As the last episode ended, we found Genco once again confronting Tahir, this time at Grandmother Hanife’s house. Melek has escaped a conflict with Genco and run away to the mountain home for refuge with her sister Hazan. At that time Tahir and Nefes have come to retrieve Yigit who found his way to Hazan, the teacher he loves. Genco says Melek’s distress is because of an argument with her mother, that Nilufer fights with Melek yet wants her to be close to her. Tahir, annoyed that he is once again in Genco’s presence, tells him that Melek will stay overnight with her sister and return the next morning, but Melek decides to go back home with Genco. In the car, Genco tells Melek she must never leave the house again, and she will be punished for her disobedience.

Genco’s abusive treatment of Melek and herself causes Nilufer to have a breakdown. Sobbing and shouting “I can’t take it anymore,” she goes into Genco’s closet and destroys his personal belongings. When she has calmed down, Nilufer behaves as though she has taken a drug, for she seems compliant and semi-aware of where she is.

Tahir, Nefes and Yigit return home where the family is waiting to enjoy their iftar. Ali arrives to join in the evening meal and the family sits for their repast. Outside, Murat sits in his car and imagines what the family table looks like and how the conversation is going. He cries, sad that he isn’t a part of the tradition and sharing the time with the family.

At his home, Genco has called Nilufer and Melek into his office where he berates them for doing foolish things. He starts with Nilufer, telling her she doesn’t do anything right, and when he gets upset, she apologizes but she doesn’t know why she apologizes. He says he can understand Melek’s behavior because Nilufer has not raised her to behave in a suitable manner. He saunters over to the fireplace and puts a poker into the coals. When the tip of the poker is red hot, he tells Melek to press it to Nilufer’s hand. The burn punishment will teach Nilufer to be mindful of what she’s doing and the scar will be there to remind her. Melek begs Genco not to make her do this, but he is insistent.

After Melek has been forced to “punish” her mother with the burn, Genco leaves the house and meets Murat at the docks. Murat says he is bored because he doesn’t have enough to do, so Genco says, “I’ll make you head of my shipping company.” Murat is pleased, but he wants to know what kind of cargo from Russia they will be carrying. Genco assures him that all is legal and he recites a list of items. He also tells Murat to get the car title transferred to himself because it is registered in another man’s name.

At the Kaleli mansion, Nefes tells Tahir that Murat is Genco’s driver, but Tahir admits he already knows that. Yigit comes into their room and announces that he wants to go back to Hazan’s class; Tahir says he will talk to the principal the next morning.

Genco has returned home from the docks and taken his place in front of the computer to watch the rooms of Nilufer and Melek. He sees Nilufer come into Melek’s room, and they comfort each other. He sees and hears Melek tell her mother she is so sorry about burning her, she didn’t want to do it but she’s afraid. Nilufer tells her the wound will heal, so she must forget about it and not be afraid. Melek says she is afraid after “what he did. . . ,” but she stops and will not tell her mother more. At that moment, Genco quickly closes the computer and goes to Melek’s room. Nilufer leaves and Genco warns Melek that she must never tell anyone anything. He says, “What happens in the house stays in the house.” The next morning, after an uncomfortable breakfast, Genco leaves and Melek changes the dressing on Nilufer’s burn.

Tahir and Mustafa take Yigit and baby Eren to a sports museum where they meet the local football star player who he gives Yigit an autographed soccer ball. Nefes joins Esma who will be interviewed on a program at the local radio station. The public will be encouraged to call in their questions about the legal system. Nefes asks Esma what they can do to help Melek because she recognizes all the signs of rape and torture. Esma says legally there is nothing that can be done to help the girl if she doesn’t make a complaint. If a woman who has been raped and otherwise abused would come on the radio show and describe her experience, maybe some of the listeners would be encouraged to take legal action. Nefes agrees to tell her story and in her excitement, she calls Tahir to have him join her on the pier. Her enthusiasm is tempered, however, when Sansiye says to tell her past on the radio will open the family to criticism and disdain in the community.

Hazan has gone to Genco’s house to find out what happened that night, but neither Melek nor Nilufer tell her the truth. Hazan takes Melek to the stables to see the horses. Before they ride, Melek asks the groom where Tarcin, his son, might be. The man tells her he got in some trouble with Mr. Genco and he hasn’t seen or heard from him since (he was the man tied behind the target when Murat proved his marksmanship).

