Hmm. . .just as episode 54 opened with Nefes’s statements before a camera about abuse of women, this week’s episode opens with a woman named Zeynep before a camera. With trembling lips, she says that she gave birth at age 17 to a ”monster’s” child. The monster’s name is Genco Tamar. The scene shifts to Genco hanging upside down from a gibbet, and Ferhat, last seen in jail, telling him the last thing he will see will be Zeynep’s grave in the cemetery.

Zeynep, the dancer, wearing the clothes she stole from Hanife’s clothesline, is hiding from the men searching for her in the woods. Ferhat has been bailed out of jail by Fikret and has arrived in Trabzon for the funeral of his father, although he tells Fikret “that man is not my father.” We learn that the deceased was a fellow inmate of Fikret’s when he was in prison. As Ferhat leaves, he hears Fikret say the funeral will take place after noon prayers. Fikret is pleased that Ferhat came to the burial, but he knows that there is still unfinished business of locating the dancing girl who disappeared into the woods. He rather forcefully demands that his men find her quickly.
The scene shifts to Hanife’s mountain cabin. Tahir drives up with Nefes, Melek, Hazan and Nilufer; just as they get out of the truck, they see Zeynep dash from the front door and run away. Tahir gives chase and is shocked when he discovers the culprit is a woman. She is brought into the house and asked to tell her story. Zeynep says she was 16 years old, she loved someone, and the two had dreams of going to university before getting married. However, the dreams were lost when the man who raised her lover raped her and then sold her. When asked if she was afraid, Zeynep said yes, the man was still looking for her. Nefes, affected by her account of abuse, tells Tahir they should call Esma and find a safe place for Zeynep.

The burial of Ferhat’s biological father takes place in a lonely spot. Ferhat is present, although standing away and not participating in the ritual of shoveling dirt into the grave. After the service, Ferhat goes to Fikret’s house to learn the connection between his father and Fikret. Fikret says the two were bunk mates in prison, and he gives Ferhat the key to his father’s house. Ferhat says he only remembers the man who raised him, not this man who has died. As Ferhat leaves, Fikret reminds him to take the key.

Osman Hoda is tending his flowers when Tahir and Nefes drive up with Zeynep. She tells her story to Osman Hoda who assures her she is safe and in good hands just as Esma enters. Esma is having a heated conversation with someone on her phone, and when she hangs up, she tells the group that Genco’s lawyer is making things difficult even though he knows Genco is threatening Melek. The name Genco gets a startling reaction from Zeynep. Encouraged by Nefes and Esma, Zeynep says that after she was raped, she became pregnant and had a son named Umut. She and the child were imprisoned somewhere and when her child became sick, she was refused medical help for him. The boy was two years old when he died. Zeynep kept a lock of his hair, and Esma said that this hair would likely be enough evidence to file charges against Genco.
At Hanife’s house, a knock at the door brings an unwelcome guest, Genco himself. He has come for Melek and Nilufer. Hazan tells him to leave and Hanife points her shotgun, but this has little effect. Genco declares that his innocence has been proven in court by Melek herself. Unbelievably, Melek and Nilufer leave with him. Hazan is full of remorse because she thinks they were afraid that she couldn’t protect them. Nefes and Tahir come to tell Hazan the story Zeynep told them at Osman Hoda’s and Esma’s determination that the lock of hair was enough evidence to prosecute Genco again.

Ferhat has taken the key and he enters his father’s house where he discovers a wall of photographs of himself as a boy and a teenager growing up, photographs that also document his relationship with a young girl. After looking at the pictures, he leaves the house and goes to Fikret’s to give him the key. He says he doesn’t care about the house; he will go back to Istanbul after he visits with Genco. Fikret gives him a gun, telling him that the young man he fought with in the nightclub is the nephew of Sari Nedim, a powerful mafia boss, and he now has a big problem. Ferhat thinks that’s amusing.

In the evening, Genco sits at the dining table with Nilufer and Melek when Hazan enters.  She tells her mother and sister to come with her. Of course, Genco objects, but Hazan tells him that she knows he threatened Melek and he will soon answer for that.  She is making this accusation based on what she learned from Zeynep’s story. She says to Genco, “ You can threaten little girls, but eventually, those little girls grow up.”  When Genco gets a call from his lawyer the next day telling him that Esma has filed a new case against him, he realizes that Zeynep has somehow made it to safety and her story has been told.  Genco makes a call to someone and tells the person to solve the problem.

