father’s footsteps. He will have his woman, even if he has to keep her drugged to make her compliant. Poor Hazan! She wanted to free her mother and sister, but now she has become a captive herself of the Genco men.

Hazan makes a visit to the Genco Tamar mansion to check on her mother Nilufer and sister Melek since they chose to return to the “monster’s lair.” Melek greets her with news that Nilufer is heavily medicated, sometimes very talkative, other times silent. Another greeting follows when Tarik, who arrived quietly in the night, comes out to speak to them. His presence shocks Hazan and Melek, but the biggest shock comes when the housekeeper comes out to tell Tarik that Genco was kidnapped by Ferhat. Tarik rushes off to find his father.

In the woods, as Ferhat sits observing Genco hanging from the gibbet, Tahir and Ali approach quietly, but Ferhat is aware of their presence. The two friends convince Ferhat to let Genco go so that the law can punish him for his crimes. Ferhat releases Genco and takes him to his property where he dumps him on the hood of a car. A doctor is summoned and assures Nilufer that Genco will be fine. Tarik arrives to find an angry Genco who says he will kill his own son if that son cannot follow his orders. Meanwhile, Ferhat has joined Fikret, Tahir and Ali who are discussing the case against Genco. Rather than return to Istanbul, Ferhat will stay with Fikret to see that justice will be served for Genco’s crimes against Zeynep.

Later that night, Fikret finds Ferhat mourning at Zeynep’s grave. Hazan awakens that same night to remember a scene she witnessed as a nine year old. She saw a man raping a young girl, and she suddenly realized who that man was. . .it was Genco beating and raping the young girl Zeynep.

In court, Esma’s evidence against Genco is unraveled when Genco takes over his defense himself. He tells the court that 1. Videos are not legally sanctioned evidence 2. Hazan’s memory of Zeynap’s rape can’t be trusted since she was under psychiatric care after the death of her father, and she could not recognize a photo of her P.E. teacher from that same time.

Further, he says, 3. The DNA evidence, which isn’t yet available, will show that Tarik is the father of Zeynep’s child. Tarik speaks before the judges and tells an elaborate tale of how Hazan loved him and they ran away together after she wrote a letter to Ferhat telling him that she no longer loved him because he was poor. The court delays the case until the DNA evidence is available.

After court and a visit with Nefes, Hazan leaves the Kaleli home alone at night, promising Nefes she will be safe, but when she gets home and calls Nefes, Tarik is waiting for her. He snatches her phone and threatens her with a gun, refusing to let her go to Hanife. Forcing her into his car, he takes off for a mountain retreat. When Ferhat catches up with him, Tarik drags Hazan out of the car, again threatens her with the gun, and then shoots Ferhat’s tire so he can’t follow them. Nefes heard Hazan say “Tarik” over the phone, and she knows there’s a problem. She calls Tahir. Tahir and Ali rush to Hanife’s house to find the old woman alone and distraught. She begs them to find Hazan.

Tarik has taken Hazan to a remote mountain cabin. In the surrounding woods he has rigged trip wires to grenades which he has tied to trees. Strange that he would have grenades in his convertible and food in the pantry ready to cook, but then, this is Turkish TV, so anything is possible. Tarik is as psychotic as his father. Apparently since childhood Tarik has loved Hazan. His obsession with her has been driven to the brink because Genco was angry and questioned Tarik’s manhood. In his twisted mind, Tarik believes that this abduction of a woman he loves will prove his manhood. He’s a sick boy.

Ali isn’t very good at interrogation if his meeting with Genco is an example. Genco says he doesn’t know anything about the kidnapping and he refuses to list his properties for investigation. Ali gets word from an officer that Tarik’s abandoned car has been located, so he calls Ferhat and Tahir to give them the location. Fikret has given Tahir and Ferhat guns before they join the search. Genco, meanwhile, returns home and tells his henchmen to find Tarik and the girl and bring them to his home. Cemil Dagdiveren calls Genco to set up the evening engagement ceremony for Tarik and Mercan which was promised the day before, but Genco says he’s not available. Cemil and Turkan fight over a gun which Turkan has taken and pointed at Mercan. She tells Cemil they should just shoot Mercan now instead of waiting for her to die at the hands of Tarik and his father. The gun goes off and Cemil is slightly wounded in the leg.

