Ahh, that despicable step-father Cengo has mega “control” issues and absolutely no sense of humanity.  He’s just an awful person altogether, not only to his competitors but also to his wife and teenaged step-daughter. He thinks brutally dragging Melek to the abandoned cottage and locking her in will improve her behaviour, and slapping his wife Nilufer will teach her to be a better mother.

Tahir and Nefes bring Hazan to the Tamer mansion after Nefes receives a call from Melek that indicates trouble.  When they enter, they find a dazed and beaten Nilufer who can only tell them that Cengo took Melek away, but neither she nor the housekeeper know where. Hazan thinks that he has taken Melek to the ranch and that is confirmed when Davut, the stable hand, calls her with that information.  Hazan directs Tahir to that location and when they arrive, the house is afire. Melek found gasoline in one of the rooms, poured it all about when Cengo left for a few minutes, and now confronts him when he returns with “Baba, you said you loved me to death. Then let’s die together.” She drops the match, the room becomes an inferno, and as Cengo turns away, Melek hits him and knocks him out.

At that moment Tahir, Nefes and Hazan arrive at the burning house.  Hazan dashes into the little building, stepping over Cengo’s body as she calls for her sister; she is followed by Tahir and they try to break down the chained door together.  Finally, the door gives way and Tahir picks up Melek and rushes out. When Hazan doesn’t appear, he goes back to help her out. Tahir is tempted to leave Cengo in the fire, but his “hero” nature will not allow that.  Just as Ali arrives, Tahir goes back in and drags the villain out. A fire truck arrives with paramedics who give Melek and Cengo oxygen, but Hazan is hysterical and tries to choke Cengo when he won’t answer her questions.  Ali also has questions, but Cengo ignores him. Melek is frightened now as she remembers all the things Cengo said he could do: put her mother in an asylum, kill her grandmother Hanife and kill her beloved sister Hazan.

At the Kaleli mansion, Mustafa is annoyed that it’s late and Tahir and Nefes are not at home.  He calls Osman Hoda to see if he knows where they are, but he doesn’t. In typical Mustafa fashion, he yells at everyone until Saniye tells him to hush.

Nilufer has been put to bed by the housekeeper with the promise that she will be awakened when Melek returns.  When Cengo and the girls return to the mansion, Hazan and Melek go inside, but Cengo calls his men and tells them to find about 50 or so people to hang posters all over the city.  He doesn’t say what message the posters carry but his intention is that people will be angry when they see the posters and throw stones at the Kaleli house. Apparently, he is making some reference to Nefes’s radio program on spousal abuse.  One of his men said they couldn’t find anyone to hang the posters, but Cengo won’t accept that. In Melek’s bedroom, Hazan tries to get Melek to talk about what happened. She asks Melek if Cengo is “bothering” her, the implication of sexual abuse, but Melek says no and refuses to discuss anything.

When Tahir and Nefes come home, they find Mustafa, Asiye, Saniye and Fatih waiting anxiously for them.  They recount the events of the evening whereupon Saniye goes into an angry recital of all the bad things that could have happened and how careless Nefes has been with her pregnancy.  She concludes by telling them they don’t have to save the world or help people who are strangers when they are parents with children to raise.

The posters are huge and plastered all over the city.  Each one has a large picture of Nefes and the words, “My name is Nefes Kaleli and I was raped.”  Tahir sees them on his way to work and is furious. He knows that Genco is the culprit. He tries to tear them down, but he doesn’t have much success.  Saniye sees them, too, and she’s stricken with embarrassment. The abuse foundation calls Nefes and says they had nothing to do with the posters, but they will try to find out who had them made and put them up.  Hot-headed Tahir is on his way to face Genco; Nefes tries to leave the house despite Asiye’s efforts to keep her at home and the pain she keeps having in her belly.

Exactly what Tahir thought he would accomplish by going to confront Genco at his home is questionable.  Empty threats and gestures are easily avoided when Genco’s men surround Tahir and Mustafa. Genco admitted he knew about the posters, and he also reveals that Murat is working for him, a fact that stuns Mustafa.  Ali’s arrival is the only thing that stops Tahir from getting in serious trouble. But trouble comes anyway to the Kaleli home when dozens of townspeople storm the yard and throw stones at the house. Some even try to break down the doors, all the while shouting “Go away, get out of here.”  Tahir, Mustafa, and Ali arrive to quell the chaos and the malcontents are arrested.

The harm has been done, however. Fatih goes to see Murat and learns that Murat has seen the posters but doesn’t understand the message on them.  He is stubborn in his resolve to stay away from the family even when the family has a problem. Fatih tells him that he at least will be faithful to the family when they need to support and protect each other even when his twin will not.  Murat is determined to stay with Genco. He calls Genco to tell him that the truck is loaded and he and the driver are about to leave. Murat doesn’t realize that there are illegal items hidden in the truck which will be discovered when the truck is searched at a government checkpoint.  Genco has created this plot deliberately to get Murat in trouble and bring more dishonour on the Kaleli family, but when the truck is stopped and inspected, they find the truck empty.

Further harm comes when Yigit is accosted at school by his classmates with taunts that his mother is a bad woman.  He is crying when Hazan, Balim, and Fatih approach him but will not say what is wrong until he gets home. Then he asks Nefes if she is a bad woman.  Nefes and Tahir try to explain that Nefes did something to help other women escape the bad “white one” just as they did. Yigit is mollified because he remembers how mean Vedat was to them.