The next morning Nefes and Tahir pick up Esma and Zeynep to go to the prosecutor’s office to file charges.  Hazan, also on her way, almost collides with Ferhat as they descend two different mountain roads. They get out of their cars and confront each other, Ferhat insulting Hazan’s recklessness and Hazan accusing Ferhat of being rude.  Hmmm. . .these two may develop a relationship in the future.

Tahir, Nefes and Zeynep stand outside the courthouse while Esma is inside waiting for the prosecutor to hear their case.  Zeynep smiles as she sees someone she knows, and as she walks toward him, her smile changes to bewilderment and then disbelief.  The young man pulls a gun and shoots Zeynep three times in the chest. The recorded words of Nefes that we heard at the beginning of episode 54 are heard again. . .”Today another woman was murdered.  Did you hear me? She just wanted to make him pay for what he did to her.”

Tahir, in a rage, knows the murder is Genco’s doing just as Hazan knows that she is at fault for telling Genco the night before that the little girls he has abused do grow up, and he will discover that the next day.  Infuriated, Tahir takes off in the truck, but he remembers his pledge to Nefes and puts his gun back in the glove compartment. When he arrives at Genco’s house, he barges in and starts beating him. Tahir is stopped by Ferhat with the gun Fikret gave him.  Tahir and Ferhat know each other, and when Ferhat calls Genco his “father,” Tahir says, “Ask your father what he has done. Ask him if he touches young girls.” The police arrive and arrest Tahir. 

Ferhat sits at the dinner table with Genco, Nilufer and Melek.  He listens to Genco’s story of how Tahir and the Kaleli family have been a bother for him since he decided to go into the sand business.  He says they have accused him of many crimes just because he is their competitor. Genco also tells Ferhat that his son Tarik will soon join them in Trabzon, but his crazy behavior is probably responsible for his delay.  The scene shifts to Istanbul where Tarik pulls up to an apartment building, gets out of his car with a birthday cake in hand, and proceeds to kill a man and a woman. He tells the woman who was once his lover that no woman can ever leave him. He blows out the last candle just before he shoots her in the head.

At Genco’s house that same evening, Ferhat and Genco walk outside.  Ferhat tells Genco not to make a complaint against Tahir and Genco says he won’t.  He then calls the police and withdraws the complaint. At the jail, Ali tells Tahir he is free to go, but he will be punished by Nefes for breaking his promise.  Nefes tells Tahir that she and Esma went to see Zeynep’s parents to express their condolences, but they were almost thrown out. Apparently, the man who shot Zeynep is her brother and the murder, at the instigation of Genco, was an “honor” killing.  Genco has made the family believe that Zeynep dishonored her family by scandalous behavior.

Doruk brings the news to Fikret that the girl they were hunting, Zeynep Akay, was murdered at the courthouse where a complaint was made involving DNA.  Fikret thinks the name Zeynep is familiar, and he remembers telling Ferhat’s father about her when they were in prison. Now, he says, Genco has gone too far.  He calls Ferhat and makes arrangements to meet him at his father’s house. We are led to believe that Fikret will tell Ferhat that Zeynep was murdered, but he doesn’t.  After the meeting and meal, Ferhat falls asleep and dreams that he burns Zeynep’s photo and “Dear John” letter. In the dream, he sees her as a young teen who asks him if he still loves her.  He hurls accusations at her about what she did to him, how she is the guilty lover who failed to keep her promise. When he wakes up the next morning, he gets a call from Fikret who tells him to leave the house key at the mosque before he goes back to Istanbul.

Genco’s lawyer has told him about the hair evidence and pending DNA test, and Genco’s annoyed reaction is expected.  He tells the lawyer he doesn’t care how he does it, but he must get the hair and destroy it. Before he leaves his home, Genco calls Tarik, his ugly, spoiled, murdering son, and tells him that he needs to come to Trabzon immediately.  Tarik is angry and resentful. He obviously doesn’t like to be ordered about. Later, at the ship yard, Fikret approaches Genco and tells him his threats are empty because now he should be afraid.  