Asiye is shopping in town when she meets Aslan, an old friend from her youth. He carries some of her packages and they chat on the way to find her a taxi. Mustafa is also in town and he sees his wife walking with a strange man. Quick of temper, Mustafa accosts the two demanding to know who the man is. Asiye introduces them, but Mustafa is not happy.

Their disagreement continues at home, and when Mustafa in anger says, “Talaq, talaq, talaq,” Asiye takes Eren and walks out. Mustafa in his bathrobe chases her down the road saying that he didn’t mean it, she’s his lawfully wedded wife, but Asiye doesn’t stop. That word spoken 3 times means divorce. Saniye is furious with Mutafa and tells him to go get his wife and son. She won’t let him in the house to put on his trousers, so off he goes in his bathrobe.

Ali takes Esma to Osman Hoda’s house where they find Asiye with baby Eren and learn about Mustafa’s spoken words of divorce. Ali leaves to meet Ferhat and Tahir to give them a list of all the houses linked to the Tamar family, and he tells Tahir about Mustafa and Asiye. Of course, Tahir feels the need to go home to check on his family, so he leaves Ferhat with the list and the promise that he will call him if he finds anything.

When Tahir and Nefes arrive at Osman Hoda’s, they find Mustafa waiting outside in hopes of talking with Asiye. The wait lasts all night until the next morning when Asiye finally comes out and tells Mustafa that he must remind Saniye to take her blood pressure medicine, and he should delete their wedding anniversary as his cell phone password. She goes into the house again, leaving Mustafa outside with his regret. Asiye has been deeply wounded by Mustafa’s angry words and she isn’t at a point of compromise.

After the forced walk in the woods, Tarik and Hazan return to the cabin where Tarik has made plans for a romantic evening before they die together. He tells Hazan that their story will become a legend of two lovers who died together because they couldn’t live together. He shows her an evening gown she will wear and tells her they will dance together before they lie down in a bed surrounded by explosives. When they die, they will rise together as two doves. Hazan calls him a maniac and tells him to kill her now. She rages at him until he slaps her and then drags her to a wood shed and locks her in.

In a flashback we see it is the same wood shed that Genco locked Tarik in when he was just a boy. Hazan stays there all night until the wee hours of the morning when Tarik takes her back to the house, medicates her, dresses her in the evening gown, dances with her, and then sets the timers on the explosives for one hour. He lies on the bed with her to wait for their moment to become two doves rising from the flames.

In the misty hours of early morning, Ferhat roams the mountains looking for an occupied house when he comes upon the booby trap.  He spies the trip wire for the grenades and manages to walk over the trap and emerge from the forest to find the cabin. He calls Tahir.  When Tahir arrives, Ferhat makes him promise that he will not use his gun and he will allow Ferhat to rescue Hazan. They approach the cabin and find the front door locked.  Seeing a balcony with a door, Tahir hefts Ferhat up and he opens the door making a noise that wakes Tarik up. Nine minutes remain on the timers for the explosives.

Ferhat finds Hazan asleep in the booby trapped bed, but before he can do anything, Tarik enters behind him with a gun.  While they confront each other, Tahir jimmies the lock on the front door, disables another trip wired grenade, and comes into the bedroom behind Tarik with a gun.  Tahir wrestles with Tarik and shoves him out of the room. Three minutes are left before the explosives detonate.

Will Tahir and Ferhat get Hazan out before the explosives detonate? Will Tarik be waiting for them downstairs? What will happen to Tarik? Will Mustafa manage to convince Asiye that he didn’t mean he wanted a divorce? Will Cemil still pursue a marriage between Mercan and Tarik? What will the DNA prove?

Written By – Susan Watson




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