The Dagdiverens and Fikret celebrate iftar at their homes.  Cemil tells Turkan that Genco’s youngest daughter had an “accident” and they will go the next day to pay their respects, but Turkan is adamant that she will not go.  Fikret realizes he is eating alone, so he takes his plate into the kitchen and sits with his man Doruk for the rest of his meal. Later in the evening, Fikret gets a call from Genco who wants to know why the truck that Murat was overseeing is found empty by the authorities.  Fikret says he knew in advance that the truck would be inspected, so he sent a decoy (empty) truck to protect their “goods.” Genco wants to know if he did that because he’s a friend of Murat but Fikret says no. He says Murat is an immature kid who wouldn’t be able to handle the job.  Then Genco wants to know if he’s protecting Murat because of his friendship with Tahir, and Fikret says no, he’s protecting their “goods” and he hangs up. Genco is NOT happy with Fikret’s responses.

Osman Hoda preaches a sermon on apology using a napkin as a metaphor for the posters.  He says the napkin holds the tears of an innocent 7 year old just as the posters hold the tears of an abused woman. At the Genco house, Melek enjoys the company of Hazan while she listens to stories about her childhood and laughs.  The mood is broken when Nilufer enters, however, because Melek says laughter in the house isn’t possible when her mother stays drugged every day.

At the Kaleli dock, Tahir, Mustafa and Fatih discuss the poster situation and the desire to do something in retaliation.  Fatih suggests sabotaging Genco’s shipyard, but Mustafa says that’s too risky. Meanwhile, Murat approaches Genco at the shipyard and says he doesn’t understand why the truck was empty when it was inspected.  Genco says it was a ploy to protect the goods. Murat asks what were the goods and Genco says “guns.” Murat reminds him that he said he wouldn’t deal with illegal items or do something illegal, and he drops the car keys in Genco’s hand and says he quits.  As Murat walks away, a black sedan drives up and Fikret gets out. He tells Murat to get in the car. When Murat gets in, he says to Fikret, “You hid the guns.” Fikret admits that he did, which was a surprise for Genco, but Fikret says Genco is in for another surprise and he smiles.  The scene shifts to the shipyard where Genco makes a call and tells someone to get the gun with Murat’s fingerprints on it to the police and tell them where the boy’s body is buried. The surprise for Genco is when he learns that the gun is missing. A flashback shows Murat firing at the target, putting the gun down, and one of Fikret’s men carefully picking it up with a cloth.  Fikret tells Doruk to drive them to the Kaleli office and when they arrive, Murat is taken into his brothers’ arms and forgiven. I just love Fikret’s smile when he does clever things.

Nefes has volunteered to talk with Melek since Hazan has not been able to get her to talk about the situation with Genco.  Melek and Nefes go to the seashore where they can talk privately and at last, Melek opens up. After Nefes tells her that she remained silent about the abuse because Vedat threatened to kill her loved ones, Melek tells her that Genco threatened the same thing.  Nefes and Melek ride in a cab to the police station where Hazan meets them. She has called Tahir to come as well. Ali listens to Melek’s story and then tells his men to apprehend Genco and bring him to the station. Prior to his arrest for abuse, Genco has learned that his illegal guns have been discovered in the warehouse by the police, but his man has assured him that his name isn’t connected to the contraband. He will only suffer a financial loss.

Genco is released, but the complaint against him will be heard by the prosecutor.  Nefes accompanies the girls and their mother to Hanife’s house. When Genco goes home, the housekeeper anxiously asks about Nilufer because she left the house very angry.  Genco wants to know where she has gone, but then he says he knows. She went back to the garbage she came from. He gets in his car saying, “You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

At Hanife’s house, Nefes talks with Nilufer, telling her that she must put her abuse in the background and concentrate on Melek’s delicate psychological/emotional state.  She has to be strong for her daughter. When Nefes first arrives at Hanife’s with the girls, she suffers another twinge of pain in her abdomen. As she talks with Nilufer, she has another longer bout of pain.  When Hazan and Nilufer leave to retrieve Nilufer’s clothes from the Tamer mansion, Genco directs his men to kidnap Nefes. One huge man rings the doorbell and when Nefes answers, thinking that it’s Tahir, the man points a gun at her and pulls her to a car.

At the hospital, a doctor looks through Nefes’s medical records which include an x-ray of her uterus and fallopian tubes.  She asks the nurse if Nefes had her surgery, and the nurse says no, she didn’t have surgery. The doctor is astounded because the x-ray clearly shows an ectopic pregnancy as well as a normal uterine embryo.  At eight weeks, Nefes’s pregnancy is at a dangerous stage and surgery should be performed immediately. The nurse calls Asiye and tells her she hasn’t been able to get in touch with Tahir or Nefes, but someone needs to get Nefes to the hospital right away for surgery.

Melek receives a call from a strange number.  It’s Genco who tells Melek she will go home immediately and she will explain to the police that she had an argument with her step-dad and that’s why she made up that complaint.  If she doesn’t do what he says, Nefes may die. Melek hears a dog bark and she tells Hazan that Genco has Nefes at the ranch. Hazan calls Tahir who heads for the ranch, but then Hazan calls the stable hand who tells her that Genco took the dog to the warehouse on a certain road.  Tahir changes directions and heads for the warehouse. One of Genco’s men shoots at Tahir when he pulls up, but Tahir returns fire as he moves toward the warehouse. He finds Nefes in so much pain that she can hardly speak. As he carries her to the truck, he begs her to hold on, to not leave him and the dreams they have for the future.

Will Nefes lose the pregnancy?  Will Genco face any consequences for his abuse of Melek and the kidnapping of Nefes?  Will Melek and Nilufer stay with Hanife or will Genco force them to come back to his mansion? 

Written By – Susan Watson



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