Genco goes to the docks to meet Cemil and Fikret. He’s given a folder with pictures of Nefes in it that have been recently taken. In the meeting with Cemil and Fikret, Genco says the ship is coming in from Russia with the illegal guns; Cemil says he will meet the ships off-shore and bring the guns in to unload; Fikret says he will be the Istanbul man once the guns are transported there, but who will drive them there. Genco has just the man. . .Murat, his “shipping manager.” When Fikret leaves the meeting, he sees Murat; he calls Tahir and tells him to come to Genco’s shipyard because Murat is there. Tahir needs to keep him away from this business.
Tahir, in his brash way, goes th

rough security at the shipyard and confronts Murat in Genco’s presence. Genco has just finished giving Murat a lesson on how to be a “boss,” citing masters and slaves as an example of how to direct “lower class” workers. When Tahir demands that Murat go home, Murat refuses. Tahir lets his temper rule and almost slaps Murat in his anger, but he refrains. Seeing that Murat will be obstinate, Tahir gives up for now, but he says Murat needs to come to his senses. After Tahir leaves, the notary comes to set up the paper work for Murat to become shipping manager.

When business is done and Murat has left, Genco pulls up the home camera security system and checks the rooms in the house. He doesn’t find Melek anywhere, so he knows she has disobeyed him. He calls Nilufer who is talking with Mercan and asks about Melek. Nilufer lies and says Melek is in her bedroom, but of course, Genco knows she isn’t. When he comes home, he drags Nilufer into the house and beats her. When Hazan returns Melek after their horseback riding, Melek finds her mother in terrible shape and Genco angry. He drags Melek into her room and speaks in a threatening way as he caresses her face and hair. He keeps telling her he loves her and she loves him; he doesn’t want to hurt her because he loves her but she is making him angry by disobeying. This scene is really disturbing because it suggests with more impact that Genco is using the child in a sexual way.
Tahir t

akes Nefes to the radio station where she begins her story on air as “blue-eyed deer.” After her story, the telephone lines light up with calls from women all over the country confessing the problems they are having with husbands, employers, fathers and brothers. The Kalelis and the Dagdiverens are huddled around their radios listening to the program and reacting with sadness as the calls come in. Genco, in his office receives a call that Nefes is on the radio talking about violence against women. He immediately checks the program on his computer, then calls Nilufer who has been listening to the radio in the kitchen with Hulya and Melek. He dials the radio station and tells Nefes that he’s a businessman who is so impressed with her story that he’s donating one million TL to the organization. When that call is concluded, he calls again, handing the phone to Nilufer and telling her to say only what he tells her to say. The purpose of this call is to get Nefes to identify herself to the listening audience, something Sansiye opposed and Nefes did not intend to do. Finding herself trapped by her hidden identity while asking victims to cry out for help confounded her, so she said her name loudly and proudly. Immediately, Genco made a call and told someone to carry out the mission.

Once he had given his directive, Genco brought up the camera surveillance of the house and watched as Melek, in her bedroom, held her phone pensively. After a few minutes, she got up quietly and walked into the hallway; Genco moved the camera feed to the hallway so that he could watch her as she moved through the house. She stands outside of his office door but then runs and hides when he comes out. He pretends to be talking on the phone and says he will leave the house right now. He opens and closes the door as if he had left, but then goes back into his office and brings up the camera feed. He sees Melek go into her bedroom and make a call, and he hears her say, “Ms. Nefes?”

Nefes, once she has identified that it’s the Melek she knows, she asks her what’s wrong, but by that time, Genco has come into Melek’s bedroom and ended the call. He drags her out of the room, slapping Nilufer on the way, and out of the house. Nefes calls Hazan and tells her that she thinks Melek is in trouble and that she and Tahir are on their way to pick her up. Genco has taken Melek to the old house that she lived in with her mother and father Ahmet before her father died and her mother married again. The house is near the stables. The groom is given directions to give Melek bread and water in the morning, but not tell anyone she is there. As soon as Genco leaves, the groom calls Hazan and tells her that Melek is there; meanwhile, Melek has discovered a can of gasoline and apparently poured it around the interior of the house. When Genco comes in, she tells him she’s ready to die and she will take him with her. He doesn’t believe she will do anything until he sees her light the match and drop it on the soaking rug. As he turns to open the door, Melek hits his head with an iron pot and he drops like a stone to the floor. She closes the door and puts a chain through the handles.

At that moment, Tahir, Nefes and Hazan drive up. Through the windows they can see that the fire has spread rapidly through the building. Hazan and Tahir rush in calling Melek’s name; Nefes stays outside since she’s pregnant. Tahir tells her to call Ali to come. The episode concludes with an unconscious Genco and Melek locked in a burning building and Tahir and Hazan banging on the chained door.

Will Melek and Genco survive? What mission did Genco give over the phone? How will the Kalelis be treated by the Trabzon citizens since Nefes radio program? What will Genco do to Nefes? Did her story make any difference in the way Cemil Dagdiveren thinks about women? Did Genco have anything to do with the death of Ahmet, Nilufer’s husband and the father of the two daughters?

Written By – Susan Watson



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