Osman Hoda gives a funeral message for Zeynep at the mosque and the women of the anti-abuse organization wear white scarves to commemorate Zeynep’s life and her suffering.  In a symbolic gesture, the women take over carrying the casket from the men. Ferhat, on his way to leave the key at the mosque, sees the funeral procession to the graveyard and Melek carrying Zeynep’s picture.  He becomes overwhelmed with grief when he realizes that Zeynep is dead; Ferhat has to be restrained by Tahir and Ali as the procession continues. Ferhat watches at the gravesite and then disappears. Tahir realizes he has gone to seek retribution, and he calls Ali to stop Ferhat.

Meanwhile, Genco cleans a pistol, and afterwards, he stands at a window as Ferhat quietly walks up behind him.  Apparently, Ali and/or Tahir have told Ferhat that Zeynep was killed before she could file a complaint against Genco because Ferhat knows that Genco raped her.  Ferhat is furious, takes the gun away from Genco and then takes Genco away before Ali arrives. Fikret’s men surveiling the house have seen this Ferhat capture Genco, and call Fikret.  Fikret says they must save Genco because he doesn’t want Ferhat to become a murderer, he just wants him to learn the truth about the man he called “father.” Fikret meets with Ali and Tahir to discuss where Ferhat may have taken Genco.  We learn that Ferhat was in the Special Forces unit of the military with Tahir and Ali. He has special training that makes him a dangerous person who can survive in the wilderness for a long time. In the forest Ferhat has tied Genco to a tree and he begins to build the gibbet from which he will hang Genco upside down.

 At the Kaleli mansion, life has returned to normal.  Mother Saniye complains and fusses with Nefes, Yigit is resentful that he doesn’t have Nefes’s attention, Asiye is sympathetic, and Mustafa comes home yelling as usual.  At the docks, the twins, Murat and Fatih, commiserate about their ruined love life. Fatih tells Murat that Berrak is engaged, so his loved one is lost. He also tells Murat that since he still loves Nazar, Murat should go to Istanbul and ask her face to face why she left him at the altar.  As they discuss their disappointments, Captain Cemal comes with the insurance report on the sunken ship. Nothing can be done until the ship is recovered, brought to port and inspected for damages that caused the sinking.

At the Dagdiveren house, Cemil arrives with Mercan.  Mercan has been shopping while in Istanbul and she has bought a dress for Turkan to wear at her wedding.  Turkan tells Mercan that she will not allow her to marry Tarik, Genco’s son. She tells Mercan about Melek’s accusation against Genco, and she says although Melek retracted her complaint of abuse, she saw how frightened the girl was.  Cemil bursts into the room and tells Turkan to stop poisoning Mercan’s mind about the marriage, but Turkan is adamant that she will not let the marriage happen.

Tarik is approaching Trabzon when he is stopped at a license checkpoint.  As he gathers his documents for the police officer, he finds a picture of Hazan on the sun visor and he looks at it fondly.  When he puts the documents away, he slips the picture of Hazan into his wallet. He arrives at Genco’s darkened mansion and goes into a bedroom.

The next morning Murat leaves the Kaleli mansion very early.  He apparently has taken Fatih’s advice to heart and will go to Istanbul to see Nazar.  Tahir has joined Ali, Fikret, and Fikret’s men to continue the search for Ferhat and Genco; Ferhat, having completed the gibbet, is forcing Genco to write a letter of confession about Zeynep’s rape before hanging him.  Turkan leaves the breakfast table rather than sit with Cemil and argue about the Mercan/Tarik marriage which she resists and Cemil insists upon.

What do we know?  Hazan is intrigued by Ferhat.  Is a romance in the future?. . Tarik has an interest in

Hazan.  Will he cause problems for Hazan? . .Mercan has accepted the engagement to Tarik.  Will the marriage take place? . . .Will the child’s hair that will prove Zeynep’s accusation be stolen or rendered useless by Genco’s lawyer?. . . .Melek’s recanting in court has driven Nilufer back to medication and life in Genco’s home. . . Will Nilufer become immured and neglectful again? . . .Why has Ferhat’s recognition of Genco’s crime against Zeynep come so late, about 15 years after the crime?  If the writers are trying to get a message across, they are a bit heavy-handed. The audience recognizes the theme of abuse; they don’t need to introduce a third abuser, Tarik.

  Written By – Susan Watson



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